Apple Has Demonstrated They Don't Care About Computer Musicians

Apple Has Demonstrated They Don't Care About Computer Musicians

it was up guys in this video I'm going to be talking about something a little bit political and this video might upset some people and this video is gonna be about why the Apple Computer and a couple years won't be kind of used by many computer musicians and electronic music making people I feel that they've completely lost touch with their let's say professional consumer base in the audio realm and this has been demonstrated over and over and over again I'm gonna have to rewind a little bit in 2005 around there that's when I believed that Mac computers went Intel and that freaked out a lot of people people thought that their firewire was gonna go away and a lot of developers like oh my god I need to code for a bunch of things and my PowerPC plugins won't work anymore which is true and they stopped working and it was a massive growing pain for Apple to go Intel and since then a couple years after that it became the industry standard the the conceived the notion was that Apple was the industry standard for creative people music people and artists versus somehow it ran Photoshop better than that somehow then pcs somehow I ran music making software it sounded more warmer compared to PCs there was actually an argument online or a or an idea online that a logic sounded more analog than than Ableton Ableton was a digital sounding Tony people claimed to be able to tell the difference between Ableton and logic and yeah there was a huge fanboy ISM and that's when the the the marketing though I'm a I'm a Mac I'm a PC that commercial marketing works a lot of people bought into it and a lot of people started using Mac's and logic and stuff like that a couple years after that Apple has demonstrated that they're willing to change things and inconvenience people hooking up a FireWire port to my PC was very easy it's been stable for years the backwards compatibility of things is pretty good the Vista was a little bit rocking it Apple has removed a headphone jack from their iPhones they have released updates that have effectively broke a lot of vsts it seems like every update breaks something in the VST world that digital audio workstation world and like all these companies have to investigate what they actually did they don't have developers kind of on their side they're not like hey we're rolling out this thing you want to make sure that your application blah blah blah I cannot get machine to work on my laptop I cannot update my MacBook Pro because if I do it won't be able to see my my firewire sound card I remember when an update broke some USB ports and people ran around claiming that Apple just works they don't have the best interests of computer musicians in mind and this is being demonstrated again because this is rumor but Apple is moving away from Intel and they want to design their own chips for their computer devices as far as I know and if they do that we don't have firewire anymore so you're a palo card won't work things like that they'll change things around they might even remove the headphone jack they might use this you know weird mini USB see like who the hell knows these things have been it's been demonstrated that they just keep on changing things and inconveniencing people for this the they're chasing this strange notion of they want to innovate they're innovating by getting rid of the headphone jack like are you serious and then you need to get a thing to plug into the bottom to use a headphone jack what is also the same thing that you plug your charger into so like who what what's going on here like an iPhone is like the originally the iPhone was a phone and Internet device in an iPod I'll put him to one if you take the iPod part out of it Steve Jobs remains turn in his grave or in his cremation jar or whatever these things just don't make sense to me and if if I want to have something if I want to have the freedom to have the i/o that I want why would I go with a laptop why would I go with a tower where yeah you can get a PCI slot to kind of poop in to have the firewire or Thunderbolt maybe I'm not sure Thunderbolt works that way and you just who knows if there's drivers available they work things like that I think I think the and I've seen this actually I have some proof the OS say I could see the operating system demographics on this YouTube channel they're actually going down there down ten percent from last year I'll repeat Apple products the desktop not counting phone and stuff like that like my laptop like devices like computer keyboard e real work devices have gone down 10 percent and mind you I'm doing Ableton – but Ableton works on both platforms and yeah it's just a a bananas thing that they're doing that they have done and they've demonstrated that they don't care and yeah they just they make their their big nut every year with a new iPhone release and they want to make their own CPU that's more quote unquote power efficient and yeah it's just one of those bananas bananas things anyway that's my that's my soapbox I'm a fan of I'm not really a fan of Apple products I have a laptop a Mac laptop from 2009 and I have my desktop that is by far more powerful and capable and yeah there's just a lot of problems I can't update my laptop and I can use Windows 7 drivers on my Windows 10 machine and it works fine my firewire drivers are from 2004 and they still work on my PC to this day anyway I rest my case I hope you guys enjoyed the video hope you learn stuff we for thought eccentric cetera I'm a little bit I underestimate my ability to recover I want to start making more videos it's just recoveries a little bit more and difficult my my thumb still has the lines on it and yeah I'm moving forward anyway hope you enjoyed the video take care and have a good one


  • Tavo Cello says:

    You kind of look like Justice's Gaspar Auge

  • Mount Vinterest says:

    I think to break it down, Apple is slightly downgrading their hardware in order to just sell more. Shrinking down the thickness of a MacBook does little to nothing to the average buyer and only has the effect of something new. Windows is an OS that is pretty much glued together from every scrap metal they could find in the last years and it's development is actually pretty decent. My bet for the future would be something Linux based, but since you can't really make a dime with distributing Linux someone has to develop a fourth big player in the desktop distributions.

  • RthR says:

    they also demonstrated this for me even after i switched! I got tired of their crap and switched to pc only to find out that my midi interface doesn't work anymore. It's an old amt8 from like 97. Great interface that works perfectly. but apple bought the company and won't release drivers for pc. So unless I want to run windows xp or something, there are no pc drivers for it 🙂 any more of this nonsense and ill probably start buying only hardware synths and maybe an analog console and tape machine. Whenever they take the internet away and they realize all the music they've paid to stream but not actually own doesn't work anymore, cds and tapes will come back lol.

