120 – Resin Art – MDF Heart, Real sand, Starfish & 3D Ocean Waves

120 - Resin Art - MDF Heart, Real sand, Starfish & 3D Ocean Waves

hi everybody hi everybody welcome back to Sharon from the good days I hope you're gonna enjoy watching this video so you can see in two stages the first stage is when I was in my old house and the final stage that I'm in my new house SEMA and you might be saying Sharon why is your environment changed or what does it look like you're working on different things well that's the answer so I originally started my heart of the oceans in this little piece on a live Blue Peter style video so if you've not seen that back encourage you to go back cause I give you step-by-step on how I create the basis of this and then come and do a layer 1 and layer 2 and this video because it was Blue Peter style I had one that I'd prepared earlier an exhibit start middle and end whereas on that video you never got to see the full process this video finishes off the stage two and three of the remaining two and it also shows you how I finished these so I now have three of these available they're on MDF all I've got to do is I'll remove my tape and my nipples but they are good to go they have a little cute starfish and this is my leftovers so I have been putting my leftovers into a silicone mold and I've managed to get a dome effect and it's smooth but I've just got one little nipple at the back that leaps over and I'll go redo that but it's some pretty amazing cool effects in this one and then I've got three slightly different versions of this so that's number one excuse me number two and number three so if you're interested purchasing any bells contact me I've got all the information in the description underneath films up subscribe share comments are always welcome I love to interact with you if you've never used racing before I've got a few tutorials that set by step back and see some of those so you'll have the hearts of the ocean live you'll have video one on step one of the step 107 Charon which is a one-bar T thing which is a one on one how I do my resin stages now as I've said throughout this however you choose to do your resin art is up to you whatever process you choose to follow up is up to this is me just sharing my creative space with you there are many artists out there that have amazing pieces of work they get there in their own way so with resin it's very hard to replicate but put your own spin on it work with the feeling anyway I'm digressing I wasn't even meant to be talking about this now just introducing myself I've got to go to work now it's another beautiful sunny days we've only got one day until we start to get the kids over from Australia and then we go on our travels to Greece so super excited I should be very inspired with more ocean scenes and I've got some other projects I'm working on behind the scenes anyway I'm Sharon I've digressed anyway watch the end of this video and I'll see you on the next one have a lovely day yep digressed again hi everybody welcome back to Sharon from vivid days so if you did watch my live video last Sunday you would have seen me doing it in Blue Peter style where it had three hearts at three different stages start middle and end so I'm coming back to finish my middle and ends this one is going to receive its second and final layer this one is going to receive its first layer and then I will do a second one and then I will come back and show you the effects but for people that don't want to watch live and watch all that commentary this is an ideal world for you to see them so these are an MDF heart that I go fet see they're quite a thick one I tape up my back make sure it's level I then come in with acrylic paint now I use the acrylic paint as part of my primer but it also helps map out where I am going to put my rose in color and it also helps add a little bit of depth as you can see through some other pigments so I am going to make sure that these are both leveled they are both going to use the same paints that I use on my base so today I am gonna be using dollar and Rowney which is ultramarine ap bow which is a cm the P bow studio which is a green blue and a P bow turquoise and I bring in my waves with casting craft why this one's nearly run out so I've got it upside down I use the same pigment trees on my base now the reason I use the acrylic paint is just for me these ones respond really well in a resin and it's something that helps me attach to the oceans there I'm used to over in Australia when I lived there for 16 years you can choose to use pigments or whatever color you use just remember resin hates water and acrylic is made out of water so different brands may respond differently if you'd prefer to use pigments you use pigments in the back there you can see I've grow silicon tray I would recommend you using it so when I did the other layers I just popped in my silicone and it's in there and I'll add the rest of the colors there and you'll get a beautiful way to capture your resins and not have any waste tools of the trade I'm gonna be putting my lips on double gloves so that you can remove your gloves at any time without getting that resin on your hand I have got my respirator so once I put this on I will make sure that I do voiceovers for this I've got my blowtorch and I also have a heat gun and they're the main tools of trade I've got this tiny lil skew here which helps me to pick out the dust particles my Consular which has been a bit warm today so I've got the door open which means there's a high chance there's gonna be dust but I'm not gonna worry too much if I go on this one because I will be coming in with a second layer and that will cover up dose this one I wanted protects I've got my top ready to cover it I've got a real Sun because i'm sharon i digress and i like to use real sand and I've got my two cute little starfishes that I will dip in my silicone before I did sorry about my nails I've been working in the studio all day today making the most of my day off work my my main job so I am just gonna level this once I'm happy that these are level I am going to start with this you may ask if I'm just gonna stand this one back no because it was only two days ago worked on this so if I have my master cast to this now which is the resin I'm you in it will cling to it beautifully and there will be no issues if you prefer to send it sand away and other than that I'm not going to talk now I'm just gonna get on with it level it and what's my process and I will do my best to talk so I've been asked before what and the measurements I'm using in I'm a bit reluctant to give you the measurements I'm using because it's all going to depend on the branchy using it's all going to depends on the size of the canvas that you're using I use the resin calculator online and measure my project and that should give you an idea as well as follow your manufacturing guides I tend