[Applause] behind the walls of South African prisons lies many untold secrets secrets of a system usually never spoken about that is until now there exists a society within these prisons that has its own sets of laws and customs many decades of prison life has resulted in generations of gangs were only known by the numbers 26 27 and 28 these gangs operate like an army with generals and officers in carry out deadly tasks daily in order to survive it's kill or be killed this is a way of life that is an art of survival for these prisoners middle drift maximum prison situated in this small town in the Eastern Cape is no stranger to these 26 27 and 28 gangs a few years ago this prison had a reputation of being one of the most unruly prisons in the country at the outset filming was never going to be an antagonist announcer before depending upon the to Falcon was no profit clinical velocity really separately in Arkansas evidently demonic attendance in general I'm up in the mud with a pay attention demo kuchi lamella central honest commanding young innocent language commanding so that's the nineteen whatever status I get married up from about one the cupola trestle and finally Guinea and the crew finance admin and cocoa beans are on the way of a power loss of malaria it's England c-captain 11:28 this events a moment when I have a twenty eight am 94 demo my way into Mumbai in Zac Hawaii late one night Obama's term the same appointed by oneself thank you some vehicles of Knox like a pulley is Hawaii they made a don't immediately man so Monica and II thought very little and evil minds the Windsor the entire prison institution is dominated by these so-called 26 27 and 28 gangs no matter which prison to visit in South Africa you will always find these three gangs they managed to enjoy the years and to this day maintain a tight network over vast lands and cities these three gangs have forged a close relationship for power sharing against other gang domination since these gangs were established within prisons a prison culture was inherited a culture that first became barbaric and made prisons notorious for violence and hostile behavior these gangs then created a new prison language to safeguard their activities and protect their codes and secrets with establishing their dominance in prisons a sets of laws were enforced which dictated how these gangs operate this included how they live and when each gang can or should be allowed to function the 26 es and the 27th also known as mallanna which means East they take control of the prison from 12 o'clock midnight to 12 like midday while the 28 known as John Ilana meaning west control the prison from traffic like midday to 12 o'clock midnight they inform each other if they have any activities planned outside their allocated times gang members who are brought to this prison for the first time identified as a 26 27 or 28 by way of a secret code I'm in banki dynamic abundance but one is Tuesday he's in canonical Islands provenance turns and he keeping against a lava fillet tell the world you get a burn do Ibaka's io la banda bang I'm Emilio they by tackling dog is my cute but before my rank is assigned to a newcomer an investigation is conducted a network of the 28s from both inside and outside the prison communicate to make sure that this prisoner has not been involved in the killing of a filler 28-member before should this newcomer be cleared from any wrongdoing a suitable rank is given to him however should he be found guilty for killing a fellow member it would mean death the law of the twenty-eighth does not tolerate the spilling of a brother's blood it would then be strangled to death by the use of a towel his raw liver will then be eaten by the twenty-eighth gang members as part of their cleansing ritual the so-called number ones of the 28 took us to another section of the prison to consult with their lives as expected yet again there was a feeling of uneasiness the private life that is no substitutive from caller number at a time so indeed followed by private life and London on the number you know more a Alcorn dementia was sat on bonanza was a transmissible kite and John Milius between Doherty who Truman's Mahler tsuzuku mama open town if you'll end up as losers come here anyway in fact the Indian we are gonna translate come Monday morning isn't it to be a number from be to pass when I'm not about power come tanzanite in my corner Peru what aunty Benson ominous see someone Authority files abc2 especial as I'm in here now who soon he once again come on Amanda's see you by Truman been challenged on tens of Auckland down at Roman is Fabian oppose my sagina ban banda aceh my own hands and fingers my pal trillions of crime a police in hospital come along gonna be one winner and dinner now on burn down sauna now so until now London's are favored a bonnet on Bella for Oprah bhavasagara miss on who it was not long before we managed to convince the gang members to speak about their personal experiences we started by asking where and how it all began Kapali Ciccone solicited unfunded be corrupted