sound of the five like a DJ like five different noises to begin Sam number six this one's not on the drum kit is just off in the mouth listen thank you by the way long long long long so six different sounds to begin the show this is just the warmup I'm just showing you a few noises to begin on this invisible drum machine so that's just the warmup I'm gonna get to the serious stuff now so I've got this harmonica with me today so I'm gonna play this harmonica and the box both at the same time and if at any point why are you watching me you're thinking well this guy Tom he's pretty good you can follow in the footsteps of these two girls thank you so much I think I'm right in saying they don't even have a job so here we go with a bass drum with my invisible pong guys together everything I'm doing by the way is all from the mouth there's no special effects this microphone and speaker adjusted so I'm a bit louder that's all I could add the bass drum not only but not only one and only only and so on under Thomas in the top step adding this noise oh and you also get today something not it's not always beautiful all sort of places are with a drumbeat remix Michael Jackson's Billie Jean the bass line I'll show you my favorite drumbeat this one's by Snoop Dogg and for now it's called chop it like it so it's got three layers happening at once so the first layer the clicks main limits ooh Landon three so all at the same time to the fire to this thing over inside you're perfect right where you are everybody on this side you all take like two steps closer that'll be amazing this has a bit a smaller crowd and then I could go completely a coos take over the sound of the drill thank you okay so I'm gonna show you one more drum beat and then grand finale are you all still with me give me some energy give me a year ok need to be louder than that drill give me oh yeah so long way he takes like ten years of practicing in the shower just making crazy noises and my family down here maybe one isn't doing that sorry I'm gonna be BOTS as fast as I can go right now thank you the drumbeat goes like this I'll speed up this drumbeat at the same time as you get faster I'm gonna go round my invisible drum kit and add these noises at the harmonica much faster than Joe and bass until I'm completely out breath and slightly dizzy so I faster and faster and faster once I've done that like like I said I'll be out of breath so I'm gonna say one last quick thing before I do this so my name is Tom but if you want to find me online you have to type them intensity singing about what you said yeah so this is the finale you hopefully enjoy it wasn't finished I'll stand up in the middle on Holmes at the bucket absolutely everything's appreciated because no one actually pays me to be here so if you appreciate what I do let me know thank you so much the harmonica had to finish if I get notes exactly amigo I'm gonna throw out over there like a frisbee thank you very much thank you thank you so much

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