AQW "Community Artist" RARE – STEALING/TRACING art!

AQW "Community Artist" RARE - STEALING/TRACING art!

hey what's up YouTube it's bad law here and welcome back to a brand a new video so first off I want to start off by saying that I'm sorry for not uploading in about two weeks I just wouldn't be honest I don't have any me to make these videos cuz aq orders house okay and plus I've had some other stuff going on in life so it's been a little bit busy eventful like what am I gonna do am I gonna like login and be like well like not like what am I gonna do show you the new releases like Cory Cory will show you the new items alright look I'll show you the new item see you look alright you go this thing alright that which looks cool all right no I know that you know yep yeah so you go that okay now and I he's today's video he's what today's videos about I'm sure the title might have got your attention rare the H awards community artist rare he's tracing his work okay not all of it but a lot of it and and there seems to be a fair a fair amount of proof okay there's a fair amount of proof so let's jump straight into it okay so to start off with alright I think his first examples a bit of a stretch okay now yeah this is from Fire Emblem heroes okay the original I think rare maybe he in son maybe uses inspiration but to say it's traced might be a bit of a stretch maybe you guys are seeing something I'm not again I think is just inspiration so that doesn't really count okay if he even got inspiration from it I mean maybe the maybe the hairs trace the bit I don't know it's kind of hard to tell this one this one might be a bit of a stretch this one though these two right here especially this snake thing 100% traced are you seeing that he's 100% race and if you are telling me that he's not race and you are either blind right oh it just straight up in denial that is traced if I've ever seen traced okay Jesus and yeah he's added some stuff to it but like it's traced it's a hundred percent traced all right what about the one underneath the robe from one of Theon's armors okay Theon all right he was a staff member for AE okay uh he did some work for dual I believe and he also did some stuff aq worlds all right now if you take a look at the lower part of the coat okay on both these armors take a close look at rares okay and you will see that it is definitely traced it's a little bit hard to see because the detail is put on it but a hundred percent here's trace that okay and you know the fact that you know it's it's trace work from an X a staffing but doesn't make it any better okay just because he was a fellow like a II dude you know that's make any better he's tracing other artists work okay that you can't justify that right and and that armor didn't he make in the game that's Theon one I believe so like there's either way there's no just it's like he's remade it for the game or something like it's a remake of an old armor or whatever an adaptation you just flat-out trace the dudes work that this is like no he's justifying it okay let's move on it's just rifle alright I remember when his first came out I when it was first shown you might even bill had been before it actually released someone pointed out yellow has traced alright so this is what it was traced from alright but here's the interesting thing I rewrite told me that the original okay the one that well the one that rare traced is actually traced in itself from a real gun like from a real-life gun maybe truly just like traced it for the game so whether or not you want to say that's even like stolen at this point cuz the one that rare rewrite the one that rare traced isn't itself trace of a real thing like it's sort of hot like it just it's just you know what's your stand point that one's up in the air but the fact is that he used the one from the game he's taken the work from another game okay that's that's the point here alright everything is so that's what's looming above us okay so you've got that definitely traced no matter what you say it's traced okay these are the big ones right it's a identical alright take a look at this here how did you get away with this what like what the actual like look it is identical okay holy this the female one even more apparent identical it's 100% erased rare man like what the okay this okay yoshino alright very popular anime character I don't think I think sums of stretch because I think it's just inspiration from Yoshino all right unless he's traced it from another image right which yeah would be a big deal but as it stands now I don't see how he's traced he's just used inspiration we've had other anime items on the game inspirations and she liked that I think this is a stretch this unless you can show me that he's actually traced this from another image of the ocean or something I this doesn't really deserve to be on this list rare death hunter okay this is a very popular armor alright now if you take a look at the lower half of the body the coat okay on both these images on the armor and the reference okay you can 100% tell that it is traced take a close look hundred percent trace and this is a very popular armor right when it came out everyone liked it and bought it you know you can't get any more but the point is a whole bunch of people bought it so yeah you've gotta be sure that was his debut work as well like I'm pretty sure – the first thing you got in-game it could be wrong