AVELINO here from king coke agua. I’m going to show you a painting. I just recently finished yesterday it is a combination of Three basic colors Different shades of black Apple green and Black with blue combo Or something like that. So here it is First I’m mixing the background color as I have already laid out The apple green and the different shades of black and blue black so now I’m mixing the the background colors for the objects that I have made in so here I am applying the final coat which is already also the first coat most instances I don’t usually do under painting i just paint on the primed canvas You know thru my experience You know, it has been working for me and my Life philosophy is if it appears that if it’s working, I don’t fix it You know, I may improve on it. But basically that’s what you see is what you get. So I’m always cautious when I Applying the coats that Intentionally i do different shades or tints of the same color so that it doesn’t look monotonous so if you take a look at the colors that i have applied apple green gray black light gray, blue black They’re all like different variations, of the same color but with different tints , different progressions In other words, they’re of the same color, but different tints and shades So there it is You know on the final stages like this abstract Near the I don’t usually paint very near to the to the opposing objects So what I do is that I if you could see there Isn’t there are spaces in between the colors that i am painting and the colors that I have painted so the reason for this is maybe You know it just to avoid pre-mixing the colors that are drying and the new colors that i am Applying so when you make a lot of t paintings you know the techniques of doing it, as you can see it looks easy for me But it didn’t happen overnight. Believe me. I was at the beginning I was like You know when I painted the opposing color to the color s i already laid. They bleed out to the new color So it makes it messy and that’s the number one reason also When prospective customers take a look at your painting and they see this and And at the moment they see something like that They discriminate and believe me People are considering purchasing already or for acquiring your painting. They tend to look at it up close, you know like Oh wow Interruption, I see squirrels On the outside. So I paused t a little bit and take a look at them. These are What you could call pesky? squirrels because they eat the vegetables seeds that we plant anything something chewy for them they eat it, but it’s it’s you know, like 420 seeds that we plant if two or three groups were happy at the same time. We’re feeding the squirrels Just like that so back to the painting as you can see here it’s done I might at the bottom you’ll see there’s a missing black piece there I might add something but I’m not adding it now because the colors are wet Maybe later on when it’s dry. I will not perhaps know 50 50 % but right now i am happy with the The juxtapositions of wow thats a deep word meaning I’m happy with the placement of the shapes and objects and the colors. So once again, this is AVELINO from King coke aqua. Thank you very much. And don’t forget please subscribe on my channel and Later on. I’m trying to do a video or painting On an everyday basis. if i am not busy with the aquarium’s. I will try to do that. But now it’s almost summer It’s all gonna be busy or we’re gonna be busy fixing our Gardens You know like making repairs to Long-lost neglected projects so gotta shoot also a video of the Renovation of the pvement, in front of our front door. So once again, thank you very much and have a good day


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