10 Signs of a Corrupt Christian Singer & Musician

10 Signs of a Corrupt Christian Singer & Musician

god bless your sister Sharon and I'm excited again to bring you this exhortation my friend I want to give you one of the number one reasons followers of Christ those who are believers are fallen into all types of mental illnesses all types of emotional torment some of us you can't and you won't get up from pain you can't some of you have fallen on the wayside you're stuck in fornication masturbation pornography all matter of of Evil's you're stuck stealing lying manipulating some of you are walking in extreme pride and and it is harmed you some of you know these things is happening in you but you can't break free I want to tell you why because in the the original administration of music there was not CDs 8-track tapes there was no radio and because of technology I need you to hear me well and I need you to follow me there is a portal open and because we don't understand the innate power of music and when I speak of music I'm not just talking about a lyric some talk about real music instruments the harmonizing of instruments if you have the wrong minstrel a minstrel Guinness is someone who plays skillfully usually as a string instrument nowadays we have keyboards we have drums we have percussions we have all these mute music instruments harmonizing together to bring us beautiful sound but if the hand of the Lord is not on that minstrel that singer and you are listening to this repetitiously and many of the gospel artisan contemporary Christian singers many of them have fallen away their apostate and their hearts are filled with greed selfish ambition this is their portion they want to be famous they want to be rich and because the heart is turned from God many of them the hand of Satan is that is the hand that manipulates their heart it's not God so the question I need you to ask yourself as I give you this quick story about elijah the prophet and then i'm gonna give you ten things to look for in the music you listen to because i had a sister in christ who was dealing with extreme depression there was a lot more going on but this sister gave me a CD and immediately when i listened i heard the spirit of heaviness the minstrel the purse the musicians and the singer were were both depressed it was it was clear to me that she was eating from a person whose spirit was not with christ see the opposite of peace and joy is depression sadness doom and gloom and i want to help you get out of that spirit my friend if that's you and you deal with these dark clouds over your life we got to get rid of this and i got to help you understand everything that says christian is not and every gospel us most gospel i wont say most but let me say many they are backslidden they're apostate and they're full of satan that's who they serve see when when when you start talking about Fame and the risin of your name which many gospel artists and singers and then entertainers that's what they want and my friend once you take the bait see fame is Satan's domain that is where he will knock you off and if his hand is over the heart of the musician when you sit there and you call for that minstrel yes every time you turn on your radio every time you put in a CD you're calling a minstrel now the question is who is this minstrel now watch this now the Bible tells us that King Jehoshaphat who was a godly king of Judah was making an alliance two ungodly Kings and he wanted to inquire of the Lord before they went to war he wanted to make sure that they could win and they called the prophet Elijah when he likes to show up he lunched got angry he was like hood up he was talked to talking to a hab the most notorious wicked King in the scriptures and his wicked wife Jezebel this was they baby their son he said if you I don't have nothing to do with you and if it wasn't for Jehoshaphat his presents I wouldn't even look at you so in that moment the prophet Elijah will stir it up now follow me follow me he said but because of Jehoshaphat go call me give me a minstrel so I can inquire of the Lord what Elijah was given us insight in this 21st century Church it's two things music is powerful and when you need a word from the Lord you need to call a minstrel now when I say call a minstrel I don't mean someone this gonna be live someone just gonna be literally writing your space no your CDs and your music boxes you listen to that's your minstrel listen to what he said now this is Elijah chapter 2 excuse me second Kings chapter three he said now after he expressed all this anger and frustration like you know I don't like you I don't want to give the word of the Lord I want to go do because of Jehoshaphat this is what he said but now bring me a minstrel and it came to pass when when the minstrel played the hand of the Lord came upon him any prophesy thus saith the Lord and he began to prophesy go read this 2nd Kings chapter 3 Elisha began to prophesy the word of the Lord after the hand of the Lord came on him my friend the