ART STUDIO TOUR 2019 | Where I work

ART STUDIO TOUR 2019 | Where I work

everyone thank you so much for joining me today for this studio tour I've actually done a studio tour for this exact space about two years ago to be completely honest there's not a whole lot that's changed in here except the fact that I have way more plans I've lost control and I've gone down the rabbit hole and I'm never coming out so I've just accepted this in the studio tour that I made two years ago I didn't show you guys my studio closet because it was a total dump in there I just moved into the space since then I have actually organized it and made it a functional space so I'll be showing you that today that's pretty much it so let's get on with this tour that right there is Callie's bed she likes to sleep in here when I'm working and just loves to hang out with me that is my Parker Solar Probe painting from my NASA video that you guys saw it's actually vertical the orientations supposed to be horizontal but this video was one of my favorites that I ever made if not my favorite video that I've ever made so please watch that because I poured like my entire heart and soul into that video that's my label and document printer I don't use that to make prints I use it just for like labels and stuff that doesn't need quality I have some wood panels back there for art and my paper cutter that I use for exactly what the name says I have some art on the wall here it's two paintings I made on canvas paper of a sunflower series where I was just kind of trying to combine realism with abstraction and be more free in my art because I tend to focus a lot of details and obsess over the hope and I'm trying not to do that as much that's my Iceland landscape back there is a work in progress it's a painting a huge water painting that I've been working on a kind of abandoned but I'm going to be continuing it really soon and you'll see that time lapse over here I have my art cards and I have a lot of my oil paintings in there and Callie has joined us hi Callie so yeah I think it was like twenty twenty-five dollars at IKEA it's actually a kitchen cart that's meant for like kitchen stuff but it's perfect for art and you've probably seen this exact cart on so many artists instagrams normally it's like right here I have this cloth over a box because it's literally just a gross ugly box but I need something to prop my pallet up higher if I stand and paint so that's why I have that and just that fabric makes it look prettier and this is actually a kitchen stool that I also use for propping up my reference and some other things like paint thinner brushes this is for when I'm sitting because it's a lot lower and instead of great height for that and I have a vegenaise jar for paint thinner and I know you're not supposed to put your brushes like faze down but I'm a terrible brush mother I've confessed to this several times so there's nothing new here I'm just a terrible brush mother so this is my easel it is an H frame easel I got it on Amazon it was like a hundred twenty bucks which is pretty cheap for an H frame easel to be honest but it's it works for me it's not like the highest quality it's not the sturdiest but I think it's great and I love it I love this little bottom compartment here where you can put brushes mediums paper towels whatever you really need I love having that extra space there and that was something I that was really important for me when choosing an easel behind it I have my PO those plant which is just growing non-stop I've already cut it back like seven times and it keeps growing in those like vines trailing on the floor again so I have to trim it back again but yeah I have some shelves with my mediums there my brush cleaner linseed oil varnish things like that and of course more plants and then below it I have my brushes and more jars for mediums and all kinds of things for my art potions if you will and then over here I didn't really bother to clean this up but I have a bunch of brushes that I'm currently cleaning I just didn't finish them before starting the tour and then also some paintings that I created in my last video which was an oil painting on agate video and those have all actually sold that night so thank you guys so much for supporting my art I'm varnishing them and shipping them all off to you this week thank you these are also actually kitchen carts at IKEA and they were each $60 if I recall correctly but they work really well in an art studio and it's right about hip height for me so it's also great when I'm painting underneath there I have some gamsol some flowers for references that I like to paint and then some more mediums and a scale for my print and original orders I have to weigh them to calculate the shipping cost so that's what that's for it has a 12 pound and I also got that on Amazon then over here I have some books some sketchbooks and just notebooks and books and things like that and some binders with documents my print inventory records and also my taxes and things like that so lots of boring stuff really and then I have a tray over there with some more containers for painting things more plants and then this little hanging basket which I have more art materials like a watercolor set some acrylic paints and other little knickknacks and things like that that's actually a candle holder but I don't use it for that because I'll probably burn it and the studio so it just looks like a cute piece of decoration really then another plant of course philodendron and an English ivy underneath it I propagated that plant and that plant that's as easy a philodendron and more propagations up there so I love propagating on the wall it's so much fun but up there I have some art that one is an original painting I did it really really fast and it's not my best work obviously and that one is a portrait of Cali baby my kitten pants I love her so much she is the queen that's why she's gracing the top of our studio here I have a candle holder back there I don't really use that much because I don't want to burn the plant but before I hung the plant up there I did use it and then a hanger that's in the wall and then here I have more plants these two tables are like TV dinner trays I got I think it either Target or Walmart I'm not sure don't remember but they both have these exact tables and they're like under ten dollars but I use them for my plants which I have a bunch of and then some shelves from Home Depot also that shelf right there came from Michaels I don't see them there anymore but I know that's what where they used to sell them maybe they'll have them at your location but I haven't seen them locally yeah more plants I use palette that's all dried up hanging up there this is my African violet tray and this is also from Ikea this little tray and I propagated all of these from a leaf and it took a year for them to grow into whole plants and now they're flowering and I love them and below it I have my pod box and a separate storage compartment for it along with some pots for my plants and a watering canister down there with another pallet over here behind the plants I have some frames back there and more pallets since I work on several paintings at a time I like to keep multiple pallets for each painting then over here I have another plant I believe this is an Alocasia regal of regal Alocasia but it's also done pretty well in my studio normally