#81 – Dutch Pour Triptych ~ Acrylic Pouring, Fluid Art Painting

#81 - Dutch Pour Triptych ~ Acrylic Pouring, Fluid Art Painting

hello guys thanks for joining me tonight I'm gonna try and talk really loud because my phone is way at the other end of the table because I'm doing a pretty big piece so tonight I am doing a triptych and so I got I've always wanted to do a triptych and then I saw my lovely friend Aaron Scott do one and as soon as I saw it I just said I got to do it because it just looks so beautiful so I've done a triptych with the black with the resin I've already done that you may have seen it in one of my previous videos but I wanted to try a Dutch poor triptych so here I have three MDF boards they're not canvas they're MDF wood boards I had my carpenter guide make them for me they are six inch six six and 6 by 24 so 6 by 24 so 18 all the way across by 24 I have taped the bottoms and with tape and I have a Jess ode each board so that I put a primer on gesso one coat of gesso and now I have added my white base which is in my bottle which I have artist loft acrylic Flo white with Flo trawl I thought I'd save some time and you guys don't really need to see me applying the white so I put all the white I made sure these were a little separated and I got all my edges and then once that was all done I kind of pushed them close back together so the white has been applied I did not pop the bubble so I'm going to do that right now real quick all righty all right bubbles popped now a lot of people have been asking me in my recent videos and telling me oh I have a heat gun can I use that instead of a torch I mean you could will it do the greatest job probably not plus a heat gun also actually blows air so it could push your paint around your final product let's say after you've blown it out you know and you try and pop bubbles I don't just get a culinary torch it's like they range between like 10 and 20 bucks so they're very inexpensive just get a culinary torch because this is really what you need this is gonna pop all the air bubbles that are trapped underneath the paint right so if you're gonna be pouring and you're gonna be doing this kind of stuff I'd say just invest in a torch all right colors I'm using tonight copper by artist loft I'm using dioxygen purple by liquid sex basics deep magenta by artist loft cadmium yellow deep hue by liquitex basics and a blueish green by Academy so I'm gonna give this a go I'm super excited I hope it doesn't fail cuz that'll be a big disappointment so I think I'm gonna start with maybe I'll start with magenta I have no particular order so I'm just gonna do a design again I have no idea I have no plan here I never do so we will see what happens all right so that's the magenta I almost feel like there should be more paint on there all right we will go with the blue Green alright and let's go let's do the copper okay yellow okay yellow and make sure I put the yellow back on the yellow and last but not least dioxins in purple before I forget just so that everyone knows I uploaded a ton of stuff on my Etsy page so there's a lot of new stuff posted on etsy so feel free to jump over there and take a look let's see here I think I might add a smidge of blue here I hope that's enough paint I hope maybe I'll do one more row of the magenta I don't know I just wanna I don't want it to be not enough but and maybe a drizzle of white maybe yeah they're all right so there's that now let's pour the white around and we will hope that this works okay all right I really hope this is enough paint I'm kind of worried that it's not now I'm actually pretty worried and there's a lot of copper in there should I add more Lucas is here Lucas what do you think should I add more I don't know yeah just a bit I just I worry okay yeah we don't want the copper to take over all right so let's see here well like I mean it's a pretty big piece so we want the enough paint to blow around right so better safe than sorry lets out a little bit more yellow all right I think I used everything I'm not using copper cuz I already used a lot of that magenta and then I'm done okay I'm done all right so let's pop the bubbles and then we'll see what happens okay bubbles popped let's blow the white over shall we [Applause] okay so now I did my best now let's go gosh blow it out I'm gonna try and blow more towards this way though because like I mean this is pretty much my center here and I'm already kind of up there so here goes nothing please cross your fingers cross