Acrylic Painting | How to Paint Hydrangeas | #Angelooney Paint In

Acrylic Painting | How to Paint Hydrangeas | #Angelooney Paint In

Hi everyone. Today I will be showing you how to paint hydrangas. This is part of a collaboration with Cinnamon Cooney, Angela Anderson and Jane Font of Painting with Jane. so when you’re finished watching this tutorial go over to their channels and check out theirs. I’ll leave the links in the description box
and also in the icards in the corner there. I’ll be painting on an 11″ by 14″ canvas. be using a quarter inch filbert, a half inch flat, a quarter inch flat and a number three liner. So lets get started. Ok. To begin the first thing I did was sketch my image onto the canvas using watercolour pencils. This is the original sketch I did. You can find this printable on my Pinterest board. The link is down in the description box. I’ll be painting the
hydrangeas purple and blue. So some of them with be purple and some of them will be blue. I’ll be using permanent blue-violet paint It’s just a dark purple. Use a dark purple that you have and that should be fine. I’m also using titanium white and a half inch flat brush. What I want to do is block in all the colour. So mixed some of this purple and some of the white. to create a lighter tone I’m just going to block in the colourthe color One by one I’m going to add a little bit more darker purple and clean off my paintbrush first. I’m just going to add some shading around the bottom because the light is coming from here. Just darken it up a bit. Blend it in with the other colour. It doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s going to be covered with the flower petals. Just like that. Just going to blend it in. I’m going to clean off my brush Just add a bit of white to the top here… …while it’s still wet. A tad bit more. I’m going to block in the next purple flower…. …the same way I did it with this. And don’t forget to do the sides. Some darker purple where there would be shading which would be right here. Just blend it outwards Add some white to highlight this area because light is coming from this way. Then again. Add the shading with the darker purple which would be right on this edge because it’s tucked under this one. and same with this one. This one is behind this one so there is shading right there. Add some highlight to the top. Just a little bit. This one Do it the same way you did with those. Add some highlight. Now I am going to use phthalo blue and titanium white to do the blue ones. I’m going to do them exactly the same way I did with the purple ones. I’m going to mix the blue and some titanium white. I’m going to add a little bit of purple. You can make your hydrangas any color you like There is so many different choices. You could make them all purple, all pink, all blue Whatever you like. Even ivory. I think I will add a little bit of black to that. Add some white… …to highlight it. Need some more purple here. I’m just going to mix up some more of that blue. Tad of white. A little bit of purple and a little bit of phthalo blue. Add a bit of that black to shade it. Maybe just a tad more black to that. Darken it a bit. Add a bit of white to the blue Then highlight it at the top. Not too light because the petals should be lighter than the background. It doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s going to be covered. And then do the same with these ones. I’m going to shade it again, the same way I did with those ones. I’m going to do the black shading there… …or the darker blue shading, I mean. Just going to add a little bit under the leaf. Perhaps a little hightlighting here so it defines it a bit. Now I am going to use olive green and light olive green to block in the paint on the leaves. and also i will be using a little bit of black to shade…. …with the olive green. The first thing I am going to do is use this quarter inch flat brush… …and block in the olive green. Mix a little bit of black with the green. Just shade around the flowers, where the leaf tucks in behind the flowers. just blend it in to the wet paint. I’m going to clean my paintbrush off and then highlight the tip with the light olive green Just blend it in. Then we are going to do the rest of the leaves like that, in the same manner. Now I am going to mix some yellow ochre with titanium white. It’s equal parts. So I am just going to mix it up for the background. I am also going to add a little bit more white and blend it into that as I am painting. Don’t forget to do the sides. We will do those first. Add a bit of white there. Maybe I will add some white to lighten up some areas. I think I like it! Maybe a little more here. Now it’s time to paint on the little petals onto the hydrangas. So what I am going to do is mix some blue and white to create a slightly lighter colour than this one. Add some purple. That should be good. I have a #6 filbert. It’s about a quarter inche across What I am going to do is start with the blue ones that are behind the puple ones. I am going to dip my brush into the blue I just mixed up. and then dip the tip into the white and then just do this. Dip it into the blue. little bit of white and I am going to start where the main colour is It’s a four petal flower I am just going to keep adding them to that section. Dip it in the white. and then add it to the background like that. Dip it in the white Like that. Four little petals. The closer you get to the shading the darker it should be. I am going to add some dark blue there. I am going to add the lighter blue as a highlight. The closer you get to where the highlighting is the lighter part, add more white to the blue. Dip the tip in the white. Like that. Try to leave some background colour. Lighten up my blue a bit. The closer you get to the shade the darker the main blue is. The closer you get to the edge you don’t really have to define them because they are tucked in. Maybe just add a few more light ones. And add a few little petals just to fill in the spaces a little bit better. I am going to do the same thing with the other blues. Starting with my lighter blue my medium blue. I’m going to dip it in the white. and then add it. Just like that. too much white. You can always go over it. Don’t forget to do the sides Just adding some petals. You can’t really see that but…. ….it’s the same way as the rest of it. So basically it’s just the impression of flowers. They are not defined as well as a realistic one but… …you get the picture. So that is it so far Don’t forget to do the sides. I am going to add a little bit more dark to this part. a little bit of light blue dipped in white right here, just to define this one. One here. A little bit lighter here. Now I will do the purple ones in the exact same way. I am going to dip it in the purple dip the tip into the white and add…. …just a little bit more white. I am going to add more white to the purple pick up some more white in the tip Put a darker purple for… …this section because it is in the shade. …and just put random… …small ones because maybe they are peaking out. behind the other petals. I am going to add a little bit more dark purple. right here. Now I am going to do this one here so… …I will start with the darker purple. A few more highlighted ones. Just to define this edge here. Now I am just going to add a few dark ones here. I am going to take my white chalk pencil and just draw on the veins of the leaves. It is very light. and easily erasable. I have my olive green and my light olive green. I am just going to mix the two colours Two parts, one part each, I mean. …so half and half. I am just going to highlight inbetween the chalk marks. Just kind of scrubbing it on. Just lightly. Not too much paint. Start in the middle and blend it outward. Now take some light olive green and add a little bit. and a little bit more to this edge because the light. With a number three liner I am going to dip it in the light olive green and a tiny bit of water to it just to water it down. I am going to add the vein right on top of the chalk mark. Blend it at the end because it is in shade. That is one leaf. I’ll do the same with the other leaves. Just a little bit more here. I am going to add the veins to the leaves. I am just going to mix these together again. and just add a few more light spots. A little bit on the sides too. and there we go! It is finished. It could be hung this way or this way. So I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please go check out the other painting tutorials from Cinnamon Cooney, Angela Anderson and Jane Font from Painting with Jane. Please leave a comment down below and tell me what YOUR favourite flower is. I may just paint it next! Thanks for watching! Have a great day. Bye bye.


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