Art Journal Page – Golden Sun

Art Journal Page - Golden Sun

hi everyone I'm going to make an eternal pitch today and first of all I'm working on a watercolor paper from a watercolor paper pad and for the interest in the background I want to start with gluing down some pieces of music she and another some something I've printed of clocks from the internet and it's going to be really really a fast I hope I'm just going to put down pieces and if I'm putting out of the edges I'm just going to cut the excess later I'm not a trying to layer a one on top of each other maybe later but right now I just want coverage for my whole a page and I'm hoping to have something interesting in the background so working quickly and not really caring where everything goes it just needs to be interesting and I'm also putting a white glue on top of my pieces just to seal them and to make sure everything is adhered nicely here is a piece that I'm going to put a it's getting away from me I'm going to and here it sticking out of the edges because I don't need all this blank space and it's just easier to put it down and trim it later and most of it is going to be covered so it really doesn't matter I'm just trying to alternate between pieces whoa and now probably I will have a sum of Italy get covered so but it really doesn't matter and the printer paper the ink is bleeding but as I said I really don't care I'm just trying to put something interesting in my background it could be text pages from a book you can stamp all around doesn't have to be music sheet so trying to cover everything and maybe I should have cut smaller pieces but never mind just glue it down so I'm cutting smaller pieces because I really did don't need all this and covering again and just one more little piece here and finished hope I'm in frame trying to work fast and I'm losing focus where I am so this really needs to dry completely before I continue so I'll be back I'm back so I want to put some paint here but I want it like a glaze and not a complete coverage and I'm this is just a cheap acrylic paint from my cheap stock and I'm using this yellow here and I wanted to be like a glaze so I'm adding a white glue with water to the mix just to thin it down and make it look more like a glaze all right so and I need a little bit more so again as you can see the the glue with the water is really runny I'm mixing both and again just adding to the whole thing and I'm not concerned that everything is covered really needs to be it everything is going to get covered with a lot of anymore layers that I'm planning so I am not really concerned and I'm going to switch now to magenta and again I'm just on top of the yellow I don't care that they will mix and okay here it is so we're making quite a mess here and it's still but again don't care and I should have in it more but never mind yeah I know everything looks like a mess right now and now I'm going to take a baby wipe and just remove a little bit where it's too dense for me like I said I haven't thinned it as much as I should have and I'm quite liking the effect now that I'm using the baby wine so I'm going all over I really like how this is turning up and yeah I really like this distressed look and that I have yellow picking in several places so again this needs to write completely and I need to clear the mess that I've done before I move into my next layer I'll be back so I'm back and this is drawing now I want to add some texture and to my page and I'm going to use I'm think I I'll use these two stencils from stamp area I'm thinking I want the Sun and a little bit of this a music sheet here and I'll start by placing my son here and because that's well that's mostly my focal image and not maybe more no here it's going to be here and I'm using joint compound I don't use moving face this is cheaper and it works for me it's either a joint compound or wood filler either way that's what I usually use when I want to do this page thing so let's hope it will turn out well I am NOT great at this kind of a I always struggle with stencils and whatever it is if it's modeling paste or joint compound so I never know or what if it's enough or not enough a material and let's hope it's okay you say it's not good it was too much here but I'm going to I think I'm going to leave this be I'm just removing excess here and moving to this stencil and I need to do it quickly never leave your extensions with modeling paste or joint compound whatever you use don't leave it to dry because it ruins them so placing this here and maybe if I'll scrap it and put little less than I've done before it will be better maybe also my page is not completely flat because all the gluing I've done in the background let's hope for the best if not I'll just scratch everything and start again maybe if I'll use this kind of pallet knife nope not good enough but I'll just leave it be and work with what I have and I don't know I'll just take another a stencil to do something here or maybe from the same one I'm going to take another one I think I live it to drawing and when it's drawing I'll do more of this same stencil here to keep it with the same theme of the page and then we're all working on it so I'll be back once everything is going to be dry and it's going to take quite some time if I'm looking at it I'll be back so I'm back and this is finally finally dry it took ages and I want to make it more vintagey more and ticking and I'm going to use a wood stain it's a water-based and I'm using colonial maple this is from the cheap store from the hardware oil and I've already used it in the past you've seen me use it on a paper napkins that I've glued down and I really like how it turns out I hope it will work nicely here don't know it's the first time I'm doing it this kind of