9 Point Checklist – Should You be a Technical Writer?

9 Point Checklist - Should You be a Technical Writer?

it's technical writing the right job for you how do you know well here's a nine-point checklist to help you answer that question now the first question is are you good with language have you been noted since you are a child for your ease with spoken and written words are you interested in reading books and wish you could write them then you might be a very good technical writer because that's a must the correct answer is yes I am good with language second question do you like to work outdoors are you the outdoorsy type you want to go up the mountains and go fishing and wish you could do it all the time the correct answer is no because technical writing is an indoors activity if you love to be out there you know you won't be too happy when you become a technical writer do you like to work with others technical writing is a group effort you need to interact with a lot of people to get your documentation right so if you are the kind of person not necessarily introverted believe it or not I am an introverted person myself but if you don't feel comfortable going out talking to people asking them questions etc then probably technical writing is not a good match for you so the correct answer is yes I can work with others well and I'd like to do it fourth question on our checklist do you like technology you gotta love technology I mean as the as the phrase itself says it out there its technical writing so technology is a part of the very title of our job so if you don't like to learn new things I mean loving technology now day and age means keep on learning new technologies if you don't like to do that then probably you won't survive for too long in technical writing so the correct answer is yes I love technology do you need a byline do you want to make a name for yourself you want to become a famous writer I mean I'm gonna technical fighter for the longest time and I'm sure no one knows that I am a writer although I have written probably thousands and tens of thousands of pages by now and if you need to become famous tech writers don't get any pie lines they mostly remain anonymous so the correct answer to this question is no I don't need a vile line next are you patient with details boy he really must be a patient person because not everything is very obvious when you start to write a technical document you need to sometimes step back calm down and restart from square one it turns into a it turns into a like a puzzle solving activity at times technical writing so the correct answer is yes I'm patient with details do you care for correctness and accuracy I mean the obvious correct answer is yes because whatever else technical writer can be it cannot be incorrect you have to be 100% correct so there is no negotiation there there is not much space to go back and forth on that point so the correct answer is yes correctness and neck accuracy means a lot to me do you need a steady monthly income well that's one of the better things about technical writing compared to my friends who who write screenplays and poems the correct answer is yes because technical writing when you get employed by a company it provides a steady paycheck at the end of the month and do you care for job benefits if again you work for a company it comes with the generous satisfactory benefits package including health benefits medical coverage paid vacations time off retirement plan 401k etc so if you work on your own as an independent freelancing technical writer obviously this situation would be a little different but like most technical writers I know if you are employed with by a company it comes with a bunch of job benefits as well so the correct answer is again yes I care for job benefits so there you go I hope this little list of 9 questions will have helped you decide whether you want to become a technical writer or not see you in the next video take care


  • Marsha Page says:

    I've been technical writing at my job and never knew this was a thing or its own career. One of the highlights of my work. I answered all the questions "correctly". Thank you for this video.

  • nick figueroa says:

    helped me with class project thanks!! I'll cite.

  • RunOs says:

    This was a very nice video; thank you for making it. Now, what kind of college degree should a person have to be a technical writer? I have a degree that is not in anything related to writing or communications and I wanted to know if I can still become a technical writer? What's your advise?

  • Vi Kash says:

    WOW!! Really thank you for a simple yet inspiring video. It cleared a clutter in my mind.

  • Chris G says:

    Thanx for the tips.

  • mad4nertz says:

    Clearly I was born to be a technical writer. I graduated with an unfocused BA almost 20 years ago. I've wanted to write books since I learned to write at age 5. I have also been perpetually discovering my language and technical abilities throughout my entire life. I've had mentors and professors suggest I do something with my writing for my entire adulthood, including one in my early 20s who specifically recommended that I pursue technical writing. My nine answers here are almost all "YES!!!" in capital letters with too many exclamation points. (I do like to be in the outdoors.) Thanks for the video, sir!

  • Ragima says:

    Thanks a lot

  • Carter Bowman says:

    Great help – to the point and effective. Thank you!

  • Lift Laugh Lipstick says:

    This was so helpful! Thank you!

  • Julie Gaumond says:

    Very helpful – Thank You!

  • Sabrina Frew says:

    This helps a lot. I've been trying to find my path in life. I love writing and I want a career that I will love.

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