Oh Nicholas my turn okay how do I answer no why is why is that you're no no we don't say pause anymore honeycomb where do you find these words oh I feel it'll Bend or I wouldn't all there's an A oh you knew you're not supposed to say wait is it actually what was it I I don't know I you know I'm just the genius I just using your mouse you cannot use your drawing tablet actually Chinese the tabloids okay all right you mean it's still better than me I could do is it a teddy what is that I don't know got it hold on I can't tell what that is so freakin details be revealed what do you mean what could it peace done he's literally is okay now while I thought it was gonna be paddle or something the child care you were just missing the pot dude I got oh my god I'll choose a word I love it okay I need some pen suit this is a good word I got to reflect my heart all right black dark just gonna keep typing I'm trying to say the word I already know what it is but it won't accept it what do you mean it's not but man define an X in the heart well I was worth a shot four letters guys had a good enough we can't write the word down I think my answer was still the best considering what happened but see John is how you do things right yeah yes that gets a thumbs up in my book dude I agree how do you put a thumbs up it's right there on the side on we watch the drawing be he right there disturb zone what do you mean you use like I only know sophisticated I do this the blinds do the lines own dog what's not taste standards what do you alright absolu your turn my god oh I got it but perfect Nick Jordan Washington definitely it that was definitely George Washington good enough before uni yeah oh my god it's only good enough with as you wants to rock hard did you are okay really hard and it and by the way it's the full name just so you know that's why it's so long oh I got it is it this good because I was starting to forget what the button layout was I'm not let on and last are you in oh you you know it's it's you know it's the journey John that's better you know whatever you know sigh cattle okay oh it's a the thing from Aladdin a ghost genie that's how you spell genie what you just did yeah but it's not genie would you dispel what what oh my god I've never done all these things another doobie choice let's see how John does it come on thumbs up yeah yeah thank you for the support I think it's really good I like it he's adding different colors it's good yeah you can't tell but that's a marshmallow what do you mean yeah that's a campfire oh that's what the word was everyone else got it about taking this it's okay no we all give it thumbs up John it's okay except for you to you tease them now so judgmental if I keep trying I might come in oh that's perfect come on you gotta know what it thought it was me it's okay well what what is that bottle have in it Davis Davis egg toilet man got some points that round yeah I might catch up to you neither okay hold on this isn't the actual this isn't the actual thing but I just know context okay trust like a homeless man just like what yeah I'm so smart okay good I even just [Laughter] that's a dead person oh just got one that was like why are you still you should be glad the other one that I had that I would have chosen was jay-z and things are the simplest but sometimes you just gotta go back that simple what Dave were just doing a little bit of an art guys if you can stop shooting at me right he said it was simple I was assuming it was that simple it's seven letters it'll make sense yeah it was it was a great Twilight oh I thought this is the only way I can really get it across if I could drew the first one I thought it was a real David West I liked it I know what I am it give good job all right Davis is times 10 is drawing the contacts by the way all right so this down here mm-hmm this is John bells I forgot your bells it's fine it's matters okay that's John this is John I'm black and for this this on his mouth is something that you always put on kidnap victims right right yeah okay so many boys are this is the bat I used to beat John now okay I used to be like this okay okay I need to set the scene then oh my god hate these things a sandwich sandwich with bad me I got a first take using a word your time don't forget that cave whoa thumbs down you need took too long no thumbs Oh Matt you have to get the artist a chance that uh soda can that is so deep up is the job boil it what is that I don't understand okay so it's something very close to Nick okay oh yeah that's very very hard to get yeah try figuring out a bloody drawer at all right something you're close to strippers I don't live in the city I live in is filled with buildings honestly I had between a rose read it could be a white rose a yellow rose those exist got it wait no I did get it oh come on it's like really so full I'm not getting this your braid Ashley bunch your make it spongebob okay I want to make a spongebob I mean it was it was a good choice I just was okay well although yeah that's what my brain thought I thought cheese yeah y'all are hungry yeah excuse the worm well alright well John go for this dry but okay so obviously for this drawing this is a stove alright that's a stove is a stove this is John that's John uh okay and this no this is me putting John in the stove okay that if I'm put if I'm cooking something what does it make me uni when you said cook you were really close what's the other four-letter word that me the same thing why do you want to kill John why not it's like be drawing it's because Davis just really wants to kill John Davis is wedding viola like it we're ahead of me and uni so but you know screw you okay Ashley you can do this I don't know what it is yet though but thank you I was really hard on alright so I'll be your bad you committed yellow though no forget you if I want to make it this color I make okay I should I got hurt now by why does he have to hurt my wheels all right round guys final round okay this is gonna be the hardest one yet guys I can't are you ready at the triangle triangle it'll be focused on the red that's right yeah yeah I'm an artistic genius because if I join started white you guys will get this screw you know Davis you know upset you got so upset that he started disintegrating from our mortal play use a word that's the John John mustard got it oh yeah under flower have you guys played undertale guys say it doesn't look like it what it needs you got the point yeah that's worth yep if he tries to draw JC the two words were I draw is okay just try it and then wait it's a man dr. Robotnik that's a doing the lineart right now listen listen listen listen I don't know it has a crucifix Oh what it starts with a crew CR you dad looks like a room is that what you said okay last round guys no idea how to draw this but I feel like this would be fun so we're doing good for it okay we're gonna get this this big guy right here well I look at my muscles oh yeah my muscles I will destroy all I see I'm interested get my six-pack yeah destroy everyone guys six like I'm not very good with sea monster six letters he's a sea monster oh is this shit oh my god I thought you Bennett literally guys go in but our custom words did it so up guys in case you wanted to know what our custom words were here you go


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