thing so we will hope for the best and I've already prepared a baby white if I need to absorb too much of it and of course I'm looking for some kind of brush little faith and did you notice that you never find the exact size brush that you want no matter how many you have yeah this is what I'm talking about and I'm just going to dab a little bit so I won't have a brush marks and in several places I'm thinking I want to leave it darker than the other like here let's see what happens if I spray it and let it does it drink not really maybe with one more water no don't like it I'll just continue with what I was doing putting down a nice coat and trying to get into all the fine details this content are terrible let's hope not wanted darker so I'm going over where I already been and let's hope it will work it's very hot and we are in the middle already in the middle of summer and everything dries really quickly so this it works against me I hope I'll be quick about it okay so I've got a nice coverage and now I'm just I need more in the corner just trying to eliminate some of the grass strokes maybe I should have used a sponge don't know right now I'm just trying to have something interesting without damaging the layers that aren't already gone so I really like how it's a darker in several places where the texture is more raised so this is nice but where I've got very flat texture it doesn't look as good so I'm just working it a little bit more yeah maybe just too much but I don't know I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't have used it this is it that's what I've got and I'll just Deb several areas okay I'm going to let it dry again and I'll come back and we'll continue in hopes that I can save this piece I'll be back I'm back this is dry and I'm not satisfied with this effect and I want to try and save this page I want something a darker and at least in between all this texture and I'm gonna try my sprays these are handmade homemade several drops of gel food coloring with water and this is supposed to be brown and I'm just going to spray first on the edges and it'll be here and now I'm taking and black and now I wanted to let it drape and also going to spray it a little bit with water I'm going to let it run and to the other side just so you can go in all the texture and here where I don't like it I'm just dabbing it with a baby wipe and I want I like the black on the edges so I'm going to spray just a little bit more here here okay so now I'm just a little bit Brown I want this to dry and to see what's happening and most of the time when it's dry it loses a vibrancy it's it's less prominent so I want to see how it looks and my only plan later is when it's dry to go over and I think we gold on top of all this texture and maybe then everything will come about this page so I'll be back I'm back and I'm really satisfied you know that it's dry it looks better and I want to go over with and gilding wax and if you don't have it I've already shown in other videos how to make one here I've got the ones that I made these are from oil pastels and a coconut oil and if you don't have those things you can also take acrylic paint and dry brush it over your texture so I'm just taking a little bit of the gilding wax on my finger and I'm just going to go all over the texture I've got and I hope it will bring it more forward and make it more prominent on the page and I'm starting to lose daylight and it's kind of hard for me to see what I'm doing it seems like there is enough light but not the same it's already late afternoon here of course this works better where I've got a more raised texture but all the same I'm going to go all over and just add and I don't care even if it's going on some of the flat surfaces I think it will just add to the whole and tick a theme here vintage I don't know what to call it just a trying to be more a careful where I don't have raised in texture you can probably do it with a brush but I like to be more in control of where it goes with my finger so that's how I am going about it if you prefer to do it with a brush so I'm going to go all over my page like this and I'll be back when I'm finished I'm back so I'm really pleased with what I came out of it I hope you can see all the details but I still think it needs a little bit more like a the sprays didn't get to all the places that I wanted them to go and I'm thinking that I want to make a some of the places more pronounced so what I'm going to do I'm taking and fine maybe this one no find a brush and I'm going to dip it in the spray and just add where I think I need more shadowing or better take off a description and you can also try and do it here I can see that where I have got gold it doesn't work so well but I don't care I'm just adding a little bit in several places to make the elements more pronounced maybe I'll use my Stabilo oh and activate it with water maybe dead open would work better I don't know let's see I'm not giving up let's see if this works better putting down a little bit in several places and now some water and yeah this works better a little bit more I don't know yeah it's better but still needs to be worked on so it won't be too harsh so I've got some work to do here on all these fine little details and it's going to be quite boring so I think I'll just get back to you when this is finished we hold this shadowing and heading black in several places I'll be back I'm back so finished adding a little bit more black in several areas and this is it I'm not touching it anymore I quite like it although it didn't turn out as I expected it the wood stain wasn't that great but all in all this is the finished piece thank you for watching thank you for leaving me comments below I'll be seeing you in my next video bye for now


