10 ART STYLE CHALLENGE – Rainbow Hair Girl! (from Draw This Again) | Jenna Drawing

10 ART STYLE CHALLENGE - Rainbow Hair Girl! (from Draw This Again)  | Jenna Drawing

hello everybody in today's video I'm gonna be reading the art style challenge and I'm super excited because last time around I don't think I put in as much effort as I could have done which I really regret because that's one of my most viewed videos so one of the main reasons I wanted to try doing this again was because I only did five art styles last time and that's really not much at all and some people when they do this challenge they do like twenty art styles but I was like no that that's a little bit too overwhelming I'm not ready to challenge myself to do that much yet maybe I will do the twenty art style challenge one day but right now I was like I'm gonna ease myself into it I'll do the ten art style challenge and it was super time consuming I'm gonna be honest I don't know if it's just me that has this problem but I draw really slowly especially when I'm drawing new things or things that are particularly challenging to me and as this art style challenge involved a lot of art styles are very different to my own I think that's probably what took so long because when I put all the footage together when I put it all into my video editor I was actually genuinely so surprised at how long all the recordings added up to like when I added up all the recordings of this video it came to ten and a half hours before I sped it up which is a very long time to be drawing I was thinking like I've spent over the course of the last two days I've spent ten and a half hours drawing like that is a lot but anyway I digress in this video I am also drawing the rainbow haired girl from my draw this again series of that girl she doesn't have a name it's very confusing so I just keep referring to her as the rainbow hair girl and I think the most ironic part about all of this is for a video where I would be drawing the same character over and over I chose a character I've already drawn like a million times and I have drawn over and over and draw this again videos I actually couldn't think of a character I wanted to draw for this I didn't want to draw one of my o'seas again I mean I guess the rainbow hair girl is an OC but yeah I couldn't work out for the life of me who I wanted to draw I was like maybe I should do a celebrity for the art style challenge or maybe I should draw myself and do it like a sloth portrait but in the end I was like you know what I want to see the rainbow hair girl in different art styles like I want to see the rainbow hair girl in Adventure Time style and in gravity falls style and stuff so that's what I did today and the first thing you see me doing is just my style and when you're comparing this to like the reference images I pulled up of my drawings of the rainbow hair girl my art style has changed a lot since last year which is the one on the right in the reference image my art style has changed a lot since 2017 and this doesn't really technically count as a redraw off the rainbow hair girl because I did her with her hair down today just because I wanted to spice it up change it up a little bit see what it would look like if she had her hair down but I will say because it is coming up for September and every September I do redraw the rainbow hair girl I will probably do like a serious redraw of her but I'm saying for now this doesn't count as it because I did have a little bit of issue with this painting just with the hands no surprise there I mean it's the same as normal and I kind of just wanted her leaning or like a rocky kind of wall or something this is essentially my style it's forever changing apparently because every time I draw something it's like I have a very inconsistent style but we're not gonna talk about that this is my style at the moment and yeah I'm pretty happy with it I think I'm reverting back to bigger eyes which there is no problem with you can totally do that if that's what you're going for in your art and I quite like how it's looking but yeah that's how that turned out and I just really like drawing this rainbow hair girl character it's just a lot of fun and I wish I could dye my own hair like that I think it would look super cool but unfortunately I have already bleached my hair way too much this year if I even attempted this kind of like hair color style I'm pretty sure my hair would fall out but anyway the first style I decided to draw the rainbow hair girl in was an animal crossing villages style and this actually proved to be quite difficult because I'm not really copying the art style I'm more copying like afridi model that's why it was quite tricky because my reference image wasn't a drawing it was a 3d model and it's quite hard to have that translate then into a drawing and I did find this a little bit challenging but it was super fun and I find like the animal crossing style Sookie I loved a little like orange nose triangle thing it's really adorable and looking at this now I can tell I made the right arm way too long like it's a lot longer than the left arm well on our right and I will probably have to go back in and fix that but anyway I'll see if I happy with how this one came up and I thought I look super cute next up I thought I would do disenchantment because I've been watching disenchantment a lot lately I mean I was kind of putting it off for a while a lot of my friends have watched it and were like oh I wasn't that impressed with it I didn't really like it at all and so I didn't really want to watch it because I had such high hopes for it and I felt like I was gonna be disappointed but honestly having watched now I think four episodes of it of the 10 episodes I actually really like it I really like the art style of it obviously it's very similar to like the Simpsons and Futurama art style but I also did find that things like the color palette of it were quite different I don't know I feel like it just uses a lot more muted tones so it was