Accountability for Chicago Arrested For Photography – First Amendment Audit

Accountability for Chicago Arrested For Photography – First Amendment Audit

alright guys and gals unfortunately I
have another example of some tyrant thugs out of Chicago’s 17th let’s watch
this together first things first I want you guys to go on over to your search
bar type in auditing Chicago find this channel go ahead subscribe don’t forget
to hit that Bell button when I first saw this video he only had about 50
subscribers or so I know he’s got a few more but you’re definitely gonna want to
follow up with all this yeah let’s make 1612 there we go here go
his band of thugs coming out behind them to circle around them show their
intimidation listen to the questions that these cops have look at the way
their act and look at the smiles they have just look at how friendly these
cops are and how they can’t wait that help this person are you mentally ok you
don’t need an ambulance you know he knows very damn well he doesn’t need an
ambulance in some situations these may be fighting words on the street oh this
guy I wish he would just go back in the hole II crawled out of I mean you’re acting in a curious manner
out here want to make sure you’re not like an ambassador no why not no why not
it’s right here buddy is that which television to the judge here goes the
bully with his directives he just deciding that he doesn’t want him there
that’s all it is so he’s gonna start barking orders at them if you noticed
they’re gonna break off right here they’re most likely making their little
plans on what they’re gonna do with our photographer for the night so you are
there to be seasoned to give me their name their names visible for you to see okay
so what do you want what do you want who engaged to hear this cops just mad that
the photographer won’t talk to him and he’s getting even more mad now the
problem here is this guy just doesn’t have a good side he doesn’t realize that
the photographer is on YouTube and he’s live-streaming it that’s what these guys
do not realize right now cuz wait till you hear about what happens at the end
now he walked up and started videotaping he hadn’t even made it inside yet he
proceeds to go inside listen to what they have to tell them now there’s a
couple myths out there I want to address right now one myth is about recording
the police there’s several case laws that we could
cite where it was the Supreme Court’s opinion that it is our First Amendment
right to record the police in the course of their duty there’s no question about
that it’s happened in Pennsylvania it’s happened in Texas it’s happened in
Georgia there’s several case laws that we can
refer to when talking about recording the police
so that’s covered we’re allowed to do it the second myth would be whether or not
there’s public places that you may not allowed to be it okay if it’s public it
means just that it means you’re allowed there the public is allowed to go there
it doesn’t mean that it’s private when they feel like it so the bottom
line is you’re allowed to go into a police station you’re allowed to record
inside of a police station I don’t care what any cops say it’s not the truth if
they tell you you’re not allowed in there and you’re not allowed to record
it’s a plain out simple why he decides to leave the police
station he goes and gets on facebook messenger video with Josh from
accountability for all while he’s on video with Josh he goes back in because
he wants to get the name of the police officers that would not identify
themselves the sergeant that’s there tells him he is not allowed to record in
the police station it is a crime he tells him he’s not going to stop the
sergeant comes around and says well I’m gonna arrest you then the final outcome
here well he was beat up the cops ended up releasing him and well who knows
where they’re gonna go with it what I would do is I’d go ahead and go over to
his channel if he ain’t already make sure you subscribe hit that Bell and
watch his future videos see what he’s up to
I see now that I go back again he has over 400 subscribers totally awesome
welcome to the auditing community we’re glad to have you everyone have a good
day have a good night have a good whatever it is wherever you’re at and
I’ll see you on the next video peace


  • Edward hickey says:

    I think they all need a drug test. I would file l complaint . And give tem a physical fitness test and if they don't pass the test they get fired. Policy requirement weight stated fail. Too many donuts and too much coffee. PS. File a complete online. Use they website against them.

  • Robert Heinrich von Seyfenstern says:

    fatsoe needs some help with exercising…. what a bunch of idiots

  • Peter Paterson says:

    If filming the police is not against the law,then sue the cunt's,individually not the department,fucking make them bankrupt.

  • Passionate Patriot says:

    Considering that this is the S H I T T Y that brought us owevomit-the-last , I have no interest. If the entire shitty sank into the pit from fracking,my reaction would be "who" ?

  • Passionate Patriot says:

    Considering that this is the S H I T T Y that brought us owevomit-the-last , I have no interest. If the entire shitty sank into the pit from fracking,my reaction would be "who" ?

  • AirgiodFeochadan says:

    Typical Chicago thugs. Most of them come from old crime families, so this is just a family tradition.

  • George Ramirez says:

    Lucky u didn't get shot!

  • whatit isn't says:

    these thugs become cops because they know they will be protected by the corrupt broken system.

