2018 Writers of the Future Awards Event

2018 Writers of the Future Awards Event

welcome to the 34th anniversary of the l ron hubbard writers of the future and 29th anniversary of the l ron Hubbard presents illustrators of the future there are thousands of Internet viewers worldwide we have gathered this evening at the historic MacArthur in Los Angeles California please welcome illusionist from America's Got Talent a cough on truTV Penn & Teller foolís and current stars of the hit show this summer masters of illusion on the CW Joe Meyers and Spidey [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the artist has an enormous role in the enhancement of today's and the creation of tomorrow's reality l ron Hubbard it is with this in mind that philosopher and best-selling author l ron Hubbard created the writers of the future contest followed by the companion illustrators of the future contest both have since grown into the most prestigious contests of their kind based on merit alone each year holds its own magic its own wonder its own discoveries beginning in 1984 renowned author and critic algae's bud Ruiz led the original writers of the future contest along with an all-star cast of best-selling authors to act as judges such masters as dr. Gregory Benford Robert Silverberg Theodore sturgeon Jack Williamson and Roger Zelazny in 1985 the first Awards ceremony took place at Chasen's restaurant in Beverly Hills for new now successful authors such as Leonard Carpenter Karen joy Fowler Nina curriki Hoffman Dean Wesley Smith and David Sindel in 1987 the award ceremony was held at the top of the World Trade Center where it attracted such illustrious guests as often Isaac Asimov and actor Mark Hamill Orson Scott Card and Tim powers helped teach the literary boot camp that year Dave Wolverton also known under the pen name David Farland won the reward and has since published more than 15 hours in 1988 the illustrators of the future contest began presided over by another set of highly esteemed artists all led by Frank Kelly freeze in 1991 ukrainian sergei park off won the illustrator grand prize and has since exhibited his works in numerous galleries around the world 1992 saw winners tour the National Archives and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum providing fodder for future stories the illustrators contest discovered extraordinary artists Omar Ryan and Sean tan both of whom have gone on to create award-winning children's books with Sean also garnering an Academy Award in 1993 outstanding writers such as Erik Flint Sean Williams and Elizabeth wing received well earned awards and now all three are New York Times bestselling author and writer Scott Nicholson received the gold award in 1999 PS in spend 30 thrillers 60 short stories three comic series and for screenplays 2002 was marked by future mega stars nnedi okorafor who is now an international award-winning novelist of African based sci-fi and fantasy and Patrick Rothfuss whose three novels hit the New York Times bestseller list selling more than 10 million copies worldwide in 2006 Diana Rowland is discovered and she's since had 14 published novels 2012 right our winner William Ledbetter won a Nebula Award and 2014 illustrator winner Sarah Webb won a Hugo Award so it goes year after year garnering critical acclaim such as hot new talent locus magazine a first-rate collection of stories and illustrations book list always a glimpse of tomorrow's stars Publishers Weekly Altos our 334 past illustrator winners have produced tens of thousands of illustrations comic books spark books children's books and album covers not to mention video games commercials TV series live-action and animated films grace with their work and the millions of art prints they have in circulation our 484 writer winners have published over 5,600 novels and short stories 32 New York Times bestsellers and their works have sold over 60 million copies finally our illustrator and writer winners have gone on to take every significant award in the science fiction and fantasy universe the Hugo nebula world fantasy National Book Award philip k dick astrid lindgren Lord Emmy and even the Oscar grace our roster of winners in the forward to the first anthology mr. Hobart wrote a culture is as rich and as capable of surviving as it has imaginative artists the artist is looked upon to start things the artist injects the spirit of life into a culture that vision has been and is being fulfilled into the future [Applause] please welcome our mistress of ceremonies executive director of author services representing the literary works of l ron hubbard is good Hilde jacobs [Applause] thank you very much good evening and welcome to our 34th year of discovering and mentoring new creative science fiction and fantasy writers and artists first of all congratulations to all the amazing winners who are all with us here at the McArthur a place for and about magic tonight we acknowledge and celebrate all of you and your artistic talents along with diversity and creativity in the arts diversity because these are contests where winners are chosen based on merit alone since the day they were created creativity as it is an attribute native to every human being for combined art creativity and imagination are the glue that keeps our fragile cultural fabric from tearing and after 34 years of discovering and nurturing over 700 new talent in the fields of writing and art I think we can safely affirm that creativity is contagious pass it on in addition to the awards for the winners we are honored to be able to bestow the l ron Hubbard Lifetime Achievement Award to Larry Elmore the first professional illustrator of the groundbreaking of regional role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons [Applause] we will also hear from Ruben Padilla who is a mentor a magician and the co-founder of learning is Magic I'm delighted to welcome special guests who will be participating in tonight's events Nancy Cartwright the voice of Bart Simpson [Applause] actor Shawn Cameron Michael recently from blood drive black sails and the mummy actress Marisol Nichols who is on CW's Riverdale [Applause] actress J Pettijohn from School of Rock actress Catherine Bell from the Good Witch and actress Lea Purcell two-time Primetime Emmy nominee [Applause] finally let me introduce you to the backbone of the contest our judges these are professionals who freely dedicate their time and talents to pay it forward creative souls who based on their hard-earned knowledge concluded that these 24 winners may just be your next favorite writer and artist the judges past and present for the writers of the future are Kevin J Anderson dr. Doug Beeson dr. Gregory Benford Aldous Beaudry's Orson Scott Card Hal Clement David Farland Eric Flint Brian Herbert Frank Herbert Nina Cherokee Hoffman dr. yo D condo Nancy kress and McCaffrey Todd McCaffrey Rebecca mesta CL more Larry Niven Andrew Norton Jodi Lynn nigh nnedi okorafor Frederik Pohl dr. Jerry Pournelle Tim powers Mike Resnick Kristine Kathryn Rusch Brandon Sanderson dr. Robert Jay Soria Charles Sheffield Robert Silverberg Dean Wesley Smith Theodore sturgeon Katie Wentworth dr. Shawn Williams Jack Williamson and Roger Zelazny and the judges for the illustrations of the future contest past and present are cirillo at Cartier Robert Castillo echogenic Lazarus Chernykh Vincent de fate Leo and Diane Dylan Dave Dorman Bob Eggleton Will Eisner Larry Elmore Frank Frazetta Frank Kelly freeze Laura freeze / aha Jack Kirby valet key Lyndon poly-r run ylönen Stephan martini air Gary Meyer Judith Miller Mobius cliff Nielson Mike Perkins sergey kulikov rob prior shanton a chav and diamond and Steven Y and we are pleased to welcome a number of this prestigious group who are here with us tonight one in particular who is celebrating his third year as a judge in our family and his first time at this event he is an acknowledged master of fantasy and the prolific creator of the kasnia universe stories we your humble shirts welcome you Brandon Sanderson and now we'll all the incredibly talented judges who are here also please stand to be acknowledged [Applause] as is traditional let's give you an overview of the past year you'll be proud to know that we again had the highest entries in the history of the contest including entries from two new countries Burundi and even in these turbulent times the Palestinian territory but sadly sadly I must report we still do not have any sign of aspiring writers or illustrators from Antarctica but they have not been left out in the cold you will also be happy to hear that we for the first time ever have more female winners in the writing category than males [Applause] this past year we counted over 100 novels published by former winners and too many novellas and short stories to track and from the over 300 winning illustrators they have contributed hundreds of book covers illustrations fine art graphic novels comics video games websites movies shows and more as for awards no less than 24 past winners we're finalists are nominated for major prizes such as the World Fantasy Award the Washington science fiction award the Canadian sunburst award the Hugo Award the Nebula Award the locus award the Dittmar award the theatre surgeon Memorial Award the Colorado independent publishers Book Award the James Tiptree literary award the Compton crook award the analog award and the ory Alice award and as for wins and special accomplishments the Morningstar award for best fantasy debut went to Megan O'Keefe for her novel still the sky the locus award went to Ken Liu 2003 winner for best collection with the paper menagerie and other stories contest judge and prior contestant Brandon Sanderson hit the number one spot on the New York Times bestseller list with a third volume oath bringer in the Stormlight archive fantasy series down under three past winners garnered the Orioles award Nick teachin for best novella with his story south or motel samantha marie for best sci-fi short story with of site of mine of heart and tiana par for best horror story with flame trees as a note he wrote this story during our annual workshop the australian did my award went to cats parks for best short story with no fat chicks which we assume is a story about poultry William Ledbetter of vol 28 won the Nebula Award for Best novel ed with the long haul up contest judge and previous contestant Robert J Sawyer won Canada's Aurora award for best novel with quantum Knight he also won the Aurora award for best novel of the decade with the Neanderthal parallax James Alan Gardner won James Alan Gardner won the Asimov's readers poll for his short story the mutants men don't see Minson de fête illustrated contest judge won the analog readers poll in the cover art category Frank New Year 2011 er won the analog readers poll in the short story category for in the absence of instructions to the contrary Jonah O'Mara 2014 Australian writer contest winner also took her talents to another level and won the deep my award for best artwork for her illustration in Lacan turns 12 and while writing a new epic fantasy trilogy Mike coliform 20 became a reality TV star on the CBS show hunted and don't worry we found him first past illustrators of the future judge Jack Kirby was inducted into the science-fiction Hall of Fame finally three of our 2002 winners have gone on to create many better tomorrow's David D Levine who just won the Andrew Norton award for young adult novel in science fiction and fantasy with Arabella of Mars