yep am i doing this video blog style because it's sort of appropriate given context of traveling and also your girl is just too damn lazy to go and get ready after a long day of work so I thought today we would talk about some traveling tips for writers because I've been all over the place and going all over the place I usually don't leave my house which is why I do YouTube but now that I am leaving the place I've been a hot mess mercury written mercury mercury retrograde kicked my ass and broke my windshield I broke my windshield that's what I mean so I've just been all over the place unfortunately I haven't made it like a regular video I still been vlogging so you guys will still be getting some camp Nano vlogs but in the meantime I will have these patched together videos for you so so sorry the quality is garbage but um yeah I still have a New Zealand vlog of New Zealand Australia vlog coming to you guys I'm really bad with editing vlogs especially longer ones of different locations where I'm actually outside excuse me Doug oh excuse but I thought I would still give you guys some phone oh my god this is a hot mess of a video but I wanted to get something out for you guys that was in another vlogs analogue much this week um and what I have logged hasn't been writing related I want to give you guys some travel tips that I've experienced in my travels recently because I'm a writer and writers have special challenges in every path of life so I figured I should give out some pieces of advice specifically for the writers and other tubers out there who might be travelling my number one tip is to keep all of your writing and your author cheap stuff in your carry-on bag because boy was I worried about my dam all my livelihood in my main luggage thankfully I did bring my laptop and my cameras in my carry-on so she cuz it's easy to vlog that way and I figured maybe at some point I'd bring out my laptop in the plane that never happened it probably won't happen for you but it was always good to know that I had it in my hand or above my seat because if I had put it in the back I would have been worried sick sign up to this as well as probably keep your toothbrush and hairbrush and stuff like that in that bag I didn't do that I was running around Australia a damn hot mess with bad breath number two you is even if you're not an offer to perv log because then you'll have the videos forever for you or just like film a lot of stuff taking lots of pictures most like film a lot because if you like a lot of people they take pictures but then that'll have any videos and like videos for me are always more tangible and I'm like oh yeah this is that thing you know photo can kind of be like you know it alters it a little bit more especially when it's your phone it comes out a little bit more grainy a little bit more dull you have to edit it to like make it how you saw it in person you know but with video sometimes it's like that sometimes it's not I know with this camera at least I don't really have that problem so vlog so you can have for yourself at the very least number three bring your laptop notebook books with you even if you're pretty damn sure that's not gonna be a possibility because as soon as you are in an area where it's impossible for you to read and write the urge will hit you so damn hard but you know when I mind her trip to New Zealand I think I only wanted to write like one night and that was it next I didn't but I feel like if I had gone and I hadn't brought anything it would have killed me because every time I've ever gone camping and I'll press anything with me the urge has been there every time work and I can't do anything I want to write but as soon as I get home and I can I don't want to anymore so I feel like if you make it a possibility at least the urge won't be there and if it is then you have a mode to write or read with remember to turn off your electronics before you leave for a place for a long period of time I forgot this and my laptop was like then on my laptop my desktop was like on fire when I returned um don't be me don't break your windshield like me cuz I was fixing my damn windshield at a place and that's what I didn't have time to film a proper video a windshield broken either place the whole damn thing five find a use for those things you brought even if you're not sure or you never do end up using them because at least you can take cute photos with them this is one thing I wish I had done in New Zealand but I really just didn't have like the capacity of wanting to out into that cold because it's technically their winter right now but I don't want him to go outside just to take a picture but it was useful you know I imagine it would be if it was warmer and it you know I didn't worry too much about damaging my stuff but at least at the very least you can take pictures with your laptop or books and act like you read or wrote there because we all know how Instagram is I'm sure you're really reading in that tree you took the picture and um no number six I know all of us writers really like our caffeinated beverages we really like our coffee you really like your tea yeah I like anything with caffeine but drink some water the plane will dehydrate you everything you do will dehydrate you you'll feel like spongebob after being outside of water for like too long you will just dry up and become crackly and it's not a good look on anybody so please go and drink some other water and that's just a general tip but I feel like a writer specifically we are all about like coffee Starbucks mighty you know like sign to us or whatever the heck are like quark is just drink some water just just drink some latte their body will thank you especially when you're putting it through all that stress of traveling just do it I promise eventually the quality returned to my channel was there any to begin myself we're gonna go before I bash myself even more so remember to like this video if did like it like this you're crazy and remember – coming up below what ever more of your traveling tips because I could always use some more cuz I will be in Toronto in just a couple weeks and remember to subscribe zamak reading carbonated videos every Friday when I managed to find the time like it gets later so bye


  • What a Concept says:

    I completely agree with your comment about inconvenient inspiration. I get my best ideas at work (or somewhere I can't record them). When I do get home to record them, I either can't remember them or I'm too tired to care. I thought it was just me!
    Write On!

  • Cassandra Starling says:

    Thank you for the tips! I am going on a big trip soon and hope I vlog a bit of it too!

  • EJ Mastrocola says:

    At first I thought that you had added some kind of galaxy effect to your intro but then I realized that my screen was just dirty lol

  • Dal Cecil Runo says:

    Great tips. I haven't travelled since I started my AuthorTube channel. Also, I don't think a travelling vlog will fit with my content but eh, who knows. Thank you for sharing.

  • Bree Brett says:

    Well colour me crazy because I liked this video. Hope you enjoyed NZ and found some fun stuff to do while you were here!
    As much as I love my coffee water is life and I will be drinking it by the gallon when I visit western Australia next year, in the middle of summer, where I may melt into a giant puddle. Gulp.
    But in all seriousness I already have a mental list of all the good writerly things I will be taking with me but no idea what clothes or really anything else I will need.

  • JAMation says:

    I feel called out as I sip my fourth cup of coffee. But the carry on thing is a must! I always am paranoid that my luggage will get lost so I bring just enough to keep me alive/sane for a day or two if I can't access my luggage.

  • Year of the Author says:

    I feel you! My cars AC broke last week and now I burn driving home from work. Haha

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