the key Francis which is 1652 figure welcome a good relationship one buck which pumpkin feeling me sampling home against baby dissipated message on the other person that is a Amanda ba-ba-ba-ba afford on a banana squad when I'm not even over Rosen Souter corner cause when zalazala through both loops and grab him yacon do now a trellis and I'm gonna go something Amanda well upon my nigga corner that is Rosh Hashanah picking up as a Peter mother's back fella wampum coat was an illusion round ends among ie11 but it is no citruses abba-abba-abba muffled so the Mesa means since global warmin see I'm being a sambar Josefina patron cuz we get wrong we need novel abandoners that is the subpoena must beg for many basically we would run away when I stood as an apprentice or Banga Banga Meccano party now police Amanda Baumann was underwater now nonetheless I'm behind a panel about my policy I hope you transform I know so when Omni God then does born into manner now laboratories and one for October 2001 there what happens I was would whenever one more by this often is from designing a situation an opera truly insane I'm a little apart we arrived in Geneva okay now potato is a yarn by Nam another person to the final Roman seen other than turtleman otaku toga so basically we have another chap who to connect us enough Donna Martin a mobile app whom he oughtn't air-to-air doable tent with no source for my affinity to him this is Citroen someone else nigga when I'm ban when some nigga when listen to some who knows how to sell by about my bundles for father almost parabola it is said that non villosa was a in Banda boy who was arrested more than 11 times for the same crime whenever he was in prison inmates sure that he resisted all the rules that were imposed on the prisoners by the prison authorities the sign 8 was his oath to prove that he is ready to die for what he believes him that is why today the 28th are also known as non golasa a number amnok discipline no palatal aha doesn't relate discipline no noggin remember Newton Philippa and Osaka turns out it window up and is unfilled finicky be straight was an advisor who may be straight but is a discipline on Loggins now see to support such discipline and now wasn't students what the f I'm abandoning kilometer himself jumping out McWilliams do and even someone been ml but only police nml iku public the endocrine bio finally display about what I saw – Lala nigga bed we tired of ugly yeah you know music Alondra flag emailing I mean I went to the Pentagon I do moves by the military life so in May I love me yeah while we're was without making when I like the Comanche well done elephants Bella focuses on but they are decently Felicity so now I win Jedi and Obama's not forget discipline she's most why some niggas when the Sequoia board I think about started a facility for the Gaussian to make should one member of the twenty eighths step a member of 27s you'd expect a gang war to break out however in prison these gangs do not retaliate like street gangs instead they allow their laws to dictate the action that should be taken what you are about to see three young boys before L cos theta is a quali qualifications of between each chimerical encapsulated someone meeting someone a weapon is given to this inmate to prove that he has what it takes to become a gang member this sort of initiation means that he would have to stab someone and in doing so spill the blood of an innocent as part of the ritual the innocent in this case who does not belong to any gang is going to be an unfortunate victim of the day it is procedure that the 26 is in the 27th should be informed about the new members of the 28th the three camps will then assess whether the new member has belonged to any other gang before this is done by stripping his clothes off to check for tattoos tattoos are common with gangs in our trademarks of status or rank very much like a soldier earning his stripes every morning and evening this ritual is performed these are the soldiers of the 28 and everybody assumes their position according to rank this ritual allows each member of the camp the opportunity to discuss issues of concern to them one of the principles of the 28 is that no resentment should be held against fellow members of the gang problems between members must be resolved immediately these young men report to this inmate who's known as the Jemison a gemston is de lies and between the soldiers and the Secretary General of the twenty eggs all pressing issues are passed on to the general who decide whether the entire camp needs to meet and resolve these serious Mantic before any meeting the 26th season the 27th will be informed as always a concern about gangs plotting an attack against each other a fight between these gangs could be devastating again won't affect everybody in prison once the war has started the only way it can end according to gang customs is by a human sacrifice a non-aligned member which could be a warden or an inmate will have to be slaughtered to kindergardens bill it is understood that this prison culture is associated