12 Step Program For Musicians | Step 2 Hope

12 Step Program For Musicians | Step 2 Hope

hey guys I'm Steve Freeman and welcome back to the Steve Freeman we have just started our 12-step program for musicians and in the last podcast we went over step one which was admission the day were on step two which is all about hope and I'm gonna talk to you about exactly what that means in today's episode but Before we jump in guys please if you're listening to the podcast on Apple podcast or iHeartRadio do me a favor subscribe to the podcast you're watching the video version on YouTube subscribe to the YouTube channel don't ever hesitate to leave a comment leave a review leave a like we certainly appreciate it when you do that we want to find out more about me everything you ever want to know probably in a whole lot you don't want to know you can find at my website these Steve Freeman dot-com all right let's jump into today's episode we are doing this series it's twelve part series the twelve step program for musicians the reason we started this if you haven't listened to the first part of this step one I highly suggest you you kind of want to do this in order so you might want to stop right here and go back and listen to the first part which is admission but for those of you that have let's move right along the reason we're doing this and the reason I really wanted to do this was because it's like I said in the first episode of this series that the music business is is highly addictive it's just as addictive as any drug that I've ever known about heard about now I've never been a drinker I've never done drugs but I I know what addiction is I felt addiction I'm a smoker I've tried to quit many many times and I know what that feels like but but the strongest addiction that I've ever had in my entire life is the music business and a lot of people don't think of it in those terms but in all honesty I've said it in the other episode I've seen what the addiction of this business in the pursuit of success in it can do to people I've seen them give up their entire lives I've seen them lose their faith I've seen them lose their homes their their relationships their way of life I have watched people who had just simply had enough in this business and couldn't take it anymore from both sides of the spectrum people that were very successful who just got tired and worn out and and just couldn't do it anymore from the people who spent years and years and years trying to achieve and obtain their goals and success that I've seen both of them trying to walk away and not be able to do it because of the addiction it it gets in your blood just like any other drug would it gets in your blood and you just that's the way that it is so I wanted to put together this series based on the 12-step program but how it can apply to musicians producers independent artists songwriters anybody that's that's aggressively pursuing a career and a successful career and tried to obtain and achieve your goals in the music business today we're gonna talk about step 2 which is about hope now in the traditional sense of the 12-step program step two is all about hope and it's about looking for a higher power for you to help you recover now this can be a spiritual thing for you sure it can be you know searching and praying and asking God am I on the right track help me get back on the right track but I also think that for what we're talking about it can also be a person outside of yourself that you can look to to kind of give you that hope that's what I want to transition and translate this step into musicians for when we talk about hope I think it's very important that when we've completed step one we've admitted that we're addicted to the business we admit that we don't know what to do without the pursuit of success in this business or being a part of it is not somehow wrapped up in completing who we are and it that it makes up a part of our DNA and how we identify ourselves so I think when we start looking at having hope I think we need to look at the immediate circle that we have surrounding us look at the people because I will tell you I have found this to be true it in my case multiple times that a lot of times what's caused me to kind of go down the wrong road head in the wrong path is that I've surrounded myself with the wrong people now very key here I want I want to make this clear I'm not saying that you've surrounded yourself with bad people or bad influences I mean there are certainly those cases I see that with artists that I work with all the time they surround their self you get convinced that you need this team around you and you need all of this support and that's true as creatives we want to surround ourselves with people that are like-minded that believe the way that we do that we feel like that we are on this journey with so I'm not saying that it's bad to surround yourself with people it's a good thing but you want to make sure that you're surrounding yourself with the right people so oftentimes I see that people are surrounding themselves with the wrong people now again wrong doesn't mean bad doesn't mean they're bad people but maybe they don't share the same goals as you maybe maybe you've surrounded yourself with people who you are competing against instead of surrounding yourself with people that everywhere it's like every you scratch my back I scratch your back we're all on this journey together let's help it's almost like a carpool and everybody chipping in for gas money except a lot of times what I see is artists end up surrounding themselves with people who just want a free ride they're going to the same destination