Acrylic Painting ✨ an artist's process to creation! ✨💗

hey guys and welcome to another video today I thought I would share with you the process of one of my newest paintings so for this painting I thought originally that I had a really clear direction for this piece but as I painted it nothing ever seemed to just stick I have quite a free-flowing intuitive relationship with my paintings and I believe that they are a story that evolves naturally well this one turned out to be a triology because with three separate stories that overlapped one another and altogether it took me almost a year to complete it in between each layer it would sit for months and not be touched and then I would regather the inspiration for it and so on you the first layers had a fiery red undertone with stormy grumbling clouds in the horizon the second layer was more of a mellow subtle layer with softer suggestions and the third and last layer is a hopeful bold morning sunrise with calm brushstrokes and sweeping clouds but what's funny looking back on this video is that with each new layer the scene got less stormy and more calm and I'd like to think that this natural evolving of the painting signifies a healing that with time we overwrite the dark moments in our life and eventually we transform by looking towards a new day full of possibilities so this piece is titled a new day which was an idea brought forward by a viewer which I really appreciate because I think it fits the painting and its story perfectly and this painting is now available worldwide and it's looking for a new home where it can bring along hope and possibility I'm also releasing prints so I'll put all the information in the description box with size prices and shipping details so if you know someone that is maybe going through a bit of a difficult patch it would make a really lovely gift to offer them some comfort I really hope that you guys enjoy what in the rest of the process come together if you're not already part of our little YouTube family join us and subscribe and hit the like button if you found this video inspiring so grab a cuppa tea and enjoy being a fly on my studio wall you


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