okay everybody welcome to apostrophes with double D a writer series is a webcast but I'm recording it also for the double D podcast channel just because I'm going to read a little like excerpt from my new book and I wanted to have it recorded so I'll include it somewhere in the podcast form so how's everyone doing I've been very busy the last two weeks such as let me give you an example so on Thursday July 4th I started writing now I had gained out and planned out the whole left I lazy that's name of the book by the way it's the adventures the left I lazy book three meeting Maggie mayhem and it is available on iTunes on iTunes not yet it will be available in audio soon but it's available on Amazon it's available by contacting me directly if you want to sign a copy there $15 for two signed copies of any of my books and that includes shipping and everything so reach out to me on social media or you could PayPal me I believe it's author Fred Carroll or something like that I'll I'll look it up and I'll put it in the show notes so this is the webcast for writers specific so today I'm going to talk about the marketing that went into I'll do step by step as I did this but so I game-playing this whole book and I knew the book in my head and what I was gonna do exactly and I decided I am going to put two weeks of my life hard into the before the release date to release date technically for the e-book his July 21st the softcover is available now on Amazon and I put it in I said I'm gonna either prove the point that hard work does pay off because I don't know everything about marketing I actually struggle with marketing because I don't under I guess it's an age specific thing I just don't have the wing down in the ability to understand everything so what I make up for with my lack of knowledge is hard work and dedication and sacrifice so I'll get to the sacrifice first so I had you know I worked the Monday Tuesday Wednesday at my real job tent not that being an author is not a real job it's just not a the job for me yet and I decided to sit down and sacrifice that whole weekend of Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday so I started at 5:00 a.m. on July 4th got my coffee got everything in a row took care of all my house duties made sure the house was quiet the dog was fed the dog was walked and I went out sat down in in my office and began to write The Adventures of left i lazy book three so I lined up all my cards that I had four chapters and it's just general because believe me it changed as I went along and I shut my Facebook down I shut everything down sat in silence and wrote this book you know it's not a very long book it's a hundred and five pages think it finished at about fourteen thousand words something like that but I was writing it right from the beginning so I started on Thursday I went back to it on Friday went back to it on Saturday and on Sunday I typed the end I did a little bit of marketing on it with excerpts from the book and stuff into marketable pictures and such then I edited it changed a lot of it got the cover uploaded it did all the little things that you got to do I even I had recorded it in Microsoft Word you could translate back to you in a voice now it's a very computer like she speaks like this and she mispronounces many words but I was able to follow along on my Microsoft Word as it read it back to me and the bet value I found from that was catching little nuances and in the rhythms of the dialogue mistakes and your basics of there there there and to to to I didn't study capitalization until the end I went back and checked to make sure because one of my characters name is chance so I have a very very common for my computer to recognize the name chance to either two now and our two verb chance and lowercase C so I did that and then I hooked up with my friend Andrea who helps me out on all this and she got her team gathered so I have about I think it's about ten ladies working for me right now that are marketing my book daily night all the time and we send it out non-stop to people so I haven't seen a big influx of sales come in based off that but I do realize once the books out maybe that and people don't the pre-sales nice for marketing but it's not great for people to say oh I got to get it I gotta buy it today to wait two weeks to get it they don't think like that so I think the day it comes out we will hit it really hard on Facebook and social media and I don't have an email list I recommend an email list emails worked great because people actually open them people open their emails all the time you know they may not click it or not something but he's still got to have the ability for them to see it so yeah you're not gonna make a sale if they don't see it so when I was you know Seconal I took all my other books the fur – from the series and I made them available for $0.99 the new books $2.99 a book and I like doing that as I write one and it is the third book this year so this series just started in August of last year so in 11 months I did three books in this series and I think they're all very good going back in reading the first two I could see my weaknesses and character development and stuff but I think having a series gave me the ability to just keep growing this and that's my intention whether it is to grow so right now