super fun to try and recreate this character in the disenchantment art style and I was just using a picture of being as a reference point for also the shading and everything next up I did Rick and Morty this was a bit challenging because I don't know I I kind of went for a multi esque kind of face but also trying to work out Anatomy wise how that would work so I kind of just use some of reference as well I don't know it was a weird mismatch in the end and it I the one thing I find hard about the Rick and Morty style is that there is like no line way and like if I do any line work which I very rarely do I like to do line weight same thing when it comes to Sailor Moon really there's not really too much line weight variation this was another one I really struggled with especially because I'm not all too familiar with the Sailor Moon art style I mean I've seen it before but I've never actually properly watched say Laboon which is like I need to get around to watching but I don't know I kind of wanted to do something sort of anime sort of magical girl and obviously Sailor Moon came to mind and this was probably one of the most fun wants to do actually it was really cool drawing her in this kind of style and I also wanted to give her the same kind of choker that Sailor Moon has and yeah I'm super happy with this one actually although it was hard to do like the shine on the hair I don't know how they do it like that like it was really difficult for me to try and recreate also any of the shading as well I had no idea what I was doing I was just kind of winging it at that point but yeah this was definitely a challenging art style to recreate but one of my favorite ones in terms of how it came out next up was Adventure Time and for this for my reference I used one of those like character generators you can do like online like you know there's online like flash games where you can design your own character in like adventure home style or ever I used that as a kind of basis obviously I can do like rainbow hair in that all the hairstyle I wanted but I did that as like a sort of very rough reference point of what I wanted to create and that ended up being super helpful in the end and helped me sort of envision where I wanted to go with it next up gravity falls this one's probably my favorite in terms of how it came out I love the gravity from styles so much I love the line weigh in it I just love everything about it and you guys will probably kill me for this but I've never actually properly watched gravity falls it's my list of things to watch but I can tell I'm probably gonna love it I mean I already loved the art style of it yeah in terms of the style challenge this is probably my favorite in terms of outcome I think she ended up looking super cute and yeah I'm really happy that one and then it kind of took a downwards turn when we went to Steven universe because it was doing so I was doing so well in terms of gravity falls and then we just went Steven universe and it kind of all went a bit downhill I just could not for the life of me get the Steven universe style down I don't know why I found it so difficult I think it's because the character style I went with in the end was sort of like a Miss mishmash I can't say Miss mismatch mismatch don't know I had it so much of an issue saying that word mismatch of different characters from the show if that makes sense like she kind of gives me amethyst vibes but also I don't know kind of rose quartz vibes as well but also how is a sort of like pearls because they are like light colored I don't know and then I was like you know what I didn't know where to put her gem I'm just gonna slap it on her forehead and go with that and I just wasn't very happy with it like my sister kept coming in to check up on all my different drawings and see how they were doing and she was like I love all of them except for the Steven universe one I was like dang it I really wanted it to work in the end I made the eyes black like Stevens and put little highlights in and it kind of saved it a little bit so I was happy with that then we moved on to the Tim Burton art style and this was so so so fun for me to draw because it's so different to how I normally draw and especially after drawing this rainbow hair girl so many times I wanted to draw her looking creepy because she looks so happy and like bright and colorful I'm turning a character like this who is just so like bright and cheery into the opposite of that is just so so fun it was so fun to do that and I just loved the timbre and art style next up and probably another one that was rising ly difficult was the disney art style I never realized how thin the lines are in like Disney films and it's really hard to know the perspective and the eye placement and nose placement and mouth placement I never realized how difficult it would be which makes me really feel for like the Disney animators like the 2d animators you have to draw them out like frame by frame like and then you have to continuously get all the different features in the right place like how did they do that I could I struggled to do like a freeze frame of it but yeah this was super fun to do as well and she ended up kind of I was thinking as I was drawing it she's looking out kind of a lot like Ariel I guess it's the blue eyes and when I put the red hair and especially I was like oh my god she's definitely giving me Ariel vibes yeah then for shading and lighting I didn't really know what to do because I didn't really have much of a good idea of how that works from the references that I was using but I'm super happy with how it came out in the end anyway I really hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to check back for the draw this again of the rainbow hair girl which will be coming sometime this month and I have other exciting things coming probably next Friday I'll have another video up so check back again for that and I hope you guys have an amazing day bye guys


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