nnedi okorafor whose award-winning who fears death novel has been optioned for a TV adaptation with george RR martin as executive producer and patrick rothfuss whose Kingkiller Chronicle books are being turned into a TV series produced by Hamilton's lin-manuel Miranda and then into a major film writers of the future vol 33 was released to critical success eliciting praise from Library Journal publicist weekly and the Omni magazine just as importantly vol 33 hit number one on the science fiction bestseller list for Amazon and Barnes Noble and was in the top 10 on 69 other bestseller lists but who's counting and with that let's give a hand to our past winners and once again to our present judges [Applause] over the years we have received hundreds of civic and community proclamations and letters of recognition this year was especially significant in that both the city of Los Angeles and the California State Senate bestowed proclamations and certificates of recognition to the contest as well as each of the winners congratulating them on their achievements the certificate of recognition to the contest from the state of California Senate reads on behalf of the California State Senate it is my pleasure to recognize the 34th annual writers and illustrators of the future Awards I commend l ron Hubbard for his commitment and dedication best wishes and continued success l ron Hubbard was as himself first and foremost a writer with a lifelong vision and passion for the arts as a young man he became a best-selling author with his stories gracing the covers of the hottest popular fiction magazines of the 1930s and 40s run published nearly 250 works of fiction in all the popular genres of his day including mystery adventure thriller western romance horror science fiction and fantasy he originally entered the field of speculative fiction in 1938 enlisted by publisher Street and Smith to transform the genre with real characterization which which broadens astounding fan base and ultimately he helped to usher in science fiction Golden Age with such genre launching stories as final black out fear and to the Stars having reached the top as a writer himself he also wanted to guide new writers and help them overcome two obstacles they were likely to face both in producing good work and in getting it produced he shared his experience as an author with creative writing students at Harvard and George Washington University's as president of the New York Chapter of the American fiction guild he made it easier for writers to join the guild determined to help aspiring writers in any way he could he penned a series of how-to articles that were published in magazines throughout the 1930s and 40s and after a lifelong tradition of helping writers it was upon his return to the field of speculative fiction with Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth in the early 80s he established the writers of the future contest with these words the competition is very keen and even dagger sharp it is with this in mind that I initiated a means for new and budding writers to have a chance for their creative efforts to be seen and acknowledged in that same spirit and expressly for artists who would give the written word visual form the illustrators of the future contest was added and in the field of the arts there is room for anyone who exhibits exceptional skill in any activity including the art of living and that very simply goes like this as described by l ron hubbard and his own voice to a group of students we might have some kind of a shadow or something on this or here that we get into in the field of the specs and then we get into this big question which isn't a question of logic but a question of experience beauty what is beauty Oh beauty is something you experience well what is beautiful anytime the fellow asked that you know you're talking to clear an evaluation on the level of aesthetics is not possible are we trying to answer what is beauty no we're not because I wouldn't tell you what was beautiful and I hope you wouldn't try to tell me what was beautiful I hope you might instead tell me if you were talking to me about it tell me an experience that you had what you thought was beautiful all right that's fine don't hold a gun on me if I don't think so too you see that's just a matter of dewpoint hmm beauty has something to do with being a stand-up in its way up there doesn't have myself stupid but do you know at the same time that the fellow says I'm no artist these are not an artist he means my hat I don't paint I don't write I don't compose music what is he doing that might throw this into question he might be living a very beautiful life because the biggest widest canvas that you could paint would be the canvas of life a man could actually achieve the level of being a professionally beautiful liver there's some people you are glad to know simply because they seem to lead a beautiful life interesting and so people say we have to go hungry after art through painting writing and so forth and what are these people doing they're writing about they're painting about composing about life you're sitting there with its enormous canvas and all the raw materials to put together into what is actually a piece of art how would you combine these things to make them interesting and that would be hard for you but hard again is not something that you would describe or even get that didactic on but you could do that you're overlooking then the primary field of art which would be to live beautifully [Applause] [Applause] it is with this uplifting message that we decided to release and give you a preview of the great stories and art from this year's winners before we move on to the award ceremony so to release Alvin have represents writers of the future volume 34 please welcome the president of galaxy press mrs. John Goodwin thank you each year the contest winners are showcased in an original anthology that has widely used in high school and college writing programs it is the benchmark that budding authors and artists use to measure just how good they need to be and it is now my honor and privilege to officially release l ron Hubbard presents writers of the future vol 34 [Applause] writers in the future as science fiction and fantasy past present and future we're looking for people who've got a fresh new way of keeping this genre alive a science fiction and fantasy I found a range of different styles different types and a tremendously interesting approach craft wise and writing wise and imagination they are all wonderful stories they're stories that are the beginning of something you know you you'll read them and then years later you'll be like oh the first time I saw that was in and writer the future anthology and with new writers was kind of an implicit promise that they're going to be new voices and this gives a voice to any one in the world anyone this contest is stimulating the creativity in general for many young people and these are the people who are going to be creating trends not many years into the future when you read the book you are getting the best stories by the best new writers [Applause] the cover art for the annual anthology is created by illustrator to the future judge and world-renowned artist Cielo [Applause] his art inspired a story written by Jody Lynn Nye entitled illusion included in the anthology we also included two bonus stories Brandon Sanderson's the lesson and the death flyer a dark fantasy bio ron Hubbard the anthology of course also contains all the latest prize-winning stories and illustrations these are all beautifully presented in a large trade paperback format displaying the gorgeous artwork in full-color up front it is edited by David Farland coordinating judge for the contest and himself a past grand prize winner in keeping true to the Payette Ford philosophy of the contests and fulfilling a demand from up-and-coming creative artists for educational tips we also included insightful essays on the craft of writing and illustration such as Illustrated to the future by coordinating judge echo chair Nick passion and profession by contest judge and cover artist for this year's anthology Cielo theme by contest judge Orson Scott Card paying it forward by the late Jerry Pournelle and suspense by l ron Hubbard [Applause] as for the rich content by the winners imagine stories of an ancient myth able to provide the key to curing a disease that threatens all of humanity or how easy it is to make sales sending images of despair into the hearts of your clients or a breathtakingly beautiful ode to transformation with Filipino folklore and in testament to the quality of the stories and the art we receive a star review from the premier magazine for the publishing industry Publishers Weekly it stated that this collection features expertly crafted and edited stories in art running the gamut from humorous to bone-chilling in addition to the annual anthology I'm also proud to announce a simultaneous release of an audiobook version of the entire anthology if you want to read something different something original something fresh and if you want to support these terrific new writers and artists well get your own copies tonight and then congratulate the winners as you get their soon-to-be-famous autographs and for those of you watching live the book is releasing this week in bookstores across the country and wherever books are sold the future is now let the adventures begin thank you please welcome writers of the future judge Tim powers and MS Nancy Cartwright [Applause] [Applause] well each quarter we judges select three winning writers and three winning illustrators which adds up to twenty four at all and they are among us tonight David Farland is the first reader of the writers contest and he goes through thousands of manuscripts every quarter nobody knows how many thousands and I don't envy him that but he does get to be the first to see these stories that are soon going to be seen by the millions of people he selects the honorable mentions the silver honorable mentions the semi-finalists and the finalists and when he's done all that the rest of us judges read the contest finalists and from our judging becomes the top three for the illustrator contest Ecco Chernykh has the task of going through all the artist entries she narrows those down to the finalists which are judged by the illustrators judges panel both contests are judged anonymously so the judges have no idea who these entries are from and they get to discover new talent without any bias and as we as we present the awards we'll give you a little taste of each story and the art that goes with it in this thirty fourth volume we and we begin our trip through the thirty fourth volume of writers of the future with a tongue-in-cheek look at the inner thoughts of retail workers the story's entitled the howler on the sales floor and the author is Jonathan Fick who is from Milwaukee Wisconsin and the illustrator this humorous story is Sydney Lugo she was born in Caracas Venezuela it is now a resident of Boston please welcome them both Wow so as you guys have all are painfully aware this is a heck of an event it's incredibly complicated and it's taken an unbelievable amount of effort to put pull together and it didn't happen by on its own it happened because of the tireless efforts of the people at ASI and we should all be incredibly grateful for that [Applause] but also they weren't the only people that made this week unforgettable the judges were incredibly