you are they just figured that you've got the bigger car so they'll hit your ride so when we talk about hope I think in order to achieve that and truly have hope to change direction and get yourself on the right path I think a lot of it has to do with taking an honest assessment and looking around and seeing who you're allowing to ride in your car with are these people that are giving you hope are these people that that you've surrounded yourself with are they encouraging you in the right way are they helping you along with your journey that doesn't mean in a financial sense or or a constant sense of reassurance because that's hard for anybody to do know what I'm talking about is surrounding yourself with people that understand where you're at in your career where you're at in your life and it comes down as simple – it's almost like a relationship because in all honesty it is a relationship the people that you surround yourself with and involve yourself with in your pursuit in this business it is relationship this route you heard me say it a million times this is a relationship business it's 110 percent relationships but more like in a in a personal relationship what are the people that you're surrounding yourself what do they bring out in you are they bringing out the best in you are you the best person the best artist the best songwriter the best producer or is the best of you being brought out by these people or is a lot of your negative side being brought out by these people the competitiveness the the one-upsmanship the keeping up with the Joneses there again it goes back to are you feeding off the people that are surrounding you are they feeding off of you when you find yourself in a situation that's right you're gonna find out that it is very much a give-and-take relationship you give a little bit you take a little bit what I see more often than not is that people have surrounded themselves with takers we as creatives we are constantly looking for that next step what's that next step that we can take and we're talking about hope and and we all hope we get up every day and we hope we hope this is gonna happen we hope that the seeds that we're planning every day are going to someday grow into something that we can pick and we can and we can quite frankly sell to other people we can take to the market and we can sell to other people and everybody's happy but what I find is that most of the time artists allow themselves and put them in as themselves in a position to be taken advantage of and I made a comment on somebody social media post and then I put up something on Instagram that is so true I get you know this whole thing going on with Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun and Big Machine Records it brings up this whole predatory thing again and everybody starts talking about oh how this artist gets taken advantage of and and every record label out there mm-hmm excuse me every record label out there is trying to take advantage of or every producers trying to take advantage of artists and I say simply that an artist can only be taken advantage of when they allow themselves to be taken advantage of nobody is putting a gun to anybody's head and making them do anything other than Suge Knight and and that was years and years and years ago it doesn't happen that way anymore so nobody's making you in forcing you to make the wrong decisions but I will tell you that if you have surrounded yourself with the wrong people that is going to be possibly the most crucial mistake that you're going to make it is impossible to do this and make this on your own you need a team around you you need help we've talked about that in the past but don't let the the optimism of wanting to succeed cloud your judgment as to the people that you surround yourself with I can't tell you how important that is so as it relates to the 12-step program for musician step two is hope you've got to look outside yourself to a higher power now maybe that self re-evaluation maybe that's looking and physically sitting down and thinking about it and going okay the last eight months I have not been fruitful where can I look what higher power what person that means something to me who can I reach out to that number one I can admit I can take step one I can admit that I'm heading in the wrong direction and I've got a problem who around me gives me that hope who can I draw that selfless hope from if you don't have that person in your life or in your career or on your team then you've got a serious problem and immediately you should be searching for somebody that may not you that may not be in your life right now that you need to find because sometimes what I find is when people honestly take an assessment of themselves when they really sit back and look and go okay if I want to look around me and I want to say it's this person that I can draw help from and I can draw hope from that inspires me and really lifts me up what I find most of the time is if you look at it honestly most people don't have that because you'll think of that person you'll think no they're gonna they're they're not gonna think highly of me if I if I you know go to them for inspiration and go to them for hope or I can't do that it's gonna make me look weak I can't do that because I feel like that's taking a step back or I don't think I think this person's gonna look at me differently those are the wrong people you've got to have somebody surrounding you in your life that you can go to and look to for inspiration for hope that has constantly got your back no matter what the not people that are looking for an opportunity not for people that are