Art Studio Tour 2019 + Face Reveal! [ Art Supplies, Filming Set-up, etc]

Art Studio Tour 2019 + Face Reveal! [ Art Supplies, Filming Set-up, etc]

hi everyone so in this video I'm going to be doing a studio tour and it's changed so much since the last few videos I've done I think I did two studio tours before this and he was like 2017 2018 I haven't done a 2019 one yet and I have a lot more plant I have two desks now what else I have new lights um I got them off eBay but I'll talk more about that in detail I have a printer a Cricut I've definitely been accumulating this stuff over the course of the year and the desk was actually sent to me by an throw desk which is a Canadian standing desk company and they make other stuff too let me talking about that as well so I'm gonna take you off of here and show you around my studio and when I say studio I mean bedroom it's not really a studio so the first thing I want to talk about is my desk and this is a new desk my old desk is against my window now but this is a new desk and the stand of the desk actually came from the company and their desk and they sent the stand to me to review it's a actually adjustable desk it has a single motor and it can go from complete standing to sitting so it can raise really really high the buttons are done here so it can go really high I don't want to raise it any higher because it's gonna start to pull some of my wires out of the wall I'm gonna put it down now and I actually got the tabletop from Ikea and I just screwed it onto the bottom of the desk it comes with its own screws it's really easy to setup it's super solid and the great thing about standing desks is that it allows you to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day and this is better for your posture and your health and sitting for a really long time is really bad for you and also standing for a long time is bad for you so being able to switch I think is really important an anthro desk is actually a Canadian company so I was even more excited to work with them and kind of try out their stand and review it because I like to support Canadian companies because there's it's hard to come by them so the frame is super super solid it's really heavy really durable really well built that's the motor there it's one motor and it's really fast and you actually screw this onto the tabletop there's one in the middle and some on the other side and since it's white it really helps to brighten up my room I really need to do some cable management that is unsightly but I will do that eventually so there's a little protective bar to keep you from getting anything caught while it spins it's so grainy up here cuz it's so dark it comes with its own screws it's just really sturdily built what I like most about this desk is that I can adjust the height to whatever I want it to be it can be a full standing desk a full sitting desk I can change it depending on my posture for that day because my posture kind of changes day to day depending on how tired I am but being able to stand and work on stuff has been kind of life-changing and I've had no problems with this so far I have nothing but good things to say about it honestly and the price isn't even that bad in school we stand up a lot when we make art so it's nice to be able to do that at home as well and also whenever I'm packaging orders I like to be able to move from here to here to my printer which is behind me really quickly so if I'm sitting I have to constantly stand up walk over sit back down do things or I'm just hunched over a regular height desk so I always raise it up enough around packaging and it just really helps my productivity my workflow a standing desk is just a super useful tool and I'm so glad I have it you can actually adjust the width of the feet of the desk they can go wide and short depending on the size of your tabletop and it's even deeper than my other table this table is super thin it's just made firm like Michaels cubes and a piece of wood but this is a real table I haven't really had a real table in a long time so thank you so much to anthro desk for letting me set this up it took me kind of a long time to get the video ready so they were very patient with me because I was trying to get everything ready in my studio for this video and now everything's ready so I can show you everything so make sure to check the links in the description to see this desk if you want to look at any of the other products or if you want to get a desk for yourself if you've been looking into standing desks definitely check out this company these are my new lights and a new stand that my dad worked very hard on for me I think it's like a oak or something some kind of I can't wear what kind of what this is so basically what this is these wooden things can slide off the end so I'll show you one of them I also got these these wall mounts from Amazon you can find them all over Amazon so it looks like this it looks like that on the wall piece so this interlocks there and slides it into place and that way you can kind of have them place wherever you want regardless of where the studs are because these are screwed into studs which is the wood in the wall you can't just screw into drywall because it's not strong enough they might rip it out of your wall oh yeah and above here are some of my favorite art prints I have from friends and artists and people I follow online I have a whole bunch on my other wall over there but I have a lot here too also the way I mount the camera is I have this long pole and it goes in there and this can also slide back and forth and there's a camera screw on here so I screw the camera on and then it can film my desk but the lights our LED it comes us a little diffuser and I actually got these on eBay for like half off they're they're the newer nywhere lights and they're really bright let me turn them on there's so much brighter than my other lights you can actually adjust the temperature on the back it's really cool this isn't sponsored I just I don't even know if these are the best lights to get it's just what I could find