  • whatit isn't says:

    interesting the fbi doesn't watch YouTube. 😉 with all the surveillance the fbi does (legal and not).
    i see public servants (welfare recipients) commit federal crimes every day on YouTube.
    maybe the fbi is complicit.
    maybe the empire is crumbling.

  • Ateu Cu says:

    Okay, Mr John Doe, stop provoking LEOs and acting like a so fuc…g ridiculously suspicious dumb. Geez.. try to live and got a job!

  • Blondie says:

    That’s was a fat ugly slob of a pig, he had to walk away with his tyrant tail between his legs.

  • dbltrplx says:

    Punk ass Chicago thugs
    Slugs for thugs is what I say, these mthr fkrs are the scourge of the city, like hyenas and jackals.

  • Jose Reyes says:

    That one in white is a major league Pussy.

  • The Green Bastard says:

    Highly unprofessional behavior. Typical pigs. FTP 🐷🐷🐷

  • Edward hickey says:

    Eating too many Donuts they don't pass the physical fitness test anymore. They should be fired. If they were in the military they be discharged with a Re 4 discharge

  • Crown Commando says:

    If the name says "Daniels" pronounce it Lipschitz.

  • Sabian Sparrovski says:

    These videos are interesting but dont upload without the follow up result showing how these thugs get their arses kicked.

  • Hawxxy says:

    Tyrannical public servants in the US? What else is new. What you guys need to post is how to fix these public servants. We all know that they exist in masses. It's like running naked thru Central Park NY at night and "exposing" the predators. We all know that they exist.

  • Oh No says:

    Wow (smh) Do you feel served and protected America?!?! Do you feel even remotely respected?

  • PSNEWS Auditor-AZ says:

    Mass audit needed for this bunch of thugs, They can DIE who cares all BAD COPS

  • PSNEWS Auditor-AZ says:

    Fuck tards, maybe the FBI will take them down, post on the FBI site for Civil Rights

  • PSNEWS Auditor-AZ says:


  • Robert Watson says:

    Hopefully them cops get the graveyard nap they deserve

  • Us and Them says:

    No wonder there are so many killings in Chicago….

  • Us and Them says:

    Professionalism at it's finest…..enough said.period

  • Us and Them says:

    Pink Floyd..dark side of the moon… against them

  • Wendel Fears says:

    Turns out auditing Chicago is you. You're just advertised on this channel for your new channel at going out trying your hand at making a little money at going out doing First Amendment audits.
    You're just another one of us new age Millennials that don't want to go out and get a job. Want to sit on your ass and make money or make money by this easiest way you can think of but these assholes go out and get arrested every day at least once a week have you got the money to do that. If not you're just being a total ass on a bootlicker.

  • Tall Diana says:

    Smiling cops, offers of help, concern, assistance….. in a NORMAL world, these might be good, but if you see and hear these today, RUN, RUN, RUN! You’re about to be “helped” right into the hospital, jail, or a body bag!

  • Jim Berousek says:

    No wonder they are the laughingstock of the police community

  • Spike Love says:

    Lol tell me at 2:17 piggy doesn't look like a 3yo throwing a tantrum
    A secure area has to be cordoned off and so no one mistakenly enter it. A public accessing lobby dose not meet the definition of a secure area.
    For those of you who have no clue cook county Jail is one of the most dangerous jails in the country. Those Swine put that man's life in danger by arresting him, and that did it with out batting an eye.

  • david docherty says:

    Like clowns who just fell from the caravan, and all the minions following orders, corrupt lying pieces of shit pigs 🐷 🐷 🐷 🐷 🐷

  • David Clark says:

    So SAD how we pay THESE ASS WHOLES to disrespect the people and the Badge and gun

  • Rob A says:

    Go back everyday and ask for their name and badge number and if they don't tell you, keep filing complaints until they submit. Trust me keep going back

  • Garry Ellison says:

    your voice is droning poor video.

  • Raul Laguerre says:

    those ass hole cop dont know shit no wonder chicago is a mess

  • Doctordeath131313 says:

    All Public Tyrants need to be retrained. To paraphrase Jack Webb's 1957 Marine Drill Instructor movie's opening inscription:

    "Let's be sure that no U.S. citizen's ghost will ever say-" If your training program had only done its job." "

  • P.M. says:

    He now has 1,201 subscribers 👍

  • Jim Lavin says:

    Can’t find a channel called Auditing Chicago

  • ATCkeepsUsafe says:

    I had seen the entire video from AfC. I had seen no envidence of any asualt or battery by the police on the video. Despite the police telling AfC that there is no filming in the police station the cops did not take it any further and AfC continued to record without any issues. No beating or arrest on the video. Information is not trust worthy on both sides.