to work slightly over rather than under only because they usually have silicone molds to one side to work on projects but that's a personal choice prison is expensive we all know that so you've just got to make the most of it just making sure there is nails just over that nothing kept on side and we will start to mix our resin you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you I welcome back to Sharon for 30 days so the video you are watching was into half half of this was done in my old rental before we moved into my new house and I believe don't manage to get the second coats done on these two but there's just a little bit of imperfections to them because I was rushing and you might say what is that Sharon what is that perfection I don't know I just feel like with these ones I do like how you know what no I'm contemplating do I need to give these a flush coat I think I'm alright with that one I'm looking at this one here this one definitely does the wave the second layer dissipate it so I believe this one and it's got a little mark there which was great in the move so I'm going to rework that one almost give it a second layer and then with this one here it needs its second layer so we add one layer so and the starfish needs attach in so same process as earlier in the video but you're just gonna get to see me finish this you'll then see how I remove my or resin nipples and okay these ready for sailing and this is the one where I was using my leftovers and it's create a stunning effect so I'm gonna stand around here and just create a dome on that and that one's finished and I am gonna sand these two like the way I'm adding the other coal and that one I think I'm just gonna leave as it is I can't make it any better and a minute so the first voyage in this process the colors are the same clothes that I've been using earlier so no need to repeat that I'm just sure it's showing me my window of the full process so let me just have a little look at this one I'm looking for dust particles I'm looking for death and I actually quite like the way that that one's rolling over and it's sealed all around the edge itself and I can't see and it does particles or scratches so that one got through the move successfully so that one's don't I will keep it in view just because it is part of the set and these ones will be available for sale if you're interested so I'm going to come in now and lightly sand these I'll move this one out the way just while I'm standing so don't get dust on that the reason we're lightly sanding is this has been five weeks since I worked on these with a move so the resin needs something to grip to so it's important that you give it a little bit of service and just lightly sanding it just did enough to get those little knocks in there those scratches will be enough for that resin to cling to and what I will do just come back with some alcohol wipes and just remove all of the debris and dust particles so this one again just the surface have to love it that's on this one who knows there might be some resin like jobs I need to put in here every I'm going to get around the edges here but do want to make sure there's no hard surfaces when I join my down to it from the outside I could have chose to leave it in the mold well didn't wanna do that cuz I really just want to get that job necklace I don't wanna risk anything running down the side once I removed it from the home I knew I am sorry I'm digress said let me wipe these down now and check that they are level and let's commence the final stage now because this is only an alcohol light with 70% alcohol in that you can leave a little smear so I just come in with a damp very slightly damp cloth and then wipe that dry just to remove any streaks and you need to make sure you have removed all your water because or resin hates water I'm sure there's no bits that's come off the edge so I say is a my heat gun blowtorch I won't be kicking in any discipline this alright check it's on level museum my love our silikal cop pretty cool and I wanted more silicone cups so you will see me still using some of these these are leftover party cups for many many many years ago at children's party I am still conscious of the environment that's why I'm recycling and reusing these but I've got more silicone coming because the ones I did used to use absolute love look use them for a year but then they just start to crack and wear away and need replacing but hearts of the ocean with a heart of the ocean steering cup I'll see you on the other side of steering I'm gonna do is dunk my starfish into some clear resin the reason being I wanted to have a good coat and when I put it there I want to make sure that there's no air bubbles underneath and I don't want to forget him so he's going on he's been dipped in resin and I'm hoping he's gonna stay where he is so I remember I need to add clear here because this is that not had its second coat of sand and I do use real sand so we'll put some of that on soon but the minute I am just simply around here and I will come back with some sort I'm real sad and I'm just going to shake it backwards and forwards I should wait for that let that absorb in case I put in a little bit of my resin for much more in blue this is gonna go on 12 pieces down around the ultramarine blue as I've mentioned before please remember resin does not enjoy water so I only add a pea-sized drop at the most even that might be a bit too much for the amount of arrays and I'm using so you have to make sure you apply it quickly and then I'll stop it going marshmallowy and throw them all which means causing the resin to cure quickly it's very quick pace make sure it is all stirred in now and then and I'll pop it in the areas now I might need to add a bit more I'm just going to do this taking it over the edge so it's gonna fall and crack that nice edge this one it's important to do the edges as well because it's only had one coat and it'll just help seal that MDF the other ones already had that so I'm not too concerned about doing it I'm very mindful I don't want to ruin my other piece it's like layering a cake ice in it that should be it I'm just going to drag a few little lines down same with this rock just a magic through with some of the other colors I'm just check-in my edges and I'm not going to get rid of the bubbles until it's all on that you need to pay a bit more attention to the edges than that oh that just go take this one out of the way it's gonna be one of those days we're in safe safe some way oh my gosh watch out yeah there's no getting as much out as I can is I want to recycle this book because it's all gonna be blues in that it's just going to dilute and bring the time through which sanim out now and we'll get rid of my sticks down say and wash those in are a cycle that so I'm going through to my cerulean blue again a little bit less than I put in last time this one really some