question I want to ask you whose hand is on you because if you deal with constant depression and and you got all these different sexual sins you're dealing with check the music because if you sit up and pour into your spirit music is musing when you Muse MUSC you are thinking you were pondering it's a form of meditation that's why friends followers of Jesus should not meditate on ungodly secular music because if you become with you would you meditate you become and this is why many of us who do not understand that innate power of music and minstrels but when your gospel singer is homosexual when your favorite gospel artist artist is sexual provocative some kind of worldly diva pretending to be a Christian sex sex sex sexy everywhere you think that if you if you eat that amuse on that you're not gonna become like them because the hand is on them is coming on you because that's your meditation you call for that minstrel and it blocks the hand of the Lord the hand of the Lord don't come on Satan's Kingdom my friend and when you are eating from a gospel artist who is back slitting an apostate my friend they block it and you think it all of them got my gospel music you doing you know you're not the hand of Satan you will notice on your life because you have a desire to keep serving him if you are in addiction drugs meth all these drugs that people are using now my friend and you believe in Jesus but you can't break free check the music who is your minstrel my friend I want to give you 10 things to look for if this is any of the music or the gospel artists that you are listening to get rid of it and if you are in the world and secular and you are beat down constantly in your spirit you don't have no peace you have no joy you can't seem to believe that you can get out of sex in you can't stop drinking you can't stop smoking you can't stop lusting my friend the hand of enemy is on you and it has come through the minstrels that you're listening to your rappers your hip-hop artists the hand of Satan is there honey you can't get around them cuz his hand is on you come on now ten things to look for music if you're musical artists where sexual and provocative attire that woman or that man sir Satan that's not a godly woman that's not a godly man number two musicals the musical sounds remind you of your past sinful life throw it out don't entertain that my friend number three seductive poses on CDs let me stop I only want to mimic that y'all know what it is I'm too old for that I'm almost 50 years old I need to stop seductive poses on CDs this includes men too got they tight muscle shirts naked showing all day tattoos and skin and muscles boom throw that out my friend let's go tear you up number four any angry sexual league lyrics lyrics or content get rid of it music that makes you feel this number five sexual provocative you want to move in a sexual way oh let me stop again throw it out throw it out number six music that leaves you feeling depressed throw it out number seven music that does not cause you to think of God but rather yourself others and the cares of your life my friend number seven is very important you should not be entertaining music they remind you of your ex uh uh if that music is talking about people you are the love of my life you uh uh uh if you're not singing that to God throw that out because you're gonna become but you meditate on flesh if you are constantly thinking about you uh I don't know what I would do without you oh no get rid of that mm-hmm number eight men singing with feminine tendencies the hand of the other God is there the god of this world that's his hand and these is his children throw it out number nine singers that are flirty as to duck in their tone y'all know what I'm talking about that get rid of it number 10 music that makes you feel invincible if music make you feel like you some kind of superhero or you you shaft and all this foolishness get rid of it because what it is doing my friend it is downloading your spirit with pride that you're invincible you feel like Superman and superwoman get rid of that you feel invisible like you are a superhero a gangster or a sexual predator a sick scuse me a sexual Dominator I'll get rid of it my friend the hand of the Lord desires to come upon you and you will know it's his hand because when you worship it like this ain't no little dabba-doo you my friend you stay posture in peace and joy cuz that's the kingdom of God and when his hand when the King lifts and extends his hand you you're going to reap that benefit from our God his hand provides peace joy protection and you feel safe you don't feel disarrayed and crazy and lonely and dark wrong hand now I ask the question as I depart whose hand is on your minstrel god bless you you better know my friend and please whatever you do do not think because it says Christian because it says gospel that it is from our Heavenly Father that is the biggest deception right now that has lost many of us to sleep check the menstral I love you till next time bye-bye


