Artist Loft vs Copic Markers- Side by Side Comparison

Artist Loft vs Copic Markers- Side by Side Comparison

in my never-ending quest to find a cheaper alternative to Copic markers I discovered these artist's loft brand at a local Michaels how do they compare let's find out greetings people have the Internet I'm Scott with circle works art let's welcome once again to the underground laboratory where we create robots alien zombies and other eminent threats to humanity and from time to time we do a little product review that's what we're going to do today we do I've done a lot of marker reviews on this channel I'm a big fan of using markers as a medium and people seem to like the marker reviews but I don't I haven't done one in a while because I've been searching for there's a lot of markers up there I did one with the whoo-hooo brand a while back and those were nice they're cheap but they're still not like these these are of course the Copic markers these are like the zenith the pinnacle the creme de la creme of markers and there's a lot of other brands similar to oh-hoo-hoo that that are really great for the price but I still I'm still searching for something at a lower price point they can stack up to these that can really match those and specifically this the brush tip most of those other markers don't have that so based on that you know I I've looked at some other ones but they all have the chisel tip which is fine for certain things but a lot of people really dig that brush tip but I was in Michaels and I came across these the artist LOC brand I don't know if this is an actual Michaels brand I've seen him on Amazon too so first they thought it wasn't Michael's brand but anyway they have a brush tip and they are a little bit less than Copic especially if you use those Michaels coupons if you can get those and that's kind of what I did so I stocked up I bought as many of these as I could but I'm curious when you look at how they look like copics but how do they stack up we're gonna find out we're gonna do I've got this illustration here of this kind of space Bounty Hunter guy I'm gonna do photocopies of this two separate ones and we're gonna do a side-by-side comparison so we can see in real-time I'm not real-time I'm going to speed it up a little bit I think but side by side we're gonna see how the kopecks stack up to the or how the artist locks brands stuck up to the copic so let's get to it alright let's look at the difference between these two marker sets of course we've got the kopecks and there's our Copic markers and you can tell they've got a chisel tip on one side and that famous brush tip that kind of sets them apart from most other markers now we have the artist loft and we'll see here as you can see we have the chisel tip most markers do have that chisel tip but most other markers don't have this that's the brush tip and that's what's gonna hopefully be a good alternative to the Copic markers so let's kind of show side-by-side I really I like the design of the artists loft it's kind of got sort of a teardrop or almost like a guitar picks type shape to it so it's a little different a little original and it feels good in the hands so let's look at the packaging here this is how they come when you buy them in a set they come in sets of six I think they have bigger sitting sets I bought them in sets of six and I use the Michaels coupon so I basically you know you get those 40 sometimes 50% off coupons took them in you know separately I would buy one pack and then another time I come back and sometimes the availability is a little difficult buying the sets but you can also buy them separately about some of those separately as well and but packaging is nothing to write home about but usually people take the markers out and they put them in you know bins or whatever they however they tend to store their markers but some other markers come with a nice kind of you know carrying case and things not so much with these but but that's alright that's not a big drawback at least for me here I'll show you what the kopecks looked like how they come and of course you can buy them separately and everything this is one of the bigger sets I think there's two different big sets like this but you know they they fit a little better I guess but you know even even kopecks a lot of people take that and kind of set them and display them a little differently and however you want to do that that's fine but I want to kind of show you what an actual set is the things that I like about these artists Loft is they've got some really good color pairings which you know the two greens here go really well together like one is like a little lighter and they they they're not totally off like the blues I mean you could take those two colors and make a darker and make your shadows with the darker one and everything and same with these even though they don't look like them somewhere but they do mix so most of them mix really well so I like even though they're smaller set they the colors that they put in each set they they did a good job at that I think you know even like the big Copic set sometimes I'll go and I can't find theirs markers in there that don't have another marker that kind of goes with it like if you're doing like highlights and shadows or whatever but and here's the Grays they're more of a neutral gray they don't have a huge selection so their greys are more neutral so you're not gonna get a cool grey and you're not going to get a warm grey and somewhere in the middle but and that's we'll get into the pros and cons and everything I'll start talking about that but there's not a huge selection of colors but as you can see there's a lot of Blues thanks so I've got I ended up with a lot of you blues and there's some colors that they're really lacking on the orange and those I don't know that they I out of all the sets I have I didn't get any orange out of any of the ones that I got I know they've you sell some of them separately so I'll have to start looking at that but let's get down to the sketch itself okay on the left we're gonna have the artist loft and on the right we're gonna have the kopecks I'm not gonna go into I'm not gonna talk too much about the kopecks I've talked about those on other reviews but let's just so say that's what we're striving for so that if the kopecks are the best there is we kind of we're gonna take the artist lock that we're gonna see how they compare so let's talk about the pros and cons I'm going to talk about the pros first so obviously the big plus is the brush tip most other Copic sort of clones if you want to call them whatever you want to call them do not have that brush tip so that is a huge plus like I said before that the quality of markers is they're really nice these artists loft they feel nice they don't feel chintzy or anything some other brands kind of feel like they're they're just like the plastics not great they've got kind of a it's not like a slick feel to it so you feel like you get a better grip it's kind of got like a more of a matte type feel I guess so that was kind of cool that's something different you don't get with most markers and as you can hopefully you can see they blend really well I don't have didn't have