Art Block? Why You Have It & How to DEFEAT It – Once And For All!

Art Block? Why You Have It & How to DEFEAT It - Once And For All!

– Hey, welcome back to my channel. Are you struggling to find ideas on what you should paint that in the end you're just sitting there in front of your blank page
feeling totally paralyzed? Don't worry, in this video we're going to dig deep
to the core problem to really find out and understand what is that that is holding you back? Now instead of just giving you ideas on how to fill a blank page, I really wanted to focus
on the core issue today, because I feel like sometimes
it's really important to pause, step back and
really reevaluate everything to really find out what is going on. Now if you think about it,
art isn't only just a tool to create something that
hasn't been there before that is personal to us, but
it's also a tool to communicate. Also with art we can connect with others and feel a sense of belonging. And I feel like sometimes we get caught up with just creating,
looking at what others do, just waiting for someone
to tell us what to paint, because we ran out of ideas. And this brings me to the first problem but I feel like it's one of
the most important things. I know you tend to forget about that, and that's really asking ourselves, "Why are we actually
doing what we're doing?" Even when we do what we love doing, sometimes because of all the stress and all the distractions and
focusing on wrong things, we kinda lose sight. The purpose of everything
that you're doing, and the same goes for art. What is the meaning and
purpose of your art? How do you want to make others feel? What is it that you want actually say or share with the world with your art? I personally feel
uninspired whenever I feel like I don't relate to what I'm doing. It's nothing that I feel connected to. It's nothing that I enjoy actually doing. I'm just doing it because
I don't know, why not? It's just nothing pure
out of my personal joy or something that has value to me or a certain meaning. So what I would really
recommend is to just pause and reflect on why you're creating art. It doesn't have to be super complicated. It can be something like,
you just wanted to paint because it's fun and relaxing to you. But for some reason you
just got so caught up in how you paint
something, all the details and you started criticizing
how you do something, 'cause you just lost sight of the fact that you just wanted to
paint to have fun and relax after a busy day or just
yeah, just to have fun. And another reason why
you feel super stuck and very paralyzed to paint something that you don't have any ideas what to do is because you have high expectations, not only from your work
but also from yourself. You might be afraid that
what you want to create won't look as good as in your head, or you might have created
something super amazing, super beautiful that everyone loved, and now you feel the pressure
to create something exactly as great or something even better, because now others expect that from you or you expect that from yourself. Because now you have the
standards and expectations to create something that is amazing. And at the same time, you might be afraid that your next work will look even worse than your previous work, and now you don't want to face the fact that maybe you will screw it
up, maybe it won't look good. And then you might start
thinking that, "Maybe I'm not "as good as I thought. "Maybe I'm not talented enough." It's like trying to
avoid to deal with that and having those problems and issues and thoughts in your head. You could think about this quote, and that's "Having a bad day "doesn't mean having a bad life." And this means, just because
you created something that doesn't look good
in your eyes doesn't mean that you're not capable of creating something
amazing in the future. It just means that this particular idea or this painting didn't
turn out as you expected it. But you can always figure out why. Which leads me to another point, and that's worrying about
what others might say about your art. And I totally get it. It's in our nature to
seek some kind of feedback or validation from others. It's just who we are. And the more personal the work is or the things that we do or create, the more hurtful it is when
others don't really like it. They say, "It's ugly, it's stupid "and that you completely
are wasting your time." But if you think about
it, have you ever tried to convince your
grandmother or grandfather how amazing Beyonce is or maybe BTS. Were they totally fans
after you mentioned them or showed them to them? I don't think so. And this only means that
we are all different. We all have different tastes and things that we like,
things we believe in, and that's totally fine. Just because someone doesn't like Beyonce, and I mean I don't know
why you wouldn't but okay, and just because someone
doesn't like your art or things that you're doing doesn't
mean that your art is bad or that the things you do are stupid. It just means that this person
doesn't really understand what you're doing or that this person doesn't
really get your art, because they prefer something else. So instead of seeking
approval from anyone, I would rather want you to
focus on your own skills, on things you want to
express with your art and really focusing on
making yourself proud and creating something that
really makes you happy. Well you might say that, "but
my art doesn't look good. "I'm never happy with it, "and I feel like it doesn't
turn out the way I want it. "It could be better. "Everyone's better than
me, and I don't know, "maybe I'm just untalented, "because it's just not working for me." And this brings me to the next reason why you might feel stuck. And that's because
you're always unsatisfied with what you create, because you are constantly
