• Joao paulo says:

    Isso não passa de uma suposição simulada, pois com os aparelhos astronômicos que temos não da para se saber a testura desse objeto, sabe-se apenas que ele tem cerca de quatrocentos metros de comprimento e uns quarenta de largura, pode ser até que ele seja simétrico. Esse objeto é um mistério pois após dar a volta no Sol mudou sem esplicação de direção, está acelerando e saindo do sistema Solar e a NASA parou de falar nele derrepente, como se estivessem ficada perpléxas, algo estranho, acho que não falam oque descobriram, talvez voltem a falar nele, mas será verdade oque falarão?

  • claxcyr says:

    Thumbnail looks like the milennium falcon flying towards us.

  • Velezarius Velezarius says:

    "Рассказ пилота Пиркса" Станислава Лема материализовался. Вот вам и фантастика.

  • Daniel Matthews says:

    Why has this unlikely interpretation of the actual data been chosen when a rounder object with one side much lighter than the other is far more likely an explanation?

  • GLODZIO says:


    We all will die!
    End of the world is coming!
    Goodbye friends…


  • Mew Wew says:

    Someone took a massive shit

  • Camilo Sosa Vargas says:

    Que no mamen, yo pienso que si los aliens tienen súper tecnología, vivirían y viajarían en naves muy avansadas de tecnologia, no en naves rocosas como cabernicolas piensen un poco

  • Johnny J says:

    This made me remember the Heaven's Gate cult hitching a ride on comet Hale-Bopp.

  • I'm black So I'm slow says:

    😅😂 white people ……you have to stop its not even funny Anymore 😅😂😁

  • Cristina Galvez says:

    Space turd

  • nicola facciolini says:


  • Mace says:

    I want to see an alien robot living on it. It's mission would be to calculate the largest prime number. It is lonely after its long trip, and interested in humans….:)

  • Free The Plane says:

    CGI rubbish THE Earth is Flat

  • joe lambo says:

    Dos space turd en la bano,, VAMOS VAMOS!

  • Dominic Fox says:

    I had imagined Oumuamua, based on the still image, as a kind of space-prong, a javelin hurled towards us from the unimaginable past. Perhaps it would collide with earth and seed it with new life-forms, possibly of a greebly and voracious nature. But going by this, it's more of a space-turd…

  • jim oberg says:

    If it were an artificially fabricated object, there might be flat external surface areas creating random specular reflections during the rotation that could be so brief they wouldn't be noticed, but just summed into an integrated 'brightness' over the instrument's observation interval. Is ANYBODY dialing their gear to seek brief bright flashes? It's a long shot, of course, but….

  • c-law-v says:

    Kornmesser — can I get a 3d file — stl?

  • safnhuo says:

    God's dildo

  • Simone ramos says:

    Que isso ?? Está vindo para terra?

  • LowLightVideos says:

    God's stool

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