  • rain Alaska says:

    So true so true….my software doesn't even work anymore because Apple upgrades and throws away all the compatibility with my programs and I spent thousands and thousand of dollars on these plugins and software and now it's useless because they don't care….

  • Alexandre Bique says:

    Time to jump on Linux! 😉

  • djttm says:

    I totally understand you.
    I switched to pc more than a decade ago. I'm still happy that I did this. It's cheaper, faster, more consistent over years and years, always working, and backwards compatible with drivers even with my hardware for over a decade now. And it's easy if you want to upgrade something instead of buying a complete new system. I think that they will be gone soon in this market…
    I work a lot with sound engineers… More and more are switching over to pc the last years… Because pc on Mac is even not working anymore…
    So all you Appleflap believers… Leave while you still can…
    (Ps. Working with ableton and still have keys lying around for logic audio somewhere. If you want to buy it. Let me know! )

  • Zamasu Zen says:

    im a longtime apple user and 100% agree with this. I blame tim cook for being so out of touch with what is "innovation". I'm not a steve jobs fanboy or anything, but tim cook has horrible business sense and has failed on every level.

  • Robert Anthony says:

    I’m in the same boat with my FireWire audio interface, but that’s more on M-audio than Apple. I still prefer Apple computers over windows for various reasons, but one thing I hate about Apple’s MO is how they basically push users along whether they want to go or not. Specifically talking about macOS and pro apps compatibility like Logic Pro.

    A new macOS comes out, their pro apps get updated to require one newer version of macOS. I’m currently at the minimum macOS version, so assuming the pattern continues, I’m on the last version of Logic Pro I can update to without having to update the OS. One it’s a pain to do and most producers lag one OS behind for stability on Mac and PC, and two, thanks to M-audio and their lack of driver support, it’s basically a complete studio upgrade I’ll have to do. My iMac runs flawlessly but can’t update to Mojave, and even if it could, then I’m out an audio interface bc the lack of drivers.

  • Kyle Judkins says:

    Why are you whispering

  • Lance Page says:

    Current and past principles alone, Tim Cook himself, all great reasons to boycott Apple. I have never bought an Apple product in my life and I plan to keep it that way.

  • Crushed Ice says:

    For me I switched to apple for 2 reasons, no viruses and simple user interface, never turned back, I make music etc photos/video with it like a breeze. The trick is to not update your computer too far from the year you bought it. Luckily now USBC is super fact and universal I love it.

  • Molten Pros says:

    Apple wants to make everything thinner so they remove every port to make their devices thinner. Ask any Apple consumer if they want their devices thinner and they will all tell you no, it's already thin enough. Apple has their head stuck in the sand.

  • Special K on Acid says:

    I have never purchased an apple product. My PC is seven years old and I've been using a focusrite 18i20 for 5 years. Solid as a rock. The couple of times that ableton did crash I was able to restore my project as it was the moment it crashed. I dont know if the fact that I've never connected to the internet with my music PC has anything to do with how completely reliable it has been.

  • mobspeak says:

    You are talking out your ass, I can respect you if you have something objective to say, but this rant seems to come from some emotional place and is not well researched.

  • My Gmail says:

    I recently just switched completely to Mac and yes I do need to use dongles but for my setup it works a lot better and windows 7 was my favorite OS the version after that seemed to make even the most simple tasks slow but who knows I go with whatever works best for me I fanboying in my end

  • George Doumani says:

    As a Mac user of over 24 years my current Apple will be the last one I will buy. THEY DO NOT LISTEN TO US (power users) THEY LISTEN TO DESIGN OBSESSED PEOPLE who like to surf the web. I want a Laptop with ports, lots of them! USB-A, an inbuilt SD Card reader and USB-C. No need for ridiculous dongles. Their current generation of laptops are simply toys aimed at dongle carrying fools who fork out money to buy them. Apple is a greedy, profit obsessed example of everything a company should not be. The sooner they disappear or adapt to our needs the better off we will all be.

  • Clint Moody says:

    Agreed. PCs are objectively superior choices in terms of cost/performance ratio, I/O, customizability, cooling, etc… (everything a professional wants in a PC). The only reason for staying with MacBooks are if you prefer the OS or if you have Apple specific applications that you are forced to use. There are few logical arguments against PC anymore. That whole "they just work" saying now applies to PCs in the vast majority of scenarios and if they aren't, it's usually a matter of updating some drivers and changing some software options.


  • J N says:

    7:52 summarises the video well

  • holotropik says:

    Totally agree! I am planning my way out of the Apple environment over the next year. Will seriously look at going back to total hardware only setup for my Techno LivePA. That's where I started and now it looks like that is where I will end up once again…

  • Alexey Filippenko says:

    DAWs sound absolutely identical. The reason people went for Macs for their music production is quality of the system audio drivers and stability of the system. On Windows you're just very rarely safe from getting a crash/sound disappearing/rattling in the middle of performance since those ASIO drivers decided to bug out. I guess there's no salvation now, even the overpriced one.

  • Ten Pound Sterling! (T£N!) says:

    welcome to the age of cronycrapitalism. Where bullshit fraud, and profit matters more than good product.

  • Krystal Sadashiva says:

    I watched this video just because I like the sound of your voice, I don't even use mac. I was already subbed though. Feel better. 👍

  • loucrative says:

    I totally get how you feel, frustrating. But for me, PC and Android really just feel like headaches. Don't think I'm ever leaving Apple. Call me a fangirl 🤷🏾‍♀️

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