yes yes come on Hello welcome to our gallery glad to see you my name is Nastya and today I will be your make-up artist I am very glad that you have chosen our gallery I hope you enjoy our paintings also our services you have such a specific desire but i think i can handle it today we will try to do on your face beautiful patterns I think for the photo shoot will be what you need but before we get started I would like to measure your face to understand how to arrange everything symmetrically so that everything is perfect Where did you hear about us? from the Internet? maybe someone recommended From the Internet closer to me you sent photos those. we will do as in the photo, right? at the expense of flowers, you can try differently trust me, huh? please cover your eyes I think it will be very beautiful always when you do work for someone you worry a little like a person or not let’s get started let me see if there are any cuts on the face didn’t hurt fine then I’ll spread a little cream on you so that the paint does not dry your skin OK? take this cream and put it under the eyes in the most sensitive places good nourishing cream let’s get started take our palette make it brighter or more relaxed colors? it seems to me that if there are more calm colors, they will harmonize well with your hair and beautiful eyes these are old paints I bought them at the exhibition a long time ago and keep for a special occasion such soviet managed to buy at the fair if you are a connoisseur of art, you must definitely appreciate Well, since you are in our gallery then you are a 100% connoisseur the packaging has already deteriorated but the colors remain intact let’s get started with pink eyes can not close yet smooth movements you know, body art and similar procedures are very soothing do something with your hair and body art we will do in pastel I think that the image that you sent me just fit take now blue let’s add a little blue draw clear lines now turn to this side now add a little white to get a soft blue mix a couple more moments take now yellow, brighter and apply thin stripes I think she will be fine close your eyes Have you ever been to the gallery? I hope that your first impressions are good by the way we have master classes in the afternoon for drawing so if you want you can come to draw us if you like I want to make you black around your eyes your eyes will stand out very well to be thicker so that there are no gaps please cover your eyes cover first neatly now look up left to shade a little we have a completely pink base I want to make a little gradient a little red smooth transitions to make our transition smoother as you want, you can cover your eyes, you can’t close please sit 5 minutes the paint will dry quickly when you need to wash off makeup you can rinse with plain water I recommend using micellar water for the best effect just do not need to wash with soap and water because it all dries your skin after removing makeup, wash with warm water and apply some nourishing cream either oil I was glad to see you in our gallery I hope that you still look to us maybe to our master classes in drawing or for new makeup so hope we see you again see you soon bye Bye


  • ASMRBlackKitty says:

    Мурчики, приятных расслабушек!!!
    Тайм кодики:
    0:00–0:24 Preview
    0:24–1:08 приветствие
    1:09–1:51 что будем делать
    1:51–2:02 от куда про нас узнали?
    3:35–4:12 смотрю нет ли порезов на лице
    4:13–5:18 нанесем крем на лицо
    5:19–5:52 выбираем какие будут цвета (яркие или спокойные)
    5:53–7:15 короткая история моих красок
    7:16–19:23 приступаем к работе:
    7:16 розовый цвет
    9:37 синий цвет
    11:04 белый+ синий цвета
    12:40 желтый цвет
    16:12 черный цвет
    19:23 чтобы хотелось бы сделать
    19:50–21:36 растушевка
    21:37–22:48 советы
    22:49–23:24 до новых встреч

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    Сзади увидел разбавитель, стало страшно за моё рыло…

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    Настя, ты подсознательно мечтаешь о Карибах? )))))

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    особенно, когда гладишь по лицу

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