looking for you to slip so that they might can can slide around you and have one up on you not those people I'm talking about people that have a true unadulterated passion for you people that want to see you succeed people that want to see you happy not because they have anything to gain personally from you coming to them and laying your heart out and saying I've got a problem I need hope I need to be going in the right direction can you help me if you don't have anybody in your life that you can seriously look at and feel that by laying your heart out on the line and asking them to be a source of inspiration and hope for you without them thinking or somehow using that what they perceive to be as weakness in you as ammunition against you you need to find that person and you're surrounded by the wrong people I can't emphasize enough how important it is to surround yourself with the right people because when you do that's when you do have that hope that's when you do draw that encouragement in that inspiration to get up and fight this fight every single day it takes a village guys we've talked about it many times the music business is not a team sport it's very me me me me me but somewhere in that process you have got to find people that have a selfless approach to helping you inspiring you giving you that hope and and providing that support system for you that makes it possible for you to head and stay in the right direction and on the right path step two is hope and I hope for you that you might listen to this and take an honest evaluation of your career and where you are and the people surrounding you if you don't have the people surrounding you that encourage you inspire you selflessly I think maybe it's time to start start searching for somebody different maybe a different group of people maybe a group of people that aren't in the business I see so many of you surround yourself with people in the business and I understand it songwriters you build relationship with other songwriters producers build relationship with other producers and I'm not saying that's a bad thing having a network is great but there is a difference between having a network and and having a group of people around you that's a team that's a supportive team for you big difference Network and relationships I put out a video a couple years ago you know that talked there there are no friends in the music business your relationships you can make relationships but you'll find out who your friends aren't real quick when you start succeeding more than they do and they're just happy for you or you got to sometimes even turn that around and look when you see somebody that you have a friendship with in this business succeed or do something you haven't accomplished yet or have some level of success you haven't reached if you can honestly look at them and go I am 100% selflessly happy for that person then maybe that's a friendship but I think if most of you look at yourself honestly there's always that little bit of and I wish it was me that also might mean that this other person you're talking about might think you're one of the people that they can draw hope from but really they can't because you're on your own journey that's competitive it's okay to be competitive but that's more networking that's relationship it's a business relationship it's not a personal selfless relationship and we've all got them my point is that maybe we just need to better identify the types of relationships that we have with these different people so that we can make sure that we classify them properly so that we don't go searching for hope from people that we're not gonna get it from and we're not gonna find it from because hope is an important part of the process it's probably why it's high on the steps step number two we've admitted we had a problem now step one now it's about hope who's surrounding you who around you can you look to for hope and inspiration somebody that has nothing to gain from your success that's willing to step in and provide that pat on the shoulder that soft place to fall more importantly that person that you can be you with and not feel like you're being weak or that you're giving an opening for somebody to take advantage of guys I know some of this stuff is hard to think about because it requires you to take an honest assessment of yourself and the people that you consider to be your friends the people that you have made a wise decision them sometimes in a not so wise decision on the other hand to surround yourself with but I promise you that taking this assessment is one of the keys of being successful step two is hope make sure you've got that higher power make sure you've got and have surrounded yourself with that person or people that again it's so important selflessly want to help hope with you and encourage you guys thank you so joining me for another episode of The Steve Freeman podcast that is step two we are heading down all 12 steps it's a twelve part series the twelve step program for musician hope you got something out of today's podcast you haven't already please subscribe to the podcast but you're listing an audio form everywhere you anywhere you get your podcast if you're enjoying the video version on YouTube please like the video subscribe to the channel and leave your comments in the comments section below you want to know more about me want to get in touch you join the newsletter all that stuff can be found at my website the Steve Freeman dot-com guys until next time keep being creative keep pressing the boundaries and there's nothing wrong with being Oh


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