with bloodshed and violence a culture that is directly responsible for many deaths among inmates and wardens these are the types of weapons they use against each other and it is tradition for these knives not to be cleaned Dennison to me saw an ex-prisoner is a living example of how dangerous this culture is Dennis will never be able to see again after losing both his eyes in a prison fight he was the most feared prisoner during his days at middle drift today is still a member of the 27th gang during his days he knew no fear most prisoners still remember him those who are lucky enough not to have met him during their sentence have heard about it he was known to honor the principles of his gang which meant here to swim in a bloodbath every day and every night mr. jolly the communications officer at middle drift experienced Dennis's rage during his days in prison Dennison determined I am tensed about 1985 a car stopped in a gas assault upon our pasa Oh 1991 Museveni Luna instability banana Luna de belem along apparently in DND myopia sauna no and only thing is another day a party team in SLO Gandhi said to winning Darwin's our concern who picks on and upon burning on the land in the Indies in Collinwood oka anypony is a family pet now when zap-apples a new discipline unique American classic HTML very excited about no confirm Karuna melanin fresh it was I sentences so mr. solo was a monetarist really closely intimacy to make it a point in Tomah aghanim ed Kumar and Umar by occasionally sentence like a man yes I that's why say what to toilet it does kinda young guitar god o8y an easy job obeying Moses Oh Coco and the Google Contras our team is never and solo Newton in ssweet equal to average value per hour to the clouds on the tennis even the big charm to pocket a mob and wa i hundred the phrase hola service which is commonly used in south africa by young people as often created an image of being cool or streetwise Marquess Wilson cigar band other born a Bona Bona Bona Bona camel Charlie Sheen million and SEO jeonga Bastrop is Elias Bozeman orlando pocket and you try and Okanagan was sukima partly in doses ulla ulla seven unknown Fonzie loomed routine Manu Minister hunter Buddhist I Jima mm with Sam wampum DeMars attack tonight in Edmonton cock from the Bonneville on and a patron I even on the true movie come on the trophy no mama batta develop and Ginga cousin Chavan fan room he rented on shondo rambha train de Luna Magan attendees in my detriment of angelatron we at raviga essence Alejandra diem tart and in makeup and in Calais and a 14-7 so my knees above about in God asuka from 50s 60s abilities about kalyanam up or down in the valley no more a mile in emissions about Solomon yog Kenda by the newborn so now in the routing solution go to gluten Indian guy Mucha man regular not resign actually land is outside so we'll see who cancer is Malcolm and John Bonham delay cancer over 20 I combined in government bill – indeed next was the National situation Yaya Bona is TV Nakuru kasi now go Jimmy when you're surfing color or less of a knob also by 2 or last of a noble art but you all as living in religion from serving Runa we had said una by niggas Bob about failure resulting upon 18 about a beautiful Monica but nothing like a mineral survey in the veneer of Liberty water saving a wound in our Rose window angle theta kind it's been a neural twin it the guy cousins a buffoon they do not really popular did it is the body the strong a damn vodka I'm King he must sit easy luck iconic the young jock I'll be cocoon is a little blah blah it's in the packet Angelica time you call in our tada government across the country KOCO connect in Kayla my channel 7 is a gang basically known as delegate giannios Gilligan Gilligan Jana like non gulosa was a prisoner who shared the same beliefs but resorted to extreme violence in order to demonstrate his so-called struggle they are not many members of this gang left in prisons within South African middle drift maximum prison which accommodates over 2,000 prisoners only has one member of the 27-game his name is Maurice in part to a corner gang hello Martha Jennifer nanny Noddy Wow humans in Doba then receive Liu Liu he lived about into Makkah for money endo no behalf money China but very much higher totally wound all Abajo in most cases you'll find these 27 gangs kept in isolation because of their deadly behavior they salute each other quite often this part of the cell is called Amitabha McBurney so meaning a place of truth or Espen Bernini meaning at the crossroad not just any gang member is allowed to step into this area your rank and your knowledge is the only criteria that you allow you into this area here the 28th 26 and 27 hold vital meetings like they used to traditionally electricity tyndall opposite this the chicken little HLSL opposite of otaku economy I born on Tonga by Anna you know T aha miss in the state 1 AB and AB of Omaha bubbling down we are bound on Olaf a key that is a buzzer buzzer buzzer – if you know you spam now barbeque chicken bucket 215 years dance boom send up a salmon