some acrylics respond okay to present and some really don't and that's just the different brands and how they made up on the water so put slightly less in this one one because it's got the blue tones in there anyway we should drag through but also this one just tend to go a little bit marshmallow it quicker then the other one it's when I'm not a jigger now with the green blow changing stick add a little bit more same amount so I'm only mixed up 200 mils of resin and there is going definitely some left over blue green this one is more transparent translucent so I can't add a slightly more than the other ones this does play really nicely right in there again I'm sure it's going to have its limitations you're using the same cup so it's going to bring through a few more of those talons that have just been working with it's not this way how's precious edges nice but not least turquoise not bringing it too far for bill because we have to be mindful of probably can use that stick again because the tones are very similar boys Oh a bit too much turquoise there might just half right in it fell out I'm afraid get down there give that a wipe down ix alot too near the edges because the white is gonna push somebody's clothes out and you can see that there's already some drippy enough but don't worry about that that I knew that would happen because I want to get my edges to complete these and it's minimal minimum wastage and I'll scoop it up and put it inside a silicone mold to start layering like I did for this one here I'm understatement so all that I'd say great cops alright what I want to do is make sure we are here I'm just gonna flatten that now make sure that joint just leaving a little touch point for where the the white is gonna gum again bring it around the edges don't forget those edges just a little over here let's go around with the edges that's one side and I am going to mix up a little bit of the why hardly need anyway compared to the rest and the white is going to be casting craft well used well-loved it's good at helping you create sales as well so you just need one or two drops little goes a long way it's concentrated see if I've got enough for an intimate s'more and and just place them in minds where you want your waves to be no rhyme or reason your are your way tend to leave a little bit of a line between them because that's how I find let me personally it creates a little bit more depth because you get in lights and darks mixed in again personal choice your are your way and you might want to add a little bit more white in one area because that's where you feel that the wave is caressing higher you might not put in with a set of three when you in Australia intend to see sets that's very not always didn't want a little bit more from so do need more why then just mix a little bit more opera in a minute I'm gonna add a little bit of the farm where it's come onto the beach in my imagination their way around that starfish I don't think it's a little bit more off I'm good to dome the other end all right we are going to give this get rid of the air bubbles and come in with a blowtorch but I'm removing my gloves don't get too sticky you so I like that a lot love the emotions in that I might just come through with a tiny little bit more white here maybe here definitely here you oh yeah love so I'm just gonna check for bubbles just particles and I am just gonna come and laugh this doumitt bubble it done and now I'm relieved whatever Silla UPS raisin is left in here to set because it creates a little hot mole which is kind of cool I'm just going to see how we're going here and help it to the edges do you want it to do don't want to go over the edges pay attention to my edges now and hopefully my stop ruin enough pull that a little bit further this week so I'm going to keep playing with it for a little bit and if it's going over the edge and creating Risen nipples that won't look good so you don't need to see me babysit this all I am going to do is keep circling my finger around it because as I say there is another one I don't want any drip puffs but I did one that dome I've got the dome I just need to make sure there's a little bit of excess running off and I just need to make sure that's not going to stay underneath and wearing my piece and I'll just keep circling it well it starts to set so I will come back and show you if this is Dean to success so see you on the other side of Corinth hi welcome back to Sharon from vivid days these three pieces are done I can do no more they are they have their own personalities there are some parts that I love more than others but overall I love them all they represent the ocean from the cover cool colors and the fields of the water crashing and summer are slightly more misty and summer more power and this has got a little bit of them all and this is the leftovers that I had so I'll bring you in to the first one you can see the depth of the other ocean first piece that I did rolling through and the splashing up and this one looks like the wave was just crashed and that starfish is peeping through so I've just got to come back and remove these rays in Nepal's so I put tape on all of mine all I need to do is go backwards and forwards with a heat gun until he heats up no more than ten seconds in each section and that tape will pull off and take the ready nipples with them so pretty hassle-free number two this one has got more emphasis and more struggle white pigment coming through and it held it is dripping dripping over the edge but it has a little bit more 3d effect in that one but the starfish is peering at the top right corner onto the third and final very similar feel more like number two you can still see the splashing you can see the misty water just floating over that sand and that starfish peering through this was the leftovers record to admit to might mold and it's created some pretty striking effects and it's definitely shows you don't throw away any of your leftovers you should still come out so I do have a nice little dome all the way around here but I've got nipple there or just go send that down and some of that out but look at the effects on that these will be available for sale so first come first serve if you're interested make contact with me but other than that thumbs up subscribe share comments are always welcome and I'm hoping to be more inspired when I get back from my Greece holiday and create some more ocean vibes with you and if you are interested in any of my ocean pieces if it's not already been sold connect with me because I can make your very own piece just for you and I wonder if I'm gonna bring any shells back with me I think I will anyway I'm Sharon I've digressed it's been a pleasure hanging out with you I hope you've got a lot from this video and I'll see you on the next one where I'm hoping to be slightly more relaxed


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