• ivanella zuhdi says:

    Writing is hard … yes. It is. But …. i still believe on miracle.

  • Iris Lee says:

    I am currently writing a novel at the moment. After writing I understand this, my brain is literally jello. It is hard to find a balance of everything. And yes I want to be a professional. I have started some stuff. But never finished but you have to finish push through, you don’t realize how much stuff goes into all of it. Thanks Alexa, you have inspired me. I thought I didn’t have the write to write because I was young but you made me realize that I can do it. It will be hard but it is possible.

  • Nasran Salleh says:

    Do you wanna discourage writers?

    Good luck with that. However, that's gonna be a hard task, mind you. We writers are strong!!

  • Andrea Shore says:

    I've written chapter 1 a million times the struggle is real

  • No one Important says:

    Thankfully I’m quite fine with criticism
    If one person doesn’t like your book, cool, there are probably, hopefully, ten more who love your book…


  • BiondBoom says:

    Just got really into reading and writing and can honestly say that great channels like this one have provided me so much encouragement and guidance. Just wanted to say thank you!

  • Joe Moone says:

    Great video!

  • Penny Thompson says:

    Writing IS hard, which is why to really make it to published status takes a lot of commitment and desire to get to that point. I'm not looking to replace my income – I'm planning early retirement in two and a half years so I'm only looking to supplement my retirement income, which I think is probably more of a reasonable expectation. Trouble is, my current job leaves me so mentally drained at the end of the day, I can't seem to pull myself together enough to actually get the writing done each day. But I appreciate the confirmation, and maybe the reinforcement, that successful writing means treating it as a part-time job, at the very least. I just need to push through that end of the day mentally drained status and just…Get. It. Done.

  • Reevoo Zila says:

    I need a suggestion from you guys.

    Yesterday, I entered a writing contest, and after submission, I saw I had forgot to correct a thing. It was the following line : "That night, I dreamed of standing on the top of a golden pyramid-like design." By 'pyramid-like design', I clearly wanted to mean 'pyramid-like object'. Do you think it will be counted as a major mistake, and may increase the odds of disqualification? Is it accepted to use the word 'design' the way I did?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Katya says:

    Thank you so much Alexa! Every video of yours gives me so much motivation and excitement

  • baldbookgeek says:

    Yes to this so many things you hit the nail on the head

  • Lilitha11 says:

    I would say a huge chunk quit before even starting. Then after all the hard work you finish the first draft, and realize you only just started.

  • SmileyGamer13 says:

    To harp on the "ideas" section, ideas need so much expanding that you don't even think about if you don't outline. Like I just outlined for the first time and geez did not think I would have so many chapters blank. I thought the story would be long enough only to realize "oh I skipped over all the transitions and like actually building character". Of course now I kinda have a better idea of the outline and my characters (surprisingly a revelation came to me while watching videos about tropes and how to fix one of my tropes). But still wow, my mind was blown when I started to stretch out an idea to an outline and it just could not be stretched out in its' original form. (This was all prep for Camp Nano this July so woo! Used to think myself as a pantser, but after plotting, I think I really prefer plotting it all out lol)

  • werelemur1138 says:

    I've tried to give up writing a few times, but I can never manage to quit for very long.

  • RoseKindred says:

    A reason why to quit writing: Health. Not just speaking from experience about personal health but writing can take a toll on a person. Not only do you have to worry about your own health but you have to consider the health of your family. Mental, physical, and psychological health can take a toll when through ignoring the warning signs of failing health or even pushing and cramming to make deadlines when your body just cannot handle it.

  • Cup Cake Unleashed says:

    I pretty much write at a professional rate atm, though I'm really just a hobby writer. I do at least 1-2k words per day, have a set time and write every single day, whether I hate it or not.
    I'm hoping to get something good enough done this year, but who knows?

  • 9_Bucks says:

    Reddit is terrible, if you want to find the cool underground writing communities you gotta dig a little deeper. Go where the dogs go, under the house. Getcha hands dirty. You find some cool people.

  • Willie Harrison says:

    I have a writing app on my phone so I can write when I work, I just some times lose motivation to write. I start thinking who's really going to read this anyway. What can I do to not have those thoughts in my head?

  • Willie Harrison says:

    Have you ever thought about quitting? If you did what did you do to keep going? What motivated you to keep going?

  • Emilyn Wood says:

    Procrastination is a big reason many writers quit.
    Also, having a hard job that keeps them from being able to have the energy to write.

  • The Courtney Project says:

    Ahh, this so much. #3. Yup. 👏 Say it again for the people in the back! 👏

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