All About Writer Critiques & Critique Partners | PROJECT KEEP DONATION DRIVE + GIVEAWAY

All About Writer Critiques & Critique Partners | PROJECT KEEP DONATION DRIVE + GIVEAWAY

hello everybody I have a huge announcement I am super excited about it and you should be too cliff and I have officially launched our very first YouTube charity drive we are working with the great folks over at project keep in order to raise money and supplies for kids in foster care project keep is an organization founded by advocates from Marin County California their goal is to provide all the foster kids in their area with backpacks filled with toiletries school supplies at clothing and so on when kids under foster care there are often taken out of their home or school during crisis situations and they're not able to take any of their belongings with them if they do get to bring their stuff they have to drag it around in a trash bag that's why this drive is so important to us it gives foster kids the essentials they need cliff spent time in the foster system as a kid so he knows firsthand just how meaningful a backpack can be the drive starts right now and there are two ways that you can get involved number one you can donate money it's super easy just one click every dollar helps number two you can donate new and unused supplies we're talking diapers backpacks school supplies clothing blankets books I could go on all of the information is listed on my website you can donate money directly through my site I also have a list of all the supplies needed as well as the mailing address for sending the supplies it's all available in the link below click on it look at it participate do it now but wait there's more we are setting up donation and goals with this strive and with each goal achieved we're handing out prizes that's right it's a giveaway as a matter of fact we have already reached the first goal of raising a hundred dollars which means one lucky person is walking away with prai's right now congratulations to this wonderful human being you are receiving a sign hardback of the saviors champion along with a TS d swag pack whoo-hoo these are our next two donation goals once one of them is met we will be handing out another prize all of the prizes are listed on my website so go take a look this Drive is going on until the end of August so you have a month and a half to get on the hype help out some foster kids and help out project keep it's an amazing cause and we definitely need your support moving on today we're going over the critique part of the writing process this is a topic I've discussed in the past however I still receive a lot of questions about it so today I'm covering it in much more depth today I'm answering every question you guys have asked me about critiques in three two one go what is a critique a critique also known as an assessment is an evaluation of your work in progress someone reads through your work and points out its overall strengths and weaknesses oftentimes they leave comments in the margins and they may make a few edits to the work itself what's the difference between a critique and a beta review a critique is a lot more in-depth than a beta review beta readers simply read your work in progress and give their reactions they tell you what they liked and what they didn't like critique partners analyze a whole lot more than the story itself they may give you tips regarding the grammar or syntax they may even dissect the structure of your story well a beta reader gives you basic reactions a critique partner will leave comments and edits in the document itself they are way more hands-on additionally a beta reader is just that a reader they do not have to have any experience as a writer a critique partner on the other hand is a writer or an editor they need to have a knowledge of the craft what's the difference between a critique and an edit a critique is way less in-depth than a professional edit a professional editor is going to go through your entire manuscript with a fine-tooth comb for example if you have issues with punctuation a copy editor will fit sit where as a critique partner will just tell you hey your punctuation is a mess then leave you to figure it out by your damn self their job is to point out problems and help you brainstorm but they're not going to give you back your manuscript perfectly polished the way in editor would what is a pratik partner a critique partner is a fellow writer who critiques your manuscript typically critique partners have an arrangement where they swap manuscripts they critique your manuscript and you critique theirs however there are exceptions so please make sure you and your critique partner are on the same page what should I look for in a critique partner number one they should be at a similar skill level as you if they're a shitty writer they're not gonna be that much help am i right it also helps if your skills a complement or balance one another for example you're great at character building and they're great at world building number two they enjoyed the genre you're writing and you enjoyed the genre they're writing otherwise critiquing is gonna be a real bitch plus if they don't read your genre they have no expertise with it which means their critiques are probably gonna be useless number three you should probably get along with them you're gonna be talking back and forth with this person for a long time so if you absolutely cannot stand them that's an issue and number four you have the same expectations discuss the time frame for your critique and what you expect out of it make sure you're on the same page to avoid any future confusion or confrontation when should I seek out a critique partner this is totally up to you you can seek out a critique partner during your first draft or during your tenth draft the only general rule is that you've got to do it before the professional edit or else there's pretty much no point a professional edit is generally seen as the final stage of polishing your manuscript and critiques prepare