• Mari Lima says:

    great dancing, the video is inspiring, i wish i could dance like that

  • chn2cch says:

    Are you kidding me. Can't you see the girl smiling and showing all her emotion in her dancing. The guy was totally getting down and HAD HIS EMOTION! The dance their way and it was awesome. You are just a another dam Hater!

  • chn2cch says:

    You are a dumbass!

  • chn2cch says:

    You are hating on these dancers. They are awesome. Everyone has their own style. Just because they dance different from you doesn't mean they aren't dancing Salsa. These people are very good. And you are a Hater!

  • goldenhoney14 says:

    So true you must feel it all over the body. Mmmm

  • 1000belleza says:

    Porque siempre piensan que la salsa debe bailarse con grandes pasos la salsa se debe sentir y se baila al ritmo de la musica!!!!!

  • S. Bouis says:

    @AngelVencedor2008 and he's like…yeah girl keep spinning…

  • hiverchaud says:

    Where's the sexy?

  • aerobicgirl25 says:

    love it! i want to dance like her

  • vvakavvaki says:

    @Anime15CherryBlossom they are demonstrating skill. Do you see emotions on a hip hop dancer while dancing?nope…same here.

  • Sufi JD says:


  • Sufi JD says:


  • vvakavvaki says:

    @lleziebell03 This music isn`t passionate…it is quick, loud and represents happy feelings…why should one dance with passion to this kind of music O_o

  • Ergopolmos says:

    hate salsa dancing in suits under the tie.

  • vergiber giber says:

    search bolder gazet van antwerpen

  • Sandra Santiago says:

    OMG – far from an amazing performance! They definately have the potential and some good moves, but yes, their arm extentions were very far apart, losing her in the distance and making her look lost alot of times. I could definately put down a great fast paced salsa performance and I think with more practice on cleaning up their dance they'll be good performers.

  • groovyhoovy613 says:

    fantastic!!! <3

  • Edgar Castillo says:

    The spins are great and she looks good, but they're just going at one speed and not all with the music. I'm not a great salsa dancer so last thing I want to do is hate, but I know what good salsa dancers look like and this is not it.

  • mahargengraver says:

    and….when they dance, they move too far apart, which detracts from their performance as they have to make ugly long moves to get back together


    @lleziebell03 I totally agree with you, no passion and it is so boring, same steps all the time !!! The guy does not dance, he is like a stick moving the girl around him!

  • Benji Vera says:

    lady in the black dress at the back wishing she could do that

  • Taylor Rose Mattingly says:

    how could you ever dislike this video, its so beautiful the way they move together as if they are one fluid body.

  • ILuv2salsa says:

    Both of you did a good job and danced very well. I commend the her partner for being a good lead. Besides looking good, I loved the girls energy and her spins….FANTASTIC 🙂

  • 2livelong says:

    fantastic… u guys are ready for a big stage and huge audience 🙂 bravo bravo

  • Joanne Stevens says:

    Fantastic performance!!!!

  • Cathleen R. Sabajo says:

    very nice

  • kendrick gonzalez says:

    omfg! no puedo creer todos los pasos ke acen! si supiera la mitad de esas vueltas fuese un paipi chulo! lol!

    me imagino ke bailando un poco ms despacio se deben de ver perfectos!

  • jose guillermo garcia torres says:

    la bailarina mucho piernonon que se manda esta mas buena que lavantarse tarde, el hombre es elegante en el vestir y en sus movimientos, pero seguro que saben bailar mas que esto, si se deja de darmele tanta vueltas a esta mamasita, que por sierto hace las vueltas rebien, pilas que son buenos ya no mas vueltas y a bailar que se ve que deben bailar mucho mejor

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