10 freelance writer sites perfect for beginning writers 2019

10 freelance writer sites perfect for beginning writers  2019

hi fabulous friends this is Jamie Brimfield your everyday work from home mom and today's video we're gonna talk about my top 10 freelance writing sites for beginners and so if you're interested in learning about where you can go online to find freelance writing jobs especially for beginners that you can grow into then this is a great video for you I think you're gonna love the content that we have in this video and I think you're gonna really enjoy it you're in the right place so if you're new to the channel please be sure to subscribe and click the bell to get notifications when new videos become available and if you already subscribe thank you so much for your support all right so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take you on to a screencast and show you these different sites and then I will link them up in the video description for you as well so I'm gonna go ahead and let you go but I do want to let you know the whole reason why I'm doing this video today as opposed to the one that I had planned because over the weekend in my group my Facebook group which is free group I got requests you find out about typing jobs well I thought well if my audience wants this this is what I'm going to produce so that video is specifically off of the response from people within my group who've requested to find freelance typing jobs that is why this video was created so if you would like to be able to be part of helping me create content that is valuable to you then be sure to join our face group as well and I'll post a link to that in the video description so I'm gonna go ahead and get off screen so I can take you on to the screencast so you can see these different sites and remember there's gonna be 10 so we've got a few to go all right I'll see you soon but first on my list is a writer a writer calm and so I writer allows you to roll within the role of writing as well which I really think is a great asset for beginner writers so let's go ahead and take a look at the eyewriter site so on the site they've got the Q&A here for writers they also got a QA for clients to go ahead and help people who want to become clients so it gives you both options now you've got a video here that you can watch to go ahead and learn how to write articles and make money it says is there any limit on how many articles you can write no there are not but they do ask that you write a certain number of words every week and I believe that number is 2500 but I'll double check how do writers get paid writers get paid through PayPal and payments are set on Tuesday of each week how much do they get paid they get paid I writers get paid 81 percent of the price of each article these amounts vary based on your writer level standard premium elite or elite bus and the length of the article the different writer levels are determined by the quality of the written content for example a writer may earn two dollars and 67 cents for a 500 word article as a standard writer but could earn 31:59 for a 500 word article as an elite plus writer if you receive a special request from the requester you receive an additional five percent that basically means you've paid eighty six percent earnings for your article now you do want to continue to grow into the role what does an article project that contains star image and says special requests that basically means that if you somebody requested you specifically why didn't I get paid for articles they do have three days to determine whether or not they like the article that you wrote most of the time you get approved within a couple of hours but sometimes there might be typos or or English or other things that could cause you to get rejected you can also write a review for the requester as the requester can write a review for you and it goes on to talk to you about why my account block didn't need stuff like that so basically there really is I write or gives you the opportunity to grow and as you grow you you continue to grow in the role and as you continues you advance this is especially good for beginner writers right as you continue to advance you get I'd hire for each for each job that you take alright so that is eyewriter dot-com hi so this is my second top pick for work from home writing freelance writing online remotely it's called text broker and the reason why it's my second choice is because it really does focus in on helping people not just expert writers but beginner writers and so that's what this whole post is all about is begin a writer so this here's text broker and what text broker does it allows you to sign up and when you sign up it's a free account you sign up and then you go ahead and text broker will try to match you up with the with the people that you need to get in contact with the payment they've got great payment system and it's through PayPal and you can go through their site and I'll show you how it works they do a star rating profile so when you first start out you have a certain star rating and then you continue to grow as you continue to grow in the role you get it's free to sign up and they've got writing resources to help you to improve so text broker is a really great program or freelance site to check out especially for beginner writers because you can go ahead and improve upon your skills as a writer and grow into that role so definitely check out text broker let's go on to the next one number three on my list is article document or otherwise known as temp esta media and I'll go ahead and link that in the video description but temp esta media or article document this you do have to be a US citizen or somebody who can work in the United States and if you come here what they do is freelancers how much do you pay freelancer writers are paid on a per article basis the amount paid is based on your expertise quality and tenure with tempesta media micro influencers are paid for post accepted and share the amount paid is dynamic and based on micro influencers brand value so you can also do you can also write social media posts which is pretty interesting a little bit different but we all do social media posts or most of us do social media post so that's really a skill that