4 Artist 4 Background Exchange – Summer Season

4 Artist 4 Background Exchange - Summer Season

hello and welcome to my channel today I am doing a collaboration with three other artists and this happens to be a collage sheet that I'm creating so I'll let you enjoy this for a little bit and then I'll be right back so that was fun what we did was each of us created a background sheet and unfortunately I don't know what happened to the footage for that I've had some computer issues I've lost a lot of footage lately and this was done early on so I apologize for that but what I'm doing is tearing up those four different designs they're digital designs and so they're just printed out on regular paper and then I'm collaging and adding washi tape and other things to this and my intention for this is to cut it down into artists trading cards this month of June has been all about artists trading cards and so yes my summer trade of digital prints is also couldn't become artists trading cards imagine that so I hope you enjoy what I'm doing here this is nothing new you've seen me create these before I'll try to put some links into some of these videos that I have out here if you're new to my channel then you'll maybe want to check some of those out but artist trading cards two and a half by three and a half right and this sheet I think I got eight different backgrounds so I'm just going to decorate these up and create a mixture of artists trading cards so if you check out the description box below there will be links to the other participants in this particular collaboration and each one of us has taken this a different direction I hope you go and check what they are doing because this is a lot of fun just to see what people make out of someone else's art so yeah this is is no rocket science I'm just taking different things on my desk and decorating up these cards trying to figure out you know cuz they're small and sometimes it's kind of hard to place things on something that's that small and I try some stamping and some different things and I'll give you some final shots and that'll be about it so I hope you've been playing along all month we have been collecting all kinds of beautiful artwork on these small little pieces been a lot of participation from people making artists trading cards if you check out the hashtag ATC ad 2019 you'll be able to find more of the artists trading card work from other artists and yeah check out my other videos about artists trading cards because I have a few now because we've been doing this for a while and hopefully I'll get back to normal next month you know I've got computers running now and if things keep on working the way they're supposed to be working I'll be able to produce videos on a more regular basis for you it's been a tough month folks and I appreciate your patience with me and so you can see I'm just I'm continuing to cut pieces out layering things up if you have things in your stash you know just think about how they can be utilized to enhance something that you've got whether it be a journal page an artist trading card a canvas it all works so I'm chatting with my friends while I'm doing this and I'm just looking around and I find this clear plastic sheet I'm gonna staple that in place cut it down I kind of like the saying on here and then I cut a piece off the bottom of it then I'm gonna use on another card and yeah you just keep going so like I said before the description box is where you're gonna find more information I will probably try to put something in the I cards up above also for you and I will see you again soon so if you're not already subscribed please subscribe click the bell for notification so that you get notified whenever new video comes out and if you are going shopping based on anything that you see here please use my Amazon store link in the description box below it doesn't cost you anything and it does net a few cents for me so it's just kind of a way to help pay back for the things that I use to make these videos so these flowers these little paper flowers can you believe it these are all hand-done my friend vicki brown makes these and you might want to check out her Etsy store because she has some pretty cool stuff in her store and yeah there's a few of us that have Etsy stores I mean if you look at the video that's coming out to you from Gina Aaron's she has a lot of digital things in her Etsy store I know baya has things in her Etsy store also so anyway but I'll try to remember to put some links in if you're really interested in those types of things and ya don't have a whole lot else to say other than have a great day remember to be kind in love you guys bye for now


  • TinaLovesToCraft says:

    all the back around are lovely and you ATC OMG they are awesome you made them like a pro thanks for sharing.

  • Leslie's Creative Studio says:

    your backgrounds are awesome!! The ATCAD challenge has been huge in helping me to go through my stash, use what I have, and get rid of what I don't use!! Thanks for sharing your process!!

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