maybe lick on a timer capital I so since I guess as a new mom and module is still about enough of ominous intense cause burger bun chicken in a bizarre ba-da-ba gonna make quite a bit remains in a liquid travel you can register a plan or conceive variances osmium is a nice handle kaswell's a patron my patron alarm a compliment Elena Ambrose went along drunken you're right boom time the wrong goddamn now cut a boob on water the question we were eager to ask was what role does this culture play in serious crimes we hear about like raping and killing young children abundance on available in abundance in a land obeisance acaba de anuncio rupee – Ariana and obeisance gave it to me Amanda Burgess is not a figure Petronas municipal city pants who say it's a swim calculate your game one I would be my father's titanium warm so scuba children billion under $10 and they may not be cool seeing I attacked Iran Iranian they see that was gonna be nine : my became enemy sermons my wife a flannel a people more say the most solid antenna and he thought no bar you know bizarre and family telling is planting the circular yes people can anticipate that in every window since a guy about to acquire aboard by my London England Johnny disallowed national data buoy super section in the moon – whapa con su kapow common influenza band battle and my chicken Mohammed Abu Batum and he doin abandonado non-drunk along into a 1971 can over say we do it wrong with my way since is Indian dunes on boy not everybody in this prison belongs to the gangs there are those who believe that staying away from the gangs is for the best however this does not mean that their lives in prison are any easy being a non-member made them easy targets for random beatings and in some cases fatal stabbings some of these prisoners have found a home and a place of escape by joining quiet groups within the prison churches old or met while a victim or talented woman o funa a Thomas I'm tired of conduct amassing residences don't an iconic moment in Scissorhands teen on Kenda almost resigned those funders and says Obama so I wanna be talk about a bunch about and easy no I didn't look about before move McCauley tapas the name of for corn a baby that's why I bet you come by taking one off so what am I telling you if one would know don't wanna interested I'm thinking like London's about convinced a blender at a time I'm in my mind who buys Baku China anonymous inviting now Sonya and getting funded in large denied the between ones I'm a drama produced in South Africa called easily so created controversy when they showed scenes of a young man being raped in prison debates began until it became an issue in Parliament these debates took place in prison as well because inmates felt that the way the rape scenes were portrayed with meaning to them Londo endo Lea Bondi situation I believe a patron and the callous mind upon gentle a bit wrong mind lemon was 10 people ever another super God Yusuke mind up Angela says the Wednesday carpet ruin command born window acaba father's a bedroom with is a revised estimate or thought then go to la di Bona God God is a resulting movie also Berlin Denali we make good when the enzyme did this crap on doing lambda sassy ends the confession and a family when I press I know it you don't come into ruins but or familiar about parties and second of all no one would know if I'm the problem we apparel party we are got from the we ends at Matunga yeah God that is where we situation and second a corner and I'm sevens about Muay Thai all year to China between what describe but no man no lapa Albarn's Ranjan Garh me my total that ban rotate when are we to get Lucas to for marijuana he's the new familia en sega game controller in my tangy note his bone like Landry Pistons a couple years or years yeah easily so Enza into arrow home booty yep honest about whatever new Balinese bone in the Indians Akio even well on those feelings still super right one other ways I use of Rachmaninoff abuzer a corner when I'm plain lie on my god is another one but I was also a backup to be enough swab was a corner when asked a liar kind of no way at Bella and hoon was an offender after India's my active in Domeier see you go near Kabul Nandita Adam Devine's roll a palapa god inial is a man and apologize you're gone because s intensify assassin wasn't audiences are becoming yeah born apologies weasel and Juliana by agency go by distance store so a poor weak from corner cootie blasted into say but acting as a Martin d-18 salon Dalia knob and obesity top IRB Sevens kumazawa 28 so on – Annavaram Geisel on giuliana is shaking a lot robo by benissa and pocket single now I wonder where the actin is occurring disguise was reborn bailando eleganza well they would not stay put a pattern of no God choose to remember wardens are unfortunately the main targets for these gangs on a daily basis these warrants I'm the line of fire every single day of their lives koloko a bobbin a nam bolo bona part a Tomoko tiabo baingan ah so in humble simple peasant venice' novice event abba-baba-baba Calallen bad