your fingers looky he's causing his fingers alright let's see I don't even know which way to blow Wow okay oh I'm getting a thumbs up from the mister over here all right so I actually like that the colors are pretty nice so I'm just gonna blow it now just to kind of spread it out a little more yeah that's much better a lot of people tell me that I should use a straw when I'm glowing cuz you know it it's easier whatever I don't like using a straw because a um the hole of the straw is so small now I know you can get fatter straws but the more I used to use them and then there's condensation that gets inside the straw because of your hot breath and then you end up dripping your saliva on the paint so that's another reason why I don't like using straws and I feel like with my mouth I have more control believe it or not so I don't like using straws Oh looky you didn't tell me I got my hair look it's you know I touched it Lucas you're supposed to be watching what mommy's doing yep I got my shirt in they're not paying attention I've never worked with the canvas this big before all right well good thing I'm wearing my apron there we go fixed whoa that was close all right let's move along here though doing any more damage nokey if you see me getting close timing it stop but all right okay I think that's good Wow this purple and yellow here when I bring you guys down closer you'll see what I'm looking at because I don't think you get you can see what I'm looking at all right let's move those out of the way move this out of the way and this and this all right let's see here now the key is to blow gently like I mean you want soft blows not really hard ones because you're just gonna splatter the paint everywhere all right I think I like it and it's at least it's just the white part thanks bud just white I can fix that all right I'm really liking this sides really cool this site has a lot of dark in it I wonder once I torch it if if more colors will pop it come on get this lid on there we go fix that little mishap there okay let's torch it I think I'm done blowing I think I like that the way it is let's see fan comes out here oh yeah perfect there's some yellow yeah that was nice yeah that worked out really well oh I love it yeah it turned out really good I'm gonna just separate it just a bit because I can see the paint is kind of trapped in between the two walls here so then there we go I don't know if you can even you can't problem probably can't see that but I can see it dripping now OOP there it goes whoa I'm so excited this is so cool let's turn to upgrade yeah needed a torch there uh Lucas is yawning what time is it buddy 8:30 it's not badly alright I'm gonna take it down there we go let's move the stand in case it falls down cuz it fell earlier okay check out the purple and the yellow that turned out pretty cool mmm I'm really happy with how this turned out not bad for a first-time wonder if I turn the angle and go this way if you can see it better sorry for the shaky hands guys oh no now we have the reflection of outside so that's not gonna work let me go this way there we go there we go Oh senior Juneau is at the door woken up from his little nap and he's crying you think let me oh yeah now you can see it eh look at that all right this is the better angle so let me go back slowly so there you go guys that is my triptych Dutch pour complete with a little bit on my hair in there and my apron so guys let me know what you think if you liked it give it a thumbs up and please let me know what you think in the comments and don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell so that way you're notified every time I post a new video and I have all my links below please check out my Etsy page if you're interested in purchasing anything I just uploaded a bunch of stuff as I mentioned and my Amazon shops where you can buy all this stuff that I use the torches and spatulas and my paypal link for anyone who would like to donate and help me buy supplies that would be super greatly appreciated a big thanks to Elaine who sent me a PayPal donation thing you very much hunt it's very much appreciated and that is it for me tonight and I'll pang you out to the little guy who's chilling on the chair let's see Jun oh hi buddy let's say goodnight what a beautiful day hi hi buddy no don't lick mommy's phone all right guys hi buddy well we'll see you next time thanks for joining us tonight don't bite mama no mommy's got paint on her hands okay good night guys see you soon bye