within my budget I'm going to leave one of them on so as for what I have on my desk this is a little plate stand for my Kia and I just keep my tape on it oh my gosh I keep my tape on it for packaging this is some masking tape and I keep a bunch of books sketchbooks and notebooks just in here all the ones I currently use keep my kneaded eraser two rulers my paint jar I found a centipede in this one so that wasn't fun a little coaster of my dog to eat my desk from getting all grips from the paint water my mouse it's not always there it's usually I'm usually using it my iPads move around all the time and the only reason why I have two iPads is because I bought one myself but then a year later school gave me one like we all got one at school and it's so much bigger and nice so now I have two and it feels kind of excessive but I mean I bought this one with my own money it was quite an investment and I just got one for free so I have to this is where I keep all my shipping supplies and all my order packaging stuff I also have a yoga mat over there and on top of here is my custom stamp I made a little ink pad that I use this is a sticky note sometimes I'll write little notes in orders like if I'm giving putting something free in it I'll write a little note that says free and that's what I use those for these are for making sticker packs these are all misprinted stickers these are all the banners for the stickers so I kind of keep them up here they'll probably find a new place at some point here's a scale I'm just off of Amazon I just want to be able to check if packages were over a certain weight so you just let it zero itself and then you put that on that's 214 grams for that stapler here is I keep my business cards I put one in each order do not then just stamp on it got from Vistaprint some gel pens and sharpies to write addresses in a date stamp that I don't use for anything yet sometimes I like to date stamp sketchbook pages but I just always forget that I have that a black ink pad I don't really use black I like red for shipping because I just think it kind of fits a little postal theme door number one is my sticker packs this is a little extension for my camera setup stamps are in here I have a couple turtle ones left sticker sheets I think I have all my all my stickers are up here this is refill ink a new ink replacement for my stamps I'm white out the corner rounder my old stamp and that's it for that drawer drawer number two these are all my enamel pin backing cards so these are the back pack frog ones I had 250 of these and they're almost gone that's like my most popular pin design it was my first pin – these are the stone garden stone garden dudes living stone garden star kitty I think yeah start kitty my enamel my warm enamel pens a pack of sharpies for writing on stuff so that it won't smudge cause sharpies are permanent staples for my stapler for sticker packs some brooch pins which I use on wooden pins I haven't made any of those in a while though drawer number three this is kind of a mess there's a lot of are these free yeah these are full of free prints because they have miss prints or their crops weird or their test prints or the corners are bent little imperfections that I don't like to sell them normally so if you order a print for my store you'll get a free print with it as long as there was last for some patreon rewards in case anything gets sent back to me or if anything gets lost in the mail I have some extras I can resend to people postage rates for my reference I think these are six by nine clear plastic sleeves some tissue paper for packaging bigger orders that I haven't really got any hope yet if you want to start making zine delese that enamel pen clear sleeves from amazon i buy so many things from amazon more clear sleeves and bigger sleeves for bigger prints these are where I keep all my enamel pins I don't have what's this empty sleeve I don't have too many designs that it's hard to find them so they're all just kind of scattered in here but I can easily find what I need like if I needed a warm pin there's one right there star pins garden pin frog so they're really easy to find if I ever get more designs I'm going to need a more organized solution but this works for now these are I keep my prints I kind of have them organized by size and they're all prepackaged so that they all stay safe and these are my non packaged pins I've so many of these cat pins pins prints I've so many of these cat prints and they're all under there so these are I keep my prints here's all my chipboard four stiffening envelopes and these are actually the the pieces that I trim off when I cut to the right size so these don't fit five by seven prints but they fit smaller prints and I have so many of them so those are gonna go on smaller prints that was a nice sound this is my sticker paper I use Cricut printable vinyl for my stickers but I've recently been trying out what is it inkjet creative media photo paper direct matte vinyl inkjet paper and I like it except for the fact it's super thick so I'm still trying to decide which one I like better the price between them kind of varies because you can get the Cricut on the sale sometimes but the other stuff is never on sale it's just on Amazon or maybe sometimes it's on sale so that's just full of sticker paper these are also a Kea shelf things I got you can attach them to the bottom of a desk or a shelf it's extra storage still don't know where I want to put those I had them over there but they just looked kind of bad and they got in my way envelopes these are five six by nine envelopes return addresses it doesn't matter if you see these cuz this is just my p.o box airmail stickers envelope sealers from the dollar store just for fun some sticker banners that I haven't cut yet and I probably should do that a full sheet label in case I make a mistake on an envelope I just cover it in a label and I rewrite it and this was full of pre-made envelopes but most of them are blank now but these are some bubble mailers I use if you want to see me make a video on how I actually like