you can bring into the play um yes can I get a byline for my work no all of the articles on the site are ghostwritten basis it also has how many articles don't need a ride each week yeah there is no set number of articles you need to write each week but they do ask that you commit to 2500 words per week and you can actually put that you're going to be on vacation during certain weeks to go ahead and show that you're still trying then you're still active on these sites so that that way you don't get any kind of messages saying hey why didn't you do a 2500 words this week payment methods that are used as the typical PayPal which is used for many of these sites and how frequently do they pay your writer pay their writers they pay the writers every month so some of these are weekly some of these are monthly so definitely something to check out if you're interested in checking out Tempesta media which is article documents all right so I will link that up in the video description as well let's go on to number four number four on my list is verby oh formerly known as blog mutt and being a writer for blogmutt or verb REO the ER be I are ber be Li oh here are some information about that am I eligible to write for verbally ohm formally blogmutt a writer for word will must be 18 years or older legally allowed to work United States have valid social security number because they do require w9 in order to prove that you are who you say you are writers will also need to pass a rigorous grammar test and plagiarism training module in addition to completing a sample to be reviewed by our in-house team if your sample does meet our basic standards quality standards you will not be accepted as a writer however if we think you'll be successful with verbally verbally oh you'll be able to offer that sample for sale to a customer immediately we do not require that you have previous experience as a professional writer so this again falls in line with the beginning writer however if you do you'll likely move up through the levels much more quickly to access our higher paying jobs again you continue to move upwards we personally review each writers first post and then we'll review your work again once you've completed a couple of jobs and gotten the hang on our platform if your work is exceptional we may offer you an early upgrade to longer form requests how do I get paid they pay via PayPal every Monday no minimum or maximum invoice they use PayPal exclusively most companies do when you begin you will only have access to our simplest jobs as you write more adverbial you'll gain points in our system to get access to higher pain opportunities at higher word-count pay starts at 10:54 a 300-400 word post and beyond that there is based on word length we offer jobs from 300 to 3,000 what type of customers will you be writing for huge variety of customers that they have from tech to marketing and blog chain to yoga pretty sure that you'll have no trouble finding someone to write for what types of jobs do you do you offer we now offer several different types of written content including blog posts newsletters web content ebooks white papers and more we also work on will large one-time projects and editing production descriptions video scripts and more for all of our jobs you'll be writing for businesses and you'll need to be writing for their audiences and from their perspectives this is a professional writing service and we expect your content to be error-free polished and appropriate to the customer voice and talent all of this is pretty basics for writing and I talk about a lot of this kind of stuff also in my home challenge I did last month in June poorly for the 30 days to write and self publish a nonfiction book so you can check some of that out too do I have to pay in order to write for you no on the contrary we pay you to write for us they do not officially have editors or translators do I need experience in writing we welcome writers from all backgrounds with different levels experience to be a writer for verbally old writers who are just starting out in their career freelance writing and seasoned professionals alike should apply can I put my name on the content that I sell no one's fair blue a customer purchase your content they own the rights to the content so you are a ghostwriter essentially and I'm in the military a digital nomad traveling around the world can I write former blue oh yes we welcome US citizens living abroad you just need to be able to work legally in the United States applications are closed what happens next and this basically is if they're not accepting your applications you'll get a message so if you click the apply now and you see a message letting you know that applications are closed don't despair we receive an extremely high volume of writer applications and we are committed to carefully reviewing each one in this situation simply enter your contact information so that we can add you to our wait list all right so that's basically in a nutshell what they talk about as far as your basic questions that you're gonna be asking when you go ahead and work for a site and that is verbally oh so as you're checking out all these other sites you might want to check out verbally oh okay number five on my list is hire writers calm and I took you over to on the screen here you're gonna see the frequently asked questions for hire writers calm so how do I make money writing articles simply sign up for free here you can sign up you'll get an email from us it contains an activation link please click that link and then login to hire writers calm with the email and password you choose when signing up with hire writers next you'll want to click on the Edit my account link at the top of the page once you are logged in you are not required to but it helps if you submit a writing sample for clients to see when they are searching for writers you should also submit keywords you want to show up for your search and the results when clients are searching for you so again beginner writers if you don't have a writing sample you can start working for you can list your services on this website for free today how do I get paid our writers are automatically paid every Friday as long as you have more than 10 dollars in your account we use paypal how much can