  • THINK PEACE says:

    The colors are always beautiful, but the space of your work dwarfs the remaining white space left…the colored area could be much larger.

  • Christina AnglIn says:

    This is really gorgeous! I learned so much useful information and am inspired to paint more.

  • Monica Barnes Art says:

    Wow everything you do is like magic ❀️😍😜😘πŸ€ͺ😜❀️

  • Edmund Zambrano says:

    Amazing!!!! <3 quick question…is the paint mixed with anything in the squeeze bottles?

  • best 4last says:

    This 3 piece set will looks great together. Good eye! :O) Too much white space for me, but none the less, fantastic!! :O)

  • cathy herring says:

    Awesome. Love the whispy effective β€οΈπŸ˜‡β€οΈπŸ˜‡πŸ’•

  • Betsy Feller says:

    Hey, Kanella! Thanks today, for the inspiration! I have three 10 X 10's prepped and ready to go, and I thought, : I just need my flame fanned a bit today as I am in excruciating pain and need to attempt getting my mind off of it. It was interesting that I have the same series (obv. not brands etc!) of colors chosen and mixed, ready to go! hugs.
    (if any of you are people of faith I would appreciate prayer for my lower back*** thanks very much.)

  • Debbie Thomas says:

    You nailed it! Stunning. xx

  • Do do says:

    That's gorgeous ! 😍😍😍😍
    And when I saw your hairs on the canvas I have said (if you could ear me ! πŸ˜‚) "oh no ! Your hairs your hairs !"

  • Angela McDowell says:

    I love it. Just WOW!!

  • Vet Alverson says:

    It’s very beautiful!

  • Vet Alverson says:

    Stupid question, what is a triptych? 3 pieces of wood??? I have no idea

  • sannskeen says:

    Awesome! I watch everyone, I want to try it. One day I may make a space and go for it!

  • Deanna Frazier Jaramillo says:

    question… did you continue to alter after the video ends? the pic for the video looks way different than the end result in the video….. pic with the blue background. nevermind… I read above and found my answer… haha… I asked too soon… I love the pics of the final

  • DANI BACKEL says:

    Beautiful!!! I love those colors together! I so wanna try this❀️

  • Elizabeth Barnes says:

    Very very wonderful very beautiful cool love it!

  • Becky Monaghan says:

    I always love what you paint, but I think you really hit this one out of the park Kanella! It’s just gorgeous! You’re so talented beautiful lady. Hope all is well with you & your family, and of course Juno, Grandma from Iowa πŸ₯°

  • Shar Hankins says:

    This is totally mesmerizing! Great job!

  • Ann Norman says:

    Wow, wow, wow, Fantastic..love the colours. Amazing,.

  • Rael Picot says:

    I wondered if you realised your hair was dragging through the paint! Oh dear!!!

  • Anita Armstrong says:

    very pretty… I do like the looks of the edges done by the hair dryer though because the edges are sharper… just a personal preference. But your work is nice.

  • Badriyah Din says:


  • Dawn Vavra says:

    You-be-brilliant! This is 3 times better than all your others. Seriously you should be proud. Hugs to kids (2 legged and 4 legged.

  • Sherrie Santana says:

    Very pretty…I Really like this one. Can you tell me how you mix everything together and what you use so I may be able to pour as nice as you? I haven't been able to ditch pour right because the mixture is to thick or wont spread as well as yours.

  • Penny Loves Art says:

    Very pretty! Gorgeous colors! πŸŽ¨πŸ‘Œ

  • Evelyn Millican says:

    It's beautiful. I'd like to see you do another and have the paint on an angle across the three canvases instead of straight across. But this is glorious colors.

  • Tina Beegle says:

    I love it..you did awesome for the first try..your friend (I watch her too) would be so proud of you πŸ’—

  • Judy Hyland says:


  • Janna Whitten says:


  • Roanna Beckwith says:


  • Marley Johnson says:

    Like It?
    I Love It!!!!!
    Marley from Missouri

  • Stacey Cordell says:

    This turned out beautiful! Can't believe you got it on style first try. Well, yes I can. You do beautiful work.

  • Trish Egerter says:

    I would definitely buy this if I had room hang them. Love them.

  • LornaH says:

    The notification for this video must have shown a cropped version … I really liked it. The pour is beautiful but for my own personal tastes, there is too much white leftover.

  • Sandra Brogan says:

    Wow very cool

  • Barb Templin says:

    Oh my gosh, the colors are to die for! So pretty when put together the way you do. Great job!

  • Kerry Burns says:

    Great job! Love the colours, love the negative space and love that I'm not the only one who gets her hair and clothes in the painting! Lol! I use a straw often if I want a detailed blow as it gives me control but I don't like a super narrow straw either. I've actually managed to blow a cluster of cells out for a better composition without destroying the cells! But sometimes only the mouth will do! Lol Can't wait to see what you create next!

  • Anabela Moinhos says:

    I love it, love it, love it. It is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I also loved to see Juno so well. It is always a joy to see you working, and I'm learning so much!! All the best.

  • Madina LovesTheLord says:

    Beautiful! Did I miss the recipe you use?? Floetrol??

  • Diane Ings says:

    Very nice. I was so worried about the open bottle of white on the edge of the table!!

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