gracious and made this a once-in-a-lifetime event I cannot thank you guys enough to my wife you're the most wonderful person I know to the rest of my family you're pretty great too Sydnee I can't thank you enough you made a dream come true for me that I didn't know that I had thank you thank you thank you and lastly but not least the competitors everybody else that you're gonna hear from tonight and everybody else that hasn't won yet and is still submitting the only reason this has any value at all is because of the quality and the depth and breadth of quality that submits thank you guys for continuing to push us and thank you everybody for coming out and giving me this ostentatious trophy thank you I'm very honored to be here it's a great experience I want to thank altar services and the judges and yonathan – very honoured to God to illustrate such an amazing amazing story I want to thank my parents my family my friends at all of any Solano's case in Queen Rajeshwari no settling on Hamas and who every artists out there don't give up the world is out there waiting for your art and your vision thank you very much please welcome riders of the future judge Jody Lynn 9 and MS Katherine Bell this is my second year participating in this marvelous event I'm proud to be a part of the wonderful workshop that took place over the prior several days the winners get a grounding that isn't available at any other contest that I know of not only are the instructors getting to read their work all the way through but they are going to try to help the contestants and winners to make it the very best that it can be to ease them forward into professional publication and with that I'm happy to introduce you to the next winner Vita Cruz she's an author from the Philippines she lives in a small woodsy village in Manila her story odd and ugly is a beautiful ode to transformation which stirs the imagination with Filipino folklore the illustrator winner who created the enchanting piece for odd and ugly is Reina Rochin Rena yes Karina is an illustrator attending the Savannah College of Art and Design please congratulate and welcome them both you [Applause] whoo oh my gosh so here's my long litany of thank-yous my parents for doing their best with me my sister who took care of me when I couldn't take care of myself my best friend who never fails to remind me that I am mighty and my boyfriend for reading every single story I written in the last eight years and my better readers for making odd and ugly is that much stronger Reina for illustrating it's so beautifully the judges for choosing my story in the first place and author services and the writers of the future contest for flying me here and validating me all week and for all the aspiring writers out there don't self reject maraming salamat PO hi everybody um I'd like to thank Auto Services and l ron Hubbard for allowing this wonderful event to happen in the first place I've had an amazing week with all the other winners and the judges I course like to thank PETA she created a story that made it incredibly enjoyable and easy for me to make a painting for and she is extremely talented and I'm happy to also call her a friend lastly I'd like to thank my mom I hear lots of horror stories about families not supporting their children pursuing the arts especially the visual arts and she has been nothing but absolutely supportive from day one with whatever I've wanted to do and every capacity she's helped me as much as she can so I wouldn't be here today without her please welcome riders of the future judge Doug besom and illustrators of the future judge Laura freeze Bravo [Applause] evening Darci Stalin is the author of Mara shadow we think it's apropos that she won this contest for the story her contagion threatens all of humanity as winning seems to be contagious in the stone family her husband is Erik James stone a contest winner from volume 21 in the words of the great illustrator and my late husband Frank Kelly freeze l ron hubbard sensed what kelly defined as a creative synergy between the written word and the art that illustrates it ron hubbard knew that each standing alone while superb in its own right is the poorer for the wand of the other we're together they create a whole greater than the sum of its parts this is very true for illustrator of Mara's shadow Quintin gleam Quintin is attending the Columbus College of Art and Design in pursuit of his master's degree please welcome them both if you read the first draft of my story you would be shocked that I'm a winner tonight because it was terrible and I'm not just saying that to be modest it was really bad so I want to start by thanking every individual that took the time to read my story and give me their feedback it was because of your insights that I'm here at this podium tonight I also want to thank my science teachers for inspiring me to become a science teacher myself and I want to encourage all the women listening tonight to pursue your own dreams never limit yourself because of other people's expectations I want to acknowledge my family and the great support they've been to me I always know that win or lose they're going to be there for me I'm grateful to my husband for sharing his hobby with me and for introducing me to the world of writing and finally I want to thank the generosity of Ella ron Hubbard for setting up this great experience they really have made all of us amateurs feel like celebrities this week I don't think that another publisher is ever going to be this excited about a story I write ever again but if it does happen it will be because of the support of organizations like writers of the future and because of the great fans and readers like you so thank you oh wow I just wanted to quickly thank my friends and family for always helping me and supporting me as well as the wonderful people at other services for making this such a great great week [Applause] and now to present the l ron hubbard lifetime achievement award please welcome our contest director joni Lavaca [Applause] the yellow ron Hubbard Lifetime Achievement Award is bestowed to individuals for their outstanding contributions to the fields of writing and art has been presented in the past ceremonies to luminaries and masters such as Jack Williamson Frederik Pohl algae's bud Ruiz Frank Frazetta and McCaffrey Frank Kelly frieze Robert Silverberg Larry Niven Jerry Pournelle Charles Brown Gregory Benford Orson Scott Card Tom Doherty and Mike Resnick and this year's special recipient has created art to illuminate the world of fantasy and science fiction for over 40 years he has a Bachelor of Fine Arts but his first job as an illustrator was at Fort Knox so if you find his autograph on any other bills in your wallet hold on to it it would be worth a lot more after tonight after that came his employment with TSR the publisher that produced the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game he was part of establishing still pertinent standards for art in the field of role-playing games he has since gone on to create covers and illustrations for hundreds of games books including dragon lands book series working with practically every publisher of speculative fiction comics and games please welcome this year's recipient of the l ron Hubbard Lifetime Achievement Award illustrators of the future judge Larry Elmore [Applause] [Applause] man I want to thank everyone I can't believe this I'm not the type of person that went out for a lot of awards trying to win it's had a hard enough time painting and drawing somewhat I think first I'd like to thank Erina Hubbard for inspiring me when I read the books Battlefield Earth early in my career after that I started drawing spaceships weapons and equipment for the next few years along with monsters and Dragon I also want especially to thank them for starting this unique contest it is a huge stepping stone for advancing the careers of all the winners and remember it has very few rules anyone can enter any age race religion or country it's wide open next next I want to thank my tolerant wife of 47 years for putting up with me she has been my rock and my anchor because I spend most of my time in my messy studio drifting out from the imaginary worlds and searching for another scene to paint so hectic without her I wouldn't be here that's for sure I also want to thank TSR the company that brought us the game Dungeons & Dragons the game gave me my biggest break ever they gave me the map by letting me paint the covers from many of their leading products who was basically without in our direction so I was a lot of fun those games and books influenced a new generation talk to them to use your imagination not only in games but apply that imagination to new and diverse products that are still being introduced to us today and finally I'd like to thank my family and my wonderful parents I started drawing and got hooked on it around the age of three we lived in rural Kentucky rural central Kentucky and at that time around 1950 most homes didn't have electricity or indoor plumbing we were in that category I spent my early nights I spent many nights learning to draw on the kitchen table under a kerosene lamp which would light up to Harold Brown grocery bag paper my mom could cut it with lay perfectly flat so that was my paper it seemed I couldn't stop drawing and eventually it became a bit easier for me but painting I'm still learning to paint it's so I've flown thing after receiving a BFA degree in art and a couple years in army I started in my art career and I've been drawing and painting ever since that's all I do with a lot of hard work and perseverance my heart has taken me almost to every state in United States and many countries around the world it has been a wonderful journey if I can do this with all odds against Mickey then you have much greater odds of winning this contest which we really kick off your creative career so go online and enter okay thank you [Applause] [Applause] please welcome riders of the future judges Rebecca mesta and Kevin J Anderson [Applause] [Applause] first off I'd just like to say that we counted them this is my 25th year of participating and presenting in these awards [Applause] and I think it's the first time that they've ever let me present an award with my wife now the attendees of the writers of the future workshop don't just learn how to write a story or how to research and build a character they learn how to interact with other writers they learn objective insights into how their careers might work how the publishing world works how book selling works and how to promote themselves they get a full-on background in the industry that will take you years and years to figure out on your own just by coincidence or by discovering things or by making mistakes and trying to fix them this gives people sort of a jump start into getting their careers rolling and on the right track it's one of my favorite things every year to come to writers of the future because there's such a supportive atmosphere and everyone here is about helping everyone else succeed especially the new students the winners of the contest and we try to give them as great an experience as we possibly can because there's nowhere else you can get something like this and we have fun ourselves we get to share what's going on in our industry and encourage each other it all becomes a big community our next they're clapping about the fun part right our next rider winner is Eric Bundy from a magical forest in North