😭 YOU MADE ME CRY GODDAMMIT! – Reacting to your Art and Unboxings πŸ’–

😭 YOU MADE ME CRY GODDAMMIT! - Reacting to your Art and Unboxings πŸ’–

get everyone welcome to droid Jazza i'm jazzy if I seem a little out of it in this video by the way it's mainly because I'm jet-lagged but also probably because I'm gonna be a little bit overexcited I am so ecstatic to be looking at the stuff that people have been sharing with the jazzy art box I have actually held back from looking at too many unboxings or people using the hashtag because I wanted to do it all at once and also I've been really really sort of busy leading up to VidCon where I'm at which is why I'm in a hotel room right now and now is the first time I've actually had any decent period of time to just sit down and soak it all in and I just wanted to share this with you I'm really excited making the jazzy art box and putting all my favorite things and it has been a dream country and I want to thank everyone who has supported it now it did actually sell out which blew my mind and so because there was enough demand for more we spoke to the supplies and we were able to put together one last chance run now this is on a pre-order basis so if you want to get there Jazz's jazzy art box there is one last chance to get it it's gonna take a little longer to get you because they actually have to manufacture the supplies for the boxes they like actually ran out it's crazy but if you want to get just as jazzy a box and you'll see all the contents in this video because people have shared it I'll put the link in the description and it is selling until July 31st it won't end before that but that is the only chance you'll have to get Jazz's jazzy art box because after that point we're not gonna be selling it ever again sorry if you want it the link is there you can put down for a pre-order and it will get to you before the holidays but without any further ado I want to soak this in and see what you guys are making or what you guys think of the box I'm really excited and a little bit nervous I've never done anything this big before now there are gonna be a lot of posts of people taking photos of their box or there with their box and I am NOT gonna get sick of that just seeing people with the box alone is really exciting this makes me so glad I put the face on the lid of the box so people who are a bit camera shy can do that oh my God look at this they made this in the sketchbook and that's me and my kids look at that Valerie what have you got look did you just did you mimic yeah Valerie mimicked my pencil case layout perfect you've been paying attention I appreciate that oh my god what did you do that your niece and nephew did these scribbles I you made these amazing scribble artworks that is so cool that's the best they put like some sort of light in there or maybe it's just that big box glows with glorious heavenly light I do feel like they need to interrupt here that there are gonna be people were like oh those whole videos like an advertisement I mean look essentially this video is me reacting to people enjoying my product and if you're going to call that advertisement that's fine I can be guilty of that but at the end of the day this is a box of the things that I love so much that I've put together I'm just enjoying seeing people have and make art with look at this by Rachel oh my god and I think that's on the blending card that came in the box we actually added blending card oh my god where's this stuff with the Jersey ah books I'm gonna ask that with every single submission created with the items in the judges chair yeah look at that I love it again 12 pencils and 12 markers and you just wouldn't not last ah so awesome I am Indiana Jones trying to get the golden koala and I'm also the Egyptian god I'll take it now there are a lot of people on Twitter who have posted but there's also Instagram and YouTube so I'm actually going to jump around a bit I'm gonna give Twitter a break let's don't go to YouTube hey super raid is all uploaded and unboxing I sent my art box to some you to be friends of mine who are artists or your I greatly admire I actually wrote them like a handwritten note just to just I don't know just to say thank you I sort of want to see how they react to the notes you haven't heard jazz I had the jazzy art box Oh it's I'm sorry I just have to like it's so cool and weird and mind-blowing just to say my youtube friends holding it okay so here it is that is so awesome oh there it is there it is oh my god it's a letter my excitement was literally up here but now it's like read is–all this is an official document legally to inform you we are definitely meant to collab soon much love jello we got the favorite castell polychromos which i love love love these hearing like another artist who i respect ouch for the stuff i picked is really satisfying because i know i've said this too many times already i spent over a year and a half curating the box and i can't overstate that like i've i've had dozens of different supplies sent to me I had ones I knew I wanted and ones that I was choosing between and I had to find the exact right mix it's really hard to just choose one 12 pack so you can balance it with other things in the box and hearing that it makes me feel like I made the right choice and that's always really gratifying because I worked really hard to try and make the right choices dude amazing jhaza did that didn't he he he is coming for us oh man it's a blending it's a blending card like he really thought everything through didn't he hopped off man this is the definition of pops off popped off that with a cool kids say I feel like I stay using that well though growing up pop off wasn't that it was a euphemism for fart if you did a fart you did a pop off guess you could also say it's the jazzy fart box he even included an eraser not even just an eraser a faber-castell eraser that's just solidified that this is truly