  • Benita Ferreira says:

    Dearest Noit your page came out just beautiful with its Greek ancient feeling. I really like it. Thank you for sharing. I always look forward to you videos. Take care. Lots of love๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  • Margery Ciambra says:

    I thought this one is very good (you canโ€™t go by me because everything you do is great) – thanks again dear Noit- It looks as if some famous artist from Italy made this many many years ago. Al fresco maybe๐Ÿ˜€- Margalit

  • Jane Johnson says:

    It reminds me of an old tapestry. It's very lovely. I have some stain that I picked up only because it was on sale. I'm sure you know how that goes. I din't know what I would do with the stain, now I do. Thanks so much.

  • Pat Miller says:

    A really turned out lovely!! ๐Ÿ’œ

  • ZeeCee Creations says:

    Loved watching this piece evolve, Noit! Lovely results!
    Hugs Marsha

  • Diane Timmons says:

    I'm so glad you didn't give up – it's beautiful.

  • Dawn Ziemer says:

    It really turned out nicely. The gold and the extra shading helped it a lot.

  • Louise Schicchi says:

    So beautiful. This has taught me to keep trying until I am pleased with my outcome. Thank you again for an amazing lesson

  • NighteagleAerie says:


  • Wilma Taranda says:

    I like it!
    It's great!
    What are the stencils you used?

  • Carole Kinsey says:

    If you hadn't tried, you'd never know that the dye didn't do what you wanted.
    I thought it was interesting none the less.
    It turned out very interesting and well worth watching. The sun is always a great item to depict in any art piece. I really enjoy watching your creations develop. Thanks for sharing Noit. X

  • starla arts says:

    This piece is perfect for our 100 degree temperatures in the USA!
    It is very pretty!

  • Phyllis 4466 says:

    To me, it looks like an old carpet. I love it….and I enjoyed watching you work and correct and adjust.

  • Diane Duncan says:

    I think it is beautiful Noit , so rich and grungy at the same time xo

  • Mags Nash says:

    Noit, I really really love ๐Ÿ’• this page, and I really really think ๐Ÿ’ญ youโ€™ve got it right…..Itโ€™s so beautiful,gorgeous and stunning. It looks like an old piece of leather. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all xxx Mags

  • Pamela Reeves says:

    I like the way it turned out. TFS. Have a crafty day.

  • Ann Alba says:

    it is amazing, it has the Aztec feel to it , I think it turned out great.

  • Mieke van Meerten says:

    It reminds me of the faded painted walls in Pompeii, Italy. Love it. โค

  • Vannic Jac says:

    Noit, it turned out lovely. Thanks for sharing. Much Love & Light.

  • Maryann Burgess says:

    Beautiful as always

  • SHANZ S says:

    I think it turned out gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing your creativity. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Melissa Phillis says:

    I'm the same with stencils…I think I am just clumsy ๐Ÿ˜. Beautiful page, very apt with the hot weather you're having. Hope you're enjoying your kid's school holidays xxx

  • Vanessa Lynn says:

    Thank you for sharing. So creative. Love it.

  • Van Art says:

    Yet again lovely. Very inspirational. Thank you.

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