Art Room Tour | Art. Crafts. Squishies. (Pt. 1)

Art Room Tour | Art. Crafts. Squishies. (Pt. 1)

hey it's me today is the highly highly highly requested art room tour not everything in here is an art supply I have a lot of personal stuff in here as well I'm going to show you everything I have some weird collections I'm an adult I promise this is all very new and it's great but the only reason I have it is because people watch my videos and I'm lucky enough to have this as my full-time job so this is literally my place of work right here I never thought that I would have a room like this it's a dream come true this time last year I was renting a basement my art room consisted of not a room at all it was my childhood desk in a corner right in front of the front door so please don't feel like oh oh myself suck you never know what's gonna happen in the future and you don't need any of this to make art or to be creative I'm not making this video to push it all in your face and show you guys how great all my stuff is you're part of the reason why it's even in existence so thank you all I'm gonna stop being sappy and emotional now let's get to the tour goodness gracious so first here is an overview of my art room the wall behind me right now well isn't a wall I actually don't have a wall or a door it's just kind of open to the rest of the basement so let's start the tour over in this corner which is my little Oh see over here I have my little stool at the actual window seat which has a couple stuffed items you know I have my zoom zoom Zahn display oh there's a lot of cat hair on that I actually have a piece of cardboard propped up behind them on the sides I have these little cloth storage bins which I bought in white so that I can paint them I haven't painted them yet inside of this one I keep a bunch of yarn that I've used for different videos a bunch of zippers I needed one zipper I bought an entire set now we have these left over and inside of this one I have nothing nothing at all moving on to the next area of the room I have this bookshelf oh don't lean on it the top of it I keep clear this is like my drying station anything that I'm painting put it there turn on fans bada-bing in the shelf I have a selection of books this is not a book it is a book my two reckless journals which are both completed might create this book which is completed Opie Shh no you can't talk right now hi sweetie pie okay go away down here I have notebooks textbooks oh my gosh this binder I have my photographs I took a photography class in school oh yeah look at all the self-portraits very very interesting what the heck oh that's deep look at that so sad okay yeah anyway moving on on this side I have Dumbo rude I have this binder letters and artwork that people have sent to me somebody also made me the bookmark that's on the spine ah get back in there get back nope no yes this basket is full of special little creatures these are all squishies that I started at some point and just never finished for whatever reason um what even is that and moving up I have dust a big seashell and this lovely beach themed box this has lots of seashells in it I used to really like to paint on seashells love that and there's even more I have no memory of that that's not a cool what whoo that blending could use a little help that's kind of cute quite a few that are left unpainted though moving to the next area of my craft room this whole back wall is cabinets and built-in shelves so let's start on this side on this top shelf this is my Furby collection some people may say they're creepy they all do different things back here I have my rainbow of Care Bears I don't know I just like them okay and we can't forget back here in the corner I have this thing which came from my p.o box the next shelf is more very special items yeah why is this in the wrong order these are just old squishies that I made like way back in the day but I still really like them this was back before I actually bothered to cover all the holes of the memory foam so that kind of triggers me now these are my Neopets if you don't know what Neopets is then good don't look it up I have a couple trolls here Oh fix the hair there you go what are you doing these are also vintage these very interesting creatures back here whoops and moving down I have this wonderful dysfunctional family these are all old Avon dolls they do that it's okay don't be alarmed this one's me and Opie no wait this one's me and if you notice over here there's nothing back here it's all empty space that has to be resolved eventually and then I have a moose in a basket and this little thing here which is sitting on my gel pen collection very comfortable moving over to this shelf I have a couple of jars that I decorated this shelf I just have this play button squishy that somebody made for me and a box that I decorated there we go my desert birdhouse that I created everything in these jars has come from my peel box jiggly things I have all the jiggly things so many erasers this one is humans animals with eye problems everything that you need in your life and this bottom shelf is my basket of bows that I made in my 5-minute craft series also these rainbow pom-poms that I made and finally over here I have this little cake plate old sticky squishies okay and now it's drawn time in this top drawer this is all fabric paint these are all custom colors that I have mixed so that one's open for some reason I have empty ones popsicle sticks for making popsicle stick families obviously now those are just for mixing paint this is all toothpicks couple loners my parts box all sandpaper I have a nest of cell