it's a young adult middle school type read starts and I've heard from people that have seven year old say that enjoyed it it doesn't get too risque or anything I do talk a lot about 80s movies because one of my characters fathers is a huge Breakfast Club fan and it does deal with real life issues I deal with them childhood cancer deal with friendships deal with young love deal with family issues so a lot of these kids just like the world is today I've got a single father raising a child and I've got a single mother raising a child I've got grandparents raising a child and I have introduced in Maggie Mae and uncle raising a child so all these adventures that I use and all the people not necessarily by name but most of them are actual friends of mine so I basically took my childhood growing up and updated it into now that'd cell phones obviously because I'm old gonna be 50 in less than a month hard to believe and it's the whole book I want to grow it I would like to write this three books a year – four books a year whatever field so I'm actually starting book four already because I think it's very get out in a month or two based off the how I end up three but I believe that getting it I think I can grow with these characters so the genre is gonna change because I'm going to introduce real I try to keep it as real life you know in book three no spoiler alert there is a first kiss now I don't go into great detail it's a kiss we all have that moment of first kisses so I wanted kids to be able to deal with life in general health struggles in night listen I I walk around the edges on certain things but I also break the fourth barrier a lot in the wall where I'm talking to the reader has left I lazy and I tell them to make sure you know if I mentioned a Breakfast Club or I mentioned Freddy Krueger and Nightmare on Elm Street all things that I did as a kid but I also mentioned that these movies aren't suitable for children and they should always ask an adult or somebody they trust before watching I don't know what else I could do as a writer these are my stories this is how I want to write I love the 80s movie genre and it plays a huge role in meeting Maggie mayhem and I could read actually I could show you I could show you the is the author's copy of the book and I could read what it says welcome back to Woodmont Falls being a kid is chaotic come join the adventure who left i has planned an end-of-the-year dance well it happened chance romance may be moving away right away repeat is away at cancer-free camp and new neighbor Maggie ma'am has entered the fray can she adapt find out meeting Maggie May and book three of the left eye lazy series so that's that one I'm very proud of it I think it came out very well you could see it's not anything you know it's got a nice print to it with I used to go white page a lot and I found that people like the way they call it like a manila hairs left by lazy to business book too of the series and this is available for I think it's soft covers are only $5.99 soft cover of meeting Maggie is $6.99 and I tend to Bret I drop the prices I mean that's gonna I hope that doesn't hurt my sales dropping saying I dropped the prices after a month or so but I'll give you the liner notes on this this book – when middle school is the least of your worries you know that something is wrong your best friend right with your repeat is fighting leukemia your neighbor crush Mercedes is dating the wrong boy and your best friend chance romance has a plan operation Rodney rotten commences what could go wrong welcome back to Woodmont Falls it is winter it is cold it is a blizzard what will go as planned the gang is back they're about to learn that judging a person without knowing them could be wrong be the best versions of yourself every day come along on our adventure so that's book – I don't that book one here I sell out of them pretty quick I also buy that's another thing I could tell authors so make sure you have enough authors copies because if you want to have a financial win from any of these books and you're not gonna sell nobody's gonna become Stephen King overnight or who's the Harry Potter girl it just doesn't happen that way in the world today kids aren't reading so I started another campaign called let's make America read again so I'm running with that and see how that goes but I think these kids need to start reading and that's my theory on hitting this short books I hit these short books because I think kids attention spans there's so much other opportunities for them to be entertained whether it be TV and Netflix and Amazon and Hulu and to sit down and read a book it it's really a chore quite honestly to them no I read a lot I am currently hit centering going into August I think I'm in my 60 second book for the year but I read quick and I read a lot and I don't know so I'm gonna read you a quick excerpt and I didn't quite get into what my mark just to dumb it down a little I did I'm hitting the Instagram I also created a left i lazy instagram which i think is a good idea I'm not seeing results from it yet but I think it's something that has a legs and I recommended it to other authors if you have a specific character my friend Gabriella Messina has her cake Gardner series I called her and I talked to her about maybe creating a cake Gardner Instagram and talked