13 Reasons Why Everyone Should HATE Arts & Crafts

13 Reasons Why Everyone Should HATE Arts & Crafts

Hey guys! I’m Emma and I’m telling it like it is. With a brush of sarcasm and a whole paint
can of exaggeration. So, if you liked this video, please take 5 seconds to subscribe. Because 1000 subscribers and 4000 views equals to me starting to make money on YouTube. Which would be nice. So, arts and crafts. Literally the bane of my existence. Why they have mandatory arts classes in school,
I do not know. To deter us from learning and education in
general and make us fail over and over and over and over? Anyways, I digress. If you love my insane rants and my inane comments,
like this video or, like, let me know below. So, 13 Reasons Why Everyone Should Hate Arts
and Crafts. 1. Other people make it look so easy
This is soooo true. They whip out a pen, draw for 5 minutes and
*bam* they’ve created a human. Like, what happened? And then they have the nerve – the nerve!
– of calling it a doodle? Are you kidding me? Do you want to see my doodles??? Huh??? Yours is a human, mine is a half-formed alien
that’s desperately trying to pass as a human. And the more I work on it, the worse it gets… Trust me. 2. The prices
Why are all these supplies so expensive??? A pack of paper is 15$? A bit of yarn costs an arm and a leg? Look, the pattern for that sweater comes with
two sleeves: what do I do if you’ve requested one of these arms for payment? Now, I’m not expecting crafting stuff to come
for free. But I wouldn’t mind if it was close to
free. Because, if we’re being frank, I will most
likely screw it up and not end up with anything worth showing anyways after I’ve done the craft part
of the ‘arts and crafts’. And nothing I’ve ever made could be considered
art, let me tell you. I guess I’m kinda a realist. But I guess I’d be a total realist though
if I just stopped trying to do crafts because I just know the results won’t be good. Moving on before this gets too depressing… 3. Assumptions
Look, I don’t know who makes the instructions for some of these crafts but, honestly, they
should run them by me first. Let’s explore this by project type, shall
we? 1- Paint by number: you’re giving me the worst
paintbrush known to mankind to delicately paint in a crack the size of my pinky nail? Are you kidding me??? 2- Embroidery kits: Can’t you just label the
floss for me? Like, I’m pretty sure I’m not color blind
but there is no obvious difference between ‘light blue’ and ‘sky blue’. They’re just different blues and I’ve got
no clue which one you actually intend me to use. Also, is it so hard to mention how many strands
to use at once? Look, I started this craft for enjoyment, not to
have a mini anxiety attack as I determine whether or not I will have enough floss to
even finish this project. Now, is this one sky blue??????? 3- Knitting: Why are the instructions so much
more complicated than what’s on paper? I swear, if you make a pattern, you should
have an accompanying video with how the pattern changes step by step. And how you do each one of these stitches. For my sanity’s sake. Because everyone seems to have their own version of how to do these stitches and I just want to figure out how yours works, OK? I know there are a lot of crafts out there but
I won’t start complaining about each and every single one of them. Or constructive criticize, however you want
to see all of this. Like, we’re not going to go into the issues
with photography and how cameras were designed by savants… for savants. At least, not plunge deeper than I just did. 4. Straight anything
For one thing, what’s wrong with not being straight? Huh? Huh? But, also, why do you assume I can do straight
anything? Cut straight, write straight, do this thing
and it’ll just be straightforward…. Because, often enough, I’m just honestly
trying to do the craft and I feel like I’m drowning. Look, it also comes down to I can’t even draw a straight line, with a
ruler, on lined paper. Yes, I know I have issues. Yes, I pride myself on being unconventional
but, for once, I wish one of my artistic endeavors didn’t end in disaster. Please. 5. Pens that bleed
This is where I 1000% get people who are left-handed. We’ve had pens for, what, at least a century
now? Why can’t ink just be absorbed by paper as
soon as it touches it? I understand that a right-handed person like me shouldn’t have this problem and shouldn’t have ink all over their hands but still. We’re in the era of accepting minorities,
what about accepting people who easily stain their hands, huh? They have rights too. Or at least they should. Hey, you know I’m right. 6. Arts classes
And we are back to this. Look, I get that languages/geography/history/other
classes from high school that I haven’t attended in a while are important. But, when it comes to creative expression,
why are schools forcing some kids to fail over and over again in arts classes? Think of me, a model student doing well in
most classes and then barely scraping by in arts classes. I think I nearly failed a couple of times. Maybe my grade got boosted a couple of times. Anyway, thank God my high school started offering
music classes or it could have really shattered my self-confidence. And then I would have never had the nerve
to come up with my own YouTube channel. And then you would have never heard this voice. And that would have been a shame, right? Right? Well, I’ll pretend I heard words to boost
my a-ok, self-deprecating ego. 7. Glue
Ok, I thought the principle of glue was that it would stick together thing A to thing B,
A and B being of my choosing. Why instead does glue decide to stick to my
fingers? Or to let A unstick from B. Or to stick A
to B but cause ugly residue on A and/or on B. Why is gluing so difficult???? And I don’t care what type of glue it is,
