hey guys what's up it's Nate from the star dog in today's video I'm going to be showing you five todo artists you should definitely be following on Instagram this is actually something that I want to start doing on a regular basis I want to be sharing with you five Instagram feeds that really either motivate me inspire me or you know that I just love to look at so that could be from really any genre it could be from the fitness genre photography fashion or you know tattoo related so today I thought I would start off with five tattoo artists that you guys need to be following on Instagram and I thought because it's my first time doing it that I would have all Shane tattoo artists so just showcasing their work and yeah sharing with you their Instagram feeds and why I particularly like them okay so I guess the reason for these kind of videos that I want to start is so I can interact a little bit more with you guys I want to be able to share with you guys what what I like to look at on a daily basis what inspires me and what kind of things that I'm into you know as opposed to just you know watching me on these videos I want you guys like comment down below what I should be looking at so what inspires you I'd like to know as well and I think it's just a cool way of us sharing cool things look at so that's the whole purpose of these videos and I hope you guys enjoy it okay yeah so to kick things off I thought I would start off with my tattoo artist who's done like 90% of my work his name is Dan Carlyle I know so many of you guys asked whom who does most of my tattoos or my bigger pieces and yes so his name is Dan Carlo I'm gonna leave his name here as well as with all the artists I'm gonna leave their name and their links to the instagrams in the comment section below to explain a little bit about Dean Dean he's based in Sydney too he has his own tattoo shop cord or tattoo parlor I should say called Hibernian studios based in Surry Hills and his style like if you've seen my work it's kind of like modern Japanese but I do know that he's pretty versatile and got a lot of installs so he is going to be the first tattoo artist I'm shouting yeah you guys are definitely gonna follow okay so the second tattoo artist I'm going to tell you about is Kirk Jones again I've also been tattooed by this tattoo artist so Kirk Jones is just a tattoo I decide I randomly found on Instagram one day I was just scrolling through the feed one of his tattoos came up and looked into it and yet so it just so happens that he's based in Melbourne at Goodluck tattoo although he does travel a lot so I got tattooed by him when he was up in Sydney and he was doing a can guest boy so I was lucky enough to get tattooed by him there I do know that like he's a very busy person very popular and it is kind of hard to get a time with him but if you do like it's well worth it so like his tattoos they're just bright bold they're clean he also does a lot of traveling so if you're international and you're watching this I do know that he does travel a lot so definitely go follow him on Instagram because he posts like where he's going to be like I know he was in New York he does a lot of stuff in like I was lower or Norway or like in Europe he travels a lot so you guys may actually be able to get a tattoo from this guy so the third artist that I want to talk to you about is Perry Corbett Perry Corbett is based in Fremantle in Western Australia and his tattoos are mostly black work although every now and then he throws a little bit of color into his Instagram feed but yeah I guess if I was to say what he specializes in it would definitely be black work so he has a really unique style I love it like I know I'm covered in in color but I would really like to get a tattoo by this quiet so you definitely have to go checking me out so I've noticed he does like a lot of really cool stone and pieces on girls so if you're kind of into that definitely go check him out clean work just got this unique style I don't even know what you'd call it it was like a lot of very intricate detailed um tattoos and yeah I love them so definitely go check it out okay guys so the fourth tell you itís that I want to talk about is Stu Pakman tattoo uh Stu is based in Adelaide he works at a shop called House of daggers tattoo and again his work is very very unique and I know when I when I see one of these tattoos and my feet if I'm scrolling through I don't even have to look at who it is I simply know that it's his so what I really like about this tattoo artist is his choice of color the tone and tonality of his tattoos as well as his designs super-clean work he does a lot of like asian-inspired work I wouldn't say it's you know specifically Japanese or anything like that but he does do some really cool asian-inspired tattoos definitely another tattoo artist that I want to get tattooed by if I can ever make it over to Adelaide but I'll get there and hopefully I'd be tattooed by Stu one time amazing work that's so cool okay so the final tattoo artist I want to tell you about you citta do here in Australia and he now tattoos in England in Haverhill England at a tattoo parlor called legacy tattoo his name is Dan Malloy and he has some incredible works on his Instagram he's an incredible tattoo artist he was someone that I really wanted to get tattooed by and unfortunately now it may not happen because you know he's tattooing now in England but you guys should definitely check out his work now to describe it it's just very very clean work very clean line work I love how he puts together a tattoo it's it's it I was like its realism but then it kind of almost looks like a cartoon I can't really put my finger on what you would call it like it's not a neo-traditional or anything like that all I know is that it's incredible work and you guys should definitely go check him out because he definitely deserves the recognition okay guys so that is the video five tattoo artists they should definitely be fine on Instagram the Australian or Z edition I hope you guys enjoyed this video I you know I I kind of like I said in the beginning put it together so I could show you guys what kind of tattoo artist I'm into what inspires me what motivates me and basically what I you know like to look at on a day-to-day please comment down below tell you what is that I should definitely be following as well and I'll do so I'm going to thank you in advance thank you guys for watching don't forget to subscribe follow me on instagram at the star dog and I'll see you guys in the next video peace