as the character so that's what I did with Instagram I added and I left I lazy you could also find left I lazy as a group The Adventures of left I lazy as a group page and it's kid-friendly where you could talk to the characters and stuff like that I really have all these ideas I just don't know how to put them all together and I'm hoping that people out there might have comments and could tell me from their experiences how they made it happen so I'm gonna read you a quick excerpt excerpt from the book and this is from they're not really chapter numbered but the chapter is called dance committee confusion I walked into the room with Lucy on my arm the second everyone saw me they bombarded me with a flood of questions and as he removed her arm from mine placed her fingers into her mouth and released a whistle that surely would make butch a proud man the whole room hushed she removed the fingers from her mouth and sat leaning against the wall I was a bit shocked but quickly gathered my thoughts okay everyone before I get into the team before I could finish my thought Michael Myers not be Michael Myers ask your parents who I'm talking about shout it out what's the point gonna cancel it anyhow I calmed him with our motions like TD does to me when I get out of control it worked yes we've been threatened with a cancellation and yes I believe it is a possibility but I excuse me we have worked too hard to just lay down let's treat this with positivity rather than quitting sir raised her hand and asked I agree so what is the theme all eyes focused on me i rustled through my back pocket and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper their eyes didn't leave me as I smoothed it out on the desk I cleared my throat okay would not Falls is filled with creativity I want to live here forever and create a theme that annually is celebrated we need to regain the family structure so first I propose instead of dates we bring our siblings a disapproving groan began but Lucy threatened an air piercing whistle he let him finish continue Thanks I began to lose faith in my plan and I scanned the room and saw all of them losing faith in me I stalled and cleared my throat Gigi had always told me to believe in my gut instinct it made me think of why I was doing this family does matter I regained my confidence and told myself sell it to them kid I trust a piece of paper into the trash I understand the groans but let me explain my story all my life I had wished to have a family sure I have my grandparents and they're amazing but I'm missing out on the very things most of you have I'm not seeking pity because I am lucky their eyes froze on to me I continued him again moving around the room all eyes followed as disturbing moved me my animation increased and flailing my voice getting louder and softer where needed I was selling the theme we are the student body and without our input in progress the body dies let's be our best versions let's include our siblings parents and even lonely neighbors who need a fun night our lives are what we make of them let ours be made of compassion and resilience that our celebrate as one everyone looked to one another they began not in approval Lucy smiled she may be blind but she could feel the power a positive she stood up what's the theme what's the theme what's the theme everyone swung their fists in the air they stared chanting weather until the rhythm in the words bounced from wall to wall I calmed them once again the theme of dishes dance is drum roll anyone Michael began tapping the desk and increasing the speed the theme I nominate is eighties movie dance party the drum roll ceased for a brief moment the room was silent they all at once jumped from their seats and surrounded me and that is part of The Adventures of left I lazy meeting Maggie mayhem it's available today on Amazon I'll put it in the links on the YouTube channel or on the Facebook live that I'm going to do and that's about it so I will be back next week sometime I don't have a direct schedule of how I'm going to promote apostrophes a writer series just bear with me I do every single thing here on my own from the marketing to the recording to the editing and of course I'm working and writing and raising my children all at the same time I'm burning the candle at this end and that this end I don't know if you guys could see my dry erase board back carrier also but that's also something that I utilize a lot and you can see there's an X I don't know if you could see it on the 21st and that's when the book is supposed to come out so just remember if you want to be a successful indie author or author at all just forget about what other people say sit down write your book write your story do the best thing you could do not everybody could be up here right away some people's levels are always down here but if it's your story it means something no dollar amount no sales amount could change the fact that you are an author so go become one sit down write your story thank you for listening and we will be back next week don't forget double D podcast which is a borderline rated-r this week because I need to vent a little but that's also available if you're an adult and you have a sense of humor kick back listen I love you all good bye [Applause]

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