Acrylic painting abstract – Speedpainting Demo – watch 2 artists by zAcheR-fineT

Acrylic painting abstract - Speedpainting Demo - watch 2 artists by zAcheR-fineT


  • Francisca Cabral Aguilera says:

    Mencanta tu destreza con la pintura,,👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • patricia says:

    Hate to say this, but its kinda hard to watch, Too much going on all at once. lol. But totally LOVE you and all your work Zacher .


    Would be nice to upload the real time versions of these

  • Mary Venable says:

    I am in Las Vegas, NV. I love your work, it is very colorful. I am originally from Duesseldorf, but have been in Nevada for many years. Keep up the good work!

  • Kaz Hausler says:

    I adore your style.. Brilliant!!! But the young guy… You have the patience of Methusa!!! I would love to jump through my screen and Kick his arse!! He has the brains of a budgies ball bag!!!!!!! Instead of looking over his shoulder all the time at you he needs to get some motivation of his own.. It is very frustrating to watch!!!! Sorry! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

  • Josee Duffhues says:

    This is possibly the 3rd or 4th time I've watched this video over the last year. It makes me happy. Thanks so much for sharing this energetic creativity.

  • jonlee nunn says:

    I am in awe of your painting. Your paintings are strong, vibrant, and watch your demos over and over. This dueling painters is just too frenzied for me, going way to fast for my interest.

  • Suwong Mano says:

    good painting……

  • Carol Clark says:

    you are so damn cool xx love this

  • anthony dias says:

    j'aime beaucoup la toile bleue.

  • Catabasis says:

    What kind of paint are you using? I haven't seen acrylic change color so well when diluted with water or spread so well.

  • Tracie Weir says:

    You inspire me. Thanks for sharing your amazing work. I am an artist as well and can't seem to focus on one type of painting. I love abstraction and want to learn more.

  • jason smith says:

    What kind of paint are you using?

  • wildtk123 says:

    wow nice painting and is any of your paintings on sale ?

  • ArtGallery Messina says:

    Isabell, Your work is amazing! I want to paint with you!!!

  • Indranil Biswas says:

    plz make a video using very thick paints on canvas ,i mean impasto i think it will be great

  • Diana Armas says:

    I enjoyed the whole video of the abstract painting. Beautiful and interesting!!!

  • Bob Nolley says:

    +zacherfinet Hi there! I am loving learning through watching you…

    In the beginning, after you paint the initial blue, what are you putting you brush into off camera in the bottom right before you start painting out the lighter shade of blue? Water? Airbrush medium?

    So cool! Thank you!

  • one love says:

    absolutely stunning work,I look forward to working with u someday.blessings always to you.

  • Ginger Battle says:


  • julie simard says:

    Comment faites vous pour que les couleurs soir aussi fluide pour faire le fond. j'aimerais me faire une 1ier toile d'abstrait mais je manque de technique

  • fløatinghøødie says:

    Naild 😄

  • fløatinghøødie says:

    I did this painting and nails it😊😊😊😊😊 😋😆😄😄😄

  • zacherfinet says:

    Dear mrswimmyboy, without answer button, I can't answer you, so I do it here… Not so fast with critic please… my work is sold as finart print all over the world and everything is okay with that, because I sold the license for it 🙂 And like that, I bought the license for every music that I use 🙂 I know what copyright is, don't worry 😉 Did you have more questions, how to buy a license may be?  In every case thank you for taking care of the things that I write ♥ I am sure, that not everybody is reading my endcard- but you did it! Have a beautiful day 🙂

  • mrswimmyboy says:

    "Art and content is copyright protected" and "Thanks for respecting the rights of every artist". Did you create the music too? If not, does using someone else's music without attribution respect their rights?

  • Monika Schallmoser says:

    tolle Arbeit und schaut echt kreativ aber auch gemütlich aus. Würde mich echt sehr freuen, wenn Du mal auf einen Workshop nach Österreich kommen würdest.

  • nikhita sharma says:

    Love your videos and your style of painting!! It inspires!! Thanku for sharing (from india!:)) !

  • Karen Hick says:

    So wished you would come to Australia and do a workshop.  Just love your style, I really appreciate your videos. To be able to sit on the other side of the world and see how you paint is amazing.  Please keep creating them, I have been watching all your videos from the beginning.  I am an abstract artist too, different style, but get so much out seeing how you use colour, mediums, brushes, water and art knifes.  One of my favourite tools is the rubber art shaper, I discovered it many years ago and use it in every painting I create, was interesting to see you used one in this video.  Ramona is a great artist too.  I would have loved being in her spot to paint along side of you.  Can't wait for the next video!! Happy painting. Karen (from down under)

  • REgina Aparecida Vieira Tristao says:

    Congratulation for your work. I always follow  your videos, thanks for sharing, is of big importance.  Hugs  from Brazil

  • Debbi Jean says:

    omgoodness… so talented AND you speak French as well LOL. I totally enjoyed watching this painting, thanks to both of you for sharing x wow just wow! Oh and I thought it was cute that your clothing colouring was also matched to each of your pieces!!! lol

  • Suzanne Rowlands says:

    Truly enjoyed, merci!

  • Lili S. says:

    🙂 so Great Love it ! TY

  • Syl Vie says:

    Merci Isabelle et bravo à Ramona et à vous.
    Comme toujours très agréable à regarder et super instructif. J'adore la liberté de geste et le dynamisme quand je vous regarde peindre.
    Puis-je savoir ce que vous utilisez à la fin ? cela semble être une sorte de pastel ?

  • Fantasma23 Bianca says:

    Esta muy bueno!!!!!!

  • Wilma Voermans says:

    Great video, great paintings , good music…loved it!

  • carola czichon says:

    Klasse Video.Ich hätte allerdings immer gewusst, welche Tips du Ramona gibst. Ihr Bild gefällt mir am besten. Mich hätte gestört, wenn jemand (wie du) an dem Bild mit malt. Vielleicht kann ja ramona sagen ob ihr das egal ist. Trotzdem Klasse Video und schöne Bilder.

  • Le Petit Astelle says:

    Isabelle le sigo desde hace tiempo y decirle que su trabajo con los abstractos me parece maravilloso, espero algún día mis obras sean tan espectaculares ! felicidades !!!

  • ikavaleczM6742 says:

    Hi! Thank you for your all amazing videos. When I watch them I feel that I am in an another world  :)) !!! I am really beginner "painter" althought I am 47. But nothing is too late . this is my opinion. I practice a lot and only abstact. This is the style when you can paint the music of your soul. I love your all paintings…. I wonder how talented are you and how nice to watch you as a painter… as a woman. You help me a lot. Thanks, thanks :)))

  • Agnès Gotte says:

    Bravo les filles !!!

  • Chris Holt says:

    It is always a joy to watch your videos and this one is uplifting!!!!  Your enthusiasm and energy is infectious.  Thank you very much.

  • Gena Kiekhafer says:

    Amazing how you two paint like each other!! Love it!😊♡

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