I earn writing articles that hire writers comm we have a radiant system where the better ratings you get you advance in your level beginner average skilled and expert as you complete more writing jobs you will advance and be able to earn more money per article other factors as to how much you can earn depend on how many writing jobs you are doing per day can you give me an example of how much I could earn writing an article if you are just starting out as a beginner you if you write a 300 or 500 word article this is very short check it out on your on your word processor to see how short 300 to 500 words you can earn 2 dollars and 25 cents if you are an expert writer you could earn 10 dollars and sixty six cents you're a talented writer you possibly write more than 20 of these per day or more so you can earn good money that way how do I advance in rank and eventually become an expert writer oh and let me go ahead and give you a little tip here if you are a talented writer or a prolific as some people like to say and you use your word document just go to your word processor your word document and click the microphone and use the text-to-speech option to write your articles you can write a lot faster and then go through and edit before you submit so that is one trick that you can use to write more words per day if your slow typer how do I advance in rank eventually become an expert writer we have four different ranks currently each every new writer regardless of skill starts out as a beginner on our site and you can then announce general skills and finally expert and moving up the rank two pens on the reviews you receive our clients number of jobs completed and also how on time you are with our clients who break it down below beginner is where everyone starts general at least three completed jobs with an average rating of four stars and at least on time 73% of the time skilled is at least eight completed jobs with an average of 4.2 stars at least on time 82% of the time an expert at least 15 completed jobs with an average rating of 4.6 stars and at least on time 90% of the time all right so that kind of gives you an idea it is very beginner friendly site how many writer accounts can I have only one per person what countries do you accept writers from I love this too because we have people all over the world in our group and on our YouTube channel so they currently are accepting writers from the United States Australia Canada United Kingdom Singapore and New Zealand and all payments are in US dollars so if you're interested in a very beginner friendly website then check out hire writers comm number six on my list is writer Bay cash for every word alright so writer Bay comm you get a freelance job you can be proud of up to 20 dollars per page the right to manage your own workload and writer support team assistance 24/7 and down here you can locate some jobs that are not just a this is in the US this is an in India this is in the Philippines and this is in Canada and also online jobs for technology writers and map experts here is an example of the top ten writers profit for the last 30 days you'll see here this is the kind of money the writers the top ten writers on this site are making it's pretty good money for a month alright so it here are the here are the actual areas that they go ahead and publish in they need writers proficient in the following areas anywhere from accounting anthropology art in architecture business communications consumer science criminal justice economics management marketing math I'm just skipping through sociology statistics theater world affairs world literature law you can go ahead and read the whole list but basically they're looking for writers in a lot of different areas so definitely great great site to look into and if you click up here where it says FAQ it will go ahead and tell you the different different fact frequently asked questions registration procedure after activation questions payments and so forth so it gives you a lot of information and definitely good information it does list here do I have to pay for registration are there any fees associated with working for Ryder Bay both registration and membership are absolutely free of charge you will not have to pay us anything ever that is a very great thing to hear it is important to note here that if you apply and you are denied that you have to wait a year before you can reapply so and they say that their decision to hire is final it cannot be changed you can apply no sooner than a year after your activation you can start working and here this is a common question that I cover – when do I get paid normally all payments are processed between the 16th and the 20th of every month the minimum amount we can pay is $100 you will receive the money only if your account balance exceeds $100 and because I love to offer you variety on this channel I am also including one of the many websites that will actually pay you for posts money pantry com will pay you to contribute to their website and then they want and basically they will pay up to $150 per post and basically if you have a story that they haven't covered on money pantry we would love to hear from you here's the deal when you're looking at a website to submit an article or a post or something to the website just do research on the on the website get an idea of what they have on there make sure that whatever topic you want to write about falls within line of their their topic and also falls within line of you know not being published previously on that website and in that way you can go ahead and submit things that will have a better chance of being accepted they especially like detailed stories with numbers strategies and tips all welcome we welcome all writers whether you want to write for us daily weekly monthly or do a one-time post if you're not a freelance writer that's okay we welcome anyone who wants to contribute in fact if you have ever made or save money in an unusual or interesting way we want to hear from you read the guidelines below and send us your story and if we publish it you'll be paid anywhere from thirty to one hundred fifty dollars I of PayPal broad guidelines to keep in mind at least seven hundred words or more use introductory in summary which is common for a post you