truly truly a great investment for literally every kind of artist I am truly truly truly impressed again I'm not just saying not to blow smoke I truly truly truly do think he deserves it she said truly like 12 times guys truly I'm like feeling so giddy right now I'm gonna go Bailey did one I got this in the mail I'm just gonna cut you off right there Bailey I feel like we go way back I feel like as far as me feeling like I became a part of the art community on YouTube they lose one of the first people who I considered a colleague and someone I looked up to and learn so much from as a creator and say I'm looking forward to this opening it up oh my god so letter dear Bailey I hope you enjoy this little box of goodies thanks for being such a great collaborator friend and icon of the arty YouTube community all the best keep kicking ass and hopefully I'll see you at VidCon ah okay can we just replay thatthat squeal of delight in slow motion now before we get into swatching everything there is one more thing I need to do this is the vision I had thank you I decided to swatch all my material oh that's cool it's so nice to see her layout what they all look like thinking on this paper was a nice change from my usual cardstock your wide web looks a nice Bailey this it like this is one of the best things seeing other people make art with the things that I love and use not like me like them like this is their art and it's so nice to watch and make stuff that I don't think to make or I have never tried I feel like we're really sharing the experience is so nice when I was 10 years old I got this box of art supplies for Christmas and it was just jam-packed with all kinds of stuff in it that just fueled my art career and I think to this day that's still my favorite Christmas present of all time as I was opening this it was reminding me of that awesome Christmas present that is so nice to hear like ah what she described when she said she was ten and she had that art box that inspired her and made her feel really creative by the fact that she said that my box reminded her of that and made her feel that way just makes me so excited because that's that's what it's about for me you know like that's what I'm most motivated by and passionate about and excited to see people using this this box it it's just so satisfying I'm so glad that she felt that way thank you so much Bailey that's awesome I'm sorry I'm having so much fun watching videos I feel like I do need to move move around there come on Instagram now so let's go down the Instagram wow that's awesome starless art I love your giraffe it's so cute and colorful that's an awesome illustrations just by killer Morel artist and we've got a few pictures here I'll look at that look your original character thought they killed with the markers and then they're embraced by the box that's so cool and look at all this amazing art just so cold yeah this piece is so nice love edge and especially now that marking teacher I just love seeing kids artwork flourish and develop over time and seeing their imagination it's just something I love so much oh that's so cool good all these it was this done with the out box colors I mean that is so cool to me that I see the artworks made with the the materials in the box and I think to myself did I put those colors in there but people are mixing him in the ways that I was encouraging him saying you can do and surprising me with it which is awesome you got someone else who's done some swatches and her suave jezus get you are that's cool oh my god did you do that with that you did that's mind blowing are you kidding me I am blown away like I knew you can make a whole bunch of different colors with those 12 markers because I chose them for that but look at this like oh my god that's 12 markers amazing teller drawer I don't know if I pronounced that correctly hope so sorry woah time lapse this is cool hey you worried yes you're in my shirt what a cool like turning time laughs clever Bastion I say bastard in the in the compliment way oh this is naughty egg I can't believe I didn't even reach it and username what a cool illustration man I love how you're doing the tanning thing [Laughter] whoa whoa jazzy jazz oh look at that there I am the sexy sax man it's so cool that looks amazing I'm so glad you're having fun with it oh my god I love like that look at everything in the box photos they never get old but let's jump over to Twitter what do we get bull said received a best gift today Thank You Jazza for making such a wonderful box that is sure to inspire so many artists yeah of course was only made with supplies in the box that's so cool I love you illustration style ah thank you you have a lot of people thanking me like thank you for supporting me and saying such nice things and sharing your creativity oh my god that looks that's so cool again the mix of colors I love saying people do it alright let's go back to YouTube with weird videos to watch Chloe Rose the greatest art books of all time hello there my name is Chloe and today I'm gonna be opening up the chasis arty art but wait Jazz's arty art box I mean in all fairness that is actually a really cool name for the art box as well one person that has remained the constant the og original YouTube art creator is josue his videos are insanely fun to watch Thank You Chloe he did actually show everything that was in there in one of his videos but I deliberately did not watch it and I would be surprised so inside we have the beautiful orange paper oh no I'm sorry Java your bubbly personality attitude and let's face it accent hello them I'm gonna frame this ah I have terrible handwriting so now I feel bad it's done I'm very very happy look at which without it out by the way is my favorite art supply box to date I know woah woah woah woah woah woah look at look she has opened a lot of art boxes a lot of art box who Chloe roses favorite art box today look at this look at the out