it's facing the window but for the studio tour I turned it this way then a little plant stand underneath it and this is my desk which is also from Ikea because yeah IKEA guys I really should support like more local furniture stores but at the time it was just so convenient and affordable so yeah and this is my iMac it's a 2011 a late 2011 iMac I bought it refurbished a few years ago and I have a mousepad that I actually ordered with my painting on it so it's from my ocean painting and then I have a chalkboard where I write down video ideas or video plans that I want to make and just to keep them out somewhere in the open so that they don't just disappear into the abyss of my mind I kind of cross them off as I'm finished with them that's my checkbook which we're not going to show you about it then I have some prints up there with another candle holder and a shelf with business cards pens pencils tape razor blades and my do not bend stickers and then a little picture of me and my husband at our friend's wedding and my youtuber play button that was shipped to me when I reached a hundred thousand subscribers that mirror was actually like a really cheap dollar store mirror but I made some decorations for it out of clay and then painted it gold a piece of it actually fell off so I need to fix that but I wanted to decorate it and just make my own little frame for it so it makes it kind of more interesting and decorative underneath it I have this big dry erase board with time stamps on it because this is my schedule and I know it's ridiculous like who needs a huge dry erase board for a schedule but the answer is me I do if it's in a notebook somewhere I'm gonna forget about it I need to see it like by the minute and I don't want to open my notebook like every half hour to look at what my next task is and I don't waste a ton of paper so I just write down my schedule it's easy to fix it if something needs to be erased I just erase it so this has been really great for me another thing I use this for is my titles so if you see like my handwriting on screen that was written down on this board and then I edit it to be in the video and I use my dry erase markers to kind of make it colorful and interesting right now it's empty because I already finished all the tasks for the day so I erased it but every night before my work day I plan the day ahead and I write out all my tasks that need to be done that day down there I have my printer some inks for it and some canvas paper and my Wonderwoman painting which I want to hang up and then a Oregon forest landscape I made this is the tripod that I use to prop my camera on top of when I'm working and I normally film on a Canon t2i right now I'm filming on an EOS m but usually all my time lapses are filmed on this and then my sketchbook Sunday and certain vlogs are filmed on my EOS m but it's always propped up up here and typically I will have it like right here facing my easel or a little bit closer it just depends this is my softbox light that I use for illuminating my paintings and my videos and I have another one in my closet but typically I use one when I'm painting and to be honest I don't think this is super necessary unless you do have a huge if Janet unless you are filming it but I do think it's great for photographing artwork for prints and Colour proofing because it does create a very soft even light I think it's at about 5,000 or 5,500 on the Kelvin scale which is a relatively neutral cool light which is perfect for video perfect for photos so yeah this is what I use I got it for like 80 bucks on Amazon just type in softbox lights and you'll find it and there's four bulbs inside and you can choose to have only half the bulbs on so two at a time and that controls the lighting because they are very very bright and yeah normally it's like right here right next to my camera pointing at the painting and I'll show you what that looks like very bright even light I love it but again this really isn't necessary unless you are filming and doing art professionally and photographing your own art otherwise just get any neutral clamplight four or bulbs that are at five thousand on the Kelvin scale that'll be like a relatively cool neutral light so yeah I however need this for my videos so that's what I use so last time I didn't show you guys my closet this is the only piece of fake plant other than my reference flowers that I have but I wanted a vine and at the time I didn't have such a huge shiny plant so I just hung this fake one up there so yeah only fake plant in my studio is right there on the door frame but that is my closet let's go inside turn this light switch on this is really never in my videos because it's not fun to look at I mean the only pretty thing in here is those flowers for my references and those are some of the sunflowers I painted but I have another softbox light for my backup and sometimes I use them both if I'm doing talking videos or photographing my prints but normally I just use one I have a storage box a frame with a canvas in it and then a bunch of bubble wrap rolls these are huge rolls that I use for my original paintings and then I have a bunch of Amazon boxes that I saved because I didn't want to waste them and they're great for shipping originals and then over here I have this shelf here for some of my shipping materials some of them are canvases up there over here I have plastic sleeves for my prints so that it will protect them from rain and just keep them safe and more clean and pristine looking and I have some envelopes cardboard backing and shipping tubes for my artwork here and more tubes on the back with the caps and then some paper from my printer then over here I have a Red Dead Redemption to landscape that I'm working on it's not done yet if you guys want to see that video let me know more boxes back there and I was working on scars and knitting so yeah I never quite finished them but I should and I should move them cuz that's a mess then I have some bendy tripods over here and just more paper and knickknacks and things like that I don't really feel like going over it's kind of boring and then like a little storage box and yeah I mean it's not as organized as it can be but it's definitely a lot better than when I first did this studio tour on the door back here I have this hanging thingy with more stuff I have some lenses cords and more ink rooting hormone for my plants a drawing varnish spray a glue gun some Polaroids I love taking Polaroids and just analog pictures in general normally I have those lights out of my studio but I haven't unpacked them since Megacon so I've just had them on this door but yeah that's pretty much what it looks like in here in my studio closet it is a walk-in closet so it's semi spacious some of the bulkier items that aren't quite as aesthetically pleasing like my shipping materials are all back here so that's my art studio in its current state slowly being overtaken by plants one plant at a time I should really just turn the floor into soil and that's where it looks like we're headed anyway mm-hmm not yet you know I will try to hang on to some sanity for as long as I can but we'll see where this goes subscribe to see me slowly lose my mind and eventually turn into a plant thank you so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope to see you in my next video and I'm wishing you all a beautiful and inspiring day


