Artist Anatomy – Male vs Female – Hips

Artist Anatomy - Male vs Female - Hips

so this video I'm talking about the anatomy of the pelvis might affects the outer contour or the lines on the outside of the figure and it's going to be pretty straightforward and quick and I remember back being an anatomy class we went over the differences in why they matter and I'm going to go you know cover talk about some key elements that we need to remember so uh jumping right into it you know uh teacher always talked about the AE the ASIS which is the anterior superior iliac spine and that's this guy right here this little thing right and this part actually protrudes a little bit and you can sort of see it but it's a landmark and if you'll notice that the female pelvis is much wider if you kind of draw a line up like that and that's you know to kind of support childbirth and you know that's the evolutionary reason for it so but because of that because it's wider the fever which is the leg bone here's a great short canter and the femur comes out like that it pushes out so because of that you know we have actually a different angle so the female angle is much sharper this way right and so that automatically already changes things but the main differences that I want to highlight are if we were to take this female pelvis here and we just kind of size it to overlay almost like an x-ray we can see what the the pelvis and the the leg bone is is doing it's actually causing this shape to happen and because the femur is pushing out like this it creates this little landmark right here and that's like kind of a point to remember so there's a point here and a point there those are like apexis of the the outside of the female now some artists like I mean well I mean is this isn't for every female obviously but it's kind of something that makes things more look more feminine and some artists will kind of just simplify that by making one fell swoop line right and automatically because of the pelvis you have that kind of curved shape and the ribcage is kind of smaller in comparison and because it's much bigger for a male and because of that you get this hourglass figure that that kind of speaks to more feminine look because of the ratio but if we were to take the same pelvis and the femur and put it on Michelangelo's David here which is a incredible statue it's actually really huge here's here's how big it actually is gigantic right um so if we do the same thing over here what some of this up over and size it down right if we kind of did that situation and again so remember this point at that point it would be pushed out a little bit further because of the the width of the hip so you would have something like this and meeting down like that right and that automatically creates that kind of shape that we talked about earlier and so we push it out a little bit further we imagine the leg bone coming like this it pushes it out further and so it makes David over here look a little bit more feminine all right so that's you know that the hips don't lie right so if we turn that layer off and compare masculine a little bit more feminine right that's a salty now if we did the the next part would be making the ribcage smaller so right now his ribcage is like you know this the spine comes out like this and the ribs like something like that it's not perfect but whatever but for a female it's much smaller and so the ratio is something and the hips are always not always but generally wider for the female so Hampshire wider or Paige smaller so if we follow that contour and I don't think anybody would disagree that this looks more feminine now not obviously the the big broad shoulders is another aspect if we lower those down a bit I would also make it look more feminine someone had mentioned in the previous video by the way that the neck is also a wider for males and that's also true generally not not everyone actually pretty much everything is not set in stone these are just general things that can either be pushed or pulled exaggerated or amplified or reduced if you're designing characters like for cartoons and stuff and you can really make caricatures by like emphasizing these subtleties so you know if you zoom out you know you look at that as it looks like a female friend but if we take those layers away definitely dude now for the female because it has the hourglass figure you know come on now right generally the more masculine look would be the fee so the big ribcage up top small hip and then the opposite for a female small rich game right small ribcage up top and then a wider pelvis if you put shoulders there and a head you know I think one is definitely more in arguably feminine compared to other so remember the legs and the female are further very well though the leg bone is further out wider out for a female so it kind of has this angle etc and for a male it's a typically a smaller or thinner pelvis so you know very crude sketch but you can tell one is that is certainly more masculine than the other is definitely more feminine and earlier we talked about the ASIS anterior superior looks fine and you know you kind of would see it like that kind of protruding out and here's the leg bone pushing out on the side of the hips and look I mean this is totally exaggerated this is a you know might as well be a cartoon but it's to that it's exaggerated in character to kind of emphasize the differences between the two between the two genders so as I mentioned for the male it's definitely a v-shape right small pelvis also there's a trapezius muscle wide neck fairly small hip in comparison to the ribcage up here whereas for the female definitely obviously you could see it like smaller ribcage compared to the wider hip so here's the superior huh I keep screaming of anterior superior iliac spine of the hip all right here's the leg bone pushing out right there I don't know what I'm trying to draw so fast I should slow down and so again it creates that overall curved shape but if we were to make this masculine and there you have it so you know we started with the by making the hips smaller and then the ribcage wider automatically it gives us that V shape and of course I put them the trapezius at the top which is the shoulder muscles up here and then the actual deltoids which are present in her but because the ribcage is smaller it's not as wide set as they are for the male so v-shape hourglass so how does this help you if you're just drawing characters like for example if you look at this line and then that line you know you can easily just you know replicate those and then we know that it gets thinner right about here and then if we do the hourglass like that and of course it's exaggerated you automatically have a feminine figure right perfect yes sure if we take those same lines the same angle and instead of the hourglass we do a v-shape I'd argue that one of these is a dude and the other is a chick female lady person now of course regarding the hourglass is tons of different shapes that are also feminine like it's not just the perfect like coke-bottle body or whatever but rather there's different variations where it's not so exaggerated but this is just kind of one element that happens because the whips that have the whips the hips are wider and their cage is smaller all right well I hope that helped and thanks for sticking around and if I come up with anything more to talk about in terms of Anatomy I'll be making more of these also check out this app that I'm using it's called the gesture drawing it's an app that you can use your own photos with and it actually comes with a whole photo pack made of reference for figures gestures but I also use it for things like mechs tech whatever and if you ever you know wonder what to draw you can just load this up and has different like timing modes and different ways to you know set the classroom session up or whatever and yeah go ahead and check it out and check out that video umm I forgot okay click


