2019 Developing Mangos- Star Performers!

2019 Developing Mangos- Star Performers!

a lot of people seem to be very curious about mango season 2019 we've had a lot of questions about when we will have mangos and what varieties we'll have and of course how many mangos we will have those are questions we can't answer exactly but we can show you some interesting trees around the grove that hopefully will give you some indication of what mango season 2019 will be here are our two dwarf Hawaiian trees here and right behind it it looks like a great year we've got fruit developing and flowers so we should have at least two crops from these trees possibly three [Applause] but it's very upright tall part of the tree is sweet tart and it has a lot of fruit developing and some flowers up on top hopefully it'll be a good season sweet tart is known for its productivity so it looks like it'll be good this year so this is one of our lemon meringue trees this one has a lot of fruit but not all of them do it's a very popular variety here this is our Juliet tree this is the most fruit by far that I've ever seen on this tree this is Rosa it's always our first variety of the year it's from Brazil the fruit is just beautiful very strong blush a nice rich flavor but very firm and very productive not only do we get this first crop but it also is flowering again here's a little flower close by so we get like two or three crops from this tree so there are a few larger fruit in this crop and those fruit will probably be ready in a few weeks this is pineapple pleasure it blooms like crazy a while ago and we didn't spray the bloom powdery mildew hit and even with the powdery mildew we have a couple of surviving fruit but fortunately it's flowering again and the weather seems much better for no powdery mildew for this bloom this is Zil mango it's a small but very tasty mango very popular we have a lot of fruit this year last year we just had a few fruit this year it is going crazy of course one panicle can not support all of this fruit right here there's there's nine fruit on this one section it's not gonna all stay but the strongest ones should survive this is Rosie gold we have a lot of fruit sometimes Rosie gold has fruit that it's ready and March this is not one of those times this is going to probably be June fruit for us this is seacrest it's one of my first top work projects a couple years ago it originally was a test Pollock tree and I put like 70 or 80 grafts on this particular tree last year we got a Sperry small amount of bloom but no fruit this year has looked a really good high we've got fruit all over the place just tons of it and occasionally some flowers that looks like it's healthy bloom so we might get a second crop this is all cluster of flowers and this looks like it might have had a touch of powdery mildew so I love to check back on that one there's some more flowers those look healthy more flowers here in here oh and here two beautiful this is fruit punch it used to be flora GaN by cut worked at the fruit punch last year we didn't get any flowers or fruit this year we actually have two crops that are showing right now the bigger ones and the smaller ones so very excited for fruit punch this is one of our Glen trees we actually have eight Glen trees on the property and for some reason this particular tree flowered a couple weeks before any of the other trees flowered no surprise the fruit on this particular tree are bigger than the fruit on all the other trees it looks like it's going to be a great year for Glen this is Gary and we have a lot of fruit on top and a lot of bloom down here right next door it is down duck my this particular branch flowered very early and it is just covered with small fruit of course a lot of this fruit will drop but still we will be left with a lot of fruit on this branch this is a lower branch to a very old Haden tree i grafted julie onto it just a little bit more than two years ago and it's fruiting like crazy I've got lots of fruit of course Julie always flowers really well but it's really nice to see all this fruit looks like we're gonna have a lot of happy Julie customers this year this is our main ice cream mango tree it flowers powdery mildew in it even so we have quite a bit of fruit and even better it flowered again so hopefully we'll have two crops on this tree here's our little Venus tree last year I think we had four fruit from this tree this year really nice fruit set so we're looking forward to more fruit [Applause] Beverly last year we actually had two crops from this particular Beverly tree this year two crops again is what it's looking like we have flowers and young fruit so that's a quick look at some of our start performing mango trees those mango trees that we highlighted in this video have impressive fruit set and the fruit is well on its way to becoming tasty and delicious of course we have like 250 other trees and they're doing flying too it's just that the fruit were not quite as big on those trees so anyway well hopefully have a lot of nice fruit in 2019


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  • Osvaldo Garza says:

    Do you sell/ship seeds? Location South Texas ??

  • Collin m says:

    Do y’all sell your mangoes online?? I’d like to buy some of your varieties…

  • James Landrum says:

    Hi Chris thank you for all that you've shared its been really helpful. I am located in Texas and are growing my mangos in containers. I have a mango that is in a 30 gal container and has a bunch of small mangos and a few flowers. I also have the root of the tree coming out of the drain holes. I feel i need to up pot but was wondering when would be a good time to do this! Should do this right away or wait until after the fruit is picked?

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  • Bruno E. Santos says:

    Why do you allow some of your mango trees grow passed 7-9 ft. height?

  • Jeff says:

    Great stuff, Chris…and an early start on 2019 ! 🙂 Still lovin' your video's across the country in the low central desert here in AZ !


  • ZenGrow says:

    5:08 oh that fruit punch… gasp, sigh. Mine has a ways to go.

  • Zennofobic says:

    Hi Chris, what do you think of Ataulfo or champagne mangos? They sell them in the local mexican markets here. I actually like them more than the Kents we have to buy in the store :*( and I like their size too and the skin is pretty soft, almost edible. I've also been trying to succesfully germinate one for the past year, I'd guess maybe 15 seeds worth. The longest I got one to stay alive was a few weeks after it unfolded it's first tiny curly leaves. Got 2 in that state now, another 2 growing directly from seed in containers and when it gets warmer I'm going try putting seeds directly in ground. Got 6 others incubating now in plastic bottles. Good thing they are polyembroynic, bad thing is it don't matter if they all die. Gonna grow one from seed darnit!!

  • Ya Bratcher says:

    Hi, I know you have red sugar apples. Do you have any seeds that I can buy? I bought some from Thailand but it’s not made it way here in over a month. Thank you

  • Michael Nguyen says:

    when you say powdery mildew what does that mean love your videos thx

  • Anooblikeguy Lol says:

    I have yougart tart Turing vareity😎

  • John Brosseau says:

    Wow, you are way ahead of us on Pine Island. Nice varieties. We got hit with some powdery mildew too. Do you spray or just watch for potential problems?

  • John Rosado says:

    I 💘 your acres and acres of mango trees!! Where exactly are you located in Florida?

  • FortMyers FruitForest says:

    Mango Season 2019 looking Sweet

  • m g says:

    Hello there….I want to buy a Rosa Mango tree in the Ft Myers Naples area, can you suggest where I can buy one? Thanks.

  • UNconventional Me says:

    Your vids always brighten my day! But this one makes me down right EXCITED! So happy for you guys and all the fruits from your labors!
    Can’t wait for a road trip (or 3) this season! ☺️☺️☺️

  • Josephine Le says:

    Please help. What do you spray on the flowers for powdery mildew?

  • walid khan says:

    I love your videos. But I would suggest you to invest in a better video/audio equipments. My right ear feels lonely.

  • al HASIB says:

    mam, where are u from? Any varieties have for December or January?

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