  • D.B Cooper says:

    I'm presuming these pigs were normal kids once wtf happened

  • Jordan Melby Vlogs says:

    Didnt see him get his phone smashed or arrested!

  • MICHELLE says:

    I believe in the state of New York you are not allowed to film in a police station. Maybe you should carefully choose your words before speaking

  • kwahwerd says:

    Mass audit and massive law suit.

  • Lexie Hires says:

    Come to Helena-West, Arkansas and video our cops, they are corrupt as hell. And go to tipon county, Tennessee also, they are corrupt as well.

  • TANKZILLA says:

    Where's there phone #,,fucking TYRANT PIGS,, FAT ASS DANIELS IS A PIECE OF SHIT

  • TANKZILLA says:

    Im down with this movement now too, just found out about a week ago that this shit was going on. Im a Iraqi veteran, and been harassed and bullied by tyrant pigs, several of times in Md. Illegally searched and rights violated dozens of times too. We as the people need to stand up together against all these TYRANTS, across the nation!

  • steven gladden says:

    this first pig that came out is absolutely sickening and a complete fucking ASSHOLE !!!! this town has the worst, most pathetic corrupt pigs in america… these pigs in this video are absolutely the worst pigs on youtube

  • paragod30 FL says:

    Those assholes are smiling.

  • Steven L says:

    Idiot. Literally, some village is missing one. Cannot control himself.

  • Randall Kelton says:

    File criminal charges against them all.

  • Randall Kelton says:

    (720 ILCS 5/33-3) (from Ch. 38, par. 33-3)
    Sec. 33-3. Official misconduct.
    (a) A public officer or employee or special government agent commits misconduct when, in his official capacity or capacity as a special government agent, he or she commits any of the following acts:
    (1) Intentionally or recklessly fails to perform any

    mandatory duty as required by law; or
    (2) Knowingly performs an act which he knows he is

    forbidden by law to perform; or
    (3) With intent to obtain a personal advantage for

    himself or another, he performs an act in excess of his lawful authority; or
    (4) Solicits or knowingly accepts for the performance

    of any act a fee or reward which he knows is not authorized by law.
    (b) An employee of a law enforcement agency commits misconduct when he or she knowingly uses or communicates, directly or indirectly, information acquired in the course of employment, with the intent to obstruct, impede, or prevent the investigation, apprehension, or prosecution of any criminal offense or person. Nothing in this subsection (b) shall be construed to impose liability for communicating to a confidential resource, who is participating or aiding law enforcement, in an ongoing investigation.
    (c) A public officer or employee or special government agent convicted of violating any provision of this Section forfeits his or her office or employment or position as a special government agent. In addition, he or she commits a Class 3 felony.
    (d) For purposes of this Section, "special government agent" has the meaning ascribed to it in subsection (l) of Section 4A-101 of the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act.
    (Source: P.A. 98-867, eff. 1-1-15.)

  • Randall Kelton says:

    If you file criminal charges against the officers, their superiors will try to block you and that is a good thing because you then get to file on them.

  • Randall Kelton says:

    After you file a criminal complaint, you take on a protected status so that anything they say can now be construed as retaliation.

  • Randall Kelton says:

    When the officers refuse to act then you get to file with any judge and against the judge when he refuses to act. This will piss off the judge at the officers for causing him the problem. You can take this all the way to the Ill Supreme court in the justice's capacity as magistrates. Everybody will be pissed at the police. Look me up. Check out my radio show. Call in. We will show you how to kick their butts every way from Sunday.

  • Randall Kelton says:

    By the way, I grew up on North & Western.

  • look it up says:

    The blue line…>>>Where corruption goes to hide

  • Sunny Days says:

    First of all, the word "audit" is not in the 1st Amendment so all this claiming 1st Amendment crap is bullshit. I don't answer questions, then answers 100s of them, What a liar! The snowflake narrator here makes it seem the police said he could not film them, what the cop said was he could not film in the building, not that he could not film them. Auditurd lies and slight of hand.. The White House and Pentagon are public, go film there shit for brains, go on… I am waiting to see the pictures…

  • Jimmy Law says:

    thank u joe. these are the "defenders" of this country lol. a bunch of fools who don;t even know what a terrorist is. its sad…..

  • MrDjagg says:

    mighty joe you dont know all the laws i think you might be a sissy too

  • Vlad Impaler says:

  • Kevin Dunleavy says:

    " Get my good side." Can't get the good side with that snotty snout in the way.Oink..oink..oinkity..oinkity..oink Mother F#%kin' Swine !