packaged everything and organize everything and run it all let me know more on valois apparently it's just more of the same my bigger envelopes and the bigger stock of my craft ones those are from Michaels actually he's a coupon so they're pretty cheap oh my gosh something just fell and scared me so bad these are my enamel pin bags so they're not packaged yet so they're just in here I don't have like such an influx of orders that I have to count them all out as soon as I get them it's a pretty it's a steady flow of sales but not so much that I need to like rush and count them all I actually got a new carpet too this is where I keep all my cut stickers and banners and here's some I still need to cut this is a misprint because it printed the wrong way and then these two I need to cut this is the thing I don't like about Cricut paper it just curls and it messes up my printer it's jammed like I'd say 2% of the time at jams so it's enough to like make me worried for the health of my printer and this is full of miss prints so if you order anything I try to put a misprint in it but I also might do miss print packs oh these are second pins I haven't put them on my store yet but those are seconds and these are miss printed stickers I have so many miss printed stickers I need to start selling them as a pack because I think that would be a good way to get rid of them and not waste them so we've done this whole right side now it's time to go over here these are my oh-hoo-hoo markers they're the water based ones things are the cheapest not the alcohol ones there's so many colors I got them from Christmas I think and I love sketching with them if you want to have some fun with some cool markers without paying too much I would recommend these okay here's how I keep all my brushes this one I use to brush dust off of things this one is a giant watercolor brush some smaller brushes some water brushes that I got on a sketch box and little scissors this should not be there that should be over there yeah I try to keep my brushes separate this slowly fills with random junk over time and I have to reorganize it it's just how it goes and this is full of some pens um some of my favorite go-to tools like the Mars tecnico with the to be led not to be 2 millimeter actually it is to be led also pencil of bigger watercolor brushes and over there Mike nice scissors brush pens a little eraser pencil and stuff like that is there my big tablet is there hello this is my Z Z plant I'll talk about him later I have lots of plants to show you so I keep it plugged in I actually just put this here because I'm gonna be working on some more digital stuff and I want to just have my tablet out keyboard the cables kind of a mess I will sort with that later now let's talk about my pole ants because I know a lot of people wanted to see a plant tour so this is it this is my African violet and it used to be purple when I got it and the flowers all fell off this was like 2 or 3 years ago the flowers all fell off and I just figured well maybe it just won't bloom because the temperature isn't right but then I started getting into fertilizing my plants and I bought African violet fertilizer specifically for this guy and I started giving him the recommended dose and then he started to make buds and then he started to bloom again and I was so happy I was so surprised that that actually worked but they're white they used to be purple so well they're kind of a nice light pink color I think they're really pretty plants can just change colors of their blooms randomly I couldn't find a straight answer on why might have to do some kind of mutation or hybrid or climate who knows this is my pothos pothos it was like a cutting when I got it part of it is the Marvel queen and I think some of it is normal so the marbled queen is like variegated so there's white on it but it's slowly kind of losing its variegation as it grows because this doesn't get the brightest sunlight this is my spider plant this was a cutting that I bought from a convention actually and he's growing so strong he has such long leaves now he's doing great I love it this is a little baby piglia that I cut off my my mother piglia I guess my mature plant and he's doing great that's an air plant let me grab him he's just so big i watered him the other day I just never know if my air plants are thriving or just surviving probably not thriving let's be honest this is my oyster plant or I think it's also called Moses in the boat it's looking a little bit like faded and speckle II not sure why um I recently cut off a bunch of growth on it and we routed it and planted it somewhere else so we should be I don't know kind of pruned it I guess it route it so well oh my gosh it's growing a new baby no it's not my little watering can so I don't spill water everywhere every time I water stuff just off of Amazon half the stuff I have is from Amazon I try to buy plants that don't need tons of light but sometimes they just I just buy sometimes they just don't they just need more light and it's just hard to give them light because I have a very fixed place where I can put them but this is called an arrowhead plant I'm pretty sure there's other names but I got it because it just had these really pretty leaves that were all like like mottled dark green white and I just liked it macro he's a good crow from Michaels oh and a pig and Turkey this is my jade plant he used to be under a plant light and I moved that so now he's at my window and he's starting to get lucky I feel bad cuz I've had him for so long but I just don't have room for the plant light anymore and these are also some succulents that are getting leggy because I moved them out of the plant light also I don't like seeing them get leggy but I mean what can I do well no if someone closed my window and my air plant no this is the air plant he's not looking so good to be honest and here's what I've had for a while and he actually looks pretty good not an expert at air plants by any means so here's my piglia plant one of my favorite plants he always has a bare stem he just loses his lower