Carolina Eric is the author of turnabout jinns are famous for twisting the words but two can play at that game the illustrator of turnabout is a tower darn off at our currently attends the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in pursuit of his master's degree please welcome them both well I believe I'm the second oldest rider to ever win in this contest [Applause] so hang in there retirees first of all I would like to thank all of the people who work so hard to make this contest workshop and event happen they did a fantastic job [Applause] I think they did l ron Hubbard proud I really do I would also like to thank Adar for his beautiful beautiful illustration he captured the essence of my story in one scene fantastic I would like to thank Jean Cabela's of the Odyssey Writing Workshop for teaching me how to write and I would like to thank the writer Liz Han for believing in me when I needed it most I also would like to thank my wife Eleanor my first reader and critic and she gives me she gives me advice on how to improve my stories and sometimes in advice on how to improve myself and finally I would like to thank all of you for being here you make this event special thank you [Applause] hello everyone Shalom first I want to thank Auto Services and mr. Hubbard for making this contest possible and for being such welcoming hosts this week I want to thank my parents EEMA Abba for teaching me by example to live a meaningful life pursuing art and my brother Tyrone for inspiring me to keep learning everyday I want to thank the rest of my family including my grandpa who is here tonight and without whom I could not be an artist I want to thank my best friend Josh for always / always pushing me to be more I want to thank Eric for writing a fantastic story I want to thank all of the teachers I've had up to now I want to thank the judges especially echo and lads for making this week so fun and educational and that's all for now please welcome writers of the future judge Eric Flint and illustrators of the future judge sergei volkov [Applause] I want to start with a personal note so just hold off on a teleprompter for a second Larry Elmore has done three covers for me in my career he did the illustration for the cover of my first novel mother of demons he did the cover for my most popular novel 16:32 and he also did the cover for the first novel I ever wrote for the mesh so Larry thank you very much you've been a huge help to my career and I want to just this is probably the only chance we'll get to thank you publicly so thank you okay second I are both winners from these contests I was the first place winner publishing volume 9 in 1993 ok and I was the illustrator grand prize winner in 1991 I came from Ukraine and I didn't speak very much English honestly speaking I didn't speak English at all now you can mention a little difference it's always been difficult for new people to break into writing that's been true forever and that may be even more true now as the new writers get lost in a digital Blizzard so to me the big importance the writers of future contests is that it's a way for new writers an important Avenue for new writers to get started to be able to crack in and it's how I did I tell I got my career off the ground and now I'm six New York Times bestselling novels later [Applause] so I've been able to learn from my opportunity to illustrate the writings of l ron hubbard mentoring from the contest judges and the support of people of other services to build my career and become a successful artist in the europe and as the many years ago in 1991 i wanna repeat probably i was an author of the most short speech of all the contestants the my speech was you can count the words thank you America thank you ron hubbard can anyone beat my record [Applause] [Applause] but our next rider winter is called hair from Oklahoma he is the author of what lies beneath about a powerful sorcerer who's afraid of the other side but not what lies beneath and the illustrator for what lies beneath is a maxim police shoot max is from the Ukraine yeah he's a fifth winner from the Ukraine he is currently studying political science in the Loyola University in Chicago please welcome number so my thank-you list has grown somewhat in the recent weeks so I will go through it as quickly as I can to save you all the trouble of having to listen too long first and foremost l ron Hubbard everyone had author services who has been fantastic to us his treatise very kindly all the judges many of whom I read growing up who have made this contest possible and without whom numbness would probably have any idea of what we're doing especially when it comes to the speech my family and friends who have supported me throughout a very very uncertain Road my girlfriend oriya Arianna who without whom I probably wouldn't have continued riding when I very first started and I can't honestly say what I would be doing but it probably wouldn't be good Laura a very special co-worker who found out that I wasn't able to get the time to come here and took seven days of work extra to let me come here very grateful to her and then a few friends by name who have supported me continually as soon as they found out that I had this very strange and uncertain dream that I needed to follow and those friends are John Sara and stone and all of the people I just listed put me on this stage through their kindness and so if you can be kind to someone then be kind to someone because no one travels the road through life alone and we all need kindness at some time in our life thank you okay so I would like to start by saying thank you to other services and galaxy brats for making it possible for us to pursue our dreams we wouldn't be here without you guys and no words can express the depth of gratitude I and my fellow authors and illustrators feel for you I want to say thank you to my mentors both in my home city of leaf in Ukraine and in America for sharing the knowledge with me finally I want to thank my mother for introducing me to the magic of art and for encouraging me to simply create and just like my mother I want to encourage all of you to never stop imagining and I'm saying this not just as an artist who is obsessed with fiction but also as a student of international politics imagination that transcends all borders all physical both physical and abstract it enables a feeling of empathy and understanding of the experience of people the experience of who you never shared before so in this power of empathy is what ultimately binds us together brings us together so never stop imagining and this will make the world a better place thank you [Applause] [Applause] please welcome writers of the future judge nancychris and mr. Sean Cameron Michael [Applause] I really enjoy the chance to further the careers of up-and-coming young writers with this contest it's a chance to recognize encourage and reward the talent that is coming up in the field even though of course these guys are eventually going to be our competition our next winner is author Erin Kieran's from South Africa via Texas her story is a smokeless and scorching fire about the fire within one and the effort to put it out or to stoke it as a fellow South African I'm incredibly proud of Erin the illustrator for his smokeless and scorching fire is keen attack while he may have been born in a refugee camp in Thailand his family moves to Arizona from where he comes to us now please welcome them both [Applause] Thank You Nancy and Shawn that was really lovely so firstly I'd like to thank l ron hubbard for the creation of this contest which fosters and creates a connection within this community that is truly special I would also like to thank the wonderful people that author services for executing l ron Hubbard's vision with such style my gratitude and appreciation for the following people cannot be overstated pinna tech for such a lovely illustration that perfectly captures my story in just a single image I don't know why I had to write it my parents Campbell and disappearance who came here to support me as well as my friends Lea and Daniel way Mel Kelsey Drake and Ahmad Sheikh all came here to support me I'm very grateful and also to all my friends watching at home who supported me through this journey of becoming a writer it's a journey that needs a lot of support it's not done alone and finally I'd like to thank dr. Nathan dodge the first teacher who ever took my ambition as seriously as I did and finally but last but not least all the judges and other contest winners who made this week unforgettable thank you so much you did more than I would ever imagine this contest could do for me so thank you [Applause] [Applause] first I want to thank Auto Services for putting on a great event and inviting us authors and illustrators to participate in an amazing unique experience this week it's been busy tiring amazing fun so many things combined in one I'd like to thank Larry Elmore for taking the time to talk to me at the smallest fantasy convention ever and just encouraging me and telling me to enter this contest I wouldn't have known about it without him my family for always giving me the space to do my art and pursue my passion my mentor Carrie Christensen he helped me so much with my art I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing that without him and also my fiancee Kira was here tonight she's been with me through the ups and downs and she's always supporting me in there when I need someone to have my back thank you [Applause] let me now introduce our guest speaker ruben padilla after years of teaching magic and enjoying a teaching career he co-founded a new academic program learning his magic that celebrates learning and engages students with powerful magic he's also an actor a playwright a writer and a professional magician as a member of the exclusive Academy of magical arts as well as the International Brotherhood of magicians while scientists make science fiction science fact magicians and dreamers such as ruben make fantasy real to tell his story of dreams magic and paying it forward please welcome mr. Ruben Padilla thank you good evening thank you for making me feel so welcome here tonight I'm happy to be here it's an absolute pleasure and tonight I would like to share with you some magic not in the form of tricks and illusions like the ones we've seen so expertly performed here tonight by our two guest magicians but rather magic with words and the illustrations that hopefully those words cause you to create in your own minds indeed the entire purpose of tonight is to celebrate in all its fantastical forms the creation of words and illustrations so what better way to deliver a keynote that addresses these artistic endeavors than with a story so while I know that our group of winners here before me and you and the audience are way above your childhood I'd like to tell you a story a story affirming the simple premise from l ron Hubbard that you can blow away any race anger hate discomfort or anything else with an aesthetic I will tell you that his name is Jacky Mendes but you won't find him under that name if you try to look he was a fourth grader just back from a two-week holiday break there's something special about fourth graders I actually prefer teaching fourth graders because when you're in the fourth grade you are still able to look silly you're not afraid to extend yourself to try new things it's second nature to you you enjoy it being silly or different or unique is fun and