boxes Thank You Chloe alright craft a stick job but keep a pure as a sound I didn't know I could make and now I do I'm gonna make it more like an opening skin everything Gaza thank you so much for sending this article it's my pleasure I hope you like it there's a bright ones paper okay I just I'm sorry just that split second I didn't tell anyone I was writing them a letter I asked for their gesture so I could personalize a box and send it to them but I didn't tell them I was gonna write up something but I wanted to write a thank-you and just like a little notes of the people I really respect and who are part of the community and I'm just getting such a kick out of just that little moment when they see that I I'm write a letter for them that's just really nice and we have a really heavy-duty professional I mean to me it's really professional feeling mechanical pencil most of my mechanical pencils come from Dollar Tree or maybe like a giant pack at Target of the BIC ones which they're not bad but like this I feel it's so nice to you say that mechanical pencils are a sore point for me because I remember going to offer supply stores and and stationery shops always trying to find the best mechanical pencil in a or most of them feel crappy like cheap plastic or they just they're a bit too bulky or the rubber grip thing is too thick like I'm really fussy with how a pencil is specifically a mechanical pencil feels in your hands so the the pen tell p2o5 and this beautiful zebra mechanical pencil that I've included in the box and my two favorites and I'm so glad I got to include this in the box because it feels professional and high-end and it's really nice to hear I say that I'm not a lunatic but I'm I'm obsessive about this stuff for reasons that people seem to be appreciating it's awesome if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up to let me know look at that gorgeous artwork that's amazing again a style that is not me is not anything I've seen anyone else use the art materials to create this is Sarah's up and it's beautiful and I love it Nick D Clements I first saw mix of videos I actually shattered a mountain life 3 million subscriber videos I love the way he produces content I actually first saw his stuff when he submitted something to my Skillshare course and I just thought he's had such a great personality and really cool filming style so I'm curious was he what I think's in the box oh man this is like cinematic whoa whoa God this is like an epic movie tryla start with cinema lines quick holy damn whoa good night ladies and gentlemen welcome hey you're cheeky Boston that's my backdrop see she also adds his background but I can only afford it for another three to one and it's mine yeah that's right yeah dude you got your those licensing fees that you run out of look at these personalizing his sketchbook ah that's cool what a great idea ah that's polish man love it you just whipped that up that looks so cold I am really happy to have gotten this kit I'm a huge fan of jaza thanks man even if I barely know how to use it just really makes me feel more motivated Casey golden did it I'm excited to see Casey's video I have a lot of love for Casey I met her last year at VidCon she's really awesome super talented artists and she didn't hold it against me for stealing her teeny-weeny video idea which a lot of other people stoled as well but she started the trend so mad respect Casey oh my gosh we already have a teeny I love hash is like I'm kind of a big deal you may have heard of patina reading I'm kind of a big deal dear Casey is that team uni enough yeah keep being awesome and I'll see you again soon there's all of our jazz a jazzy box make something make something tiny do it but before we get let's make the mess we're gonna do the face do the face I have to lower my expectations cuz Bailey really set the bar quite high good day ladies and gentlemen welcome to troll of Java I'm Jasmine ever going to be doing the half British half Australian accent nailed it look at this artwork that's amazing you're blending looks great in the sketchbook I'm sorry happy that the blending still looks really good in the sketchbook I made sure to include the blending card but it's also met people are able to get that use out of it this is the team we need oh wow she's doing it she's dirty week well we get small but getting small luckily I've included some ultra fun foil owners in there for you Casey five times at least I love the teeny-weeny challenge it's a really great accent impersonation you do really good job Casey Wow yeah little lady thank you oh it was such a good video Casey Mira viola did a video oh my god sent me this box and that was really really nice of him Mira this is really unfair but you have sentimental music playing in the background that's a cheap tactic to make me emotional and I don't appreciate it no I love it steak steak – oh she's getting fight she's doing the place yeah look at the purples and blues in the skin tone for the like lighting effect looks awesome I think it's really cool when other artists accomplish stuff like this and I'm all about supporting that thank you so much that means so much to see here I really appreciate it Mira the art show now this is this is fun because the odd scheppers a youtuber i actually met at a convention she just has such a nice personality and such great content she has a face I do have a face and you can have it on your face I love that I'm gonna do my not good Australian accent oh I'm so glad to get to meet you back at climber Colin and follow you content since this is still my Australian accent you can hear it right wish you all the best thank you for being you oh my gosh and an actual signature that I will now be fighting my 14 year old bites for this is what I'm excited to get into you because check this out spectrum noir now first of all I'm gonna give you some back on this company this company does not just talk to any