Ambiance Man – Moist Bottom – Part 1 – Art + Comedy – MOCAtv

Ambiance Man - Moist Bottom - Part 1 - Art + Comedy - MOCAtv

malee Oh Rafi hi I'm really sorry I didn't see you standing there I thought from her profile that you'd be more athletic no no thanks yeah but there according to sixty minutes covered in fecal matter we're Co board ready let's go this sounds really confusing thank you welcome hi there hi so we have a special tonight it's the fried meat to the moon fried crawfish catfish and shrimp with a side of french fries and for an extra dollar 95 a deep-fried pickle I'll give you some time um the this is the first time I actually never met anyone unmet weak mature calm I don't I can't believe that no yes no yes yes it is um I actually emailed some ladies but they they turned me down no they didn't turn me down me it wasn't a match yeah not a good fit uh and you um what about you have you met many many people through them too many Ralph you are you okay yeah does it mean good I'm so sorry hey Connie Hey oh my god I don't know what is going on tonight it's like something's in the water there is a herd of idiots out there there's this table Table six and it's an Internet date it's so awkward it's such a disaster he's sweating all over the place I think he might throw up I'm gonna have to clean that up yeah oh I'm sorry how can you tell that it's an Internet date well they were talking about it are you very perceptive I like that about you well I just overheard them talking about it speaking of perceptive can you perceive that I was thinking that after work today where I think we're done at like 11:00 maybe we go to that movie theater down the street and don't worry I don't mean like that there'll be lots of people around there doing a broadcast of an auto race a car race from Indiana which is kind of I don't know that world very much but I think kind of nice for us to just hang out well I I actually have to get back and relieve the babysitter so but yeah maybe Sunday we go do something well sunday is my studied a study by the week you like that lady on I don't do lakes and I don't really like to be outside all that much so you have a fountain thing that they do ducks really freak me out those aren't ducks that's so funny what are they jeez oh yeah I'm gonna go oh you know why don't you deliver that here I liked him you're funny okay well I think you're very funny thank you are you okay yeah I don't know you're just ditching a lot oh yeah I just I think allergies or something it's just very like here here here here here here here just you know sort of see it might well turn you up or anything you look a little blotchy I know it's a little alarming yeah you're a caretaker I like that well you very you like taking care of people don't worry my corneum right this is this is definitely getting all right you look nice today supposed to say the same thing back


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