really any problems with them blending and everything they don't because of their shape they're not gonna roll off your table some markers tend to do that if they're really round so that's that is definitely a plus the caps of the artist lock will fit on the ends which is in the case of my particular Copic markers the newer ones I think we'll do that minor holder so they don't fit and that's kind of a pain because I like to snap them on the back sometimes sometimes I just lady sitting there if I'm you're trying to go really fast or whatever so yeah and like I said great color pairings when you buy the sets you can like these two greens that you see here those were part of the same set I believe so so and they work really well together so so that's good especially when you're not dealing with a lot of different variety of color and the major plus is the price there already is usually a set of six cost around $20 which is already cheaper than Copic markers but if you get if you can get them from Michael's with that forty and Sylvia Michaels in your area if not they do sell them online but if you get a Michaels that coupon that 40 or 50% off you're going to save a lot so they work great with other alcohol markers like most markers the names cap you've got your you've got your numbers and and then just an actual name whatever you want to call it whether it's you know ice blue or whatever they so you know sometimes it's it's sometimes the the numbers are easy to kind of see what matches what and sometimes just that color helps if you're saying to somebody else will I use the you know the sand or something like that so so that's kind of cool um I the the numbering system I don't really know they like I said they don't have a lot of numbers I don't know how it works but like I'm looking at one that's a yellow twelve they don't have 12 different yellows so I don't know where they come up with that exactly but but anyway maybe they're planning to do more shades in between I don't know how that works but but and they're like I said you can buy them in sets and they're they are sold separately I believe there's 56 different colors total right now but let me go into the cons of the artists lofts so they bleed just a little bit and I don't like it's not like a major thing and if you kind of anticipate it it's not it's not really an issue the brush tip is a little stiffer than the Copic markers so it's not as flexible some of the colors on the caps are a little off but I kind of find that's the case with most markers most of them are pretty close but like I've got one that's called sand and it looks nothing like the the actual marker once you start weighing it down but but I've had that issue with almost every single marker or set that I've any kind of brand they usually some of the some of the colors on the caps they don't match perfectly so that's not a huge thing in comparison to some of the other ones one of the things you want to be aware of with the artist lock is you make sure that when you put the caps on that they snap good and sometimes it's hard if they don't come off that easy so you want to make sure that they're on there because sometimes they don't push all the way so just something to watch out for like I said they're they're limited as far as the colors there's not there's 56 colors so that's a little bit of a drawback they they're not always in stock when you go to Michael's most of the time I go to find one a night I have and they don't have the one I'm looking for they'll have like maybe two of the six different sets that they're supposed to sell so that's a little bit of an issue they are not refillable like the copic so that's definitely a drawback it would be nice and think we're refillable but not the case but they are cheaper so you could just buy a new one I suppose if you buy the sets if you went up the route that I did you buy the different sets you are gonna get some duplicates I think out of the sets that I shown you I got three duplicates they're the mocha the pastel blue and the denim I've got so I've got two of each of those so that's kind of you know I wasn't too crazy about that like I said packaging not a big deal but you know the packaging is not that great now these are all my first impressions I haven't been using these for a while I have heard people say that that sometimes the ink runs out fast on these artists lock I can't really bow for that yet but there might be something to think about the other thing is I heard that the tips can fray and I don't know I've got a pretty light hand when I use markers I don't know if that has anything to do with it just something to be aware of so other than the cons I spoke about I mean these are really nice markers and probably the closest to the Copic for you know a budget marker that you can get and that's usually if you live in the States or you live somewhere where they have Michaels there they're easily available like I said you can also find them on Amazon I will leave an affiliate link if you want to go that route but for the price and just the fact that they had that brush tip is a major thing and I you know I use all kinds of markers so I'm gonna use these along with my Copic markers and bye whoo-hoo and bye chameleons in my panto and all the different markers I use them all together so they're not quite the quality of Copic s– but you know they're one of the closest ones we can that I found in in this you know kind of budget price range so I would definitely give them my stamp of approval for that all right so there you go here we go this is the artist lab kopecks what do you think they are pretty similar as far as the results how they use how they how they perform over time maybe a different story but all in all I think this might be a good alternative to the Copic markers I'm still gonna go and say you know kopecks are are probably the best but they're a lot more expensive and if you were looking for something that that maybe isn't going to break the bank I might suggest the artists left especially with those Michaels coupons if you have Michaels in your area and and you know you know me I'm just gonna mix them up with all my markers I don't really you know I don't use copics exclusively I'll mix them up with all the different markers and they all work fine so I suggest you use the same if you're worried about there not being as many colors with the artist laughs buy a few copics and anything that's maybe similar to the Copic colors that you can get in the artist loft maybe do that mix them up maybe get some Oh hoo-hoos throw them in there for me it's whatever works but I'll leave that up to you guys and hopefully that'll give you some some advice or some some is something in your pocket in your arsenal when you go out to spend some cash and some markers so I will see you guys later that is alright hey everyone thanks for joining me here in the art lab there's a lot other great content on the channel so click that subscribe button and you won't miss a thing if you're an aspiring evil genius visit circle XCOM for all your mad science supply needs and if you want to contact me hit me up in the comments section or follow me on social media I'm looking forward to it I'll see you then


