(209) Gadget pour! Soho Urban Artist Acrylics using a candy funnel

(209) Gadget pour! Soho Urban Artist Acrylics using a candy funnel

hey everybody today I'm working on a 12 by 16 canvas and I have a it's called the candy funnel here's what it looks like it's just a funnel but it has this thing in the middle or you can start the flow of well in that case it says it's shows chocolate but in my case it's gonna be paint so I found it in my goals it was on clearance for like 3 bucks so I thought what the heck and I'm gonna use that today so also I have some new colors and a new brand of paint that I'm trying it's a Soho urban artist and this color that I have is manganese blue this next one is such a pretty red and it is el Zarin crimson and then I've got this awesome blue it's almost like a bluish purple it is Prussian blue and my last one is Payne's grey actually not the last one I'm going to be using bear satin enamel and that has flow trial only the other colors have liquid exporting medium so trial in water and I'm going to get my gloves on and we will get started ok guys so here we go I'm gonna have to hold this hold this down there pretty good so the paint doesn't come out the bottom so I'm just gonna start actually with just a little bit of white in there alright cool it holds and then I'm going to put some Payne's grey next I've never used Payne's gray I've actually I've never used any of these colors obviously because I said I hadn't used Soho before but other brands gonna have a paints gray I just haven't used it yet all right and there's the manganese that's really pretty too and I love this Prussian blue it's so pretty it has like a purple purple to it it's kind of cool all right we'll do some more of this crimson a little bit more Payne's gray I don't even really know how much I'm gonna need cuz I'm really not trying to cover the whole canvas so alright a little bit more of this okay now I'm gonna try to move these colour cups out of the way real quick alright and now I'm just going to go to the corner yeah slowly lift it there's the white coming out the weights all covering it you can I'm gonna go back through here a little bit see how that goes let that drip for a minute alright ok so now I'm going to take the white it looks like the color is kind of underneath there but I'm gonna just take my white and go around it you all right so now I'm just gonna start moving it around a bit you okay guys so it's been about 20 minutes or so I got these cool cells coming up there and I do have some really fine I don't know if you can really go and see it like cracking these fine little lines I've got that once before using this house paint and I've used it a bunch of times and now I had it happen so I'm not really sure what's going on but I kind of like it it's just like fine little cracks all the way through there all right so I'm going to let this dry and I will be back alright stay tuned okay guys so here's the painting I'll dry take you in for a close-up and you can see that I still have all the little cracks but I think I figured out what's causing that and I think it's just the house paint and the float all by itself when I mix the bear house paint with artists lava flow acrylic and my normal pouring medium which is liquitex flow tall and water I have never had cracks so that's that's that I think you can also use golden GAC 800 that will help with the cracking too but I do still like it cracks you know cracks and all I love these natural cells and this soho paints are really really pretty lots of pigment and they're very smooth they were easy to mix up and i like them a lot so i will definitely be using them again in the future alright so thank you guys for watching don't forget to like this video subscribe to my channel check out my links in description and have a great day


  • Karen S says:

    Hi really cool! Reminds me of a sting ray under the ocean with bubbles. Those colors are awesome!! Great art tracie!! Thanku again for sharing…Where did u get them? If you dont mind me asking?

  • Kathryn Peregoy says:

    Beautiful! Love it!!!

  • Blue Moonie says:

    πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ on the candy funnel ~ haven't seen one of those before…beats the stuffing outta trying to keep a πŸ‘† or piece of tape over the hole! Thank you for sharing, lots of possibilities here, I'm thinking πŸ˜‰ !

  • Megan Harper says:

    Payne’s gray is one of my favorites! I have a bunch of soho paints in my cart… time to purchase!

  • Pour Me Another One Duggar Art says:

    Thanks for trying that Behr paint. I have some that I picked up before but it has been used on some baseboards now. House renovations are killing me. Mostly because I have no time to pour paint and I did not intend to use the house paint as it was made to be used. 🀣🀣🀣

  • Chandra Martin says:

    Beautiful, cracks and all!

  • Penny Loves Art says:

    This is really awesome! That is interesting fact about the house paint, I too use Behr with floetral, I will most certainly will pay attention and see if I have problems. Love the colors! Have a wonderful day! πŸŽ¨πŸ’πŸ₯°

  • Pamela Goodyear says:

    That is an awesome dragon.

  • Julie Rositer says:

    I LOVE that !!! What a cool little gadget !! I will have to zip to Michaels ( I go at least once a week for something) lol. Prussian blue is one of my faves already but those other colors you used look amazing. I'm definitely gonna have to check them out also, I know you said they are by Soho but did you buy them at a store or did you order them online from somewhere ?? I especially love that blue color it looks amazing next to the white. !! Thanks for sharing !!! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  • Raimunda Maria Ferreira says:


  • Christina Welch says:

    Those cells are phenominal! I always recommend Soho, it's the best for pouring!

  • w R53 says:


  • Carrie Easley says:

    I'm guessing you got the Soho from Jerry's. I love Jerry's. Beautiful colors. This is the second time I've seen house paint make those little cracks or crazing. I like them. This is a beautiful painting!

  • AnD Moore Art says:

    WOW! This looks so cool! I just picked up some funnels the other day and can't wait to see what we can do with them!

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