  • Wayne Parker says:

    That first offiicer is aa fat pig slob. I thought they had to stay in shape. The others look stupid with thier smiles and intimidation. We should be able to fight back and beat thier ass. Fuck all Chicago cops.

  • Wayne Parker says:

    Chicago's higher ups and mayor are just as bad for allowing this.

  • Dennis Lane says:

    I call them , pointers or as the cops say , hes one of those.

  • Pete Ferriday says:

    You're a fucking dickhead along with the rest of the auditors, get a fucking job.

  • Robert Lorenz says:

    Roaming GANG of Hyenas hunting their prey !!!! They also eat their young!…..FTP 🐖🐖🐷🐽🐖PEACE ✌✌


    Disorderly productions sent me! Giod shit fellas

  • Garry Hill says:


  • Lee Young says:

    Nazis earning the hate !

  • Pakdoojus says:

    This is a joke luckily that the chicago film office isn't charging you to film or better yet these officers sue about using footage for money without compensation

  • Michael Ashley says:

    Dirtbag lying thugs

  • Papi Chulo says:

    Chicago has the most worst corrupt 🐷s around!

  • Casey Ferguson says:

    FACT—if all bad cops were dead. There be no good cops. Needs to happen. Probably will one of these days I hope

  • timstv75 says:

    Cops like this need to be cleaning dirty toilets for the rest of their lives

  • Patrick Reilly says:

    1 again all fat

  • Florida Action News says:

    The bald guy on the far left has simpleton syndrome it looks like. The one that says “get my good side” and waves to the camera like a first grader. It’s a syndrome of some sort. He’s definitely mentally challenged. The reason people hate Chicago is on the video

  • P M says:

    Dude you are such a looser. Get a real job instead of going around stations stirring poop up. Clearly you have an agenda.

  • Tom says:

    The only thing this video shows is you having too much time on your hands.

  • NYPD Watch33 says:


  • Thomas Griffiths says:

    I love those cops they are hilarious this guy's an idiot

  • Black Kbn says:

    That bald cop looks like the wrestler kane lol

  • The Guy That Talks Shit On YouTube says:

    I think this guy behind the camera is a bit slow, he sounds a little bit slow… Another "wanna be tough guy" with a camera

  • Zeke aaron says:

    Send Joe cool to that precinct


    JUST Think of the number of people incorrectly jailed by these cocksucker cops who hide their crimes they commit all the time. In Chicago a few years ago, cops were given time off with pay if they arrested an above quota their watch commander laid out as some goal for the shifts they worked. Now they cry because people pull out a cell phone and begin videoing them. SCREW THE CROOKED ASS COP WHO THINKS HE IS ABOVE THE LAW…….

  • Carlos Perez says:

    So the moral of the story is if you catch a beating to get subscribers

  • anonymous says:

    You know as soon as they tell you why don’t you move on that’s when they really want you to come in and fill out a complaint form and so do I

  • Lindsay L. says:

    Earning the hate! One bully at a time or Five bullies at a time! It’s so crazy how people are treated!

  • Michael Keller says:


  • Vote Phillips says:

    Joe. you're a fool. stupid.

  • Vote Phillips says:

    oh shit, joe talks. …sort of.

  • Vote Phillips says:

    Joe is stupid so he posts here to get off. shit what am I watching this stuff. guess I'm just bored.

  • Black Kbn says:

    Audit America would of done a better job dealing with these guys

  • Mark Allsup says:

    “Auditors”. What a joke. Crybabies who want attention. Well, this person got the attention he was looking for. And for all you “lawyers” out there, NO LAW says an officer HAS to give name and badge number. It may be a dept. policy, but nothing legal.

  • Jay Brown says:

    I think you and your photographer would be equally uncomfortable if a random guy went to your job
    and starting filming you without explanation. And who would you call to get the antagonist to stop?

  • camden 802 says:

    Everything is done in a professional manner. They officer does not have to give name or badge number on command from a civilian. Also if the man had acted as tho he was having a mental break down and the officers noticed this, they will check to if they need help.

  • Herbin' Avenger says:

    Chicago PD is one of the most corrupt in the nation.

  • Bode R says:

    We don’t even have the full story. He could’ve been doing something outside that caused this.

  • swa peeters says:

    2.360 subs now

  • Nick Perez says:

    Hes asking of hes mentally ok because why do u just walk up to a cop and start demanding info of them then cause a scene and after, you go inside and start being a weirdo and expect not to be given a hard time when youre not there for business or help

  • Michael Cushman says:

    Your entire video is flawed in your own opinion and not actually true. You're going to get yourself or someone else in trouble with your rambling!

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