  • Meli says:


  • GÖD ØF WÅR Gaming says:

    The eagle and snake looked sick. But there is some issues with it. The tounge is way too long. Snakes don't have full sets of teeth, the tail goes front thin to thick back to thin and at one spot you can see the under belly on both sides of the snake. I know it's not photo realism but like Nunez says either it's wacky through out or it looks like you made mistakes. Sorry but after you get a tattoo with similar mistakes from a well known artist and pay out a ton of money you look for these kind of errors

  • Himabindu K says:

    Thank you sooooooo much for info…. subscribed

  • little_monty says:

    nice picks.. I was following Kirk.. love his colours. I'd suggest lyaleicster .. Hannah flowers.. Khan & Jon FTW .. honourable mention.. Alvaro Flores

  • Emma Hodge says:

    Maid and magpie studio, Titan tattoos (Seb in particular), inkslave and Tahiti Felix master tattoos in Tas

  • Risharne Clark says:

    girls should check this chick out! she's moving internationally. https://www.instagram.com/makkalarosetattoos/

  • chino316 says:

    Hey man awesome tats and great vids but I think the Instagram link to Kirk jones tats is the wrong account cause I clicked the link for Kirk jones and got a teenagers account?

  • Marcus Holland says:

    You should check out Steve Butcher from New Zealand, his realism work is the best I've seen. Also, Chris Jones from Cardiff, he did my portrait of Eminem and is working on my leg sleeve. Very talented dudes!

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  • NB Animation says:

    Everyone should definitely check out Insta: @cashcotttattoo

  • Tim Starnes says:


  • Dylan Burg says:

    +TheStyleDogg I know this is an older vid but I was just going back through and watching some vids of yours since I'm a fairly new subscriber. Just wanted to say that you're the main reason I've started planning out what tattoos I want and I'm really excited and can't wait to get them in the future. Much love from the U.S. 🙂

  • Mista Malika says:

    You should check out Malika Rose! She's Australian and I definitely want to travel to get my thigh piece I've been creating done my her (we also have the same first name, so that's cool lol!) https://www.instagram.com/malikarose/

  • Enzo Lee says:

    Bruv, you should check out http://instagram.com/iamjulianoh

  • Xo ZEUS says:

    bennett_tattoo look him up bro 👌🏽

  • Mason Binns says:

    I'm really glad I found your channel bc I now have a better understanding of the style of tattoo I want

  • Alexander says:

    Awesome Video but not everybody lives in Australia :/

  • Sebastian Greiner says:

    @zoitattoo is a great one, it's a tattoo parlor in Sweden. The account shows off the worm the artists working there, so no specific style, but they do amazing tattoos
    also @markrubendall is one of my favorite artists. I know he's super famous, but maybe someone is new to the whole tattoo thing and sees this comment ^^

  • Milorad Mirkovic says:

    beck black hairrr

  • Tahli Brakenridge says:

    Followed all 5, always up for new artists!

  • Alexander Moy says:

    Hey man, check out


  • Sev3nBelow says:

    yo dude, been following your channel off and on thanks for sharing! Im actually hoping to get a sleeve done this year by your artist as his work is insane! love it! kaleidescope tattoo at bondi have a sweet insta as well as the artists linked.

  • UltraRare Custom says:

    if youre ever in Southern California (CA), in the US . @alexisvaatetart and @londonreese

  • Lucy Sevenoaks says:

    It's well worth going to Adelaide to get something done by Stu!

    Other Aussie tattoo artists you should check out:

  • Hunter Fazlollahi says:

    Nate! I recommend you check out Jonathan Penchoff, based out of Phx AZ

  • Navarat Techaratanaprasert says:

    great vid ! will keep up with these vids

  • Reyno Tapia says:

    Could you do a video on your current hair style? It's rad and I want to know how you did it.

  • igor rafael says:

    whats the size of your reamer bro?

  • Krisselus says:

    This is not tattoo related, but it inspires me to work harder for my dreams @menwithexplore
    Basically they upload pictures from around the world from places where you really think "wow I want this"

  • drop knuckle says:

    you should definitely check out http://instagram.com/todd_tattooer

  • Patrick Dominguez says:

    Romeo Lacoste

  • Mark Curtis says:

    Check out Matt lentz and Kyle woods. Both up in Seattle and amazing artists

  • katttarina says:

    Nice video

  • ronniiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    been tattooed by 3/5 of these people! Now I have another two people to add to my 'tattoo wishlist'.

  • aidan mcdonald says:

    Hey Nate! You should definitely check out http://instagram.com/will_xx

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