Acrylic Pouring Painting – Chains and Roses #59

Acrylic Pouring Painting – Chains and Roses #59

hi everybody Lorraine here I have an eleven by fourteen inch canvas and I have a piece of beaded chain and I have paint and I’m
gonna play want to say thank you to everyone for coming to visit with me
tonight I appreciate it if you haven’t
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be notified whenever I upload a video I already have my white paint and what I’m
using is the artist loft flow acrylics for my white and kind of put that down
before I start the video because I love watching YouTube videos I love watching
painting videos of all kinds and I hate watching people spread paint on their
canvas for some reason I usually end up fast-forwarding and getting to the
interesting part so I don’t know how many of you feel the same way hey if you
want to watch me spread paint on my canvas let me know in the comments and
I’ll start spreading paint on my canvas okay what I’m going to do is I’ve got my
beaded chain coiled up here and I am gonna just pour some paint next to it
kind of on top of it this is a master’s touch color it’s called rogue it’s kind
of a deep magenta it is one of my absolute favorite colors cuz it’s so
pretty then I have some ultramarine spread on there and I am going to put
some gold in there too this was one of my favorite color
combinations and I am going to try to very gently pull this outward trying to go slowly because I don’t want
to have my paint go up and over the chain just want to move along this is
leaving a really neat fringe I’m trying really hard to not put my hands right in
the middle so you can’t see what’s going on but I have to gather the chain up as
I go so they don’t drop it I do not want to drop it in my painting and it’s
slippery with paint trying to be very careful I’m gonna gather this up it’s all celling up because the paint is
being agitated moved over each other just like that beautiful little rose
multicolored rose moving around just a little bit stretch it out
there is quite a little bit of paint that I can see in the middle because
pulling that the way that I did it pushed everything towards the center back gently it’s not moving an awful lot
just good I’d really like to expand this out a bit and wipe my chain off I’m wondering if I
dare try to go around the outside edge do I dare? do I dare? I think I do I think
I do I’m just gonna try and lay it carefully right on the outer edge and try not to
be too clumsy about it just like that hold on to it so my
purple flash down I don’t think I’ll put as much this time just kind of drizzle
it around on my ultramarine you know thinline it dripped in the
middle there I wish I wouldn’t have done that little more of this rogue I’m just gonna slowly pull out my hope is if I do it kind of
jaggedly and look more like a flower did not put any of my gold in that last layer that’s what’s missing oh I have to fix that spot sorry if my
arm is right in the middle of it oh it’s so pretty oh pretty okay I’m gonna let
it set for a minute I’m gonna go rinse this chain off and
see if I want to do anything else be right back yeah I’m back I’m gonna zoom
you in so you can see all of the little cells going on here I’m gonna give it a
torch and see if anything else happens there are some air bubbles in there let’s give that a little bit look how cool
that Center looks a little lacing going on little lines here it’s very cool
sorry I shook the camera bring it back out a little bit I want to just fix
these spots that that I don’t like here take this off so gently sweep it away do
the same thing over here gently sweep that away get this little blob here move
it off and I can just fill in the white paint in those areas this is another boring part of the video
to watch okay for some reason I just wanna touch it
make little points come off a little flicks I love it so pretty I give it a little
roll hoping it dries well a little bit more paint in the center than there is
in the outer edges but I think it’s gonna dry pretty well I think it will do
all right okay there we go a little different way of making a flower with a
chain now bring it up so you can see it up close there’s the top edge you can
hear it dripping down it’s pretty cool here’s the center which i think is the
coolest part of it some nice little sweeps out right there in the webbing
it’s very cool thanks for watching my video I appreciate it please like share
and subscribe if you haven’t already and again thanks for visiting bye


  • Painting For Beginners says:

    awesome my friend you are great ,,, god bless you all

  • Art by Susan King says:

    Nice job, I use chains a lot.

  • Katherine-Christina Artist says:

    Very original and it's beautiful! 😊

  • MarenaART says:

    So beautiful! Love it. like from me

  • Rose Lagos says:

    These pulls are my favorite ! be a utiful work !! love ya OMG its sooo fantastical !!


    Bien jolie rose, et technique adaptée pour cette fleur ! (je ne suis pas fan des couleurs de la rose, mais c'est très personnel, je le dis juste pour partager entre spectateur et artiste), bravo !
    je m'abonne
    Very pretty pink, and technique adapted for this flower! (I'm not a fan of the colors of the rose, but it's very personal, I just say to share between spectator and artist), bravo!
    I subscribe

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