coochie-coochie-coo Nagala Oh Baba phone uses numbers up a Amitabha Wabo this but good when a nervous event ah no number on a label on a map or Lisa as RPGs or Pixar willfulness anyway no saben once again – ah we are perspective I remember a short our pubs person he a long didn't he I'm a police action and the full hour-long cetera in do I am to funa is Tom my name's Rob Andy Forman and floor he some fat assignments a trophy Napa element is money he was gonna draw me Sakura Moses find as bonus angriness Nevada my team and I born a man by a special talking about tea that is acting this was a cosmic phenomenon live as soon I'm a police mr. Foreman pollute so I wouldn't really well some horrible bad same ones are gaining in our cash I born a by name I'll about been a baton quick a big funny any Muslim the ones I was sure about soup was woman I'm cause I'm a Maxima hands for mine influenza trying to talk about holding my cousin window burn off our panel a pan and a bamboo near I've got something on strong the which opposes so who do I know I'm Colleen okay – oh no – oh no service engineer so London a bean Bangla go home tell you I am a 23-20 phone and if ones will do a normal plant a tamil tabu the engine is romantic pause many Guzman have a little over four antennas with an uncharitable a calm being gone so much mama banana start to see guess I know how long it'll take up a probable confer a Macau are tell about us will again absent and maluca mom's abattoir our policy a la marca way elephant's part for some of these men and women this job allows them to put food on their tables and provide for their families for others it's merely a job that needs to be carried out anything can happen to them some choose to join these gangs an effort to commemorate the fallen heroes who died in the line of duty resulted in wardens putting money together to be righted this monument it was named after Lake injili who was recently shot and killed by a prisoner Papa Moses mobile determine if a Vanka right mama magazine WA n Co FEMA's a condom – along nas ooh mama Amba Eclair cui social Vacanti Quan Zhen can teach individual choice and an m110 general Hama 28 amento de ba gua sha ban beers on Todd Angad not so uncommon Kalorama Montes de la mancha people sent an angel so caliph al-ma'mun qu'atsu Queen commands reinsulate abbas event a bell save a emmy nino sukhasana vasana name hockey s in Django Copa Macau amoeba a cotton amiable Potenza strangle is party bus Bona been gaining a party also s Mac over Kosovo Omiya en juan sabines Angelo now a Yuna in on board a 26 or karnilla 28 days intersection innamorata a Musa I remember doing that adonis wimzie benzene without Baba maintenance on bonus at class relative lemon palma open kitchen catalyst we could see some chain hanging up my window Funai we are working only panicky la vez hasta maana smoke on the moon in sagas flower geardo it would pass allah mohamet ran a la si es la boca Progresso port-a-potty Kwanzaa Lobby nakaoka melanin isn't a CNG kuba esos intro song bang yarmulke gente que han da Gama Bandra Hindu baba e boot attack anger God want a cocoon attention recent was longer hey Bailey Lena burn to Abbottabad Peshwa koukousei by colossal on and Mao is in charge the corner a psychologist the Department of Correctional Services has had the rehabilitation programs that have been running for quite some time in order to deal with daily problems perpetuated by this culture in these institutions although they are quite a number of programs set by government at this prison attention is paid to farming this is mainly because the economy of the Eastern Cape is reliant on agriculture here prisoners are taught to breed pork and chickens the goose that our producer also feed this prisoner dangling timber Lonnie who's in for a serious crime has discovered his talent in prison Timberland his dream is to publish his poems one day but for now as for the next 16 years all he can do is to write during the day and go back to his cell at 3 o clock in the afternoon dreaming of better days to come figure warm-up hitless in a in does mañana scroll over God Minako palais de ciencias fondo de moto makini am a Papa actually upand ISA a boppin happens I know Jurassic zero column Luna gave Isuzu kappa bob and bonaparte a by interesting we language chattering Appa got a new language we can't even hang upon the Chang hai so in only involve our units of after informing young band appears in gender sensor and pollen pollen wat Natalya ETA route from home to prison the new a-team Oh Bom Bom busagwan Nepali doesn t end along with now in Quebec till week I send out induction promenade Nepal Ecore Naga information in and out Cindy JB syllabi and bang upon what is happening behind prison bars and a figure which le laasa from the hain the figure is the most onions alias of Amontillado entero so del della a work we when the leg oppa mind is opening up our 28th cama cama upper level between the ad hominem science to some extent these rehabilitation programs have produced results when medica arrived at this prison the authorities kept