want to make sure that you have introductory summary and end the post with a takeaway or final words those are usually pretty good right in a Bloggie friendly style focus on helping the reader include actual real-life examples linked to other related posts on money pantry of course backlinking is always good right include a sentence or two bio at the bottom of your posts break up the content this is very important blog readers like to skim they don't like to see a wall of text six sentences long so you definitely want to break up the content just check out their site for formatting there what should I write about you can write about anything that has to do with earning and saving money for money pantry calm however we don't want the usual stuff you find on every other personal finance blog they're looking for unusual and unique ideas strategies every day people that can use to earn and save money and like I mentioned earlier in this pose is sure to search money pantry calm to make sure the topic title that you want to contribute hasn't been covered already of course about do you get paid when do I get paid the payment goes PayPal automatically as soon as your post goes live will you edit my submissions yes will edit every submission to answer it fits the tone in style of money pantry you don't need to add a picture they do encourage you to add an attention-grabbing headline and then it goes on to talk about how do I submit my post and be patient because it takes time and everything else you might need to know so that kind of gives you an idea because I like putting variety on this channel I wanted to make sure I showed you that there are blogs or websites that will pay you per post and this is one in one example of many so this would be number seven on my list let's go ahead and check out number eight number eight on my list is fiver calm it is a great freelancer site in fact I even have a training that I offer five days to create launch and market your fiber gigs so that's definitely something to check out you can check out the link in the video description below I actually made this training so it's written by me so it's definitely some great content there and as you know I like to do marketing incorporate marketing into my actual processes to make sure that I'm ahead of the game fact day one is basically your market research day two is creating the gig and day three four and five is all about marketing in the different ways that you can market so when you go to fiverr.com if you go to writing and translation you'll see here where it's talking about all the different writing that you can do so you can create gigs in any one of these areas for writing and this is a worldwide platform and you can create anything from you know doing a gig for articles and blog post as amazing cover letters technical writing translation creative writing research and summary sales copy press releases transcripts legal writing other proofreading and editing betta reading speech writing product descriptions book and ebook writing script writing website content business and names and slogans email copy and anything that you might find that doesn't quite fit into those categories under freelance writing you can go to others so there's a lot of option there and you basically create your gig you put it out there for sale and you market it in hopes that you're gonna be getting new clients so definitely it's a great platform there's a lot of opportunity on that platform and if you're interested in Fiber be sure to check out my training course in the video description section of this video would love to see you there let's go on to number nine alright so if this page looks very familiar this is where I'm taking you to talk to you about my number nine option and you'll see why here in a minute so on my youtube channel every day work from home mom Lulu until June I created a 30 days to write and self publish a nonfiction books if you go under my playlist right here and you check out this playlist right here 30 days to write and self publish a nonfiction book view the full playlist and literally I take you through 30 steps 30 days 30 videos that you can go ahead and use to write your non-fiction book and that is my suggestion for new writers to make money beginning writers to make money by writing their book writing and self-publishing your book because that is passive income that will be available to you for however long you leave that book published and you can write it about any niche and seriously you can basically take you know and and write a chapter a day and see yourself as a published author in 30 days and by the way if you haven't already found out I do have my book that I wrote during this challenge is actually available I'll link it up in the video description but how to make money working from home which includes over 100 companies that are hiring remote employees over 100 companies that are looking for freelancers in different areas tons of side jobs tons of or they call them side hustles tons of passive income ideas and tons of entrepreneurship ideas so if you're looking to make money working from home or create altar or ultimate multiple streams of income then you will love this book and for limited time it is on sale for 99 cents for the release week released June or July 15 after release week is over it goes up to its regular price so grab it while you can at that price it's a great deal and if you're looking to make money as a freelance writer definitely consider writing your book check out this playlist it seriously has a lot of great information and it takes you from start to finish over 30 days and on top of that it gives you great content for marketing your work so I hope to see you on the playlist and checking it out and since this video is talking to you about being a freelance writer at the beginning levels I would highly recommend that you start a LinkedIn profile if you don't already have one and start putting yourself out there as a writer a freelance writer and posting your articles you can also do different articles here to kind of promote your business whatever you're working on if you're trying to promote a virtual assistant business or your writing business you can post things here basically one example that you could do to