• BMW R90S says:

    Carole King should have been phtoshopped out of this video. Any enjoyment by Aretha Franklin was frankly ruined by the painful and cringeworthy over reaction by Carole King. She was utterly painful to watch.

  • K Moore says:

    Obama and Aretha weren't speaking before she died. She did not like him

  • Uncle says:

    Rest in peace

  • Filly Devotie says:

    my hereo's aretha fraklin 4evermore xoxo

  • Scameron44 says:

    yeah but Trump had Scott Baio at his inugeration

  • Ryan Turner says:

    May she rest in peace

  • Pedro Henrique Vila Nova Figueredo says:


  • Jo2ost says:

    Mrs. Aretha Franklin can make everything work,
    like to see her play a key role in the next Star Wars episode.

  • Mike Lawrey says:

    I am NOT homophobic at all if you only knew. However we don't have to change music to accommodate you m**********

  • Mike Lawrey says:

    do me a favor. kiss Aretha Franklins ass. Oh and when you're done come kiss my ass goodnight Felicia

  • maha77 says:

    her voice is timeless

  • SUNMAYDEN518 says:

    I lke when Aretha throws her mink off

  • vanessa maclean says:

    So sad to see one of the most beautiful voices ever has to promote the wealth she has attained with her phenomenal talent by wearing the torture of animals on her back… then to discard it on the ground like trash… for me another hero has been lost that just doesn't give a shit 🙁

  • Lemanic89 says:


  • Mike Lawrey says:

    Lets just face it. The proof is in the pudding. She has the most Grammys, she's a bad singing b**. She was at her young days and she still is at 73 compared to Gladys, Dionne, Diana, and Patti. They s*** aint selling. Aretha's is still selling she's a bad b**

  • Clarence miller says:

    Aretha was outstanding

  • Vernon Moses says:

    Aretha had people going completely nuts, when pull off that coat I thought that Carole King and Viola Davis was going to jump off the balcony. THE QUEEN OF SOUL STOLE THE SHOW. People start almost passing out. Jumping up in the seats.

  • Pierre Black says:

    I guess maybe I saw something different than everyone else. She LOOKS and SOUNDS a HOT MESS

  • ddoddy76 says:

    love her

  • a c says:

    I am just now noticing that aretha appears to have had a nose job. Messing with your nasal cavity will mess with your sound.

  • Sheila Williams says:

    Aretha Franklin, shut it down tonight singing Natural Women. I thought Carole King, and Viola Davis were going to jump off that balcony. They really enjoy Aretha singing. The entire house did, and when she came out of that coat, the crowd went wild. To hell with people complaining about a damn coat. If you eat meat, you are no better, they killed it too. All I want to talk about is her awesome singing, and the crowed up on their feet before she even finished the song.

  • a c says:

    I am sick that i missed this program!!!!

  • Jr Garcia says:

    why is George Lucas up there? he directed one good movie . he wrote one good story. I don't think he deserves to be up there

  • Felix Espudo says:

    Aretha Franklin I'm watching

  • faznout says:

    When this show airs on TV and internet I hope they show her FULL PERFORMANCE. Instead of cutting it short and only show some of it. I hate when TV networks always cut Aretha's performance short for the TV viewing audience. If the performance is 4:35 long then let us see all 4:35. Don't cut it short to only 3:00 for TV viewing. I can't stand when they do that kind of stuff.

  • RomanInTheDeep says:

    NOBODY can move an audience like Aretha can. Period.

  • horseygurl143 says:

    Huge Aretha fan, here, but I have to say that I was disturbed that she was frocked up in a coat made of a whole bunch of dead animals who lived tortured lives until they became a coat. Dam, Aretha, you really let me down. I don't have any RESPECT for those who adorn themselves in dead animal fur, but I'm still lovin' your music, Aretha. I did say a prayer for all the dead animals that you dropped on the floor, young lady.

  • Marcilene Evans says:

    Aretha still has 'it'!

  • Cee Nelly says:

    Wow, Aretha Franklin's talent just takes my breath away. Her appeal crosses all kinds of boundaries. I can't believe that she can sing like that at 73 years old.

  • Leslie Smith says:

    Loving it Aretha

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