1 Stamp Set, 10 Card Sketches! Hero Art STAMPtember collaboration stamps!

1 Stamp Set, 10 Card Sketches! Hero Art STAMPtember collaboration stamps!

– [Kristina] Hi, everyone. Kristina here. Welcome to another video
at my YouTube channel. Today’s video is a little bit different, and it’s actually part one of
two videos I’m posting today, one on this channel, and the other will be on the Simon Says Stamp YouTube channel. I’ll link to that video at the end. This video is purely
about sketching card ideas for one stamp set. I shared with you guys some tips on how to shake up your
card making on Monday, and the very last tip, which
was to brainstorm 10 card ideas for one single stamp set, really seemed to resonate
with a lot of you, and you really wanted to
see me do a video like this, where I’m going to take one stamp set and walk you through the creation of 10 different card ideas. I’m not going to be making
any of them in this video, but I will take one of
those, and that’s the video that will be over on the Simon
Says Stamp YouTube channel. So the stamp set that I’m using is a STAMPtember collaboration
set from Hero Arts, and this is called Real Flowers Vintage. And I thought it would
also be a really fun kind of stamp set to use to come up with some different card ideas. So I am going to grab my sketchbook. I have my sketchbook right here. I just use a black regular
drawing sketchbook. I’ve got some fun stuff in here. Old card ideas. We’re gonna work on this one. And I’m just gonna put the
stamp set off the side, and I’m gonna zoom in a little bit, so you guys can see
what I’m sketching out. By the way, this stamp set is
a limited-edition stamp set, limited quantities. Once it’s sold out, it’s gone. It’s not coming back. So if you love this stamp set and you want to create some
cards based on my ideas, you’re more than welcome to. And you’ll want to grab the
stamp set as soon as you can. A lot of the stamp sets that have come out during this month for
STAMPtember have sold out, so it’s better to act quickly. Okay, so the first idea
that I had involved masking. And I thought it would be really neat to have like a circle masked
off with ink blending and then this really big stem right here, I could have it, mask it to the
bottom and it would come up, but it would extend on
the sides past the circle. So… ink blended, and then I’d
have some of these other little wildflowers up in here. And then maybe keep this
area up here a little open, and I’d add either the
Thank You or the Friend, one of these over here on the side. I think that’d be cool. So ink blended, maybe like sunset colors. There we go, first card. All right, I think I could do something that’s maybe a little bit like that idea with more ink blending. Maybe I could mask off four little windows and keep the mask there during
the blending and the stamping so it’s like the stamped images
extend into all the squares. Ink blended continue. And maybe add a green down here. There isn’t a small word
greeting on this stamp set, but I could probably grab one
from a different stamp set. Okay, so there’s two. I’m gonna go do a third here. All right, what could I do here? I kind of like this idea
of like having sections or smaller shapes with
the stamps inside of them. So maybe I’d do a variation
on that circle one but I have it as a heart, and maybe I could have the heart going off the side of the card. Just like that. And possibly maybe it’s ink blended black with white embossed stamping. So this one would not be super colorful. It would be darker. Okay, I don’t know where to
put a greeting on that one. Maybe have the greeting over on the side coming off the edge, like that. So that would change it up. So this would be all dark
with white flowers inset. All right, we’re onto card four. Okay, let’s see here. Maybe I could do some stamping
with these smaller images, these little flowers and the leaf. Maybe, yeah, let’s do something like that. Let’s do some flowers and leaves
and kind of have a pattern where it’s more concentrated
in the bottom corner and then sort of fades out as it goes up toward the other corner. I don’t know if that makes sense or not. But, and maybe, I’m loving
this ink blending idea. So maybe it’s concentrated color in corner. And it fades to opposite corner. Okay, so that’s using some
of these smaller images. That would be really kind of neat. I think with this particular design, if it’s gonna be kind of
darker down in this area, maybe I could take one of the greetings and stamp it right there
and have that in white. I think that’d be kind of cool. All right, I’ve got to
move my sketchbook here. In fact, maybe I’ll do a little of this so you can still see the stamp set. Okay, let’s try a landscape card and see what happens with that. Okay, how about this one dandelion image? I think that could be really interesting. Maybe it’s three different
circles of color, and it has the flower in it. Like that. And then we will do a greeting
strip coming in off the side. I think that could be interesting. Okay, so that’s five. Okay, let’s do another landscape card. I don’t why this one’s so much
bigger than the other one, but you know, whatever. Let’s try the Thank You
greeting right in the center. I’m gonna have ink blending
around the edges for some drama, and then bring in the
