Alejandro Romero – Artist in Residence at Green Olive Arts

Alejandro Romero - Artist in Residence at Green Olive Arts

I am alejandro I was born in Puerto Rico is in an island in the Caribbean I live in Canada so that makes me a person that lives in different countries and I was tracing my generations back and I found that my great grandfather immigrated to Puerto Rico from the Canary Islands but originally he was from northern Africa in my research I found this great place that green olive art was based in Morocco and they were exactly doing a residency that they do every year but this year the the subject was about exactly that migration and displacement so I said that this is a perfect fit for me for many for many reasons I'm working on a project that is called sole purpose and idea we're just talking about migration and displacement of Islamic people with all this Syrian refugee crisis that is happening there's a lot of biases that people have about Islam and what they think is Islam means and what they think Islamic people are so this project that I am working on it's an installation that is going to be in a public place that is going to be speaking about some of the influences of Islamic culture in in Western culture and most of it is based on on that idea of the journey and the journey happy some of them are the thought of moving to a place with creates and generate that displacement but in the process there's challenges during the journey there's decisions that you need to make there's places that you need to go but there's also unknown and empty places and places that you have to wait and also I'm building a court of a portal because I get in every journey you have a gate and it's just that moment that you decide that you're gonna go in that journey there's three different arches in in Islamic architecture one of them is the horseshoe arch for the door or a gate and I'm using one of those to incorporate a bring context to the project

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