manuscripts for that stage where do I find a boutique partner you can find critique partners anywhere writers lurk Twitter Tumblr Facebook discord YouTube online writing groups in-person writing groups libraries and forums my patreon writing group cyborg central has a channel devoted – matching critique partners so if you haven't found one yet you can always check us out how many critique partners should I enlist this again is a judgment call it really depends on your needs and your schedule I personally like to have two or three critique partners but that's just me if you have more than five then you're probably spreading yourself too thin how can I tell my critique partner sucks number one they do nothing but compliment you this person is reading a draft of your manuscript there is absolutely no way that it's perfect don't get it twisted compliments are a part the critique process this person should be telling you what's working and enjoyable in your manuscript but if that's all they're giving you their eye they're not very skilled or they're just kissing your ass number two they act like a dick it's one thing to say this scene is really slow you should really beef up the pacing it's another to say wow this scene is boring what the hell were you thinking it's important to have thick skin whenever you're receiving feedback but if someone is heckling you they're not a critique partner they're just an asshole number three you wait forever for feedback again you need to discuss your expectations with your partner and that includes the time frame it must pass and they haven't so much as read a chapter it's time to find someone new and number four there's hardly any feedback your critique partner doesn't have to leave ten comments on every page but if they're hardly commenting at all they suck there's no point in a critique partner who doesn't actually critique how do I break up with a shitty critique partner it depends on the situation if they're not performing at the right level you could tactfully say hey I don't think this is working out for me but I appreciate all you've done thus far if they're not getting the chapters read in a timely manner you can simply say hey it seems like you're too busy to critique no hard feelings I'm gonna find someone else but if they're bullying you or making you uncomfortable you are well within your rights to ghost a bitch what is a professional critique a professional critique or assessment is when you pay someone to critique your manuscript typically if you're seeking out a professional it's from someone who has experience in the industry that well exceeds your own and you respect their work and expertise some professional editors also offer critique packages but again keep in mind a critique and an edit are not the same thing some published authors also offer critique services and while being an author on its own does not qualify someone to be an editor it can potentially qualify them to offer critiques is a professional critique required no it's not for some and listing critique partners is perfectly fine for others they want the reassurance that comes with hiring a professional how do I know if I need a professional critique no clue if you're worried about your manuscript and want a professional opinion before working out the big money for an editor then hiring someone for a professional critique may be a good idea however no one can tell you if you need one that is 100% a personal judgement how do I find someone to professionally critique my writing typically writers I know have gone by recommendations from other writers you can check to see if your editor or your friends editors offer critique packages you can also check to see if your favorite authors offer critique packages three writers I know who offer critique services that I personally recommend or sam kass a Aaron Kinsella and Hannah Lee Kidder CEO cafe is a fantasy writer as well as a sensitivity reader Aaron Kinsella is a historical fantasy and romance writer as well as a youtuber and Hannah Lee Kidder is a contemporary writer and youtuber as well again whether you enlist a professional critique is up to you you are not required to do so these are just people that I myself have worked with and recommend based on personal experience if I get a critique do I still need an editor yes let's say it one more time for the people in the back a critique is not an edit and a critique does not replace an edit even if you paid for a professional critique guess what you still gotta hire an editor critique partners are wonderful they are a valuable part of the writing process but they are not as valuable as an editor do not for a second fool yourself into thinking that cheak partner is enough they're not enough and you're an idiot that's all I got for you today don't forget to check out my project keep drive we are handing out prizes and you could be next I have all of the information listed below you have until the end of August to get involved as soon as we hit 500 dollars in funding or ten donations I will be handing out another prize be sure to check out my website for a list of the prizes I will be continuing to update it but right now we've got a ton of amazing books that we're handing out we've got bookish and bright early merchandise check it out don't forget to subscribe to my channel I post new videos on Wednesdays and if you want to be alerted as soon as app load ring that bell because I have it on good authority that there are going to be some bonus videos coming up the savior's champion is available in eBook paperback hardback signed hardback as well as audiobook if you are new to audiobooks you can listen to TSE on audible for free I have all the information listed below and be sure to follow me on social media I'm on Instagram a Tumblr Facebook and of course you can tweet me at Jenna Marcy bye this is when Boonton if you haven't subscribed to Jenna's channel then by all means go for it the people will love you for it go on press the button ding that Bell see you soon