it just never seems to work out for me. And then it gets on my scissors, on me, on
my clothes, on the entire surface of the world. I once saw a video about 20 crafts that you
can make with a glue gun. My version of that (if I were to create that version): “20 ways to lose your fingers, your toes and
your sanity.” Just saying. 8. Projects you can’t finish in a lifetime
Just going to point this out, a lot of the projects out there will either:
A) Make you give up halfway before the point of completion. Or
B) Take a century and a half to complete.
Considering that most humans die before age 150, well, there’s no way you’ll complete
that one project in time. So, yeah… 9. Paper that rips
Those pads of construction paper we all grew up with, that you have to tear out the paper
from the pad… why can’t they come out straight? Like without tears or looking butt ugly? Again, not that there’s any issue with not
being straight or being butt ugly in general… but you know what I’m talking about! My goal was to actually use that paper, thank
you very much. And, if I try to cut it straight… well,
we’ve already gone over this, I can’t!!! Suffering for your art when doing even just
basic arts and crafts is no joke, for me. Seriously… 10. Paper mache
Ok, there are different reasons why I hate this form of art that seems to be some kind
of enforced right of passage in schools everywhere. Here are some of them:
1- Balloons are an abomination. Not only am I allergic to them but they are
ticking time bombs and static weapons and turtle killers. That’s seriously bad. 2- The glue to make paper mache is the ickiest,
vilest liquid known to mankind. And you know I’m right. 3- It’s just impossible to tell how many coats
you’ve put on and how many coats you have left to put on. It just quickly disintegrates into this slobbery
mess. Plus too you only find out if you’ve done
enough layers after you’ve gotten rid of the mold. And, to replicate those results or adjust
it… I guess you just have to guess? So, yeah, if it wasn’t clear enough earlier, I
hate paper mache. 11. Glitter that goes everywhere
Look, glitter is pretty. On clothes, when it stays on the fabric. In hair, when it’s in the gel. In jewels as they hit the sun because I can
only dream of owning real ones. But, like, glitter in arts and crafts? That’s just a disaster. And it’s not waiting to happen. It’ll just fall, on its own because it just
wants to piss you off. Now, I have friends who worked at a decoration
store around Christmas time. Tis the season of glitter, I guess. Now, one of my friend swears that, when he got home,
he managed to shower out all of that glitter off him. But, later, he accidentally cut himself with
a knife… and he found glitter in his blood. Proof positive that that stuff gets everywhere. And on the topic of things getting everywhere… 12. The mess
Bits of paper all over the table and floor, a small ball of yarn that wasn’t used, scraps
of material… just about every craft I know leads to unused bits that could potentially
still be used. And every crafter I know has at least one
part of their home taken over by crafting odds and ends. It can range from borderline tidy to yarn
impossibly twined everywhere. It can also be haunted by the unfinished projects
of motivated days past. Who knows? Until you dig deep enough. 13. The perfectionism plague
Why plague? Because it plagues crafters at very different
levels. Let’s start from the bottom:
1- No skill: Don’t worry, that’s where I fall. k It’s just… no fun. And you’re just never capable of doing the things that look so cool and everyone makes look so easy. It’s just so dissapointing… Especially if you’re a perfectionist by nature. 2- Some skill: look, I know from hearing some
of you talk that most of you aren’t ever satisfied with any artwork you make anyway. So, what’s the point of having talent if you
can’t even enjoy it? Now, I can and do enjoy other people’s art
but that hardly seems fair. Wait, why do I care again? Well, I guess I do care about others, deep
down. Now, I do hate arts and crafts but I guess
I also love them too. I will one day have a pair of knitted socks
to my name, made by my own two hands! So, I guess I hate being forced to do them
or being judged through them. Which, in a way, makes a lot of sense. If you love my sometimes logical conclusions
and my always strong-minded opinions, subscribe to my perfection of a channel. And tell me below: what type of arts and crafts
do you just suck at, no matter how hard you try? Thanks guys!


  • Dominique Hamel says:

    Hey it was cool to see your beautiful mug! Your video was made for me lol! I screw up matchstick men drawings and whenever I try to craft stuff that is messy, well I'll get infinitely dirty….Example? I used to have a summer job where I had to do cotton candies once in a while. Everybody that was doing it was coming out from doing it perfectly clean……not me. When it was my turn, I was looking like a living cotton candy, animals, birds and insects were following me everywhere and I had to shower 4 or 5 times to get rid of that damn cotton candies residues……

  • shook says:

    You should make a video about how much travelling channels suck the fun out of travelling by rubbing it in your face in a way that makes you think like they say: yeah we have done that already, we beat you to it, also feels like they use something that's supposed to be fun for the main and ultimate goal of making money, not enjoying the destination, more worried about their cameras, getting their shots, editing and color correcting thumbnails and videos rather than just the average guy who goes to a place to really enjoy it not worried about making vlogs, they really made me resent everything about travel.

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