start opposed to write an article is maybe you can write an article on the top 10 editing mistakes you could show potential people who are going to hire you that you understand editing writing freelance writing so that gives you a great article to refer people to then once you have your profile made up on LinkedIn you can always check out the jobs that are here up on your bar click on jobs takes you to search jobs of course you can search any job but I'm just gonna go ahead and put in writing because that is what we're talking about in this video and it's gonna show you different writing positions and the job postings for those positions as you go through the job board you can turn on alert if you want to go ahead and get alerts when new jobs become available if you look here it says five hundred sixty one thousand two hundred and twenty four results now here's where I'm going to put in a disclaimer right so LinkedIn is a very well-known site but if they're not vetting the people that are putting out the post for jobs or even if they do you need to do your due diligence for whatever company you're working for and that who you're going to be writing for to make sure that they're you know there's there's no scams out there or that you're going to get paid for your work because you're doing your work you want to get paid so do your due diligence because if you're looking at a job board and the job board has jobs on there even the best vetted sites out there have had scams that's that slipped through the cracks so just be careful and I stress this with all of my videos it's unfortunate in the world today we're working from home is such a it can be such a lucrative career it can be lucrative and it can not be lucrative depending on the work that you put in to make it a lucrative career but it's unfortunate in the world that we live in that they're still scams out there on in the fact is there are so you need to be careful and protect yourself so in almost all my videos I always talk about you know making sure that you research the company you research who you're working for you research and you and you look outside of their website so look at the reviews that this company has how do they treat their employees how do they treat they're contractors because as a freelance writer you're a contractor right so how do they treat their right or contractor or their writers or their freelancers you know kind of get an idea you're gonna if you do a review search online and you find information you type in the name of the company and plus scam it's gonna come up whether or not there's you know scams out there or there's some reported scams out there you can want a Better Business Bureau and look into the company you know just do your due diligence make sure to spend an extra thirty minutes to an hour researching the company to make sure the work you're putting in that you're going to get paid now I'm not saying that LinkedIn doesn't get there but their job postings I'm saying every company needs to be researched not just LinkedIn there's a lot of opportunity here five hundred sixty one thousand two hundred and twenty four writing jobs out there so there's a lot of freelance work out there there's a lot of hire on writing jobs so definitely check into it it's a great opportunity it's a great board LinkedIn is is very popular and I sing praises of LinkedIn but I'm saying this across the board of all companies all companies just do your due diligence make sure that you're going to get paid for the work that you do and make sure that there's nothing out there as far as reviews or negative reputation and that's for any company not just LinkedIn I'm doing it for LinkedIn because this is an actual job board that I wanted to go ahead and post that in its number ten on my list so it's the end of my list so I want to just put in that disclaimer you really want to look into and check for check whoever you're working for that there are legitimate there's no scams out there on them that their reputation is a good reputation not a negative reputation see how they treat their employees that kind of thing and that goes for any company any job board anywhere you work doesn't matter whether you're working from home or you're working outside at home alright so that is the end of my list I hope you found this very helpful and beneficial and I hope you found a lot of great information great information on this and this is my top 10 list of beginner freelance writing from home sites to check out I hope helpful if you have one that I missed that you think it should be part of this list be sure to leave a comment in the comment section below to go ahead and let us know and also share with the community and if there's other websites that you'd like me to look into a research or do a video on be sure to leave that in the comment section below as well I will be more than happy to check into it and put put into a video if it meets my standards on this channel thanks so much for tuning in and I will see you in a minute my daughter decided she wanted to make an appearance at the end of this fella say hi alright so she's just making an appearance and saying hi so that was my list of my top 10 choices for freelance writing job opportunities that you can use as a beginner writer and you can grow into them so I hope you found this listen I'm helpful and I will be sure to create more content like this what a what if you did find this list helpful please be sure to subscribe click the bell to get notifications of new videos become available let us know in the comment section below if this was helpful and join our Facebook group so you can help to find other valuable content that you might be interested in finding as well as give suggestions on things that you'd like to know more about within the within the realm of working from home freelance passive income entrepreneurship or even remote jobs it's just those are the kind of things we discussed on the Facebook group alright so thanks so much for tuning in um have a fabulous day be sure to share the video if you know somebody that can find it useful and I will see you soon again thank you for supporting this channel with by subscribing and have a fabulous day I'll see you soon

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