  • slayyjaz tunez says:

    If you go into the actual michaels store, they sell the markers also in singles, they have this big stand and a bunch of colors, and each marker is only 3.99 and because of some special sale going on ( bought mine yesterday Idk if this is still happening ) they took off the .99 cents. So I got 9 for 28 dollars 🙂 pretty happy about that cause I only would have gotten 5 markers for 21 dollars if I had bought a pack they were selling

  • Stefanie Johansen says:

    Artist Loft actually does have a warm and a cool grey set now ^-^

  • Stefanie Neff says:

    Late to the party over here😜, but I wanted to see if you've tried out the Art-n-Fly markers since making this. I'm not 100% positive, but I believe they have the chisel and brush tip combo, decent amount of colors, and are refillable with their own brand of ink refills. I would think the tips could be replaced too if they can be refilled, but not sure. And they might give you free products to review too if you reach out to them. I might buy them myself, but starting out with the Artists Loft first. +Thanks for this review, I just picked up the Artist's Loft Asst. 24pk. and Portrait 6pk. today at my local Michaels, they are having a 40% Off All regular price online purchases and Free Shipping on orders $49+ today only, and if it's in stock at your local store you can choose in-store pickup. My kid wanted Copics, but he's new to drawing comics and needs alot of practice work on his style so I think Copics are something for him to work towards considering their upfront cost😉

  • scott rider says:

    As a Michaels customer the can be bought at 3 for 10 dollars and Michael's gives 10 % for veterans

  • Natalie N says:

    I got some of these for Christmas and I love them of course but yeah sometimes they do fray and I have a pretty light hand :/ but the colors are awesome and it’s got an awesome chisel tip

  • Stripes Gripes says:

    The tips fray. I've got one I can't really use and another on the way out. I'm also heavy handed but they're honestly great!

  • Eleven Nineteen says:

    They do have cool greys, you just have to buy them separately (from what I know)


    I love artist loft they've done good for my art which is awesome when your on a budget so I guess they are budget quality markers?? Lol

  • Dolph1nsI23 says:

    I only have a YR5 light peach I'm sad

  • Brody Jenner says:

    Really cool video! The great thing about Michaels at least here in Dallas is they offload artist loft products to thrift stores and non profits on the regular. For example Artist Loft is distributed here in Irving and any excess from the center or Michaels are for purchase at a thrift store for like a dollar a marker. Unfortunately it’s only ever Artist Loft brand.

  • C Rush says:

    I’ve watched a lot of videos about this markers and a lot of them gave bad reviews :000 so I’m really thankful for this video :)))))

  • Grace Power says:

    this makes me feel a lot better about buying the artist loft markers lol…I can accept that they won't be as good as or better than copics because sometimes money truly is quality but I think this really is a decent dupe

  • Indigo Moon says:

    I've watched many, many reviews for alcohol brush tip markers and the ones that seem to be the closest to Copic are the Dick Blick Studio brush markers. They are considerably cheaper and are also refillable. Right now they are $2.66 ea for individual markers.

  • Mary Smith says:

    Alright so i I went to Michael’s and got the artist loft markers too and apparently when I had inked a drawing of my cat who is black when the markers dried it dried in layers even though I never picked up the marker and it ruined my art. It also didn’t blend over another layer. The blender had just erased the top layer. When I tried to mix colors. I’m kind of pissed about that and I’ve been holding a grudge to artist’s loft. I clicked on this video because I’m curious about how they actually compare to copics because I’ve never actually used them. but personally if you don’t want to risk this happening I guess you probably should get copic markers I’d say if you’re really that close to being able to buy the $69 pack of artist’s loft markers I’d say just keep saving up and actually go for the copics because overall they’d be more efficient anyway and I had bought them impulsively bc I had thought that they were copics because they were right next to them. I really hate when brands look exactly the same because then they always get sales the same way the LEBQ Legos do

  • awoo. says:

    I bought some artist loft markers from Micheals, and I have to say they’re actually not that bad. They’re a little easier to blend than copics

  • Magelit3 says:

    I been looking for an Artist's Loft comparison because I used Artist's Loft color pencils and the pigment on them is so light and hard to use and Impossible to blend with!

  • Tyler Jones says:

    Have you tired blocks studio markers?

  • Jenna Joy says:

    How much were these? I'm thinking of buying some of these to try

  • A H says:

    Can I use copic ink to refill my art loft markers?

  • Jillian Crawford says:

    I personally really like these markers. I wish they had more color options, but that might come with time.
    If anything, I think they're great for beginners who want to have alcohol markers to practice with before investing in the more expensive name brand.

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