  • Sharon Savington says:

    I love that you chose project Keep for this! My four siblings and I were all placed in foster care. Not only were we completely unprepared for life as foster children, we also only had the clothes on our backs and whatever we could carry with us. Going into it, we were too young to know we needed our own toiletries and had none. So from all that, as a former ward of the state I just want to say thank you for supporting the cause so other kids have a better transition. πŸ’–

  • lost in a booKCase says:

    Talking about foster care, giveaways, charity, all the good stuff yet your puppy looks so impassive about the whole thing :))

  • Anna Patton says:

    As someone on the Board of Executives for the Foster Care Clothing Closet in my area, I truly appreciate your involvement in Project Keep. πŸ’™

  • Adam Smailes says:

    There's something surprisingly satisfying about the word Manuscript. It's a lovely word to write, read, say and hear!

  • 21melpomene says:

    I had my manuscript critiqued by a professional editor when I hit the wall after my beta readers and CPs had given me feedback for my second draft. Best decision I've made in the writing process so far. She was polite, prompt, and incredibly helpful, and I've had very few issues while rewriting and restructuring my novel. I found her by subscribing to her newsletter and decided I liked her voice. Her name is Sophie Playle and the URL is if anyone's interested.

  • woodlandlady says:

    Thank you Jenna . Always a pleasure to hear your advice. You lift my day! πŸ’–

  • Moody Weather says:

    It's not a true Jenna advice unless it includes "…you're an idiot." :))

  • Miss Mermade says:

    If you go for traditional pub instead of self pub you don't need an editor. Only in that case though

  • Steven Partridge says:

    I really appreciate the explanation of the differenciation between critique and edit and beta. Also, the #ProjectKEEPdrive is so cool!!! You guys are awesome to think of it!

  • Emily Caravaca says:

    Could you do a video topic on multiple view points or switching view points in writing ?

  • jane of many trades says:

    I was one of those foster kids you described. It eventually became more horrible of an environment than the home I was born in. Thankfully I was adopted 5 yrs later. I love that you are doing this charity. I wish there as one when I was in foster care. I feel for those kids going through this. Through counseling after adoption I was encouraged to write things down and that is how I began writing. Oh, how things work out.

  • James M says:

    Cliff's backstory revealed…

  • Sailor says:

    I adore your videos, its so nice to get such measured and professional advice for both writing and editing πŸ˜€ I take notes watching your videos because they're so useful!

  • Sailor says:

    Awww your doggo looked so relaxed and sleep <33 so cute!!

  • Megan Green says:

    I would like some advice: I’m getting my first book baby ready for the world. I’ve already seen an editor, but he’s the only person who’s actually read the book in its entirety. Is that okay?

  • Chelseababylove says:

    if we wanted to order supplies online (like from amazon) and send them to the address provided would that work?

  • ManiaMac1613 says:

    Great video, Jenna! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go on a quest to rescue my kidnapped critique partner, because he hasn't left a single comment on my manuscript in weeks, which means he's clearly being held hostage by the Russians.

  • Jay Ferguson says:

    You could tactfully say: "Hey,-" <youtube inserts an ad>

  • Jayna Morrow says:

    Bags of Love is a similar program. So wonderful!!

  • Beast for She says:

    MY CYBORG QUEEN as someone who grew up in foster care: Thank you so much for you doing something for these kids! You're great, and I want to wholeheartedly thank you and let you know I appreciate you!

