welcome back performers today I want to share with you a meditation video to enhance your awareness for your upcoming performance audition or pitch it to let go of unnecessary interferences in order to reach an ideal performing temperature and feeling relaxed at the same time I really want you to take just a couple of minutes to get back to yourself realizing your powers and weaknesses and be aware of your body without using your ego too much don't worry you don't have to fulfill anything here because behavior isn't perfect or flawless we go to the theater and watch movies in place to see real life happening we want to see why people stood up again after they failed we want life nothing else so embrace the idea of being full of mistakes at little imperfections cuz that's just human and beautiful your mission is not to be some sort of a perfect performing machine brush off that false ideal of success and perfectionism perfection is lifeless it's a smokescreen it makes people feel small and you don't want your audience to feel small when they're observing you you want your audience to feel big and move in your behavior delivery you want them to feel satisfied and entertained by your speech by your struggles and by your moments of joy and pleasure personally I prefer to do some sort of workout light jog or deep stretch before running this meditation but it's entirely up to you how you want to connect to yourself but surely I want you to turn off your social media accounts and forget the everyday frenzy for the duration of this guided relaxation and realization be happy to find this time just for you and your future performance search for a quiet and safe place in your apartment or out in the nature grab some water if you prefer plug in your headphones and let's start this journey together first of all just breathe breathe in positive energy light and harmony and breathe out all dark matter distracting thoughts and those little problems we all face every day in Eastern philosophy the breath is associated with the creator itself it's the guiding principle of life breathing is regarded as the first immaculate step towards creation regeneration and decay so let's wipe out all the sticky dark stuff that drains energy and that stands in between us and our peak performance envision yourself standing onstage in front of your audience facing a casting director a camera or your client take a closer look at the whole scenery observe carefully how you move and speak and without any judgement ask yourself do alike what I've created am i likeable to work with can I convince my audience then envision yourself going through your previous training how much work how much sweat you put into your prep how many resources you read how many times you went through your lines and how you place yourself in uncomfortable performing environments to stress test your concentration and finally be proud about the passion you put into your act thank yourself for your resilience for your consistency and let go of the unrealistic goal of being perfect see yourself presenting your target character like a learning experiment and now let's introduce our mantra I am here I am there I am everywhere if your mind starts to wander around get it back by repeating the mantra even stronger I am Here I am there I am everywhere now take your deepest breath fill your lungs dive into the ocean of yourself and repeat it once again I am Here I am there I am everywhere repeat the mantra silently in your mind while you keep breathing [Laughter] [Laughter] it's time to release the mantra slowly come back with your focus take one less breath let this affirmation enlighten you from the inside hold this beautiful thought for just another moment and then let it go open up your eyes now you're ready to perform thank you so much for joining me on this practice today if you here for the first time consider subscribing and share this video to your community let us know with a comment and a thumbs up if you like this video follow us on social media such as Facebook and Instagram I can't wait to see you again do love it


  • Ismene Heilmann says:

    Super Sache…aber sowas in deutsch wäre super….LG

  • Frau Holle says:

    Tolle Meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️💗
    Ich würde mich auch sehr über eine deutsche Version freuen. Ich kann zwar ganz gut englisch, aber Meditationen sind für mich leichter in deutsch, sonst denke ich zu viel. 🙈

  • Francesco Rucco says:

    this meditation really made my day . so impressive thank you coach keep up with the good work !!!! can' t wait for the next video

  • Kurtis Sanders VIDEOS says:

    Wow! You're really impressive. The best instructional videos I've ever seen. You have a very powerful charisma that really is uplifting to the viewer. I give you thumbs up my friend. (y)

  • pm 7505 says:

    Mega gutes Video, mach weiter so🔥👍

  • Martina Leipold says:

    Nice Video! Mach weiter so! 😊😎😘

  • senad cvetkovic says:

    really love this type of content ! great stuff dude go on!!!

  • Goal- Shoot #11 says:


  • The speaziale One says:


  • Lisa Kurz says:


  • BVB Hater says:

    Cooles Video👍🏻 weiter so bro

  • Shake your save says:

    Danke für das Video! Mach bitte weiter! Du motivierst mich👍🏻 kannst du mal ein Deutsch sprachiges Video machen?

  • Daniel Alexander says:

    Dear Alessandra and Lorenzo,

    Thank you for sharing your new video with me, and thank you for your patience regarding my response. It is a very busy week for me, a very good thing but also why it took me so long to get back to you. It was raining straight through for 5 days in LA, quite the experience in a place where sunshine and clear blue sky dominate the weather almost all year.

    I watched your meditation video a couple of times to let it sink in and let the words and the mood sit there for a bit. The video is truly well made and carefully put together, the scenery is beautiful and the weather gives it a calming, meditative, remote note. Nature in a slumber and in a state of regeneration, I thought this truly resonates with your message. Also, what I love about the video is the sincerity within the guidance; because the message is deep and spiritual, since the main idea is the channeling of energy, of pure and good energy into one’s performance, the pace of Lorenzo’s guidance and the flow of sound and video shots make for a wonderful combo. The idea of mediation and energy being the root of our every ‘peak performance’ really interests me, it goes beyond the technical. I truly hope that you can continue to develop a series of such videos, where people are guided to channel good energy into performance, and to let go of the battles in their hearts because of pressure and ambition from having to deliver a perfect performance for the sake of feeling approved. To connect to oneself, Lorenzo mentioned, this video guidance for meditation is a great opportunity for the start of that journey, and I think you guys are onto something here, something unique that can deepen and grow over time as a major part of your concept. In an era where most people are caught up in a materialistic mindset, transience, and egoism, connecting one’s craft with oneself, a deeper awareness of self and the surrounding world, is certainly going to bring a better sense of fulfillment. I truly believe that people, especially artists are seeking this sense of bond and oneness with everything. Your message takes performers back to the basics which are indispensable, and I’m excited that you start your new year with this particular guidance. Wonderful choice of sound, the visuals, the slow calm pace. And it’s refreshing to see all of you in the video, the human aspect. You’re a team, and sharing that unity with your audience will create a more personal relationship, even your cat is featured. 🙂 I have had a few training sessions on mediation in Japan, and I usually do one training when I head back for the seminars. The benefit of meditation is beyond limits as it deals with the inner cosmos, which is infinite. It’s a communication with the universe beyond words. It’s like Lorenzo said, it’s the first to come and the last to go, it’s to ride on the principle of creation as if it was a wave. No matter if people believe in God or not, to breathe along with the world, to be here, there, and everywhere, is to expand ones’s awareness and to open one’s heart. It’s to let go of obsessions and attachments and to become more transparent. And you have started your video with the drop of water, our life giving element.

    Thank you for your hard hard work, and for constantly seeking a path, improving yourselves and working together. 🌳👏

  • Christiane Unterweger says:

    A great video. 👏I didn't think that you had such a calming voice.🙏 Meditation was designed to empower every person in his daily life in order to gain new strength. An enrichment, structuring and regulation of our personality and body.For example… it should be brought closer to the children in the school, then they would be more suitable for today's performance society. Thanks for the good food for thought… 😘

  • peter gewer says:

    i'm from L.A. and this film is definitely gonna be my mantra-video for the year!! love

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