Artist Of The Decade 2010 – 2019 | Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Miley Cyrus, Post Malone & more

Artist Of The Decade 2010 – 2019  | Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Miley Cyrus, Post Malone & more

From the year to 2010 to 2019 a lot has happened
and the biggest names and show business have had to change with the times. Miley Cyrus came into the decade an innocent
little girl, then twerked on Robin Thicke before going bonkers on her bangerz tour before
settling down and getting married. Now she’s divorced, had stolen Brody Jenners’s
girlfriend and is now with Cody Simpson. No one could have predicted that! The past decade has brought us a ton of changes. Roll back the clock to 2010, the hottest show
on TV was Lost and it was coming to an end while Jersey Shore was just taking off. Instagram was only first introduced at the
turn of the century and would go onto become the behemoth it is today. In the same time we’ve seen Vine collapse. Facebook became a movie and YouTube is continuing
on it’s march for global domination! The Frozen film had every kid singing Let
It Go. We got Game of Thrones. The Avengers from start to finish and Fortnite. The world also got it’s meme’s and challenges
like the Ice Bucket and we got Donald Trump as President and we got Donald Trump doing
the Hotline Bling. We got the Me Too movement… the advent and
introduction of vaping. The rise of Cardi B, Billie Eilish, Lil Nas
X & more… So a lot has happened – but who has been
the artist of the decade? I’m gonna run you through the artist of each
year according to Billboard and other online sources. We started out the decade immersed in pop
but by the end it was all about hip hop. My name is Michael McCrudden. I make a ton of youtube videos, mostly biographical. Sound off in the comments down below of who
you think the biggest star has been & now let’s get into this video. First up, in 2010 we got Lady Gaga who was
followed closely by Taylor Swift, & Eminem. Even though she didn’t release an album that
year, her success at the top of the charts have to do with her previously released album
“The Fame Monster” released in 2009. In 2010 she dropped the song “Telephone”
which was her collaboration with Beyonce. It was also the year she wore her now infamous
meat dress at the 2010 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS. Her Fame Monster army, gay right activism
and outlandish fashion sense had on the front cover every tabloid and a household name. She pushed the boundaries for pop music and
like David Bowie and Madonna all rolled into one. 2010 was Gaga mania. She would only have been 24 at the time! Damn! Aright, moving onto 2011 we got Adele followed
by Rihanna and Katy Perry. Out of nowhere, no where being London U.K.
Adele erupted on the music charts with her TOP SELLING album “21” and singles Someone
Like you, Set Fire To The Rain and Rolling in the Deep, the latter being the biggest
song that year… She landed herself on the cover of rolling
stone… Rolling in the deep peaked at #1 (and stayed
there for 7 weeks) and was on the billboard hot 100 chart for 65 weeks! While someone like you peaked at #1 (and stayed
there for 5 weeks) and was on the billboard hot 100 chart for 39 weeks! That year there was another song that was
almost as impactful, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen but her catalogue of work didn’t
make her a super star like Adele. Still a catchy tune. For 2012 it was all about RIHANNA with Adele
and Taylor Swift following close but no cigar. RiRi released her seventh studio album called
“apologetic” which included the singles diamonds and STAY. She also won her third grammy that year for
best rap/sung collaboration at the 2012 grammy awards for her Kanye West Collaboration “All
of the Lights” . She was also voted the Best International Female Solo Artist at the
2012 BRIT awards for the second consecutive year. In September of that year “We Found Love”
won the MTV Video Music Award for video of the year making Rihanna the first woman to
receive the accolade more than once. 2013 marked a changing of the guard and it
wasn’t into rap but it did bring a male contender to the top. 2013 was the year or Bruno Mars who was followed
by T Swift and Justin Timberlake. He rang in the new year with his December
2012 song Locked Out Of Heaven at the #1 spot on hot 100 which stayed there for 6 weeks
and stayed on the charts for 36 weeks! Then came When I was Your Man peaked at #1
