10 Musicians Who Objected to Politicians Using Songs

10 Musicians Who Objected to Politicians Using Songs

here are 10 musicians who objected to politicians using songs number 10 Tom Petty in 2011 when US presidential candidate Michele Bachmann added Tom Petty's American girl to her list of campaign songs his lawyers were quick to take action petia searched that he had not given her any permission to use his song the song was used during her televised launch of her campaign within 24 hours Bachmann was facing a cease and desist letter from Petty's lawyers Bachmann was not the first to use one of petty songs in 2000 George W Bush played I won't back down during his campaign rallies Bush also received a cease and desist letter forcing him to back down number 9 John Mellencamp several politicians have tried to use John Mellencamp's music for campaigning purposes but Mellencamp successfully made them all stop Reagan attempted to use his song pink houses in 1984 Bush jr. tried to use his song ROC Kay in the USA in 2000 and McCain tried to use two of his songs pink houses and our country in 2008 Mellencamp who was supporting Democrat John Edwards at the time demanded that McCain stop using his songs at rallies became complied removing Mellencamp from his campaign playlist number 8 Boston Boston has taken a very direct stance on politicians using their songs the lead singer Tom Schultz has given several statements to the media in regards to this so when Mike Huckabee used the famous Boston song more than a feeling during several 2008 campaign events Boston wrote Mike Huckabee a letter that was very scathing in town in the letter Schultz sated that Boston has never endorsed a political candidate and with all due respect would not start by endorsing a candidate who is the polar opposite of most everything Boston stands for before we move on be sure to subscribe to daily top tens with notifications on so you don't miss any of our videos number seven Jackson Browne when McCain used Jackson Browne's famous 1977 hit running on empty to publicly ridicule Obama's ideas on fuel consumption Brown was quick to take him to court Brown an Obama supporter was outraged when he saw his song being used in a TV campaign advertisement in Ohio Brown sued for copyright infringement and for falsely suggesting that mr. Brown endorses Senator McCain's candidacy Brown has never let any of his songs be used in any sort of advertisements of any kind the lawsuit was eventually settled with McCain paying Brown an undisclosed sum of money rumor was that it was in the six figures number six Neil Young many musicians have denied Donald Trump the use of their songs the list is long but some of the more notable ones are Adele Aerosmith Elton John the Rolling Stones and REM so when Donald Trump wanted to use Neil Young's famous song rocking in the free world at the beginning of his campaign journey in 2015 young adamantly refused the song originally released in 1989 ranked number 216 on Rolling Stones 500 greatest songs of all time Neil Young who is a Canadian musical hero made it clear that he did not in any way shape or form support Donald Trump's political campaign Trump who was actually a huge fan of Neil Young was upset however he respected Neil Young's wishes and did not use the song number five K'naan by 2012 the hit song wavin flag' originally released in 2009 had reached international popularity the song was played all over the radio and even appeared in video games and commercials the song sends a very strong message of peace and inclusion as it was originally written to inspire hope for the people of Somalia which is why Kanan who is a Somali Canadian was not impressed when MIT Romney tried to use the song at a victory rally in Florida fans of Canaan assumed that the politicians use of the song meant that Canaan supported the very conservative Romney Canaan however did not so he used both the threat of legal action and social media to explain where he stood on Romney's use of the song he was quoted as saying on Twitter I'm for immigrants I'm for poor people and they don't seem to be what he Romney is endorsing Romney never used the song again number 4 Bruce Springsteen Ronald Reagan tried to use Bruce Springsteen's iconic song born in the USA during his re-election campaign in 1984 but the boss would inhabit Springsteen was quoted as saying I think people have a need to feel good about the country they live in but that need is getting manipulated and exploited you see that in the Reagan election ads on TV but Reagan wasn't the only politician who tried to use this song Bob Dole in 1996 and Pat Buchanan in 2000 both tried using Springsteen song there is irony here though born in the USA which was released in 1984 is actually a biting critique on how Vietnam War veterans were treated when they came home to the USA from the war so the fact that politicians have used the song to try to boost morale and their campaigns is somewhat disturbing Springsteen was one of the first musicians to speak out against politicians using his song ultimately paving the way for other artists to do the same number three heart hearts 1977 hit song Barracuda is about the band's anger over being mistreated by a record label executive it has since then become a song of female empowerment so heart was outraged when Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin began using their song during her campaign rallies in 2008 in fact Barracuda became her unofficial theme song apparently Palin had been nicknamed Sarah Barracuda in high school so she thought the song was fitting part however did not agree part publicly spoke out against Palin's use of their song Palin's lawyers though claimed that she was within her right to use Hart song at public events because the song had a blanket license from ASCAP the ASCAP is the American Society of Composers Authors and publishers and they monitor the public use of music for its members the song Barracuda was licensed for public performance and Hart was paid royalties when Palin used their song so although Hart wasn't happy about it there actually wasn't much they could do to stop Palin number two REM REM is one of the most outspoken bands when it comes to politicians using unauthorized music the lead singer Michael stripe took to social media when Trump used their song Trump used their famous 1987 single it's the end of the world as we know it at a rally in Washington DC on September 9th 2015 stripe infuriated by Trump's unauthorized use of their song took to Twitter he made his stance very clear when he stated you sad attention-grabbing power-hungry little men do not use our music or my voice for your moronic charade of a campaign and Mike Mills supported his bandmate when he said personally I think the orange clown will do anything for attention REM believes that the use of popular music can manipulate and skew public opinion when it comes to voting they see the use of popular music as a Cho tactic on their Facebook page they later went on to state that the American voter should not allow grandstanding politicians to distract us from the pressing issues of the day they claimed that the voters should focus on the bigger picture and not be drawn in by over-the-top campaigning efforts number one Aerosmith Steven Tyler from Aerosmith held nothing back when Trump started using his songs at rallies when Donald Trump played the 1993 hit living on the edge at the Charleston Civic Center in West Virginia in 2018 Tyler immediately had a cease and desist letter sent to the White House via his lawyer Dean Ella pulled Tyler's lawyer was quick to call on section 43 Lanham Act saying that Trump was in breach of this law by playing Tyler's music leupold claims that Trump using Aerosmith music gives the wrong impression that Trump is being endorsed by Tyler and the Lanham Act prohibits the use of anything that is likely to cause confusion or to cause mistake or to deceive as to the affiliation connection or association of such person with another person furthermore this was not the first time that Trump had used Aerosmith's music without the band's permission Trump featured Aerosmith's iconic song dream on during his 2015 election campaign Tyler has made it very clear that he does not support politicians using music for political purposes Tyler believes that it violates copyright and the fact that Trump has used his music not once but twice is completely unacceptable according to Aerosmith the letter pointed out that because Trump did not have Aerosmith's Express permission and because this was a second offense the band would pursue the maximum penalty under law Aerosmith's adamant stands and the legal action they took earns Aerosmith the top spot on this list of 10 musicians who objected to politicians using their songs check out some of our previous uploads and be sure to subscribe to daily top 10s with notifications on so you don't miss any of our videos


