Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Cave Museum Display!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Cave Museum Display!

Adam Savage here with another one day
build. I am in my cave and today’s one day build is a display one day build my
cave is separated into two broad sections this is the shop section I’m
sitting in now and just to decide of me the west of me is my display section
with all of my lit billy bookcase cabinets from Ikea filled with glass
shelves and lit and because I like the museum type aspect of it I have started
in the last couple of years to take more seriously the display of some of the
more precious objects that I have and I love the way museums display things and
carefully soldered brass clips that make sure they don’t impart any marks to the
piece I love it when I see the little metal supports for bird skeletons and
stuff like that and one of the first exercises I I played with was with this
subject right here now this is an object of incredible history history this is
one of Bob Dylan’s harmonicas through various channels a friend of Bob’s gave
this to me a few years ago and I had it sitting on a shelf here and then I was
visiting a musician a famous musician who’s a good friend of mine and he had a
Bob Dylan harmonica and he had it in this big picture box with this sign it
said Bob Dylan’s armonica and I thought if he pays that much respect to Bob
Dylan’s harmonica what kind of asshole am i that I have it just sitting on a
shelf so I built this display for it and this is comprised of a very careful
little brass holder with a little pressure reliever on the side of the
harmonica and it sits in this bell jar bass and there you have it that is my
Bob Dylan harmonica display now this is just as by way of showing you an example
today I am building a new display for a new object I have just got recently I
was lucky enough to participate in a performance at New York City’s Radio
City Music Hall a legendary Palace Theater I mean it is
an unbelievable venue never been inside it’s gorgeous from top
to bottom it’s over a hundred years old and the crew there the local union crew
that oversees it is deeply proud of their beautiful venerable building and
several of them took pains to show me around at some of the stuff they found
most fascinating so I got this incredible ground-level tour of this
amazing piece of engineering and it is a piece of engineering there are three
lifts on the stage at Radio City that go up and down like 40-plus feet on these
hydraulic and air pressured Rams that are over a hundred years old
in fact the hydraulic elevators of aircraft carriers that move planes
around the first ones were based off of Radio City’s lift so during World War
two Radio City Music Hall was a protected site it was a military secret
yeah so as I was getting the tour downstairs of the hydraulics of the
mechanics the ancient boilers and the amazing marriage between the old and the
modern in order to operate this equipment safely the guy showing me
around was saying that different seasons different things can fall through the
cracks of the stage of course because these lifts they move up and down but
there’s gaps between them you have to have a little tolerance and stuff falls
through those gaps and depending on the season you find different things and it
turns out that over Christmas one of the things you find is Rockette jewelry yes
the famous New York Rockettes Christmas show happens every Christmas season at
Radio City Music Hall it is a New York tradition one that I have never partaken
in and I now will having seen some of the scope and the scale and the amazing
performance they do but here is two pairs of Rockette earrings and they were
given to me on my tour and I am gratefully adding them to my collection
and I thought I want to make a nice display for these Rockette earrings and
so that is what my one-day build will be today they display a proper museum type
display for Rockette earrings now I recognize that these are inexpensive
pieces of costume jewelry but it’s the history that they describe that makes
them interesting because they’re worn by the famous Rockettes I’ve got two pairs
here and I think I’m just going to make a
display for this pair this pair I will keep nearby but I’m not gonna make a
second display I guess I can they’re clip-on so I can just wear them for the
duration of this build as for how I’m going to display them I have an option
which I like which is to display them inside this shadow box here but then I
was thinking like what is the best way to display them in a shadow box and I
thought about an object then I was wondering if it existed and I went onto
Amazon and sure enough it does silicone ears so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
make a frame for the rock head earrings in the silicone ears oh look at that
yeah we’ll probably do it like this oh wait oops it’s getting it wrong there we
go that’s it look at that so I’m gonna display my rocket earrings in this on
the silicon ears suspended in the shadow box it’s actually going to be a pretty
straightforward and quick assembly but I think the end results gonna look pretty
darn cool it’s dusty and I’ve had this thing for years I like building displays
into these window boxes these shadow boxes they’re fairly inexpensive so that
one slips in yeah let’s see by 3 inches 1/2 inch
they’re like three and a half okay so if three and a half is the middle then
three and four in the last few months I’ve done a couple of different styrene
scratch-building videos and I can’t remember if I’ve actually covered
cutting a hole through the middle of styrene but I am going to cover that
right now because it’s an important skill to know if you’re going to be
scratch building with styrene you don’t have to use saws to cut holes in the
middle of styrene you can actually just use well the technique I’m about to show
you but first let me get this set let me free these two pieces of styrene from
their home so I can start to work on them individually
score score this is what I love about styrene one score pop it out oh it’s the
best doink now I have two identical pieces
that should fit inside of this they do and I’m going to cut out the holes for
the ears I’m going to cut out some ear holes obviously one could laser cut this if
one was so inclined and I certainly could I really this stage in my life I
just prefer doing it by hand all right so now I have a piece of styrene which
has the scores for popping out these windows but if I start to bend this on
this I could easily torque it or break it
so in popping out internal windows and you could do this with I’ve done this
with every shape imaginable from circles to hexagons to squares here is my method
I go from one corner to the other and I simply score an X across the diagonals
of my rectangle and I want this score to be fairly deep with styrene you can get
a good snap with even a shallow score but I want this thing to favor breaking
on these lines first so I’m gonna give it a double score and cut quite deep
actually okay so now I’ve got a window with these two Center holes and I’m
gonna just start just gonna start manipulating it across those until I
hear a telltale snap oh there we go I felt it rather than I heard it there
we go okay so you can see now it’s starting to
separate so again I’m just sort of riding it along those seams without
trying to get them to extend any farther because styrene breaks can propagate and
you don’t want them to do that this is something you’ll get better at with
experience now I’ve actually separated across both of the axes of both of my
X’s so now popping out these windows should be as simple as there we go
popping out a triangle I may have to do a little clean-up on this at the other
end but still it’s a lot easier than using a scroll saw tell you that there
goes one that goes the other there’s the third there we go so I got a
little bit a little bit of cleanup right there or and there yeah not bad this is
really neat when you start cutting out large circles out of big things when I
was doing the we bows for flubber this is how we cut out all the internal holes
on the thing and we’re all done by hand with an exacto blade it’s really you can
do some fairly sensitive little cutouts it’s quite a versatile technique we go
and oh now that’s gonna be the hero side I can’t even describe to you how soft
these ears are they really like they they feel exactly like real ears except
without the cartilage so absurd so absurd okay come on there we go it fits
inside this window box that’s looking pretty good needs to be just an inch and
50 so that means I need this whole distance to be an inch and fifty
thousand since the glass yeah I’m gonna have to put the glass in the bottom to
it so it’s a little bit under pressure make a mark here all right that’s nice
all the way around so all I got to do is take this frame down
to that line and this whole thing should assemble quite nicely my frame is cut let’s assemble this guy
there we go her fagged oh I love it I’m so happy
about this it’s great just a little bit better yeah air on
this yep a little bit of positive pressure
there we go ladies and gentlemen my museum type display for Rockhead
earrings I’m really pleased with that that came out loves me some shadow boxes you