anything is possible in the fifth grade I noticed that kids start to lose that somewhere in that magical summer between fourth and fifth grade we become self-conscious we try to blend in we don't want to stand if we could we'd like to be invisible we dress in a way so as not to call too much attention to ourselves we thrust our hands inside our pockets shield our heads or the hoodie our voices get softer and we become less than what we could be what we should be at least on the outside on the inside I like to think that that spark of imagination and yearning for self-expression and fun is still there so the program that I created with my partner Tonio Melendez called learning is magic thrived on intercepting children between fourth and fifth grade and encouraging them validating them to fully be themselves with gusto and passion before the holiday break Jacky Mendez was one of those kids but when he came back something had changed drastically he was quiet sullen withdrawn angry and I soon came to find out why over the Christmas break his older brother had been tragically killed it was his only sibling and somebody he desperately looked up to our project was to write a scene from your life your own experiences your own ideas and at the end of our residency we'd have a show in front of the entire school we'd have professional actors come in and act out those true life vignettes that the students so painstakingly recorded now there was certainly an opportunity here to transform an act of tragedy into a beautiful act of creation I asked Jackie if he wanted to consider writing a scene about his brother making it perfectly clear that of course he didn't have to and then he bitterly asked me the question why should I why indeed and luckily I had an answer for him I said because something magical happens to you when you write something down particularly an experience that is painful he looked at me wanting me to continue whatever experience you write down on that piece of paper become something that you own instead of it owning you it's yours and yours alone and because you created it you can change it I can change it he asked absolutely you can do anything you want with it nobody has to even read it if you don't want them to you can rip it up and throw it away I can throw it away he asked absolutely writing gives you the power to do anything and he thought about it for a while and finally agreed to write about his brother but he didn't want to write about his death that was too painful understandably he instead chose to write the memory of the last time that he was with his brother as it happened they were in the front yard throwing a football back and forth no conflict no anger not even a goal or an obstacle just two brothers tossing a ball talking about video games it was simple it was honest it was beautiful can you see it on the day of the final performance in front of the school we brought in a professional actor to play Jackie's brother and Jackie was to play himself the auditorium was filled with students and faculty Jackie's family was there his scene was scheduled last because really how could you follow it and during the intermission before Jackie's scene backstage he broke down and began sobbing the other students surrounded him and embraced him in a group hug many of them crying as well he continued to cry and it was very clear that he couldn't go on and we weren't about to make him I later found out that this display of emotion was the first time that Jackie had been able to cry for his brother just before we went back on stage to announce this change in the program one of Jackie's classmates said I can play Jackie he had helped Jackie rehearse in the days leading up to the event and he knew the lines we asked Jackie if it was okay if somebody else played his part and he said yes so he went out into the audience and sat with his family and got to watch his words his memory his creation come to life on stage and for five glorious minutes his older brother was alive again and to me that's magic [Applause] and whatever irate replay this memory in my mind I don't just think about Jackie I think about some other kid sometimes it's a boy sometimes it's a girl the face changes but it's always a fellow student a child who is also sitting in the audience and they too have something to say and they don't even know how to begin but they want desperately to take that step along that magic path to share their voice to be heard and to gift us with their talent every single one of our honorees here this evening has in their own way walked a similar path they've taken something that was uniquely their own something that belonged to them perhaps it was something that to others seen things insignificant or lacking but they breathe life into that spark and they fanned the flames of creation and they nurtured that impulse and they used the tools of their craft and the lessons of their lives and the fever of their desire and the instincts of their vision and the necessity of their voice and ultimately they created something that will outlive us all what could be more magical than that [Applause] whether it's fact fiction science fantasy I dare say that any act of creation is the result of tossing a few footballs back and forth inside our minds and a lot of fumbles in our program learning is magic we teach students our acronym for magic because it belongs to anybody who wishes to create and share their artistry with others and serves at least for me as a kind of recipe for living truthfully and achieving success in all of our endeavors and certainly in our artistic expressions magic ma GIC make a plan act without fear grow as a person imagine without limits and commit to excellence that's the magic path and we are all magic thank you and good night [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] please welcome riders of the future judge Nina curriki Hoffman and illustrators of the future judge Bao Leakey Linda one of the great gifts I got from winning the contest was a strong external validation that I was doing good work that kept me going when successes didn't immediately follow that conviction from an outside source that I was on the right path one thing I love about the contest is it has international appeal writers and illustrators from all over the world can enter their work and since it is judged anonymously absolutely anyone from any ethnicity gender or faith can win the winners in this volume have proven their work alone to be the best of the year and as we know how difficult it is to break into these fields we are proud to give them to help them rise and shine a spotlight on them our next writer winner is Diana Hart from Kent Washington Diana's story is in our inner anthology is miss smoky about a scientist whose ability to shift into a bear offer some strange challenges the illustrator for Miss smokey is Anthony Moravian from New York Anthony was a finalist chosen to be included in last year's anthology he continues to prove improve his art and he won this year's competition in the first quarter please welcome them both [Applause] [Applause] good evening writers illustrators and creators of every kind I'll have a dream a vision you wish to show to the world but that vision can be very difficult to give to the world and for that I would like to thank ron hubbard author services and the judges for bringing a select few this evening but so many over the years and in the future to come bringing new visions and dreams to the world speaking of new visions and dreams i would love to thank anthony for his beautiful work illustrating miss smokey it is [Applause] he has done a fabulous job bringing life to words that I didn't think could be made so vibrance there's a beautiful future here and I look forward to seeing it I would also like to thank Eric Simonson and my husband Kevin for enduring all the not so pretty versions of my dreams I would like to thank dr. Larry Jones and the Wayfarer Wayfarer writing group for helping me improve my skill to the point that I can bring my dreams to the world most of all I would like to thank my mother dr. Tommy tri Cosco you were there what I learned to walk you taught me how to run now watch me for hello everyone hang good evening as well I'm honored to be here again I have to say I would like to start with a quick thanks I'd like to thank all their services for hosting such a fantastic event for illustrators and writers it's truly been a great opportunity I would also like to thank the writers again for writing such fantastic stories and definitely like to thank Diana as well for writing such an incredible story for me to illustrate and so I would like to also thank Larry you've been an inspiration for pretty much my entire life and you're definitely one of my main influences for doing fantasy art an oil painting as well so yeah thank you I would also like to thank the Lazarus and Eko for having hosting such an amazing seminar both times I've been here you guys have taught me so much and your critiques and all the business information you guys imparted it has just been fantastic I'm honored to have been in your workshops also I like to thank my brother Justin without him I wouldn't be into fantasy art an illustration period he introduced me to fantasy stories and gaming duck when I was a kid and it's since then it's pretty much captured all of my interest and yeah I would like to say thanks about that lastly I like to thank all of you for being here and supporting all of us artists and writers and enjoy the rest of your evening [Applause] please welcome writers of the future judge Larry Niven and illustrators of the future judge Lazarus journey [Applause] hello as north director and contest judge I'm happy to be a part of the opportunities that this competition offers mentoring the winners and sharing hard-won experience to help these artists get on a solid track of their careers I only wish this opportunity was around when I got started and with that I'd like to introduce our next wood writer winner Eenie ash broadsky is from Denver Colorado Inuyasha's the author of flee my pretty one which Publishers Weekly says paints a dark stark vision of resistance and transformation and quote the illustrator for flee my pretty one as Alana Fletcher Alana is attending Ferris State University for game design and digital animation in Grand Rapids Michigan please welcome them both okay thank you first of all to all my friends and loved ones who have had to deal with many absences of me from their lives due to the time then you did for the writing thank you especially so much to all my fellow winners here tonight you guys are what really made this week what it is you are the greatest gift of this and you're the inspiration in the partners in crime that are going to bring us all into the future thank you to all the judges and to author services all the wonderful people who work here for making this week what it is and making it possible thank you especially to Tim and Dave for being our guides through these week and having having the patience and wisdom to try to teach us and lastly I'd like to thank all my friends and the Northern Colorado Writers Workshop you made me drastically better with your help and I would not be here without you with extra thanks to the late ed Bryant both for founding the workshop and for teaching me how a truly gentle and gracious person lives thank you everybody [Applause] I wanted to say thank you also to author services for the wonderful