  • Joseph Ambrosio says:

    Trump plays the Rolling Stones, "You can't always get what you want" at every rally he has, and has been doing so for well over a year, maybe longer. I guess the Stones, "got what they wanted" in the form of cash from Trump, who could probably buy the entire catalog of the little old ladies that still call themselves the "Rolling Stones". Money cures everything for Libs

  • J T says:

    This should read Republican Politicians… all these politicians have gladly allowed Demoncrats that kill the unborn to use their music.

  • Karen Piotte says:

    I love how politicians think they can use anyones songs to portray themselves. Seems like most have a big problem with trump! Well there is ted nugent and willy nelson.Mmmm I wonder why?

  • fomocore says:

    There's no Hollywood bias. It's good to hate the values that made America great

  • Richard Nordheimer says:

    More like: 10 Musicians Who Objected to Republicans Using their Songs.

    Michele Bachmann (R)

    George W. Bush (R)

    Ronald Reagan (R)

    John McCain (R)

    Mike Huckabee (R)

    John McCain (R)

    Donald Trump (R)

    Mitt Romney (R)

    Ronald Reagan (R)

    Bob Dole (R)

    Pat Buchanan (R)

    Sarah Palin (R)

    Donald Trump (R)

    Donald Trump (R)

  • Stephen Mitchell says:

    Hollywierd hate conservative citizens and it's worst today!!! Look at obamooooo being loved by AntiAmerican Anti-Christian Anti-freedom and Anti Family Values actors, singer, and Perverts!!! Just a good way to see who fake media, actors, singers are against leadership that's Pro American!!! But they want our money and lifestyle without working for it! EBT rejects!!!

  • Deana Rupe says:

    You meant Micheal Stipe right? Not Stripe.

  • Andrzej CIEBIEN says:


  • Myean Hargrove says:

    First like and comment

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