phone straps and back here I have you know what don't ask the next drawer is yeah this is all my slick fabric paint I know it looks like a lot because it is I go through a lot of fabric paint and I actually just it is organized cool colors warm colors and then neutrals okay in this next drawer oh look at that more fabric paint this side is all of my matte paint this side I actually don't use hardly at all it's all glitter paints the company actually just sent these to me so I have it and then up here is all brand new packs of fabric paint that's you know hello I know it's just excessive but I let's just close up my shame and embarrassment now and this bottom drawer is my big boy this is my lovely sprinkle tray some of these I've made myself some of them are store-bought some of them are completely not even opened yet what is this this can eat this is piping tips because I'm a baker now these containers back here are actually full of stickers I don't know I just really like big stickers like this there's a lot of really cute designs in here I have a couple sticker sets that have been sent to me this little big huge box is full of they're like little plastic charms fans lots of buttons and that's that drawer okay moving over to this middle section now I have a lot of my squishy friends squishy friends from squishy makeovers on these two shelves I still have every single squishy that I've ever done on a squishy makeover but they don't all exactly fit on this shelf so this is the majority of them and then I just kind of swapped them out it's so nice having all of these here they used to be stuck in bins because I didn't have any room for them but now I have them all out so I can look at them and they can look at me I need to stop I actually never squished these unless it's for the video I'm trying to keep them all in pristine condition this is a no squish zone below my prized squishy shelf this is a jewelry box that I redid for a thrift store makeover I don't actually keep anything in here it's more just for display I have gudetama that's not funny these are just some rocks that I decorated in one of my videos over here I have my entire pin collection well okay a lot of my pins that I've made this little cluster right here these are hot glue pins and everything else is shrink plastic deserts animals fruit Disney characters randoms food monsters hot glue pens original characters youtube icons moving on over here I have this paper organizer which was a thrift store makeover it is double-sided for when I want a little change in scenery and it holds a couple creative books some books that came from different kits excuse me and just books that I've Wow calm down collected for inspiration these guys were from a video from quite some time ago back here I have this little fellow who I've had for quite some time and he's just lovely and I love him and he's wonderful and beautiful and he fits my aesthetic so he sits there he's the UH the bookkeeper that the librarian are we done yet underneath all of that I a couple cabinets this left cabinet contains many things this bin has some washable markers in it this one is some model magic which is also Crayola so these are the Crayola brothers this been tools I guess everyone needs a dirty toothbrush measuring spoons some of this stuff is crap that I bought for school that I had to buy for one project or another I don't really use it anymore but also like what else am I gonna do with it a little drop e dropper never use that before fun-fun-fun down here I have these two little drawer sets this one is full of sharpies and a big rainbow erasers still in the packaging and this one has mechanical pencils galore couple highlighters erasers in the shadows over here I have just a bundle of old school pencils sure they can stay the other half of this is more art supplies this baskets a lot of cheap acrylic paint ok ok I actually took the time to test each color oh my gosh this is heavy each color on the cap so that I know what color it is without having to pull it out all the way a little wack looking but you know functional this one which is kind of in the middle has more acrylic paint in it big things of acrylic paint that don't really fit in that little basket a messed ok let's not fall let's not do the falling thing Oh what's going on with you I have my colored pencil organizer each drawer is organized the top four are all Prisma colors this is Fantasia these are drawing pencils and the colored pencil collection continues down here these are my cheap colored pencils Crayola rose arts I've had some of these pencils for like no lie ten years and I used to write things on them when I was bored maturity to the max this box has an ugly sticker on it let me get that off I hate these stickers is that ASMR is that no this box holds my dear pasta paint pens my darlings and that is it for this cabinet hi so let's talk for a hot minute right here on the floor I was not anticipating doing this but it is becoming clear to me that this tour is going to be an enormous amount of footage and I think I'm gonna need a little more time to edit all of it so cliffhanger oh this is going to be a two-part video so you will see part two next Friday please don't kill me I still have the entire other half of the room to go through in fact there might be a little bit more on that hat than this half the link to that will be right on the screen as soon as I post it so if you're watching those weeks from now you can just click there go to part two this is a very abrupt awkward ending to the video but I'll see you next Friday bye


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