opportunity it's been very uplifting to work with other artists and the speciality that I am in and see their great works start to grow around me especially in the workshops I'm thankful for to my friend back in Grand Rapids Michigan who suggested the contest to me as well as the support from my friends in my schooling as well and thanks again [Applause] [Applause] least welcome writers of the future judge Mike Resnick and Miss Jane petty John stop the crawl for just a minute why should Eric be the only one to ad-lib it's a given in this in every other field that when you've had a successful career you pay back but in this field it's almost impossible because the time you by the time you've been a remarkable success everybody who helped you is either rich or dead or both so you pay forward l ron Hubbard knew that and he paid forward with the writers and illustrators of the future contests and the many judges and work shoppers who run the hand work the contest do much the same thing and it's reached down into the actual field itself my own example is that I have been editing a science fiction magazine for the past six years I don't know who I buy from until after the contracts go out and I hear from them but it turns out that more than half the stories I've bought have been from writers of the future graduates [Applause] okay we can go back to the crawl I have been a full-time writer and editor for more than half a century and based on my experience more than half the good news story feature coming out of writers of the future and yes I'm backing it up with paychecks and again based on my experience while over half of the good new writers year in and year out come through writers of the future author Jani Bell won this competition with a story entitled the face in the box met melding life and electronics Jani is also a playwright from Seattle the illustrator for the face in the box is Bruce Bernie's II from Seattle Bruce is a world traveler an illustrator of brilliant landscapes both real or imagined please welcome them both [Applause] [Applause] when I was 17 I chose to pursue an education in writing and I was told that I would end up a single mom with two illegitimate children working at McDonald's never let anyone discourage you from your dreams [Applause] first off I'd like to thank my family my mom like to thanks my fiance Matt being so supportive with me I'd like to thank all my professors at the California Institute of California State summer school of the arts and my professors at Columbia College Chicago particularly Richard Shweta who helped me through every step of the story and introduced me to this contest and I would also like to thank my fellow winners for being so supportive of me even though I had a panic attack on the first day and the and my professors and judges as well and of course author services for being so kind to me and l ron Hubbard for creating this magnificent event an opportunity in the first place I'm so honored to be here thank you [Applause] [Applause] well I have many things to give today chiefly my friends family my mentors my fellow students along the way who've helped to let me build myself as an artist most importantly I want to thank my wife this is for you this is for our unborn child who's coming soon you've put up with many late nights where I'm working away at my computer and not coming to bed when I should lastly thank you to all of you for coming here and thanks to author services for this wonderful event that they provide for us thank you [Applause] [Applause] this past year we were a saddened to lose two legends from our writer judge panel so let's take a moment to remember and say farewell to Jody condo and Jerry Pournelle [Applause] they gave years they could nurse and we've days in two years with only kind stop they gave left they made freedom the key no Dawson Oh [Applause] love is weird here's my son he is writers for me like our world is free look is [Applause] [Applause] please welcome drivers at the future judge Brandon Sanderson and illustrators of the future judge Larry Elmore [Applause] when I was an aspiring author trying to break into the business I always wondered what it'd be like to stand up here on this stage I never managed to win the contest myself though I got an honorable mention one year I figured if I became a judge they'd have to let me up here and all seriousness I'm extremely proud to be part of the contest I still remember that letter I got the telling me though that I hadn't won my story had been good enough to get the attention of the judges it was a vital boost to my confidence during a time in my writing career where I was seriously doubting whether I was any good at this craft the opportunities that come that these kind contestants give to the people anywhere in the world are amazing I don't know any of the contestants names or where they're from when I judge this is a true competition based on the quality of the art alone that makes me proud to be part of all this our next rider winner is a me Henry Jillette amy is a graduate from Brigham Young University where I teach her contribution to our anthology is a story called all light and darkness wherein she tries to contribute a little light to a world that sometimes seems dark the illustrator of all light and darkness is Duncan Halleck Duncan comes to us from Brussels Belgium I think he's our first winner from there please welcome them both [Applause] [Applause] to set it down were you careful okay so this has been an incredible event all the way from arrival to this gala and one more day tomorrow and it has been a lifetime opportunity and experience thank you author services for your support encouragement and care Thank You authors who have offered your wisdom and friendship you are far more friendly than I ever imagined thank you to the critters org community for their constructive criticism and recommendations there is no way on light and darkness would have won without you thank you to my parents for sharing their love of words and reading and for setting examples of hard work and faith throughout my life because if there are two things that writing demands it's hard work and faith thank you to my husband for occurring to write again brainstorming new worlds with me an especially for caring for our three young children two of them babies while I'm here living this dream come true there are many others there are many others friends and families and even some complete strangers who I wouldn't be here without thank you [Applause] [Applause] first off I'd like to give a massive massive thank you to everybody at author services for the enormous amount of hard work they've put into making us feel warm and welcome here in LA so thank you to all of you [Applause] I told Johnny labaki the contest coordinator on the way over here I thought that getting 24 artists from the four corners of the globe together in one place for an entire week must be a bit like herding cats she has a tough job so I wanted to thank her personally for her good humor and warmth and especially for her patience and working to make this week a reality so thanks to her I feel incredibly honored to be standing here receiving this award but in truth for me the real honor is the ability to get up every day and continue to do what I love and I absolutely would not be able to do that were it not for the constant support of my wife she's not here tonight but even so I'd like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me and always encouraging me to be the best version of myself I really would not be standing here today were it not for her kindness and for her love [Applause] finally a big thank you to everybody here tonight for braving the LA traffic coming out and supporting us it really it means it means a lot so thank you [Applause] [Applause] please welcome riders of the future Judge Gregory Benford and Miss Leigh Purcell [Applause] if you hold the scroll to moment its it seems to be getting fashionable I'm the longest serving judge I was here from the beginning it's particularly gratifying to serve with judges whom I handed awards to back when I was young or pretending to be young and I read I think thousands of stories for this contest yet I can still walk and talk which shows it can be done so thank you all the thing that it astonishes me most about this whole long sequence of 34 years is that it keeps getting better and in part it is due to you who turn out for this event every year and gives them all so much support these fantastic people who put the entire thing together and always make it work despite it well it's worse than herding cats let's put it that way our next winner is Jeremy to grow tonight from Eastern Washington his entry in our anthology is the minarets of UNH's Abacha arabic a story of magic discovery love and betrayal the illustrator for the minarets up on Shabbat is Brenda Rodriguez Brenda is newly graduated from Indiana University at Indianapolis please welcome them both [Applause] [Applause] you can't tell because the people they get to do our makeup are so good at it but I actually have a head injury on Thursday I was walking to the library as part of our 24 hour story contest and I was talking to Vida and I was so engrossed in our conversation that a lamppost was able to sneak up on me so I'm still not entirely sure that I didn't sort of collapse and now I'm just lying on the ground in the middle of the street in LA and this is all just a very pleasant hallucination first of all I'd like to thank the other winners I couldn't possibly have imagined a finer group of people to share this week with I'd like to thank the community that surrounds this contest I've sort of first got very involved with it through the writers of the future forums and let me tell you if you want to enter this contest and win it the smartest thing you can do is get on those forums and talk to those people they're super nice incredibly supportive and they know how it works and they can help you so definitely do that I also want to thank everyone who paid it forward to make this possible I want to thank our judges especially Dave and Tim who shepherded 12 squirrely young writers through a very intense few days of workshop I want to thank mr. Hubbard for having the foresight to endow this contest and sort of crew put pay it forward to such an extent that we are still doing this 34 years later which is kind of incredible [Applause] I also want to thank Joni labaki and everybody at ASI for making this possible they have a very hard job and they make it work and none of us would be here without them I want to thank my Brenda for her amazing illustration I told her immediately after I saw it that this is not how I imagined the scarves in the story looking this is about a thousand times cooler than I imagined them looking so I this is what they look like now I don't care I want to thank everybody who encouraged me along the way to keep doing this I want to thank the members of the taipei writers group my writing group in Spokane I want to thank the members of the despot fantastica book club in Spokane which there's some of the most supportive people I've ever met I want to thank the staff at auntie's bookstore great people you all should go buy books from them if you can and I want to thank my best friend Tom who knew that I was a writer well before I was willing to admit it to myself I want to thank a stranger who walked up to me after my first ever reading when I was 14 years old when I had won a