foliage for some reason I'm not sure why I know that happens in plants get really old but he's not like they're not it's not like they're the old leaves they're just they just slowly start to yellow and fall off I don't think it's an over watering problem cuz I don't overwater it I let it dry between waterings it could just be insufficient light or fertilizer problem I don't even know what it could be I tried googling it and I can't find any answers but he's still putting out new growth that's a new leaf there this is my Z Z plant it's new it was miss label at the nursery so I got it for quite a good price and one of his stems broke off someone broke it off my parents broke it off one of my parents um but he was putting out a brand new stem and also one here so he seems to be happy and I tried to not overwater it because I know it stores water in these bulb things so he's pretty new I've had him for like a month or two but he seems to be doing ok I also have this spider plant he was on my dresser and I keep him there cuz I like to kind of spread out the foliage in my room makes these weird noises sounds like a spider I like to have plants not just on the windowsill so he can survive in low light situations so that's why I keep him on my dresser and he seems to be doing ok there hey so you saw my tablet which is in that corner and then I have this really dark corner under my desk so let's take a look down here this is gonna be terrible lighting I keep paper up here so there's really cheap sketching paper there's a watercolor paper is paper scraps all kinds of paper is up here and this is a calendar which shouldn't be there but it is this is my tracing pad from Cricut and some spare scraps of paper right there this is my old mini computer which is basically obsolete now that I have iPads some extra contact paper I'll talk about that well maybe I should now this is covered in contact paper so that's not the actual surface the actual surface is quite yellow but I put contact paper on it so it would be kind of nice and light like my other tabletop I have another tracing pad under here which I never use because this one is USB power that this one is not so it's just more convenient to use a USB one rather than this specific charging cord some extra jars for mixing paint and some hardware for my cubes here this desk is held up by two cubes on either side from Michael's there the storage cubes and it's just a piece of wood on top and keep my extra pencil cases in there and some water color palettes I might actually move those water color palettes but I have this one where I mix colors on this is also just an empty tray this is a metal palette with clip-in pans some pencil cases and this little pallet tons of glue is in there and masking fluid and extra business cards my garbage that I never ever use this is kind of like my junk drawer my office supply drawer more tape paper clips giant sticky notes thumbtacks cables this is my polymer clay that I don't touch and I should probably give away to someone clay making tools like a roller and knife hole puncher stuff this is full of um ideas stuff which I can't actually take out because my drawer is broken but it has a bunch of electronic stuff in there my DS's my games mostly use the switch now just some select Copic markers in my rest the rest of my copics are in my closet some gel pens some fine liners so back on top of my desk beside my ZZ plant is a bunch of other capable stuff but I actually use this quite often so I have my wireless earbuds some other earbuds the cable that connects my light pad to a USB port so I can actually use it the case for my audio recorder some whoo young pens I don't think these charged though I don't think they work I have an exacto knife some little mini tripods for close angles and I think that's pretty much it there's a little tape measure and a little pushing thing that actually should be out that shouldn't be in there it's in here I can't remember what's in there sharpener I'll put it in there actually so in these two little things are some all of my mechanical pencils these are really old I just put the let I like inside and I use them this ain't you go some pencils that you sharpen extra lead little cut tool some pottery needles for scratching stuff extra lead for that's to be led or 2 millimeter LED also to be some extra erasers some earbud replacement things and screws no all those are the tools for scratching a scratch board those are in there up here is colored pencils which are like sketching pencils watercolor pencils just specialty colored light stuff is in there these are all markers and gel pens so like the fun stuff to use most of them are like cheapies from mini so and other kinds of like dollar stores but these are jelly roll gel pens in a bunch of different colors and some brush pens Muji pens just stuff like that fun little stationery stuff and in here is all my black pens I think these are all black and gray I forgot I have this I love this one it's a grey sharpie pen it came in a sketch box and I love it this is a black brush pen just all kinds of stuff gel pens my ink wash should use that more ballpoint pens these are all like black ink pens this is a paper cutter it's ancient it's super old it's still old that this broke off so I have to place it on top every time it's like a guillotine type of thing and it also has this but that doesn't work and I use this to cut everything and it's slowly getting duller as it gets older so this is kind of the fun part the art supplies here is all my gosh I have designer squash I use this as a little pink gloss even though it's water color acrylic wash which does it with dry spearmint Lea a big tube of white and there's a little pencil in there which shouldn't be there but it is my watercolors are in here I have mix of schminke whoredom kaufman watercolors and shouldn't hand watercolors I love Shin Han they're great kind of like mid-tier I like them a lot all my extra cheap brushes are in there my gel pens I got a bunch of these for Christmas or my birthday ones and I'm still slowly working my