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  • janetfeig5 says:

    So true. I was just listening today to music I used to love. But I was in the world at the time. And the lyrics of some of this music was all what you talked about. Can’t live without you, it was love in the flesh. It seemed strange and foreign to me because when I sing now, I lift it up to the Lord. My love talk focuses on my Lord and how His love is what I need to get by. It’s totally different now with me because I felt guilty singing that weirdly music because it does seem to put you in another mode that now I’m not used to anymore. It appealed to carnal desires. And you r right it almost starts to control your movements, you want to then start moving in a lustful manner, all the things I have been delivered from. Then I thought, I’m not sure I can go back to those desires anymore. Because I want to please my Lord and Savior too much now. I am not into pleasing a man. Maybe that means that part of my life is over. Time to start living and praising God like I’ve been doing. That other stuff doesn’t get you anywhere good. Because when you deal with the lusts of a man, that is a whole other way of life. I’m trying to figure out my spiritual mission now. So thank you for your very timely message. I believe that you sing what’s in your heart, just like you mentioned. And I want to listen to the Godly music which takes me out of this world. I have had enough of the worldly walk. It leads to unfulfillment. And now I am focusing on my relationship with God and trying to be pleasing to Him.

  • j says:

    amena n amennnnn and i d repented of[past] one but if single so be it nope i,m sad a bit without that one but fdew are like u anddd who show interest God knows who best would be, Jesus bless yu GREAT. but amennn he reveals and new wave is not GODS design… i feel LOVE jenny

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  • The precious blood of Jesus says:

    Amen ! Lol Sis. Sharon so true , whatever we feed our soul or spirit is what will possess us , I love old fashioned gospel , your right nowadays gospel songs choir are sung by homosexuals or men with an effemite spirit it could also be movies reality shows , be careful of what we feed our spirit , its good to read the bible Holy bible and pray for discernment and your right just because it says gospel doesn't necessarily mean its from God, Satan was the master of music and knows how to infiltrate the music thank you Sis Sharon Wow good informative teachings God bless you 🙏 50 years old ? Its the Jesus glow

  • Joyce Comegys says:

    Thank you for making it plain, love your ministry.

  • jevon walcott says:

    Thank you Sister Sharon, I love it, I'm a worship leader and dance minister, I'm constantly in the music flow, what you are say it's totally right up, I do have to be on guard all the time, anywhere as a worshipper. Worship is my covering in Jesus. God has me as a warrior, to sense the atmosphere, hear, observe and to be warned about the territories. At times it may be frightening upon discernment, but with Jesus with you he be your instructor, right there. You are sooooo on target, Sister Sharon a lot of people will dislike you for speaking the truth, but they war not against you, but God himself through Jesus Christ. When you are aware God had called you out, be willing to give Jesus everything, your family, worldly possessions, it's no longer yours in the state how we humans think, we give it all to Jesus, preparing with full armour, not by might nor by power, but by God's spirit through Jesus Christ. You are truly a call forth woman of God. I know they out there can't stand you, the devil himself is afraid of warriors, bearers of truth and light, like yourself, stay strong, standing in the fullness and power and might of Jesus. And really when your conform to Christ, getting into the musician, dancing, singing ,acting departments even the rhythms, melodies you've know before, all aspect is to gradually or instantly turn around to hear God's directions for musical keys, choreography, vocals, just everything about you, should change.

  • Michelle Titus says:

    Thank you so much sister.. I needed this word.

  • April G says:

    Amen Sis, we must guard our ear gate(what we listen to) to be fit for the Master use. 2 Timothy 2:20-22 Good and sound words Sis Sharon… Blessings upon you

  • DA MA says:

    Christianity has been turned into a multimillion dollar business.
    Check out the Net Worth of: Kenneth Copeland, TD Jakes, David Oyedepo, Pat Robertson, Jesse Duplantis, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer, etc… (Don't tell me it's not a business).
    Also the Millions of dollars being made by the Christian/Gospel Music Industry
    The Millions of Dollars being made by all of the Christian Publishing Companies for Bibles, Books, Movies, etc
    The various Christian Ministries…
    At the end of the day, it's about….💰💰💰💵💳💲

  • Eric Charles says:

    Lol again! Your quite the firecracker! Bless you and your good works. Praise Jesus! Amen

  • Wiardi Kijne says:

    I saw The Shack and you remind me of ''Her'' lol. I don't know if you approve of that movie.
    To be serious, I just stumbled on this vid and soon subbed. I hope your vids can give me that extra bit of motivation to go in the right direction.

  • Rachel Simone says:

    I wrote my music from scripture.

  • Michelle Fong says:

    What if the crazy or lonely or dark thing kinda comes from living in an area full of worldly people while you trying to be godly and you heartbroken?

  • Stevie Bottz says:

    Amen sister, I've been feeling different about modern worship, actually I almost sick of it and then they offer mugs with their picture on it concerts asking you to bring your friends, like they have forgotten the whole reason behind true worshi. TobyMac always says it's going to be the biggest party, really? I don't like that, you can see money hunger. I used to really enjoy Lauren Diegal until I saw 3 pictures of her Instagram and her doing the one-eyed Illuminati, covering one eye and making 3 6's signs with her hands. Now I just listen to the bridge and my favorite pastors all day long I don't need music I need to be fed, Amen!!

  • Shalena N. livinglife says:

    Now I know why I walked out my church after speaking in tongues and catching the Holy ghost when our church member who plays a instrument went up to get saved but before then me and my daughter had a very uncomfortable encounter. I walked away from the church after this because my spirit can't connect any longer. My spirit is so strong and my anointing is so powerful God just keep on using me until you can't use me no more!!

  • Vel Mar says:

    Yes brother Thedore from Unplugem takes it one mo step by revealing the songwriters secret. All those love songs, r&b…well those songs are written about lucifer.. with him or her on their mind. "YOUUUUU are so beautiful to me!!!" Thats why they made lucre and fame way!!! Wake up people!!

  • Bernice Browning says:

    So helpful and love your humour

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