about that but your first I could be wrong about that but to my understanding it's the first piece of work he going game and to think it's traced okay ah this doesn't even deserve to be on the list because he's just supporting oblivion into the player model and making it like as an armor that's that's he's done that with intent that's completely fine it's doesn't deserve to be on the least ah this I don't really see where the tracing is like it's not yeah even they say they're unsure I just don't like this one unless you guys can see something I don't this is not traced that I don't think it is at least maybe he's trés like the T&I I can't see it unless you can prove me wrong I just don't think this one deserve spent all this data be the way from what I've shown you this rare death Hunter traced Yoshino probably not traced okay maybe from another image but as it stands now it's just inspiration which is fine this is a hundred percent hundred and one percent traced okay these two all right no excuse that's trace but from what I said earlier it's up in the air whether or not you want to let that one slide okay these two traced okay especially that snake all right he didn't even like try to make it like even try to conceal the fact that it's trace and this again that's a big stretch okay so this poses a problem for a E because they're making money off of stolen art okay cuz because what's happening is when a community artist gives them a set they get paid a set and me on okay like a on no $150 for example they get paid that all right whether whether or not you want to say it enough is video complete different video or uh but they get they get paid for it and then AE makes money off of it later when they're selling game they make a more they make more money off of it right so what are they going to do they're gonna remove these items in the game or replace them right something like the winter defense rifle right everyone in the game has that at this point let's be real because you get it from the wheel of doom everyone who plays actively probably has it all right like I got it pretty sure the day came out like it's my free spin like it was that easy to get so like what are you gonna do you got a new call that we did defense rifles are you gonna reimburse everybody who bought the rare death Hunter like what's gonna happen you know like this is gonna this is gonna be big issues is this did this work is copyrighted alright hell and rare okay rare if you're watching this video which probably not okay but if you are watching this video what the like do you not have any self respect like I'm being I'm genuinely asking you right now do you not have any self respect dude how are you pumping out this are right this stolen work and thinking it's okay you're not just you know it's not just it's not just a matter of self-respect you know only digging at yourself here okay you're also giving a middle finger to the community right because you've been labeled as a community artist and you want to produce art for the community to see whether or not it gets released not even not even a point right now okay you pulled out a piece of work for the community to see right and it's stolen right that's a middle finger to us the community right and when you send it to a 'i write you go yes is completely fine right he wants to pay me right and this is gonna go in game they're going to use it that's a middle finger to a e you're not only making yourself look bad you're making a ii look bad so what the dude like I'm being serious here like you might think I'm being harsh but it's just like dude you've traced this are and some of this has gone in the game like it's no excuse like like I'm being serious here like do you have no self respect as an artist why should we respect your work if you're demonstrating they're not even you your self respected you can't sit there and tell me you respect your own work as an artist when you're tracing this for the community to see and then for a II to release okay it's a shame because you're probably one of my favorite artists right now the bars are very high for that but me personally right because I don't like many of the artists we have now but for me to say that I like you as an artist all right it's a big thing for me because I don't like many of the artists we have now right but now I can't respect your work right like dude you've completely tarnished your name in my view whether or not the person watching this video doesn't like you now because of this is not up to me it's up to them right whether you care on or maybe just want cool King I don't even give a of these traits to work right but objectively it's a big deal yeah dude you've just like come on man this is no excuse you're a joke you're a joke dude come on anyways pretty much all I have to say for this video I just want to show you guys this maybe you would have heard about on Twitter if you don't use Twitter or if maybe for not active maybe you just watching my videos he's your news source for this okay so either way just make sure you drop a like on the video subscribe share it let everyone know this is going down alright get the spicy news okay and make sure you tune in to Korey so you can see the later set in adventure quest worlds okay I'll see you guys in the next video you know whether that being like 5,000 use okay alright you take it


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