artists they see me all the time I get a nice handshake and I'm allowed to demo a pen at the trade materials like we check out your stuff so it's a big deal to be here so first of all congratulations because I know them and I know what a big deal it is to get on their packaging like huge oh you thank you cinnamon thank you to be a successful artist you got to do a lot of sit-ups now can I get his muscles get his abdominals I don't know he does a lot of sit-ups I didn't think you've seen my dumb doubles their abominable man check out these games congratulations as they you're amazing welcome to another draw with Java I'm Java hey naughty egg so we saw your preview on Instagram you're a sweepy time-lapse I'm looking forward to what you think of the books I'm just going to stop right here like there there are some amazing youtubers I've seen review my box which touches my heart but it's also so fun for me to see smaller youtubers do this and people also recognize like naughty egg draw is a channel of about a thousand subscribers I'm the only two in the description go blow em away and subscribe to him whose contents gotten better and better it's just so nice to see someone so involved in working so hard but not see so much recognition as much as other people have so it'd be nice to take a moment to build some up he's a little smaller on YouTube right now and thank you Jake for making this video and getting my box I really appreciate it man and your work is so good – that's weepy I can't get over the sleepy time-lapse man you have to tell me how you do that I'm very impressed that looks great man well done this is probably my favorite sketchbook I've ever had it's mainly because yes you have Pixy Stix another smaller youtuber I'm going to link to the smaller art youtubers in the description of course I'm gonna link to the the people who I've also seen the videos of here are bigger channels but I'll put them a bit lower in the description you can go check those out but I do want to give a bit of a spotlight to some of the smaller people who are working really hard to participate whom like I guess probably took a bit more of a leap and going the box or I didn't send the box too specifically that shows a lot of support and kindness and I really appreciate it she's represent with the V artist t-shirt oh that's so cool just say nice this is a mom and her son sharing this together like that's just so cool to see gotta love that white gel pen just add to that pulp doesn't it look at your artworks and you did them together that's so nice it's a family activity they're high-quality supplies you can tell it was a treat to the older with them that's so nice to hear thank you so much that's awesome others more Swan style designs this is another person I've seen around in the community I'm looking forward to seeing your video good accents once now where ever I met Swan started night in there in the UK meet up in England have you got a video there you are yeah I came London meet up I remember you ah that's so cool and all these years it's just three and a half years later ah man this is just the best community God your style is so polished that looks amazing again another smaller art youtuber but someone who is just inconstant and working hard and positive and part of the community for so long and hazard eat when tea she has a d20 and she's doing role play characters so go subscribe to these small creators and show some love to the up-and-comers of the community Swan star loved the video and thank you so much for the kind words I love your art there is so much and this video is so long already oh my god this is amazing I'm gonna watch more of these on my own and I can't wait to watch them all I can't I can't include them all in the video but please please go check out the amazing artworks and the exciting ways people have used the art supplies they've included in the jazzy box and just been creative and done awesome things I'm sincerely sorry for everyone that I can't include in this video but just be aware that I'll be spending hours beyond recording this video enjoying your use of the hashtag I'm not holding back anymore I'm just gonna be diving into this on my own time and enjoying your enjoyment of the box I don't know what to say beyond thank you to the people who aren't close to and have known for years and the people I've never met who have supported me and my channel in this venture the out box as you know is a one-time thing it is ending soon so if you want to get one go check out the link in the description it's finishing in July so you won't be able to get one after July but if you get it I want to thank you for your support but regardless box or know these things do come and go products and ventures and meetups and all this stuff they're all exciting sort of moments in our journey as a community and the fact that so any of you have been a part of my journey I can't express how grateful I am to be surrounded by such positivity just constantly it blows my mind how lucky I am and I'm lucky because of you that I get to do god damnit maybe cry ah it all takes me back to when I was 12 years old making are at my desk and just kidding lost in the worlds that I was making whether I was escaping the realities I do want to deal with or I was making my own that I just thought would be special that's where it began for me and I've stayed there ever since in my heart and the fact that I get to be there as a 30 year old man and share that with so many of you who are starting out or have had your own journeys and that we get to share that together I can't even I can't even that's all I have do you guys mean so much to me the things we get to do and the ways we get to share our creativity and build each other up is just beautiful today thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed this video and until next time I'll see you later


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