  • Saurabh Varma says:

    Basically Lena's slow transformation into Poison Ivy!

  • Heo Ignacio says:

    Hi Lena this is really not about this subject sorry. I made three ratios for Galkyd and Solvent First Jar 2 parts solvent and 1 part Galkyd. Second Jar is 1 part Solvent and 1 part Galkyd. Third Jar is 2 parts Galkyd and 1 part Solvent, and individually stored in a glass jar. Is the ratios ok and also do you think that it will dry overtime in the glass because Iโ€™m going to be reserving it and letting it last very long in the jar. Thanks Lena and Beautiful Workspace.

  • Zaky_ yahya says:

    This desires a like.

  • Shin Lee says:

    Are those lowlight plants? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • LuArt Gallery says:

    Fantastic video. Very inspiring:) I love your studio!

  • Hobeebee says:

    Omg I'd love to see the rdr2 painting ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ your studio is so pretty, so many lovely plant babies~~~


    Do check out Chase Langfords' studio on you tube.So so perfect.have a great summer!!!love the plants.ikea is pronounced…Eee-kee-yuhh

  • Allison Janicki says:

    How do you ventilate your studio?

  • The Splattered Canvas says:

    Love all the plants! They are so calming! I currently only have a cactus that I've had since 2007 and a few fake plants. Hoping to add more real plants soon! Great job! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Barry Crowson says:

    Hi Lena, I really enjoy your work, can you please tell me what quality and grade of paper you use,I've watched most of your videos but I can't remember seeing you mentioning the paper you use.
    Kind regards.

  • Mykee Lopez says:

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    What a lovely studio!

  • Live Live Leena says:

    May name is also Leena but with 2 eeโ€™s. P.S. I also have a channel.

  • Diego Cerreti says:

    Beautiful congratulation

  • Adventure Seeking Artist says:

    I wish I was this organized! Organization doesn't come naturally to me so I have to look up ideas to keep my art supplies in check. Slowly but surely! I love the plants and your kitty! All look so inspirational!

  • like Lena says:

    Nice studio and nice name ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ’ž


    Great video after many days

  • Lori Crawford says:

    Oh I know you're studio is slowly being taken over by my plant babies!

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  • intlMind says:

    Love how you have styled the plants in your studio, integrating them into the design and sitting among your art stuff. I keep lots of plants in my home office, they are my therapy from the stresses in life. You have a really beautiful space and it seems to really inspire your creativity:)

  • Diane O says:

    Love this set up! Organized and so inviting. The plants look amazing. How does your cat does not destroy them?! Mine would make a mess of them plus I'd be afraid of them ingesting the leaves.Thanks for sharing this. Great job!

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    Lena The Lovely! I'm psyched to see the green as It has always been an interest of mine. I'm a freak about trees, ha, I know ha, but that freakness got me into Bonsai's, which got me into making my own pots(or as I like to call them) vessels cause they are not always your typical "pot" shape. Plus vessel insinuates movement, which I'm constantly moving them around, but also moving in reference to growth. So from pots got me more into geology and have become a lover of rock formations and in turn brings me to texture and with your vids and lots of experimenting I have got into what I will say is mixed media(sculpted, painted, textured, sometimes planted creations, ha). lastly(I promise) with the Pothos getting longer, you could "ixnay" the fake over the door way and use the pothos, just a suggestion! B well, always!!!

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    I have cats & many houseplants too! I leave brushes in jars too, but you are more organized & have way more room than I do. My stuff is squished in a corner….just call me squish.

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