way through them a cheap watercolor set on to other watercolor sets that I barely use this one in this one there's some more brushes under here and these are of those like Ecoline watercolors there are liquid watercolors and keep them down here a little eyedropper in a bottle which can come in handy some India ink an empty gouache set which I'm actually getting more of that soon that's that drawer I call it my paint drawer because I keep my paints in there this one is my pencil drawer bunch of Conte from school life drawing these are all my pencil crayons they're mostly prismacolor pretty much all of them are some pastels which I use sometimes there's gonna be like rogue pencil crayons in here a little extension thing some pastels pack of pencils some prismacolor very thin pencils which are harder than the other leg some Lehrer pencil crayons and Crayola colored pencils are under there as well the pen I'm just gonna leave that there Crayola markers and sharp beats soft oil pastels haven't used those I keep finding little pencil crayons just all around these are toy brush pens they're watercolor markers and some pencil crayons and these are like soy not pencil grants some crayons and these are soy made of the soy know that they're made out of soy oh these are my pasta pens and some extra Conte is down there and pastels actually I think do their pastels be there yeah that fits okay trying to get everything back in my jars is always a challenge I know that wasn't how it was but that's how it's gonna be here's another office supply drawer these are all playing cards this is garbage some double-sided tape this is actually from a sketch box some elastic bands a glue gun some watercolor pans think those are half pins some glue sticks some more earbud covers some washi tape and don't I start earbuds which always can I do in mine they sound so bad they make it start like making these like screeching noises some take a whole bunch of journals oh no this one got bent a bunch of journals are in here a cat notebook just a whole bunch of stuff either all journals I don't lead rail that much but I use them to write lists usually this is a little canvas panel some Bulldog clips for school or just if I need to clip stuff in embroidery kits which I haven't done yet my exacto knife kit and a whole bunch of tape and I love having lots of tape because I package orders a lot and it just helps to make them look nicer so that's not door it's pretty organized actually I'm glad that it has stayed that way so this is where I keep some of my paper this is some cans and XL watercolor which I use for quicker smaller watercolor stuff actually just got that here's some Matt photo paper from Canon I really like it it's a little bit thin but it looks really nice when you print on it and I love it and here's the luster paper which I use for art prints it's the photo paper Pro by Canon and it has this really nice fine texture to it it's really nice some labels which I use for packaging stuff and this is full of glossy sticker paper I don't use glossy papers so it's there and here's some thicker printer paper this is where I keep some water color palettes that I use more often so this is my wish make a what palette this is my Shin hand palette I like to use this for like if I if I'm if I'm too afraid to waste color I like to use this one cuz it's really nice and it's not that expensive a mixing palette this is full of watercolor some cotton stuff from a matchbox actually this is some tear off pallet paper that's covered in paint some more palettes with gouache on them some folders for school a bunch of line paper and graph paper for school and this hole puncher these are my cricket mats I just like to keep them accessible there the sticky mat so you put your paper on it and it sticks down and then the machine cuts it and this is a case for ipads both of my cases my old Cintiq and a cable for the Cintiq so I keep my old lights I keep them beside my desk I don't know where I'm gonna put them yet maybe has a little nightlight that would be nice tripods so many tripods that actually two tripods came with my lights I didn't need them but they just came with it so I'm probably gonna use them for something else and here's my little printing and cutting station so these are the two cables the white one is to cricket the black one is the printer and I keep this little tablecloth on it to prevent dust from getting into the printer but it is the Canon Pixma Pro 100 a lot of people on YouTube have this one a lot of people who make prints have it it's just a really good bang for your buck it's a really good price it's a photo printer it's inkjet and I love it it's been great it was a really good price too I got it on sale and I keep my cricket under here on this little pullout thing it's a Cricut explore air the first model I didn't need the air to or the maker I just needed to cut paper so I got the cheaper one keep my little tools and and no nothing's in there yeah it's one of the best events investments I ever made it allows me to make tons of sticker packs because I don't have to sit there and cut them myself and I can make sticker sheets too which is really exciting and I got this little stand from Value Village so I hope you enjoyed my studio tour it really hurt my arm two films I was holding the camera for so long but it's definitely changed a lot I have accumulated all this stuff over the last like five or six years so it's not something that like you know comes all at once this is the main thing I do so I need to have a lot of space for it and a lot of stuff to do it I've always wanted like a LS sheet desk and I have that now in it by the window so it's been the changes have been really nice so I hope you enjoyed this if you want to check out the other videos I'll link them in the description to see how it's kind of evolved over time let me know what your work station is like if you have one or your office or anything like that so I really hope you enjoyed this workstation tour and I'll see you in my next video


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