local writing contest and who told me you have a talent never stop writing [Applause] I want to thank my mom and dad who are here tonight my mom for sort of raising me with a love of books and for being willing to read everything I've written since I can remember I want to thank my dad for introducing me to science fiction and letting me raid his office library for Heinlein and Tolkien and all those good good old dudes and I want to thank my wife Hannah who's also here tonight who is incredibly patient with me when I'm pacing around the house complaining about a story that doesn't work and how to trying to figure out how to fix it and who does the cutest little doodles and illustrations of my stories when I'm stuck working on them and I want to give up and she helps me keep going thank you all I wouldn't be here [Applause] I'd like to thank my family first and foremost my friends everyone who supported me throughout my life and told me to keep going and still supports me to this day anytime I want to quit they keep me going and I really appreciate that I'd like to thank everyone who made this event possible the judges their insight has been very helpful very insightful and I will value that for the rest of my life and thank you all for showing up to this awesome event [Applause] please welcome riders of the future Judge Robert J Sawyer and illustrators of the future judge a co-chair named [Applause] as Mike Resnick observed there is this tradition of paying it forward in our industry and Robert a Heinlein was the guy who articulated it very directly he said to young writers who he was helping who had asked him how can I pay you back well he said you can't there's not a single thing you can do for me but when the next guy comes up behind you you can give him or her a hand and that's the ethos that has permeated the science fiction and fantasy community for decades including of course through these contests I certainly benefited from it back when I was starting out there were writers in Toronto who bent over backwards to read my manuscripts to give me encouraging words who were already further along that I was and without their mentorship without their helping hands I wouldn't be here today and again it's just that Heinlein Ian notion that the only way I can settle the karmic balance is by paying it forward and it is a part it is by being a part of l ron hubbard's writers of the future contest as a judge and doing mentoring here which makes me feel that the balance sheet gets evened out a little bit more each time I come here our next winner is from my hometown of Ottawa Canada yay NRM Rocha is the author of a bitter thing which takes its title from Shakespeare oh how bitter a thing it is to look into happiness through another man's eyes and in this story the man is an alien the illustrator of a bitter thing is Jasmine Richardson Jasmine attends the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida please welcome them both thank you I grew up in a home filled with two things love and books so many books and magazines so thank you to my parents not only for their love and support but also for nurturing my life long love of reading writing and specular fiction my parents also nurtured my second love science and supported my third love philosophy I've long viewed science fiction as a kind of cousin of philosophy both ask questions about why we are the way we are in what if we weren't so thank you – speculative fiction the whole field everyone for making a home for three of my favorite things in the world science and philosophy and stories and thank you writers and illustrators of the future for showing me that I too can have a place in this field as a creator nothing could have meant more to me thank you to the judges for their time and their wisdom thank you to author services for their astounding support and thank you of course to l ron Hubbard for creating and endowing this award thank you also to my husband Eli for his unflagging support and encouragement thank you sincerely to the many editors who's thoughtful rejections made my stories so much better and last but not least thank you to my son for teaching me to seize the moment to write and for taking the naps that made writing this story possible um hi thank you I want to say thank you to everyone but specifically I want to thank Ringling College all my professors and my co-workers who made it possible for me to be here I also want to thank my mom of course and my four younger siblings who have been pushing me as much as I've been pushing them to succeed and I want to thank everyone here at author services for the workshop that's been going on because I've been learning a lot and there's nothing more important than learning as much as you can and to take all the opportunities that are possible to you and that's my big advice to all that are interested in this contest keep going thank you [Applause] please welcome back Joel Meyers and Spidey good evening ladies and gentlemen my name is Joel Meyers this is Spidey we are very excited to be here tonight in fact we were so inspired by the magic of the evening that we decided that we wanted to write a little story of our own the problem is we don't know anything about writing stories but luckily for us we're in a room full of the brightest writers of the future and we thought you guys could help us with a couple of elements of our little flash story spoiler alert we already predicted how we think that this is gonna go and I know that that sounds weird but the truth is even though you guys are about to help us randomly piece together this story we think that we already know what that story is now we don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves we're gonna pick a few of you randomly to help us out with the silly experiment got a little ball over here we're gonna throw this into the audience whoever catches it is gonna be asked to stand up but stay where you are you don't have to come onstage now little known fact about flying objects don't know if you guys know this but if something's flying towards your head and you avert eye contact they're still gonna smack you in the head so you're gonna want to catch that okay all right I take them all I'm gonna throw it out among you guys becomes close to you catch it it becomes next you just pick it up stand up right where you're at I'm gonna turn around we're both gonna turn around so even we can't see where this thing is going don't everybody leave there we go yesBut comes close to you catch it stand up right where you're at oh that was very close you look good while you were reaching good yes stand up right where you're at my friend now your perfect man stand right up if you don't mind Justin you don't have to come up Justin what is your name Christopher Christopher perfect Christopher here's the deal like any good story we need a location for our story okay we think it would be cool if that location was like a distant planet we want you to come up with a name for that planet okay be any name in the whole world it could be somebody that you're close to the name is something close to like the most clever name that pops into your head Christopher what is the name of our planet ciao ciao like CH o w sh o w it's its c8 its CH a you okay not this one earlier CH yes so so our location tonight Christopher is planet shower all right Joe Christopher and once you take that ball toss it to somebody else and next to you wherever you want you can maybe toss a little bit further towards the back something like that yeah whoever whoever catches it will use them next go ahead and toss it somebody else what I see done look at you regarded stand up thank you so much good for stand up stand up if you caught it yeah yeah pick it up pick it up yeah wonderful what is yeah what is your name max max you are going to pick the villain in this story now you can inspire yourself from ancient mythology folktale fairy tale or you can make something up to be something like a vampire or something crazy like an army of garden gnomes totally up to you who's the villain Voldermort Voldemort he-who-must-not-be-named dangerous fella Bolger Morris that is feel I like his style who he shall not be named vol de are mor T Lord Voldemort there's no or after the ears no harder to eat nerd alert yeah hee-hee-hoo shall not be spelled vol de mor T thank you you can go ahead and throw the ball anywhere else left right oh wow that's it she didn't know was coming she was like what was it okay miss could you stand up you don't need to come up what is your name I'm gonna come down really close so I can see you what is your name oh no you're good oh you caught what's your name what is it not a suitable you're like a celebrity waiting to happen that is not I love it Maurice Maurice we're gonna try something a bit different this time I want you to imagine that you're standing in a kitchen you look down at the kitchen counter you see an object there's an object sitting on that kitchen counter that's not an object that necessarily only belongs in the kitchen but it is an object that fits in your hand somewhere you for the first time what is the object that you see on the kitchen counter what is the object a crystal ball crystal balls the balls to sell that one crystal ball yay wonderful no crystal ball that's weapon you take Joe hold onto that please mady's we're gonna do this one last time but we're gonna add another layer of deception I want you to throw that forward I want you to throw that forward methi's until it's coming until it reaches somebody in the front road just pass it forward left right whatever go ahead or you could just chuck it yeah whatever yeah yeah do it yes throw away the farm – she's ready hot potato I thought it's a crystal ball guy back to Christopher we're just playing Christopher Christopher keep moving in forward left right whatever keep moving forward oh look at that oh that's good yeah a little sideways sir stand up for me what is your name John thank you for being here John John you're gonna pick the most important element of our little flash store you're gonna pick the name of the hero but we're gonna add a layer of impossibility to this but instead of making it up you're going to make a choice I've got a little notebook and on this notebook we're gonna cringe with me yeah thanks in this notebook I've written down very common first names things like Matthew and Daniel I think there's a Matthew in the room Anthony Nicholas as you could see there Ryan John there are 30 to 40 different first names here I'm gonna come over to you and with one thumb oh you two open this up wherever you like randomness will dictate the name of our hero go just bring one thumb over and open it up wherever you like and the name you've opened up at is James now that's a choice you can even make it was completely random the name of our hero will be James all right so we've got our story here so here's what we got let's see what we got here we have our story taking place on planet Chou Christopher we have our villain he-who-must-not-be-named I'm not gonna say it our weapon is a crystal ball and James is our hero that's what we've got Spidey I think it's time that we tell everybody about the box mm-hmm I don't know if you guys have noticed this but throughout the whole show there's been a box sitting here on the stairs right here it's been there since the very beginning of the show for those you who did notice you're probably wondering what's inside we're about to tell you exactly