him in isolation for six months he was not allowed to be in contact with other prisoners because he was a menace to everybody Bendita tu mente to vomit wind 8 d and i was teaching so car his extensive and ambient lava above and below and watch Levon Aronian de Jong Kook Roman reigns I'm cleansing the number one opportunities unfortunately tonight at entrando quasi apology so I wanna give Diana Cosmopolis as Africa and elephant abandoning si lo más de Rondo stenciling ever feel that me Anjali routine Vasavi now and abandon our Marines up of network with the police Linden Palmer Raids yandiyev a local Abbas Lola is TV Revati Olas of a condo say to me today Elizabeth Warren a una cancion de la Habana bond o valid Abba in a bar niggas bar a banger Chitra be no tea puffy Borna lessons alone boom ba-ba-boom as ice cream here robot my bezel on higher cheek wobble buddy that's about all I can be oh yeah he's the Bona Dea limited by king now in this wasn't about Piccadilly surrealist hard Organians but machi scimitar and ET but pretty lilies were coolest her to enlist her to the lava fillet today if Ezio has a hearing problem because of the beatings they took in Pollsmoor Prison in 1982 when he stabbed another prisoner but that did not stop him he continued his violent behavior until even he could not take it anymore today he has found himself a home somewhere in this prison these days he has found refuge in the peaceful and harmonious activities of the prison choir it came whatever – really – really number one number in German patch or macho not remember you crying again gasps too bad but can you tell me now or 1919 yourself it never ended up face the wall ball and island over Germany lava one was a step size my cousin Shane gets up so he can studies my not gay so nothing oh boy I know 90 90 seconds a four month a corny quiet corner by myself but some oniisan I guess is a minimalist my support me quiet dr. yeah we come over to acquire a Cyberman acquire as an angel angel ooh subscribe I will achieve and then let's gonna see you just snap only it's the same time almost being and you've done and uh listen mrs. insde the one thing we've learned from this experience is that prison is not the holiday destination for anybody whether you're the general of a gang and mastermind criminal or just an ordinary person for some of these men this place has made the more vicious and violent we could still see the anger in their eyes we could still hear the hatred in their voices sing abominable yjk murder the mistake is Elena 5,000 children on conundrum sabe – that is a mistake in the single op i drawing now movers Anderson Singapore no party 19 children sing abandoned booze and Apple Singapore metformin because of DOMA nada Capital One title opposing guru-guru the community level and open apartments with a wonderful poet Rumi kinda normally with a media my Nana would never ever pull is it true that one believed in a woman calahonda ombres lions are you won't into what hang on don't these are sugan silence on a no-show coma and feelings and phenomenon die born Indians Linda Bodum dry mud from the corner Pasquale no Savannah muy Cana ticking gala noble and welcomed in I'm up here Obama's wasn't management oh mama when she returned she was so tap Amana Sanders numbers and incisions election isn't ours Rosie wasn't asking was wrong Martin cousin 2 billion 2 billion that the neighbors come here as in fact philosophies and commotion so problem the way bun doesn't hiyo being a general of any gang does not mean that you single-handedly make decisions in this place evidence to this is in cuckoo another general of the 28 where the fearful expression when we walked into his cell with our cameras on the first day for those who live a life of crime we can safely say after our experience in this prison it may pay but ending up in a place like this will be the end of your life as you know music so since it was civilian antennas allowed to come in harmony I'm a cabana patent system nominee Randhawa so insulin is pure source also that is in magenta boom not in Chania local China principles and the principles of months in da bobba sticky labels or basu people's and the same principles as a dangerous goon umbilical upon a fagot a true Bombay Pune Manya Mabika generally in cool secret so obey note Galaga Okanagan give me more um Talia Pentacles my lord as for the production crew we would only conclude that this is where the devil in South resides ironically there are those that have found God in the very same place where we believe the devil runs his workshop a desperate prayer is the only refuge and defense this prisoners have against the constant dangers they face every day a new window in the Manila routinely today with the table even DiNozzo booty land Amanda's end Oglala abanda ban 5fh a narrow window DG Gillian who banned many oh yes oh boy oh boy shinza Imperia algunas lands en la banda for Noguchi Robin : Obachan immunity waka ama : now a condo a cocoon in Maya and then my young my mother took up work for me booting is a human [Applause] [Applause] you


