5 Paper SUMMER DIYs you MUST make – MORE Summer DIYs made from PAPER

5 Paper SUMMER DIYs you MUST make  – MORE Summer DIYs made from PAPER

Today it is all about the PINEAPPLE! This is smiggles inspired.. if you love smiggles you will love these pen pots! and they’re a great way to decorate or
tidy up your room for summer or any time of the year if you love pineapples and
melon. Today I’m going to show you how to make the Pineapple. I’ve had so many requests for some more
paper butterflies so here we have another paper origami butterfly. Take
your square sheet of origami paper doesn’t matter what size. This one is
15 by 15 centimeters. Begin your craft by making it into the basic shapes
of the cootie catcher so it bring the bottom line and line up with the top. Open up turn bring it up again if at any
time you need to pause this video for a step please do it really helps to pause
and do the steps at your own pace bring the corner in and repeat Flip it over bring this corner back into
the center so this is your basic cootie catcher folds that I think the majority
of you know how to make already. Make sure all your creases are nice and neat then you open it all up so you’ve got
that central line and here and here now you only take use this line here you
only fold over one quarter and you fold over one quarter and if you’ve got all
the lines in place already that should be quite easy now this is probably the
oh nice tricky bit and I know you can do this so you need to open this up you see
this line here so you push along this diagonal to fold it down and you repeat
on this side there’s a diagonal here you want this one pushing on it and you
bring the other this sheet of like there’s two triangles one triangle here
one triangle here and you want them to sit on top of each other so you’ve got
those all you have to do now is bring this and flap it down okay I’ll show you
again on the other side once you get the hang of it it’s quite easy so you’ve got
a triangle here a triangle here they need to sit on top of each other so I’m
going to take this line and I’m going to push the top triangle on to the bottom
one and I want to repeat the same on this side if your creases are neat it
should be quite easy so then just need some those creases and then you push
that down if you need to rewind the video and take a look at that step again
now you fold it that guess you take one flap and here’s
a straight line and you fold it down take the other flap down now you’re just
gonna shape the wings a little bit so I’m going to do that from the top corner
here to about down here flap this is just shaping the wing and leave
it if you want but it’s nicer from up here okay
now you bring it together almost done you’re going to create a little fold
from up here to about here I think this as strong as you can hold it open up and
there you have your very own what the fighters needing your creases that’s it
that is how quick and easy it is to do butterfly now remember if any of those
steps were to click just rewind pause the video and try again! It is time to make one of these super
cute fortune tellers or cootie catchers or Tata boxes depending on what you call
it. The idea is simple – you’d make them which is really easy and then you
play: you go give me a number one two three four. Then you pick another number
and then you can either keep going counting or you open up the number and
in this one I’ve written something already and you go here’s a challenge so
it really fun really easy really cute my kids adore the. We’re always making
plain ones but today we thought we’d make some of these fun printable ones. So come on then let’s get started Time for some Kawaii inspired strawberry corner bookmarks. Today we are making this super huge watermelon paper fan. It just takes some paper and lolly sticks… and obviously some tape and
look it folds up into this super cute pocket size isn’t that amazing?
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hopefully we’ll see you can sort it out again soon.Thank you so much for


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