and was on the hot 100 chart for 35 weeks! and Treasure peaked at #5 and was on the hot
100 chart for 23 weeks! He was nominated that year for 4 vma’s winning
2 of those and won best song at the MTV EMAS for Locked Out
Of Heaven. In 2014 One Direction had risen from X Factor
fame to the top of the charts with Katy Perry and Beyonce in second and third respectively. Following the groups formation they went on
their “Where we are TOUR” in which they played 69 shows with an audience=of about
50,000 fans per show. That tour grossed over 290 million dollars
and it became the Highest grossing concert tour of the year. (the 15th highest grossing of all time) and
the HIGHEST grossing tour of all time by a vocal group. 3.4 MILLION fans went to that tour. Because of how well that tour did, they decided
to release a documentary called “one direction: where we are – the concert film.” This was also the year that they were at the
peak of their success. They released their album “FOUR” that
year which sold over a million copies and would be Zayn Malik’s final album with the
band. Moving over to 2015 we got Taylor Swift followed closely by Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd. She had dated Calvin Harris this year and
they were ranked the highest paid celebrity couple over the past year by Forbes with a
combined earning of 146 million dollars. She released the single “bad blood” which
featured many notable celebrity appearances including Selena Gomez, Cara Delevigne, and
Jessica Alba amongst others. That year she was nominated for 14 billboard
music awards and won 8 including TOP ARTIST, TOP FEMALE ARTIST and top BILLBOARD 200 ALBUM
for 1989. She also released Wildest Dreams and Style
that year. T Swift has seeminly always been at the top
of the charts but 2015 was her year, defo more so than 2019 where she don’t even own
any of her music. Damn you Scooter Braun. This brings us to 2016. The year or Justin Bieber followed by Adele
and Drake. 2016 was a shitty year so it’s only fitting
that Justin Bieber wins this one. (just kidding) Song “Sorry” peaked at
#1 for 3 weeks and remained on the charts for 42 weeks. This song also became Bieber’s second number
1 single on the billboard hot 100. Also “Love Yourself” which was the third
single from “Purpose” peaked at #1 remained on the charts for 41 weeks that year. This made Justin Bieber the first male artist
in almost a decade to have 3 number ONES from an album since Justin Timberlake in 2006. Justin also went on the “purpose” tour
that year. He also became the first artist to reach 10
billion views on youtube and had the most disliked video. He also set 8 Guinness world records, received
4 grammy noms and ended the year tweeting a simple “Thank you!” He didn’t become the most hated man in entertainment
until 2018 – just so ya know. At this time he was still a kid. In 2017 we got Ed Sheeran followed by Bruno
Mars and Drizzy Drake once ain. He was named Spotify’s most streamed artist
of 2017 with 6.3 billion streams. And we mainly have 1 song to thank for that. Shape OF YOU was also named the best single
of 2017 in the UK and the BEST SELLING single of 2017 on the billboard hot 100 (in the US). It peaked at #1 on the hot 100 chart and stayed
on the charts for 59 weeks. The song is at 4.5 BILLION views on youtube. Finally our boy Drake had his moment to shine
in 2018 becoming Spotify’s most streamed artist of the decade. His song God’s plan” debuted at #1 and remained
on the charts for 36 weeks. It was replaced by his song “Nice for What”
which also debuted at #1 and he became the first artist to have a new number 1 debut
replace their former number 1 debut. He released Scorpion and the album broke the
one day global records with 132.45 million streams on Spotify and 170 million streams
on apple music. The album also debuted at #1 on the billboard
200. This was also the year of In my Feelings which
started the popular dance meme and challenge. After the massive success of in my feelings,
Drake became the record holder for most number 1 hits among rappers. That takes us to this year with Post Malone
on top for 2019. Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish came in second
and third. He started his year right being nominated
for 4 Grammys at the start of the year
for his album beer bongs and bentleys. He won favourite album at the 2019 American
Music Awards.


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