  • DarkPrincess says:

    I have a question. I write in a dead subgenre but if the subgenre suddenly becomes popular due a famous author who releases a novel with the subgenre, will my novel suddenly become desirable by agents just because he subgenre is hot in the market?

  • Hey_JasLittle says:

    This is such a great cause. What kind of books are you hoping to have donated? School books or ones for just fun reading? I have some that YA books that are in new condition that they might enjoy. I also have some new children’s books.

  • Ayako says:

    Why am I so uninspired to write ;^;

  • SoulFire39 says:

    Hmm…I wonder how much I'd have to pay you to get you to critique my work, Jenna? I'm finally getting close to being done this beautiful mess. Do you do dystopia?
    Okay, does ANYONE here do (happy ending) dystopia?

  • Natalie Arcadi says:

    How do you find a critique partner? I am the only writer in my friend group and have an extremely hard time branching out (hey, what can I say, I’m a writer.)
    Do you have to have some sort of personal connection, or can you go on line and ask around for writers like myself?

    On a different note, thanks Jenna, for another amazing video! My first thought every Wednesday is Jenna’s posting a video today! Keep it up!

  • Phantom King says:

    Stopped listening to one of my favorite songs to come watch Jenna

  • Lavi Stelle says:

    Your videos are always so detailed, you make me realize every time that there is so much I still don't know about publishing XD XD XD Thank you so much!

  • Bri Poth says:

    I got a target gift card for my birthday and I had no idea what to do with it cause I don't shop there and don't have any needs atm, never thought I would feel good about buying school supplies

  • Jasmine Sweeney says:

    I love you!!!

  • Richie Rich says:

    Can you explain how taxes work as an author? Because authors don't use W-2's

  • Morgan Dodge says:

    Wait? I need an editor? πŸ˜› Why have you never told me this before? (sarcasm emoji)

  • irifrjiwfijriffr ggujb says:

    What is a sensitivity reader?
    It is sooooo great that u are doing this for foster kids , we need more people like u and Cliff πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Amy Leigh says:

    I found my critique partner of 3+ years by contacting her and saying something like, 'Wow. I really like your stuff! I'd love to trade ideas with you!' Reach out first, especially if you like their style. Nobody wants to be asked to do a job but everybody likes compliments and the idea of free help.

  • Myella says:

    You gave me goosebumps with that announcement. Thank you to you and Cliff for doing this. My husband and I took in two foster children years ago, and it was the best thing we ever did. They literally came with just the clothes on their backs. Sadly, we don't foster anymore, but it was certainly eye-opening. Sending positive vibes for a huge success!

  • StarlightViolet Films says:

    In my high school creative writing class, I mostly only got compliments with the critique partners I typically had. Some of my close friends were my best critique partners because they took writing as seriously as I did and provided actually helpful critiques.
    Thanks for sharing this helpful video and the information on the charity drive! I was sure to send some money to help for the cause! πŸ™‚

  • Ryan Perez says:

    Looking for a partner (s). More so idea bouncers than anything else but I'm willing to do the same back!

  • Geeble Evans says:

    Aw! Thanks for another amazing video. I'll try my best to help donate. ✨

  • Anniesa Ortiz says:

    I'm at an extreme beginning stage of writing due to my age, so finding CP's is beyond hard. I try to contact people I know and ask them to review my work and they never do it, and even people who are also into writing don't seem to give me the time of day. And I'm too scared to look for CP's who are more professional because they usually have a lot more experience than I and I'd like my writing to be better if I ever get in touch with someone like that. Relying on myself to see if I think my writing is good is risky, and sometimes I can sense something is wrong but I don't know how to fix it. So I try my best by watching videos like these until I can find someone, and they really do help. So thank you Jenna, for helping amateurs

  • M Hashmi says:

    Two things keep me happy when I'm up writing all night: coffee and the occasional video by this queen. All the best for everything, Jenna. ❀️

  • Malinda Shumpert says:

    This video is so cool! Could you do a video about beta reading?

  • Pug reader247 says:

    What do you think of online writing platforms?

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