what is inside the box but before we do I want to point out that there's a few other people in this room who know exactly what is inside the box besides just Spidey and I in fact if you are one of those people could you stand up right now wherever the people are who also know yeah we got we've got Nancy here we've got Katherine and the words Larry Larry hi Larry okay so uh so you guys were with us during the preparation of the Box you saw exactly what happened we're about to tell everybody wet what happened let's lump everyone but before we do we need you to confirm that everything that we're about to say is true and nothing we're about to say is a lie okay so listen up everyone Nancy Katherine Larry with us backstage I showed you an envelope and in that envelope was a piece of paper you saw that correct all three of you signed the envelope in a very unique way so that we can never duplicate it and we can never have an envelope like that one you saw me seal the envelope and you verified very close Katherine in your hands that there's no other way to access that envelope no cuts windows tears nothing it was sealed inside with your signatures on it then we took the envelope and what do we do we put it in the box right in front of you you saw it go in the box we didn't put it next to the box behind the box on top it we put it inside you saw it go in there once we place inside there we close the lid we all walk together and set that box down there then Nancy you and Katherine specifically check the sides at the bottom the top you made sure there were no trapdoors no sneaky way of getting anything in and out of that box right perfect finally we asked you to keep your eyes on that box from that moment until this moment right now to make sure that nobody touches it nobody goes near it nobody alters the content of that box has anyone gone near the box Katherine no one has so it's been sitting there the entire time and the envelope that you signed has been in front of this audience since the beginning of the show I think Nancy would you mind joining us on stage Katherine Larry you can have a seat I want to give them a big hand let me get a mic all right we got a mic over here that's for you Nancy Nancy that is for you I'm gonna grab that envelope that's been sitting inside here the entire time Nancy I want you to verify that your signatures are all there they're all there see that Kathleen just seeing that you're there Larry is your signature there Nancy don't you remember that envelope is still 100% sealed 100% let's see yes no cuts no windows are slit no I'm going to tear that open up my fingertips and I want you to see that inside there is that very same piece of paper that was there in the beginning that's a I want you to take that out for the first time so Nancy you're gonna unfold that I want you to read exactly as that's what that says exactly as it's written and remember this has been sitting here in front of you since the beginning since we showed it to you go ahead and read it right now Nancy forth our story takes place on planet child seriously we're a mighty hero defeats of Voldemort there's no art in that one either oh and the hero's name is everybody give Nancy a big [Applause] keep it going for Nancy about the MasterCard everybody off it guys thank you so much that's why he deserves thank you so much I'm Joel Myers this is Spidey you guys are awesome good night [Applause] now that was amazing tonight's event is all about magic and making your dreams come true so now for the moment we've all been waiting for who is going to win this contest exists to help create confusion among writers and build momentum for their careers the Golden Pen award will help catapult one of these amazing writers into a professional career the golden brush award was created to honor one winner from this amazing group of artists so I wish you all the luck and I'll be waiting and watching providers of the future winner of the Golden Pen award and grand prize check for $5,000 our winner this year I am delighted to say as Yannick Emmerich from check out survived this check William Jay pops Erik elbows Alanis I've never passed out but there is a first time for everything I have been liking those sitting hanging all nights waiting to hear about this I want to thank the l ron hubbard riders of the future contest round up the bottom of my heart thank you thank you everyone Wow I am happy this is the best day of my life you know I would certainly like to thank the ron Hubbard for starting the whole shebang off there's no contest like this is well I wouldn't have answered if it wasn't for the fact that the competitions free open to anyone anywhere in the world and also wish to thank especially l ron hubbard for the love that he has for the arts I hope to be giving back the way that the judges have taught us the way that l ron hubbard set up this contest originally you have to find that inner fire and that's what this contest is helped me find and i think that that's the most important thing that no matter how many times you get rejected that you keep coming back it's just the beginning this contest is like culminated that in two a pinnacle of Awesome here's to the future [Applause] to present the illustrators of the future golden brush Award please welcome illustrators of the future judge echogenic and Marisol Nichols [Applause] this is exciting as the coordinating judge is my privilege to view all of the entries as they come in the entries are completely anonymous I work hard to judge based on execution and visual communication skills and to consider all styles and media equally since this is a science fiction and fantasy competition I looked for illustrations that demonstrate dynamic and engaging storytelling the entire past week was dedicated to the winners they learned from the judges and the words of l ron hubbard on art it takes an average of 10 years to become an established working illustrator hopefully with the mentoring promotion and networking that is being provided here these fine winners will get up and running and achieve success more quickly the grand prize is judged based on the art commissioned by the winners for the writers of the future anthology and the illustrators of the future golden brush Award with its beautiful trophy and the grand prize cheque of $5,000 goes to the illustrator of Keane an attack for a smokeless and scorching fire I'm in shock right now okay thank you again for all the services and this week has been more than I ever thought it would be like I said before when I talked to Larry I never imagined I would get in like I would be accepted on one of the two the quarterly prizes and there's no way I imagined that I would be standing here with this when I saw everybody else's illustrations in the room for the first time my heart sank because because I felt like oh my I'm not I'm not with these people these people are amazing and that's the thing about being an artist is uh I don't think you're ever gonna feel like you're good you're you're gonna always you're always gonna see other people that you wanna who has levels that you want to reach in there's been times I wanted to give up and my fiancee tears talked me off the ledge she's been amazing and I want to thank Aaron for writing an amazing story it truly inspired me the illustration came easy because the words were perfect yeah thank you for the artist the other artist every year I'm getting to know you and share this time this experience um I'm never gonna forget it and I'm gonna cherish it forever thank you everyone [Applause] you present the writers of the future Golden Pen award please welcome writers of the future Coordinating Judge David Farland and Brandon Sanderson [Applause] it now comes the culmination of our event tonight our first-place winners have come a long way beating thousands of writers to take top places in the contest as a judge is often difficult to choose just who will win we look at such things as the stories form its originality and the maturity of the author when comparing top stories it is like comparing apples to kumquats where the finest stories sometimes seem more different from each other than better than each other so the judges are tasked with hard decisions the fact that so many of our writers go on to enviable careers bears witness of these people that these people are all authors of great talent these writers that we've seen here tonight all have the ability the promise of becoming great storytellers and so I'd like to challenge those who don't win the gold award to redouble your efforts to raise your own monuments above the literary landscape and now for the grand prize they gave me this to me before the contest started it's been sitting in my pocket burning a hole in there and the winner is Darci stone for Mara shadow [Applause] [Applause] I just want to start by saying that my husband has won a Nebula Award and I am fairly confident that this is much bigger trophy [Applause] you know when I first arrived in LA at the beginning of this week I really hoped that I might get this award and then I made a mistake I got to know my competition and and the realization that only one of us gets to actually take this home in our suitcase was kind of bittersweet because all of our stories were so beautiful in their own ways and so different and so I really do want to take a moment to sincerely thank all of the other writers and illustrators for putting a piece of yourself into this anthology I think that we have produced something beautiful and I really think and I hope that all of us will one day see our names or our art on the cover of a best-selling novel I do want to thank my husband for badgering me repeatedly to submit my story if I remember correctly he was the one that actually uploaded the file and hit Send on the last day of the quarter and if not for that I think I would be working on it another rewrite of it because I would have never thought it was quite ready obviously I want to thank all the judges for liking my story as much as I did and I want to thank you just for all of the time that you put in to helping your future competition catch up with you and then finally I do want to say when I was in high school I got a scholarship to study overseas and attend something called the United World College of Southeast Asia and for me it was a life-changing opportunity and I think it has enriched not just my life but I hope that it will enrich what I write and so I do want to thank that organization for that wonderful opportunity they gave me and thank you all and yeah I don't know what else to say [Applause] [Applause] this concludes the 2018 l ron Hubbard Achievement Awards and another year of discovering exceptional new talent as for a final word to creative minds everywhere remember that there is an artist in every one of us and the playing field is wide open for anybody to have success as the founder of the contest said one's ability to imagine is directly proportional to one's ability to be successful please join us now in the Grand Ballroom for a reception and desserts to honor tonight's winners and our venerable judges most importantly do not miss out on your chance to ask our winners for their very first autographs as published professionals at arthur services and galaxy press congratulations to all the winners and thank you all for being with us tonight enjoy the rest of the evening [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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