  • Xinter Ceptor says:

    my hips is broken since birth I think because I have anterior Pelvic tilt since birth. My hip just like a girl and I can't walk normally because of my hips problem

  • Magus Simon says:

    Hips don't lie…so we must conclude that "girls" 2 and 4 on your photo are trannies!

  • The Deadlift Guy says:

    So fuckin pervert this guy takes only super sexy pics like ….

  • Lynx Seraph says:

    9:22 chick.. female.. lady.. person!

  • Joey Slikk says:

    About the female hips, why are they where the belly button goes?

  • pizdhets says:

    6:40 ASS

  • Aurenaci says:

    i'm too young for serious art classes (12 as of the day i post this) and this is really helpful! my anatomy really needs work so i feel really grateful. 🙂 thank you.

  • U Co. says:

    Evolution isn't real. Anyone who studies the human body should know that there are too many details to believe that it is all evolution and not a creator.

  • Seek Truth says:

    Sooo many transvestigations are sooo wronggg…They need to come to this video welll explained! Hips don't lie!

  • Angga Haryokusumo says:

    your video helps me get better, like really. i draw while watching your videos, and i already see some improvements

  • alice hatterz says:

    You should be the one checking into whether or not celebrities in hollywood are the genders they claim to be because apparently it’s possible they’re not. Based on what i’ve seen it is definitely possible they’re right. But the end of the video when you brought up celebrities , they are also known for having ribs removed , or gaining weight to achieve certain shapes and yeah most cartoons and drawings and even sculptures are very exaggerated , while still feminine looking , they are not always accurate.

  • Graciella Harén says:

    My body is shaped exactly like the woman he shows in this video wtf

  • DianeBoylan says:

    There are so many transgendered male to females in Hollywood. A simple understanding of basic anatomy helps determine their true gender. Thanks.

  • u unz says:

    Ill look at his hips the same ever again. David off, Davida On. Davida off, David On.

  • Terradome says:

    Now look at your Hollywood stars lol they gender Benders, ALL of them. Wakey wakey

  • ExRatic says:

    Bro I can't believe you made david thicc 💀

  • Jery Tovar says:

    6:45 lol

  • Rebecca Black says:

    8 is a female shape

    Y is a male shape

    Hope that helps

  • Habi Aby says:

    male has a kite body

  • Rolling JT says:

    6:45 lol TRIGGERED

  • niggette says:

    I suck at connecting the limbs to themselves lmao

  • Nick Brown says:

    Correct but whether you know or not, the examples you used as the differences between women's bodies were actually transexuals/men. People would benefit from knowing about hormone therapy and plastic surgery (anatomy altering surgeries). Photoshop in real life.

  • Foucauld Dubern says:

    Yeah so with my femal hips ive less strength right? Fml… Thats really a big des advantage whrn it comes to physical perfs..

  • Clent Dave A. Ca-ay says:

    Hi, I have a question,, how to smaller / narrowing my pelvis? I'm a boy

  • ZeDeathStroke says:

    Thank you so much! I kept getting the fiber and obliques for the female mixed up now i know how to separate them to make it look better.

  • Ola Alshawaf says:

    إذا ممكن تضيف الترجمة باللغة العربية😢

  • SM CREATIONS says:

    why my hip is wider than chest

  • Newman64 says:

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  • RTX_NBA says:

    So Im a dude, but then I have wide ass hips. When I go to the pool some of my friend asked me why I have such big hips. I mean… I have no idea why. But shit, I have more body fat on my thigh and ass more than my upper body. I was borned looking like my mom, but I don't think my bone structure should be this way. I went to the gym and thought I could lower the body fat in the legs and stuff and now the hip size become more noticeable. I don't wanna do surgery to achieve the smaller hip size to look more like my friends. Might consider it idk. plz help x_x

  • J Istanbul says:

    WOAH, you can't say "for the 2 genders." You'll trigger all the extreme liberals!

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