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    Also Adam: uses finger+Pencil as a depth scribe

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    Seems like the ambition on these one day build videos have gone down a lot.

  • John Sondericker says:

    You should build a Wunderkammer.

  • DarkblueIbanez says:

    i think this channel deserves a shout out and I think you would like them

  • Alex Bernards says:

    12:23 I wish I had that kind of confidence

  • Guy Incognito says:

    And this was what made me unsub.
    Goodbye liberal cesspool of what once was the Mythbusters.

  • DigitalRanger says:

    Wow, so simple, straight forward, done in one day…… I would have thought Adam would have cast molds of his wife's ears, made clear acrylic copies of them, and mounted them lighted in a bell jar.

  • Adrian Arran says:

    A very simple one day build but I love every one he does. Keep them up Adam

  • jamie harvey says:

    Anybody else think that Adam looks like elton john with those earrings on

  • Blotted says:

    You truly are a gem, Adam. Your life is full of wonder and excitement.

  • Blotted says:

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  • Роман Дубровин says:

    I'm sorry, my comment is not related to video, and may be you already got tons of such questions but I didn't find a convincing answer to this question as an old train.
    Long time ago(and may be for today in some part of Russia) we had toilets in the carriages of trains, which were a small hole in the floor and everybody wondered what would happen if somebody will throw a pinch-bar into it at full speed. No one dared to try it, and all the stories about what they tried looked unconvincing. Since the Internet emerged and the question became a local Russian meme, such toilets are gone, but the question remained unanswered. What will happen if somebody will throw pinch-bar at full speed into the toilet of the train?

    PS: I really sorry for my bad English.

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    You know what else that would make me happy? Having that little whistle that Adam makes at around 12:15 as a ringtone/notification on my phone. Not the one from the video- it's too quiet. Someone needs to put a mic in front of Adam and do some ridiculously over-produced sound design.

    Can we make that happen?

  • Lennart Clausen says:

    Please more of these display builds. It's so cool to see how you figure out a solution for each problem. And nice earrings Adam.

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    Happy birthday adam

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    Adam, I love your enthusiasm for this stuff. Thanks for sharing Tested with the world.

  • James Barisitz says:

    Great installation Adam. P-Touch a descriptive label for the back or bottom of EVERYTHING for the day you get senile or die. Video the collection. Saves time for your inheritors. Saves time with the insurance company if you get robbed. Peace of mind all around. Just a pain in the ass to do. But someday when you forget who gave you something, simply turn the case over, read the number on the back beside the description, and look it up in the master ledger to see the date acquired, people involved etc. and any info to deep for a simple label. Try it 100 items to see how it goes. Next project – The leather bound Master Ledger. Do it- You know that would be Awesomely Cool! Jules Verne approved project I think.

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    I also wanted to say, I really enjoyed this display one day build, and would love to see more in the future! Like Adam I enjoy the museum type of display for quality pieces in a persons collection, it really helps to show their value.

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