#72 – SAM June Challenge ~ Kiss pour technique ~ Acrylic Painting, Fluid Art, Acrylic Pouring

#72 - SAM June Challenge ~ Kiss pour technique ~ Acrylic Painting, Fluid Art, Acrylic Pouring

hello everyone welcome back thanks for joining me tonight I am up in the kitchen not in the basement it is a beautiful day so I figured and it's still light outside and I figured I'd pour up in the kitchen so I've got Juno's out there let me see if I can show you look let me see hold on follow me follow me and there is he's lounging on the deck on a chair where he's not supposed to be but he is I don't know what he's sniffing in the air there but maybe there's a mosquito who knows but anyways hopefully he chills and behaves himself while I'm recording all right so I want to before I get started I wanted to show you guys these super super cool things that I got today you may have seen it posted either on my Instagram or Facebook or saw it on my community tab on YouTube but I got these super cool mermaids that my awesome woodworking guy made for me so I have this one primed and ready so she's taped on the back which took forever mind you taped on the back and she has a coat of gesso on her and then we have the big the big mermaid guys she is huge like that's my hand on her head so like I mean she's the length of my kitchen table like she's 24 inches it's insane I I can't wait it's gonna be so awesome I'm hoping to get the little one resin they're gonna try it tonight I have time I hope so I hope I do because I'm really excited okay moving along tonight I am going to do the smart art materials kiss June challenge the kiss pore challenge so if you guys don't know Olga she is a lovely lady from Canada where I'm from a fellow Canuck which is awesome and she has a challenge for the month of June to do a kiss pore with warm and cold colors so these are my warm and cold colors here and so I figured you know what the month is almost over and I haven't had a chance to do it so I figured I'd buckle down and do it today before June is over so I will post links and all that in the descriptions below so what you have to do is use warm and cold colors and the deal is you have to have negative whitespace so I'm gonna start with that I'm going to pour my white base on my canvas which is a 10 by 10 canvas there we go too much maybe too much maybe okay and I've got my awesome spatula spread it all out all right my paints are in the way okay so there we go okay so I've got my white down and then just make sure I get my edges all right all right here I'll be interested to see I I've never done a kiss port so this should be interesting all right so I will torch it get all the bubbles out I just filled this yesterday and it's like on full power that's something in there okay so my colors that I'm going to be using this one's not labeled because I just made it it is Amsterdam and its greenish blue I just bought it I love this color followed by brilliant blue by liquitex basics metallic cobalt blue by artist's loft and on the top iridescent blue green by pebeo studio acrylics and then over here I have cadmium red deep hue by liquitex basics and then I have orange by artist loft and a cadmium yellow deep hue by liquitex basics so I have three here and four here yeah I still want to leave four blues because I love blue so I am going to start with do I want a little white at the bottom now I shouldn't I'll put it on the top because that's what's gonna come out last yeah so I will add my blue I don't know how much to add so this is all trial and error for me cuz like I said I've never done this before so I'm not sure how much I need if I'm gonna have enough not enough we'll see figure it out so then I will do the blue okay and then my metallic I don't know if I have enough here maybe I should have put more might be too late to put more I don't know and my iridescent blue green Oh maybe it'll be enough and then a little white on the top yeah this should be good I think this should be good I'll have to add more of these because I only have three colors so let's start with the red orange and last but not least the yellow Oh looks like there's going to be more in this than the other one that's a yellow trying to make it level with the blues I guess I should have had another color but I think it's okay actually and I'll top it off with my white all right I'm excited I want to see how this is going to turn it okay so the deal is you have to pour them at the same time and make the colors kiss so they're supposed to touch as you're pouring so maybe I'll just maybe I'll do this off my knees I'm not a teenager anymore good God all right let's see what happens guys and you have to pour them at the same time right so you see a lot of white oh god where's all my colors oh man out there there there's my colors maybe I put too much white oh man I love the blues holy cow Wow now I don't want to drip anywhere around the Rings cuz it'll ruin my design what did I just say it just said it and look what I did right there oh well what can you do oh gosh my knees there's a lot of red they're in there that's pretty cool and then oh my god I love these colors man this is so cool well that looks pretty cool all right let's torch it all right so I'm pretty sure Olga had said she you you're supposed to keep some negative space like in the corners so I think I'm going to this might even be a lot too much paint so I'm going to tilt just here and try and keep my corners white that's that's what I'm gonna try and do so let's see what happens because I think it would look cool oh yeah leave the red all right so I've gone over that edge and I'm gonna come back and go over the other edge now that looks pretty cool the way it's stretching out so now I've gone over that edge and I'll come back to the center and now I'm in the center I'm gonna go over this edge okay I'm gonna come wow this is so cool now I'm gonna come back and go all the way down the other edge so I think the more I stretch it the nicer the colors come out in the Rings look actually so sorry you probably can't see this angle very much holy smokes guys no that is cool I'm gonna break back to the center oh my gosh Center it this way a bit what not bad for a first try Wow I am excited okay that's pretty darn cool I'm loving that wow that is so cool this is super cool look at there's like I'll bring you down but there's like blue inside of here that is so cool I like how the blue I don't even know how the blue got over the orange and the yellow and came over here that'd be really cool if it did it over here but you know what and here's that drop I made which is crazy but I actually don't mind it because it matches this here but I can't believe this should I torch it or should I leave it I don't know am I supposed to torch it I don't even know what guys I I don't want to torch it I actually love it like that I'm gonna I'm gonna take you off oh my god all right every time I do this I freak out totally freaked out all right I got it I got it I got it okay guys check that out I am pretty excited about that that is oh cool let's do this angle so look at that look how the blue ended up in between the yellow and the orange and the red which is crazy I'm loving it and this is cool – this reminds this looks like fire like fire and then I don't know what's going on down here but that's kind of cool – well you see the reflection from my mirror Wow so what do you think guys that was pretty awesome and I actually love that that is so cool I'm loving it and I love the colors together – which gives me an idea did you do for my next pour actually so that's it for now for this one so this is the smart art materials Jun challenge the kiss pour challenge for June and thank you for watching and if you liked it give it a thumbs up don't forget to hit the subscribe and subscribe if you haven't already and hit the notification bar that way you are notified every time I post a new video or go life so thank you for watching check out all my links below I'm on facebook instagram i'm now on pinterest and reddit i have an amazon shop a US amazon shop and a canadian amazon shop and i have everything listed in there that i use like the spatula the torch all that stuff and of course the lovely PayPal link for anyone who would like to support me and give me a donation so I can just keep doing cool and fun stuff like this and teaching you as I go so thanks very much guys love your lots and I will see you guys next time and where's you know oh there is ha bye guys love you lot see you soon take care


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