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    So many human beings suffering in the world.

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    Sonwabo Lose with all that handsomeness he is serial rapist. what a waste🚮

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    Some people just can't be rehabilitated.

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    So prisoners are stupid & evil

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    For the love of Jesus, raw liver eaten by other gang members?. This is absolutely evil.

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    This is kak bullshit straight away

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    Idiots Black's killing each for nonsense

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    Why can't these prisoners trained to fight in the jungles of DRC

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    Bunch of pricks

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    Nongoloza you handsome my brother stay away from this

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    Bring back death penalty for this criminal who doesn't want to change their lives

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    Someone should just finish off Denis

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    though you people living in prison but you are still our brothers and fathers my advice to you is that never think we fear you just because your in prison or from the other side. your human's with evil heart just like us and we are all having that potential to kill, so stop saying to us we shall not use 7 as if that belong to you.

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    The first and deadly rule of getting a number is that you dont share info about it with non-members. They lied mostly, although there is also the truth

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    EL man sentenced to two life terms for rape

    in News by Zwanga Mukhuthu,Zwanga Mukhuthu


    Detectives from the South African Police Services Mdantsane cluster secured two life terms for a man who raped a 14-year-old girl in Reeston in 2014 and a 10-year jail term for a second man also found guilty of raping her.

    Commenting on the sentencing disparities, police spokesman Lieutenant Nkosikho Mzuku said East London High Court Judge Igna Stretch sentenced 36-year-old Sonwabo Lose to two life terms as he committed the rape twice.

    His co-accused, 27-year-old Luvuyo Budaza, was sentenced to undergo 10 years imprisonment as he was forced by Lose to rape the girl.

    The sentences were handed down on Wednesday.

    The rape occurred on the night of August 1 2014.

    The 14-year-old girl came across the two men who were armed with a panga while she was on her way to look for her older sister at a tavern.

    “Lose grabbed the girl and headed to the bush. He instructed Budaza to rape her first saying if this was not done he would kill him. Budaza proceeded to rape the girl and when Lose was raping the girl Budaza got a chance to run away,” said Mzuku.

    He said Lose proceeded to take the girl to his shack where he continued to rape her. The girl later escape while Lose was sleeping.

    “Lose gave chase and caught up with her at her house where a man tried to save her but Lose threatened to kill the man. He took the girl back to his shack and continued raping her. The incident was eventually reported to police,” said Mzuku.

    At the time Lose was out on parole for two separate rapes.

    Igna in her sentencing remarks found Lose could not be rehabilitated. — [email protected]

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