comparing yourself to others. You might start painting or
drawing or creating something and you're immediately
unsatisfied with your art. You start questioning
yourself, your abilities and you just feel like you
are not talented enough. And in the end you just
stop painting all together. First and foremost, I want to say that there is so many
different art styles, so many people with different skill levels that it's a complete
waste of time and energy to compare yourself to others. I think it's really important
to accept the skill level you are at at the moment,
because it's totally okay. The same goes to where you
are in your life right now. You might feel like you're
behind everyone else, but that's okay. You don't have to be as quick
or as good as someone else. Everyone is on their own path, and everyone progresses
according to their own speed. It's just like with video games, you sometimes reach a level
where you're completely stuck. You try and try but you fail and fail, and at some point you figure it out and you move forward
and you finish the game. As I always say, art is a process, and you're not failing, you're growing. So sometimes the problem could be that you judge the painting too early. Maybe it's too early in the stage. You're not finished yet. You should just keep working on it, and if you're still at the
point where you don't feel happy with what you created, because
something just looks off or weird or you discovered that you completely don't
know how to draw hands. This moment just means that you just need to find a way to overcome this. And not necessarily hide
the hands behind the body or I don't know where. It's just really accepting
the fact that okay, I don't know how to draw hands. Let me focus on practicing that. So next time when I draw something, my hands will look better. The only problem is that we
usually expect everything to happen right away. We want everything super quick
and as quick as possible, because we simply totally
unlearn how to be patient. I think there's this misconception that you absolutely have to have talent to be good at something. And at some degree it can help you to learn something faster. But at the end of the day, everyone still needs a lot of practice to be good at anything. And if you want to be good at something, you need to put time and effort and be patient with that. And because we live in a world where we completely unlearn to be patient, because we can have
everything super instantly, you also forget that things
take time and effort actually. If you think about it, back in
days we didn't have internet. We had to actually write
letters using our hands, paper and a pen. You couldn't just Google anything. We actually had to go to a library and dig ourselves through everything to find what we need. And it took years and a
lot of trial and errors and effort and a lot of people to get us to the place we are right now. And without those mistakes and without all this trial and
errors, we wouldn't be here. So this goes to art as well. You just need to create lots of art, create mistakes, which are not mistakes, they're just stepping
stones for you to improve and figure out how to move forward. They only make you stronger in a way. I always talk about flushing
out your ideas onto paper to really find the pure gem that is meant to be your great idea, and that is totally true. You just have to create lots of art to figure out what works
and what doesn't work. And if you put the time and effort and you practice, and it
doesn't have to be like hours or days and weeks, even just a few retrys, you will already see a huge improvement. And the only person you should compare yourself
is really yourself. And if you compare your old art with your current art, you will probably see a
huge difference already. Another problem you might
have is that you simply just don't want to ruin your sketchbook, your art supplies, and I totally get that. Art supplies are expensive,
and it's an investment. And I totally understand the feeling that you just don't want
to ruin your sketchbook with your ugly art. But if you think about it, how are you supposed to improve otherwise if you don't practice somewhere? And you don't have to get
the most expensive sketchbook to practice, you just use printer paper to really practice sketching. And if you want to invest
in good watercolor paper but you're afraid to waste it, you can get a big sheet
of watercolor paper and then cut it to size, so you have small sections. And then you can use those to practice. You not only practice
in those little areas. I feel like then you feel not overwhelmed, but also you don't feel like
you're wasting anything. I also created this small book that you can download totally for free. The link will be in the
description box down below. In this book I will talk about
all the things in more detail and also share my personal stories, how I overcame certain things that really helped me grow as a person. And I really hope this can be something that you can go back to
and really remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing. Now you might think, are
there any specific things that you can do to start
filling your blank page to really just get your
creative juices flowing? And the answer is yes. So make sure you subscribe to this channel and have your notification bell on, because in my next video I
will share some tips and tricks how to spark your creativity, excitement and how to find ideas on what to paint. And for now to feel inspired, you can check out the videos right here. I really hope it was helpful. Thank you so much for watching. Have a wonderful day, and I will see you in my next video. Bye.
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  • makoccino says:

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