hi guys welcome back to the channel my name is Marie or Ilana and I'm here to transform the beautician chick and also a makeup artist you've seen me on her channel before she transformed me and it's my turn to transform her if you like to book me for your transformations Bridal looks anything like that my link will be in the description box and also on the screen so yeah let's get into the video so first we're going to use a natural radiance prep and prime to prime the face she doesn't have like that much of oily skin mm-hmm just gonna put it in the t-zone and cheek fall all over your face to be honest we're taking the eyebrow pencil from MUA in the shade brunette it's a brown eyebrow pencil nose anyway ome ideas professor mm-hmm oh there's some milk Ian oh so I start off with the brows verse and then you use the brush to pull the products forward how does this very good this is a relaxing cards I need to do this of them anything I like what this pencil it's so came that you can use your right shouldn't cheerful because I'm using a metaphor for the longest time need to change this 2019 so I'm using the revolution conceal and define and the lovely our perfect match concealer in the shade 7 DW and c9 I mix us touche to give up to get the perfect shade tikka still high res and i'm using the morphe m 705 brush to conceal her brows I preface in mine was it go was a mascot she's so creamy are very creamy and he's tick it's for coverage I can I have it on my face mister take this puppy being a bit of the concealer into the brow okay just to make it costly brows that the beautician chicks well I'm trying lovely so the way I blend because you know your same to blend it I'll just bring up the concealer really high oh no way if you just didn't mind it won't blend because it's too close to the brown I won't admit it you know but when you bring it as if you're making it the foundation when you put the foundation on top this is nice I'm okay because if you blend it out and it's easier if you take it higher museum isn't it to blend out oh my god so do you prefer map don't prefer it but I like you and you see that was the first foundation I ever I would you prefer there and I like if they do that to you Wow okay you like Mac by don't preface so which is your favorite then my favorite is love yatra Mac easy yeah why because the drugstore foundation as well yeah but the match is nice its lightweight is likely to show it's beautiful that they have arranged as well Wow taking my Real Techniques sponge into the foundation and we're just gonna put this all over her face okay you do the foundation before the shadow yeah it depends on okay so this is what I do from in a rush well some do you bridesmaids and there's a lot of them I will do face verse okay so while I'm baking like you know how you're doing while you're baking here okay wait you have your time like my sisters they get the worst of like oh if I know you more sometimes I get impatient I don't know boys on on the phone on the phone talking to your mom maybe they have a visit so they just face it visitor facing Union whoopee you see how the casinos everyday Holly if you have to go near his shoe thing yeah but you don't need to use too much of a like okay that's when his hard isn't it see I'm changing no I cannot talk to you my nose is so big you know drag it all right mm-hmm why do you say consider yeah it's so thick this foundation please double we're for sure yeah okay so we're gonna take the estee lauder double wear and we're gonna put it under her eyes for highlight I don't know why some foundation is too thick it's not good one year different foundation what a beauty lashes yeah if you reuse them it's not gonna be straight trust me don't you know like the next time you see it's not gonna be nice maybe like once I'll be bending it's not gonna be really it's not gonna be like a first time did you Nina so why not just buy cheap why is it fresh why do you intend to do that a lot like to put like a one just so the some 7up or the street color blend so why did you choose this one and the other one are the combination because this is more what like creamy yeah stick it will come up or not too much will be very very very natural authentic people people like mushroom makeup now and they've gone past that time yeah even a little cake you know kidneys natural cake no I mean no kicked out because I take I put in love all i try to blend it to look natural yeah even this guy Mario can he say he kicks I just maybe out to be not true so he kicks on don't use it off shuttle now we're gonna contour well I don't know no I just do I just Satan does his father where I did not set why do you think I have this kids quantity forehead oh and I blend updates no understand my face is breaking out these days you know pimples why change something no I'm meeting pot a lot when I do bother for this keyring I just it's it's not meat more to eat I don't give the kid tried a little mommy can I do bring up a town named now it so I should stop doing that yeah okay so this is how you doing and then after oh no it is so good though am I gonna to do this often yeah I like it's like it's fun we are using the banana powder by revolution but let me put my revolution yeah yeah you bet you think it's abolition yes I use everything when have I been no this is nice Wow is only good for like light-skinned people oh no no they have more darker skin it's cotton so it's like more like topaz but I tell like this is just a base so the contour be very light when I do to cream one because if you put too much it's just I mean it's hard in Reverse so I do it last week know about how they feel under fire I can make you know a bit more harsh so you do it twice so you pull one sip now is already sitting on me now pour just more shadows well if you put loads in the first place it's gonna be cakey they do the first baby then you go mouth apply my this is nice yeah yes very good Wow okay okay she like thematic I do thank you now you know put some concealer on her eyelids as a base so you use concern as a basis for I should have primer sometimes yeah depends I have the nice Urban Decay Eden one then I guess Christina I think it just does the walk so Aneesa buy something XS when you have already personal I know we're taking the movie times on my face yeah you see like this is not play on the same line so movie times James oh this movie and James team though if you know all around Internet give me the fun day Sean the dial is a finish on good because it's new I don't use the furniture just eyeshadow palette yeah the foundation is actually crazy your hat is so soft you know if it very this is like this is how people say about me I wasn't sleeping yeah sorry pop push me push me like there's enough air you can feel the weight on your feet three feel like you're carrying them the like pressing you should put my hand on head to make me peel honey hey it's not like you're not pushing you don't say just relax resting you handle I push you God I put do you mean do I think the Chevy soon relaxing so now we're gonna take this dark shade here it's called a halo eye to the middle gate it looks like bluish poplar yeah we're gonna go back with the dark purple and the corners again see you don't need too much colors just three alright guys we're gonna do the other eye and then we'll be back look out for me babes yeah this lash line is a problem for me with smoke my clients because no everybody can look up not everyone Inglot eye liner I love it isn't it isn't a 77 yes this launch is abuzz already did a little line just a little black line on the lash line so that their fake lashes and their lashes can blend together well god so in this blush I were using sleek and coral it's been ages I used leaks stickies one of my favorite my all-time favorite that's one point I'm popping into person no just pull up this is how you need to learn in these things because nightly just open when I take it other than a siscon I'm just as its open the big no-no Oh beautiful Wow for college days coral it's beautiful smile is how I look especially when I have big dramatic eye shadow I don't want the face this is nice okay you don't like it No thank you sir guys this is the finished look I hope you guys enjoyed the transformation process obviously I'm poppy as you guys can tell the look mi really beautiful I love everything about the makeup I love the brows really very soft you know some time pass convict ramathibodi actually did is soft brows and the flawless face guys it's really popping you guys check her out our details he's gonna be down below she is on Instagram she also have a youtube channel yes I think she's gonna be posting this one hi YouTube channel as well so oh happy it is gonna be gonna be little polka for your Bridal event any events at all any makeup services okay she can travel as well so yes guys you


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