stamp images all around. And just… It kind of reminds me of
a card from Yamas Makua. I’m not real careful with my handwriting when I’m doing sketching. I just want to get the idea out. Okay, so that is sixth. Going onto seven. Maybe for this one, let’s try a more traditional card design. And maybe this could be
a five-by-seven card. And because it’s a five-by-seven, the images are going to be much smaller. But to combat that, I’m going to matte it and have a wide border. So then it’s a little smaller, so it’s easier to use
these smaller images on it. And I’m gonna make this one really simple. It’s gonna be somewhat
similar to the ink blending. I’m gonna have all of the wildflowers coming up kind of on one side and then just the greeting. So really simple. Ink blended sunset. That’s a really easy card. And maybe to make it
even more interesting, maybe it’s just masked, so
it’s all one single layer. One-layer card. Okay. All right, so now we’re onto number eight. I like this leaf down here. I could probably take that leaf and turn it into just leaves on a card. So almost similar to what I did over here, where you’ve got the flower
and the leaf going up, but this one would be more structured. So maybe. Okay, so I’ve got my card here. Maybe I have actual, like I’ll
use a marker and draw a stem, and then I could have the
leaves coming off the stem. So that’s a pretty generic
leaf shape over here, so I could adapt it to this pretty well. And maybe I’ll have stems
crossing each other. And then just one of the simple
greetings right down here. That could be easy. Okay, stamp leaf. Draw stem. Okay. All right. I need two more ideas here. All right, maybe I’ll do a circle card. A circle card could be interesting. Sitting here thinking. I’m thinking very hard. It’s getting harder as I go along here. This is a really great stamp set. It has a lot of potential. I can tell because these
were fairly easy to get to. Okay, let’s try something
a little bit like, okay, so there will be
another circle matted, so the card base color is showing. And then I’m going to stamp
all the individual wildflowers in different colors. So different color stamping. Or maybe even it’s rainbow stamping. Rainbow stamping would
be cool for this too to get sort of like that change of colors. Sorry. I’m moving some things
back so I can slide this sketchbook up. Okay, that would be cool. So different color stamping
or rainbow stamping. Okay, which gives me another
idea for my 10th card idea, which is… All right, it’d be matted. So maybe this is a five-by-seven card. And I’m going to have
super colorful blending from top to bottom with all of the wildflowers
embossed in white. I think that could be really striking. And I’ll put the greeting
over here on the side. So this kind of layout right here, I’ve kind of repeated it a couple times. I’ve got it right here, I have it up here, and it’s similar up here too. So kind of like the
wildflowers off to the side and the greeting in the upper corner. I think that could be really cool. Okay, so I’m gonna mark this down. Colorful blending. And then white flowers. Okay. All right, so I have all 10 card ideas. Now I have to pick one
that I’m going to use for my card video with Simon. If you want to see which card idea I use, make sure you click over to that video. I’ll have a link up in the top corner so you can click over
and see what I created. Just to remind you that
this stamp set is available only for a limited time, and
once it’s sold out, it’s gone. It’s not coming back. So you want to make sure you head over to SimonSaysStamp.com,
using the links down below, so that you can pick
up your own stamp set. Thanks so much for watching today. I’ve got three videos
onscreen for you to check out. These are going to be
my most recent cards, and that’ll give you some
ideas on things to create. Thank you so much for watching today. Don’t forget to subscribe and
hit that notification bell so you never miss a video. And if you feel inclined, please give this video a thumbs-up. That lets me know you liked it. Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll catch you guys next time.


  • vero 03 says:

    Bonjour kristina , j'ai aussi un carnet ou je pense à mes projets c'est très pratique et cela permet de bien visualiser le projet 😁 merci pour cette vidéo 😘

  • Jade Stewart says:

    This was great. Thank you.

  • stephanie waldhart says:

    This is so amazingly helpful. To watch the process and see how much thought you put into it is inspiring. I love how one idea leads to another and the way you allow your thoughts to flow naturally is interesting to me. I tend to have difficulty with that particular aspect of creatively so thank you for letting me see that!!

  • Susan Dzama says:

    So nice to watch someone else's creative process . .. thank you

  • LIVINA 1917 says:

    So impressed with your sexy nail colour…

  • Ann Nye says:

    Wonderful ideas! Thanks so much for this video showing us your creative process!! Can’t wait to see which design you choose. And I’m heading over to SSS to purchase this lovely set right now!!❤️😊❤️

  • Stacey Smith says:

    Great ideas! Truly makes you stretch your stamps. Would love to do this with all my stamps [if I only had the time..lol]… It definitely will go on my bucket scrap list

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